Make Money Online with PLR

What is PLR?

If you are having trouble finding ways to make money online than PLR might be for you. PLR stands for Private Label Rights which basically means you can by a product online and resell it as if it were your own. Make sure you read the PLR rights properly as some have different restrictions than others. There are several things you can do to make money with PLR. You essentially have a ready made product to sell. These can vary from high quality products to very poorly written products with tons of grammatical errors. Many times PLR products are someone's actual products that failed to sell well. They may have failed to sell because the owner did not have the proper marketing skills or did not have the patients or work ethic to generate sales. Selling their work as PLR is the easy way to get a few bucks and move on. Luckily for us, we can capitalize on these situations and make good money where others have failed.

How Can I Make Money With PLR?

1. You could simply but the PLR and resell it as is. If the product you chose is popular you may have trouble Selling it. You can sell this PLR on sites like Fiverr, Tenbux, WSO or eBay.

2. Write the PLR, add new graphics and have it renamed. This will make the product look new and unique. Your chances of standing out are much better. You can easily get this don for very cheap on sites like Fiverr and oDesk.

3. Combine several PLR products together and sell them as a PLR pack. You will generally get more money per sale and since these products are in a pack you do not have to worry about altering them.

3. Give the PLR product away as a free gift in order to capture email subscribers. This is sometimes referred to as a lead magnet or money magnet.

4.You can collect different types of PLR and start a PLR site of your own. You can resell individual PLR items or setup a membership site where customers pay a monthly fee for access to all the PLR products. If you try the membership route you will need to continually add new products or you will lose subscribers.

As you can see there are many different ways you can use PLR to make money. The best part about this solution is you can find PLR on almost every topic imaginable. Even though this idea is not that widely known, the people that are aware of this generally do not take action. Reading this information is one thing but taking real action on it is another.

List of PLR Sites

Here is a list of the PLR sites that I like to use.

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