layers in a cage
layers in a cage



In this part of the world were I come from there seems to be a little chance of survival. This is as a result of economic melt down of the country coupled with government neglect for its citizens.

As a result, this problem has driven many youths (like me) into various means of making money: because we see it as a do or die affair in other to make a good living. Even at this there has been very little or no means of livelihood (making money) discovered by this desperate youths.

This prompted me to write about the only true and sure way of making money I know, hence the purpose of this article.

My name is Augustine (friends call me Austin Mario), I will appreciate it if you give me the honor of using few minutes of your time to show you how I made my first 20 thousand naira in one day after dropping and 90 thousand naira in one week.

HOW IT WORKS: In my own perspective I believe that decision making helps you stay determined and focused during the days of your trials and temptations. It is the only tool that will help you keep your head up, because you have decided to attain a certain height. The reason for this emphasis will be seen (understood) later.


FIRST: you need a space. A small room or a cage may due. Get a room or build a cage, use one of your stores for this purpose. This is were the layers will dwell.

SECONDLY: you need a little amount of money, do not get scared economy is bad and everything is on the high side, but this won’t cost much. This money will be used to buy some basic necessities you need to get started.

Some basic items that need to be bought include:

· The birds (day old chicks, i.e. layers )

· Egg cans for egg preservation

· Feeding troughs

· Feed(i.e. their food)

· Drinker

· Some drugs (if necessary)

You may equally need some bags of wood shavings and old news papers. This will be spread on the floor with the news papers spread on the floor respectively. If these two common needs are met /provided then know it that you have started.

WHAT TO DO: close the windows of the cage/room in order to acquire heat (warmth) in the place. Heat (warmth) is required because just like babies (human); animals (day old chicks) feel cold as well. After that pour some water in drinker and place at strategic points in the room from were the birds can drink conveniently. The water will become warm after some days or time in the drinker, this is the idea.

NOTE: this should be done at least a day before the arrival of the birds. It is essential especially in areas experiencing cold weathers.

All this little preparations should not be over looked or neglected in other to have a good result.

ü At this juncture you should go for the birds, buy them and introduce them to their new home (the cage or room).

The method of introduction should be, dropping them one by one to the floor; throwing (dropping) them to the ground without pity. This helps to fish out the weak birds and determine the healthy ones as-well.

After this is done then the birds should be watched closely for a period of one week or two. This is technically known as curling period (a period taken to determine and desert weak birds from healthy ones). When you are done with the curling period those that survive is certainly/likely to survive, stay alive and produce for you.

Now it must be noted that rearing layers is an investment that takes at most six months before it starts yielding profits. This is what basically discourages people, the fact that they need to feed a bird for six months with nothing in return. My advice is never worry about the months because the return is what the struggle.


The birds should be given only water on the day of their arrival but should be feed twice daily. In the morning around 8:00AM and in the evening between 4:00PM-5:00PM.

The afore-mentioned are basically all you need to do to get the ball rolling.


Of course every trade has its own hazards, I am not promising that you will not encounter one but I can guarantee it is to the most minimal rate if you follow my simple steps.

The bellow can be regarded as some of the basic hazards in the poultry business:

· Death of chicks: at a tender age layers tend to die more than any other bird because of their soft nature. Also before they start laying (dropping eggs) some may also die, this can be attributed to egg formation in their stomach. Any of the birds that stand high (survives) after this critical period is sure to produce without anymore problems, except for some factors that are controllable like: heat and overcrowding.

· Pneumonia (cough) and other minor diseases: this is as a result of cold which leads to coughing. Some other minor diseases might arise but always seek for an animal doctor (vet nary doctor) in cases that needs urgent attention.

NOTET: to determine the success any business, one must be sure that the risk factor (hazards) dose not supersede the profit factor.

This is were I thanked my courage and cross my heart that I am very sure this article if well followed and understood will make you rich in just six months. It is six months because it will take not less than six months for the proper maturity and production of a full grown layer.

As I was saying the profit here is far bigger than the loss. Death is the only possible hazard this business can encounter, but when well managed (following my little procedures) can be controlled and possibly prevented.


· Egg production: the eggs produced on daily basis are the soul purpose for rearing layers, and they are in turn sold in exchange for money. Virtually every man feeds his little stomach, now can you possibly think of those places eggs are required to make a production? Some that come to mind are: restaurants, fast food joints, bakery industry etc. now you can imagine how rich you can be being one of their suppliers.

· Food: the owner may decide to kill one or some of his matured bird for meat/food, which is a source of nutrition to the body. The owner also for sure will be eating from the eggs, but must keep a record of everything/activity done in other to maximize profit.

· The manure: this as a matter of fact is regarded as the first profit made by any poultry farmer. This is so because keeping of the birds house clean is a must-do, therefore you collect and sell them also in exchange for money. You can also use it as fertilizers in your own farm (if you have one) to boost crop production.


At this point I am glad to share this with you: sometime ago, I can’t really recall the date; I was cleaning my poultry house one morning when I saw a man calling at me. I stopped what I was doing and approached him. He said he was directed by people to meet me, why? I asked. He told me he needed 600 bags full of manure for cultivation at the northern part of Nigeria and that he will pay me 90 thousand naira. Hmm, I said smiling. Luckily for me I already had 400bags packed dry, so I told him to come back in a week time with his truck so that I can gather the remaining 200bags. The next week he came back as planned with a cash of 90thousand naira. He gave me the money and we hired some boys to help load the bags of manure on the truck.

That was how I made 90thousand naira in one week through my poultry manure.

· Selling of the old layers: after the layers stops producing eggs after a period of 2yrs and some months, they can be sold off for money as well.

I started my first poultry farming with just 25 birds after which I was left with 21. I sold my first 21 layers after they stopped producing (laying) for one thousand naira each and made 21thousand naira in one day.

These and many more are some of the ways in which money can be made in this business. I am passionate about it and believe it will work for you and anybody determined to succeed. It is not a ghost business; you put in and see the result of your efforts immediately. It is also not a go and come back affair but also could be very challenging, hence the reason for my emphasis on determination earlier.

I believe you have been enlightened and educated by the contents of this article. Just go ahead without hesitation and do as your mind tells you, try your faith and watch what happens.

I also like to chip-in that if you don’t have fund you can borrow can borrow because you are sure to gain provided you follow my little directions. A minimum of 5,000thousand naira is enough to start this business for you.

God bless you as I wish you a successful journey on the road to success.

I will be revealing fully the complete methods and ways of a successful rearing and maintenance of all-round stuffs (everything), step by step methods of poultry farming in my next article. Please keep in touch as I look forward to seeing you there. Be there for a more effective, refined methods and maximization of profit in this business.

You can order for my book on poultry: “CASH POULTRY”


· Everything you need to know about running a successful poultry farm

· Exact room size and how to measure them per number of birds

· Amount of heat or temperature required for a given number of birds in a room

· Types of light bulbs suitable for use in the poultry house

· When to-do and when not to-do anything in the poultry house

· Proper feeding ration per day and number of times to feed per day

· Actual time suitable for feeding poultry birds and many more... etc.

All put together for your smooth running of poultry business and financial break through.

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lukman 4 years ago

where can we buy your book CASH POULTRY.

Ellie Johnson 3 years ago

How can I get your book, am in abuja

Oghenetega 3 years ago

How can i buy your book

oba 3 years ago

U r actually funny! What decade did u write dis book? 2 feel dat 5k can start up a poultry farm even if its 20birds. Am in d biz with 3 thousand birds n still haven't broken even

levi 3 years ago

how can i order for ''cash poultry''

marneli 3 years ago

oba u re right wanted to ask same question from him. am sure he started his poultry some 20 decades ago bcox i'm a poultry farmer with over 4thousand birds. is the 5,000 naira for purchasing the birds or their feeds,antibiotics, vitamins or their injection @ 16wks, or the land or thir pen? pls oga check properly b4 u mislead pple. poultry farmers in the south western Nig are suffering bcos neighbours complain of the chicken litre. u re priviledged to be running urs in the north where they use this waste for manure we are not. every month we spend over 30,000 naira to suck the waste from the pit.pls my brother do more research on this b4 coming out so u don't mislead the young ones coming into the business tks.

Cosmas Sikosana 3 years ago

Where can I buy your book in Zimbabwe

ahmzea 3 years ago

Hello , Please I have a space on a given land but how do I create the house for the birds ? And what kind of house will be good for someone who's need to the business ?

Heeshy Farms(on facebook) 2 years ago

You have not given the world needed information,There is more to pultry bizz than what you have given..

Abubakar Ojima 2 years ago

@ Heeshy Farms pls help us with your own information too. it will go along way transforming peoples life

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