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What would you say if you went to a restaurant, racked up a $20 check and they said, that's okay, you can just pay half? I would have said, "Damn, why didn't I drink more." Well livingsocial makes that possible. The catch is that you only have a limited time with which you can buy these daily deals.

I'm not normally one who signs on to be a member of lots of things, but my experience with has been a real treat. Not only has it saved me money, but it has allowed me to try new things that I wouldn't have tried before. Just last week they offered a great Daily Deal, a $20 voucher to spend at Whole Foods Market for just $10. Yeah, I doubled my money! Sweet! Now Whole Foods is notoriously expensive because you do pay premium for organic stuff. But there's one thing that I can get at Whole Foods that I crave come wintertime. Lake Champlain organic hot chocolate mix. It was priced at approximately $8 and change, so the voucher got me an extra can of hot chocolate mix for free. There was enough left over so that I can spend $3 on a Lake Champlain milk chocolate bar. One square was like experiencing nirvana in my mouth.

I'll give you another example, I also got a $20 voucher to spend at Spot Dessert Bar (a place for gourmet desserts) again for the price of $10. What did I get? Only seven of the most mouthwatering scrumptious cupcakes with flavor combinations that you would rarely find in a normal cupcake, and I had it to go. I had a delicious dessert for every day of the week.

But livingsocial is not just for restaurants, it also offered services for things like hour-long cruise trips up the Hudson, yoga classes, teeth cleaning, massages, cooking classes, hairstyling, and a whole variety of other stuff. The vouchers are usually 50% off. Sometimes they have something unusual; one that I missed was tickets to the premier showing of a new television series for less than $2! Of course, by the time I got to it, the tickets were all gone. I also missed an Oktoberfest cruise around Manhattan on a weekend for half price which included free admission to an Oktoberfest party. Needless to say, I signed up for their email service to my smartphone to keep me updated on current deals.

In addition to restaurants and services, livingsocial offers great deals on travel deals and day long adventures. I haven't tried any one of these but I already know that they frequently sell out on the day long adventures. If you want to go white-water rafting with transportation included or go on an all-you can eat crab cruise, you should sign up quickly.

And these vouchers are great for gift-giving. If you have a niece or nephew who want to take acting lessons, you can buy the voucher and give it away as a gift. Because these are such great deals you are only allowed to buy one voucher for yourself and one as a gift, usually. Sometimes, you might be allowed to buy two vouchers for yourself but I rarely come across that kind of deal. Livingsocial also gives you a chance to get your voucher free; send the offer to three friends and if they all buy then your voucher is free.

Instant Deals

Livingsocial also has instant deals, where for that day only, you can buy a voucher to a restaurant that you can use up to a certain time period, and you can save money. So if you suddenly feel that you don't want to cook, you can buy a voucher for a meal at an Italian restaurant and that voucher is valid until a certain time in the evening and it's usually half off. These instant deals are especially helpful if you're traveling or visiting a new city and want to eat out and you usually get 50% off a certain price. What if you don't get to that restaurant in time? No problem, if you're not there and the time period expires, they refund you your money - no harm no foul.

Signing up is the easiest part. You need to give them a valid email address and create a password when you sign up on the website. They do require that you include a credit card so buying is really easy. Livingsocial is available in many cities in at least 45 states and Canada. With deals that livingsocial offers, your dollar can easily stretch to make going out fun again.

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