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There are plenty of credit card offers out there for 0% interest rates. They can save you thousands of dollars a year in interest alone. Not only that they can can cut the time it takes you to pay off your credit card debit considerably. There are things you can do to make your payments work for you. Don't feel defeated anymore you have the control over your credit card debit & I'm here to tell you that you can do it things will get better don't give up.

What is Your Credit Card Debit Total

How Much Do You Owe Total on Your Credit Cards?

  • $1000.00 you lucky dog! lol
  • $5000.00 don't worry you'll get it paid
  • $10,000.00 Don't give up you'll get it paid
  • $15,000.00 Don't give up keep going little by little
  • Over $15,000.00 Holy ..... you are up there with me ...one month at a time my friend
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Help at your finger tips

Help is right under your nose, or at your finger tips rather. The solution is very straight foreword and simple. No one is charging you a dime for this information, although you should feel free to foreword this page to all your friends, party buddies and interest rate hang over confidantes alike, thanks in advance.

First thing we need to do is one of the things I hate to do the most out of all the things I could chose to spend my time doing I'd rather pluck the hairs out of my nose than do this but none the less it is the best and most straight foreword way to see where I stand. Let's break out those statements. Lets look at our statements, no wait I did not just say that I can't believe I am actually going to do this. Let a lone ask some one else to do it, ok lets just do it together. Go ahead go get all of your credit card statements you owe an amount on & the ones you owe nothing on but you have received something in the mail from that company then come back I will be right here waiting for you.

You can have your cake & eat it too keep reading!
You can have your cake & eat it too keep reading!

Okay I have my statements in hand & I am going to make separate piles on the table. First the credit cards you owe on & then the card you do not owe a balance at all on. Now I am looking at my interest rates as painful as that is. I see there are different rates for different types of debt. Some debt is cash advance, some is credit card purchases and some is special introductory rate. Now lets write down the amounts or even type them in a new window on our pc.

Here are the things I need to know about my credit cards:

* The name of the Credit Card Company

* What are my rates listed in order along with how much I owe for that rate

* How many Credit Cards do I have

* How many offers do I have from other or even new credit card companies

Now here is what you need to do with the highest rate credit cards:

Let's use the credit card company's greed to see if we can get a better rate.

Did I just say use the credit card company? Why yes I did, the simple sound of that runs a few chills up your leg, does it not? Use the credit card companies that have been raising your interest rates at every drop of a hat. Lets do it, will you be my partner in taking back our freedom? Then lets sit down together and begin the take charge of the life we have been dreaming of. It's here friends the time is now and the choice is ours.

To stick with the high interest rates or take back the control of the power of our hard earned dollar. Hmmm well let me think about that, of course I'm taking back the control of my money! It is the year of the under dog. Oh you didn't get the memo well here it is. This is the year of the under dog! This is the year you take back control of you finances. You may have been the under dog last year, beat down, suppressed, kicked when you were down but I am here to tell you this is your come back year! You are among the come back nation people stand up and shout!

Let's have a party okay, let's call it the come back party. Invite some friends over have a few horderves and drinks to celebrate our freedom.

Well first let's get down to the business and get things done.

First we need to do a few things. Below you will find a short list, yes short list for the blessed people who have a life and wish to get back to it sooner then later. Read on.

1. Check any & all credit cards for balance transfer offers, cash advance offers, or introductory rate offers. Often they will offer a year of 0% interest for you to use a check or a balance transfer.

2. Do not be fooled there is no such thing as free with credit cards that is how they make their money. What we want to do is take full advantage of their greed & use it for our greater good.

3. Compare on the back or your statement what the rates are for balance transfer offers, cash advance offers, or introductory rate offers.

For example look on the back of your statement & compare the fee for balance transfer. Next to your credit card name write or type balance transfer fee 3% or what ever % they say it is on the back of the statement.

Now take your amount you want to move from your other credit card debit that the interest rate is to high take that x % that is how much it will cost you to move your money to the other card. Don't forget to check the available credit you have on the card you want to transfer the amount to. Don't hesitate to call & ask them for help on how much you can transfer let them figure the fees out for you as well as the amount you are allowed to transfer.

I know this seems to simple to be true but get out all your credit card statements and compare them. You will soon see that all or most most of your credit cards want all your debit so they offer get introductory rates for balance transfers and cash advance.

Guess what if we use their greed to our advantage we will soon be able to get our head above water, We may end up playing musical money but guess what even the banks do it. Why? To save money of course so why shouldn't we? Why not take advantage of every great introductory rate out there then when that one is up guess what there are more right behind that one waiting to be taken advantage of. It is what they do to make money why not help ourselves with their greed? Get out there and compare those rates. Best of all don't be afraid to take advantage of them right now don't wait! Compare, take advantage of them and then save! When you compare the interest rates and the amount this saves you I guarantee you will be shocked I have saved hundreds of dollars per month. Happy hunting and don't forget to invite me to your celebration party.

I have looked at the whole idea of Credit Counseling and debit consolidation but the one thing I can never get them to tell me straight up is what their fees are or total cost in the end. I don't know about you but if someone doesn't answer that important question then I do not sign anything. If you know of a legitimate Credit Counseling company or debit consolidation leave me a comment I would love to hear how much the fees are. If you find this hub helpful leave me some love, if not then leave me some feed back let me know how ya feel.

If you are reading this you are most likely in credit card debit with high monthly payments, drowning in interest rate hikes, along with hidden fees and there is no end in site. Weather it was a medical emergency, job loss or relocation the debit you have incurred can be huge and tremendously overwhelming. The snowball effect of the greedy credit card companies raising your interest rates at every turn can be devastating to not only your wallet but to your family budget as well. Every aspect of your life can be harmed as a result of being a slave to high credit card debit even your marriage and most likely your peace of mind can be painfully effected.

If you are like me more then likely you are among millions of tapped out people who opened their credit card bills this month only to find a big surprise in the form of a new higher payment. Guess what your credit card rate has just went up again and they think you are helpless against their greedy little interest rate hikes. I am here to tell you that there is hope & there is help out there for you. Do not give up, get tough tell that credit card company enough is enough.

There is good news there is legislation introduced concerning curbing the greed of American credit card companies but unfortunately the legislation called the Credit Card Reform Act of 2008 will be stuck in the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee for ever and most likely will never go anywhere. If you would like to check up on the status of this legislation check out the link below.

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