Make Money Online - Choosing Your Niche

Make Money Online - Choosing Your Niche

The market represented by the keyword "diet" has a monthly volume of 5 million searches on Google. This is a very competitive market and is composed of several segments. Trying to please all segments would be virtually impossible.

If you think about it, people of various ages and in many different situations are searching for diets, and make a generic website selling many products would not be profitable for the beginner.

When analyzing in detail this market we can find many interesting niches. See the list below:

  • Soup Diet
  • Pour proteins
  • Diabetes Diet
  • Dietary carbohydrates
  • Lose Belly Diet

The key word "diet to lose belly" has more than 5,000 monthly searches on Google. This is an interesting volume and the niche is very specific. And there are many sites competing directly for this word, which is excellent news.

People who want to lose the belly may not be too fat, but probably want to lose that "belly" quickly. Just learn about this segment would not be cumbersome.

You can create a website with several articles on the subject and sell a diet book specifically for the belly.

If you can position your site on the first page of Google and ensure 70% of traffic, means 3,500 visitors a month. Selling a product of $35 for only 3% of visitors means a turnover of U.S. $3675 per month. Not bad, huh?

With just a simple example you can identify the benefit of competing in a niche market and the financial returns it can bring. Imagine creating three or four sites in different niches?

If you identify a number of niches and are not sure which one to enter, use the following criteria:

1. Affinity

Have preference for a niche with which you have interest or affinity. Better still if you already know something about it. It will be much easier to create site content and product.

2. Features

The best niches are those where users have a major problem to solve and involves emotional aspects, for example, health, beauty or money.

3. Competitiveness

The less competitive the niche is, the faster you will make money.

Before setting up your website and get your business online, search multiple niches and select the one you think will be more successful. But if you have difficulty in the first, do not give up and go to the next. At some point you will find one that will bring more income.

Work from home on your computer focused on a niche market is virtually assured of easy income on the Internet.

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