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It really is possible to make free money fast. Essentially, this means that you don't need to spend a dime to get the cash, and there actually are some things you can do at home to get this done. Keep in mind that like anything else, there will be some work involved to make free money fast. Still, for those that are cash strapped and need to raise a few bucks, it can be very profitable and exciting to do.

Antiques and Old Junk

This is a far cry from a get rich quick scheme, as I'm sure you know, but you really can make free money fast by doing this. Everyone has old junk laying around, and chances are, someone else is looking to buy your old junk. Gather up the stuff collecting dust in the closets, attic, and garage and see what you can come up with. Check with other too. Your parents or other family members may have some stuff they'll just give you outright to sell, because it saves them the hassle. In a single afternoon you could make a few hundred dollars this way, so really is a viable option.

Sell Your Scrap or Gold

If you have a junk car or just some copper scraps laying around, you can make free money fast. Scrap metal is way up in price, so round up whatever you have and take it to your local recycling center. Just about anything that heavy and made of metal will fetch you at least a couple of bucks.

Gold is very easy to sell these days. You've probably noticed the advertisements about selling your unwanted or broken gold items for cash. Typically, these companies send you an envelope to use to mail in your unwanted gold.

Half Dollars and Old Coins

About thirty years ago, the government started making clad coins. This, believe it or not, is a way to make free money fast. Before clad, most coins were made of real silver, and at today's silver prices, are worth much more than face value. I have a friend that goes to the banks every so often and purchases half dollars. He sorts through them and keeps out the real silver half dollars, and turns the clad ones back in. At current prices, a real silver half dollar has about $3 worth of silver in it. You really can make free money fast with silver coins.

Start a Small Business

There are some other ways to make free money fast.  Not all businesses require start up funds. You probably never search through the newspaper to find someone to mow your lawn, so there's no reason to think others do. Make free money fast by doing something your good at, or just don't mind doing. Lawn care, cleaning, dog walking, just about anything you can think of. Create signs out of paper to hang in local business entryways, or make one for your yard out of scrap wood and old paint. It is very possible to make some free money fast, and you may even wind up with a great long term business.


You really can make free money fast this way. When you look for your junk to sell at a yard sale, as mentioned in step one, look for old antique items. You'll be surprised at what you can find. If it's old and in even fair condition, it could have some value. Research the ugly old lamp or flower pot, you never know. Your grandmother probably has junk she wants to get rid of that's been around for fifty years. You may be able to make free money fast this way

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