Make Money Online - How I made my first $1000 on the micro-job website

screen shot, showing my up to date earnings on
screen shot, showing my up to date earnings on


In this hub I am going to share with you some information relating to how I made my first $1000 on the micro-job website called

I first heard about here on hubpages while I was searching for ways to make money on the internet and after reading the hub I headed straight to website to check it out. My first impression was "Nah, you can't make much money here", but after reading several reviews on the internet and learning more about the site I decided to do a little experiment. What I found out is that you can earn money quickly and very easily on than any other online income opportunities. However I must warn everyone that you won't become millionaire using, what you will earn will be enough to top up your monthly wages or other source of online income but it won't be enough to quit your job and use fiverr as your only source of income.

Okay I think I have said enough here, in the next few paragraphs I will share with you some information realting to my success on and how you can earn money on this micro-job website. On this hub I will also keep you updated about my success on the site and also share some new tips and trick as I learn them myself. Please do visit this hub for regular updates.

What is is a freelance micro-job website where you can offer almost anything off your skill set for $5. You can offer your services by creating Fiverr gigs, and each gig costs $5. If you are established enough, you can eventually hike up the price of your services by adding in extras to your gigs. All in all, Fiverr is a great place to start making decent amount of side income.

Unlike most other freelance websites and gigs site, allows you to offer almost anything from your Fiverr gigs. Take a visit to this gigs site and you will notice all the quirky, funny, unique and some downright weird Fiverr gigs. As long as your idea is limitless, you can offer whatever you want through your Fiverr gigs for $5

My success on

I have joined about 10 months ago and since then I have earned $1, 236 and this is from mainly 3 gigs which are really doing well. Remember on you can have up to 20 gigs, so earning over $1000 from 3 gigs is not bad and if you list 20 gigs and they all do really well then you have the opportunity to earn more.

I believe I can earn more on fiverr if I put more time and efforts into it but I run a business as well as other online businesses so I can't dedicate much time to this. So far I have 13 gigs listed and I am only focusing on the 3 that is doing really well. When I have more time on hand I will work on the others or add more gigs to earn more.

You can check my fiverr profile here:

Here is a screen shot of my fiverr profile showing my earnings

The services I provide on

The main services I provide on are:

1. e-Cover design service - i design different types of ecover for people selling ebooks and digital products online. This is one of my hot gigs on fiver.

2. Website header and banner designs - I design various types of headers and banners including, website banners, worpress header, affiliate banners, facebook banners, ebay shop banners and more. This gig is currently doing really well and I am getting orders almost everyday.

3. Logo design service.

4. Sell PLR products - This is a great way to earn money on fiverr and there is not much work to do. All you have to do is purchase a PLR pack and the sell it on With PLR there are no restrictions so you can sell many copies as you want. You can also modify PLR products, turn it into your own and resell them to make money.

5. SEO and Link building service - seo services are really hot on the site but you will need to know what you are doing. Link building services such as seocial book marking, forum links, article marketing are very popular. Also facebook and twitter marketing service can bring in a lot of orders.

Here is a screen shot of my order page

As you can see from the above screen shot, most of my gigs are graphics design related. This is what I am good at doing so I can do things very quickly and my customers does not make any complain about the quality of my work as I am very skilled at what I am doing. has a feedback system like ebay, so you have to satisfy your customers with every order to make sure you don't get suspended from the site. Also good feedback can boost your orders, get repeat customers and keep you ahead of your competitors on the site. If you do join the site, I advise you to only list gigs that you are good at and try your best to provide the best customer service as you can.

How much can you earn on fiverr

How much you can earn on fiverr depends on what services you are providing, how much effort and time you spend on it and how good you are at fulfiling the orders. There are people out there that are earning $500 to $1000 a month and there are opportunities available to earn more by using as a marketing tool. Here is a little calculation I have done to give you some ideas:

Say you have 20 gigs and for each gigs you get an order every day:

1 x 20 = 20 orders per day

20 x 7 = 140 orders per week

140 x 4 = 560 orders per month

For each sales you get $5

$5 x 560 = $2800 (sales per month)

Don't forget fiverr takes $1 from every sales, so you actually make $4

$4 x 560 = $2240 (per month)

So you can earn $2240 each month from 20 successful gigs

$2240 x 12 = $22680 per year

Please note this is just a prediction and it is not a guarantee that you will earn this much, the outcome of your success depends on your ability, how much time and effort you put into it, what experience you have and how popular you gigs are.

Here is a screen shot of my earnings and completed orders

The above is a screen shot of my completed orders, this is just a glance at my completed order list, I can't show all the orders as it is too long. As you can see from the above, in some days I am getting up to 5 orders, I also had days where I got more than 5 orders. Again the screen shot is to give you a bit of idea and let you know that there is an opportunity to earn money.

Build Your Reputation

In order to start making decent amount of money on Fiverr, you will have to build your reputation. Start by offering services that you are good at through you Fiverr gigs. Continue completing orders and collecting positive reviews. When other users see that you have strings of positive reviews, this will make it easier for them to trust you and purchase your gig. Once your reputation is getting better, you will notice how easy it is to make money - especially when you are paid $5 over and over again.

Try To Get Featured

If you notice, there are plenty of featured Fiverr gigs on the main website. If you click on the categories, the featured Fiverr gigs are always on the very top. This is a much needed attention that will help to get you traffic to your Fiverr gigs, and eventually make sales. When you have a decent amount of orders, and high ratings, simply contact the admin and ask them to consider to get your Fiverr gigs featured.

Offer What You Are Good At

Since positive feedbacks are really important to get you more sales, you must only offer quality service that you know you can deliver. Giving low quality services will only get you negative feedbacks which could hurt your sales. Stay prompt with customer service, and be sure to always deliver in time.


No matter what it is you can offer, from writing to web design, from video testimonials to quirky dances, is a great place to start making side income online without any start up cost.

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Axaflaxar profile image

Axaflaxar 4 years ago from Virginia

Looks cool. I went to university of manchester

random-writer profile image

random-writer 4 years ago

Sounds interesting. I am going to check it out. Thanks for the info. Great hub! :)


I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to:

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 4 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Thank you for your comments, I am glad to hear you found my hub interested. Thanks.

hardinflash profile image

hardinflash 4 years ago from Montana

Fiverr is a pretty cool way to actually make some decent money online. I actually put together an entire website dedicated to helping people make some dough on Fiverr

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 4 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Great website hardinflash. I will sign up for free membership. Thanks.

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

Well I wish I could be that successful on fiverr but I sadly am not that skilled (or outrageous to do weird stuff) but after 6 weeks and $56 I think its pretty good, i am continuing to sell my gigs too. I offer blog post on my blog, or to guest write for others. It is a simple way to make a little extra on the side for me and I will be adding more gigs now that I can see it is worth my time. 4 years ago

Hi there,

We have just launched two similar sites and to earn $5 to $10K. Our sites support video and products that need shipping plus more. Please give them a look and comment on it, we would love some feedback.

Thank you

Fiverup Fiverrup Teams 4 years ago

Fiverr is a great website, as well as Fiverrup and Gigpayrr. There are plenty of sites that offer these services and we are launching our website soon which will allow you to promote all your jobs on one platform.....Im a gigger myself and let me give the people reading this a tip, it's a great post and you should be inspired to created some of your own gigs...BUT don't forget to join more than one! The more you join the you will earn.

Good luck with this everyone and hope to see your gigz on soon.

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 3 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Hi, web-tools, have u added video to your gigs. Adding video to your gig will bring in sales. If you can't create video yourself you can get it done on fiverr, check out the video section on their site. Try to create a video with a bit of humor and make sure you follow the fiverr rules. Fiver also has a Facebook and twitter page where you can promote your gigs, I had few sales from their, also try to provide best customer service as this will lead to referred customers. I was recommended to few customers by my previous customers and I also now have regular repeat customers who really likes my service. Thanks.

Atenner 3 years ago

Hi why not give the new and upcoming uk microjobs website a try and spread the word. Thanks

bridalletter profile image

bridalletter 3 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Thank you for sharing your example work too. I am so new to the site, I am still figuring out a plan and what I can offer.

Jason Magnus profile image

Jason Magnus 3 years ago

Well is growing faster than Fiverr as I think SEOClerks is the best micro job site as their payment methods and support is awesome. And yeah I have worked on Fiverr but never generated good money as I'm earning from SEOClerks. The best thing is I can find all the seo need at one place. I have made over $4000 in just 6 months, give it a try :)

adguru profile image

adguru 2 years ago

Congratulations dude...I know it's a bit too late, but better late than never i should try posting your gigs on other fiverr alternatives like or gigbucks

Robilo2 profile image

Robilo2 5 months ago

Any current experiences with fiverr?

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