How to Make Money off of your Twitter Account

Make Money with Twitter

Making money using Twitter is simple and easy. There are multiple ways of making money on Twitter including tweeting advertisements, promoting products, or promoting your affiliate links. This guide will show you the best methods for making money using Twitter and point you to additional resources and services that can be used to make money using Twitter.

Post Advertisements on Twitter

A very simple method of making money on Twitter is tweeting advertisements of others. The payouts can vary drastically depending on how many followers you have and how responsive they are to the content you tweet.

Like other advertising methods on the web, tweeting advertisements earns revenue depending on how many times that add is clicked on. The amount of money offered per click depends on the offers you receive and accept. The more followers you have on twitter, the more likely you will get higher per-click offers using services.

The service that I've used which has given me consistent offers and payout has been SponsoredTweets. They allow you to sign up for an account easily and start receiving and tweeting advertisements shortly after creating your accounts. Another alternative to SponsoredTweets is RevTwt.

Promoting Affiliate Programs using Twitter

Advertising products on Twitter is extremely lucrative. You can potentially reach thousands of people if you target the right channels. If you have an existing brand and product that you already have, promoting it on Twitter is as simple as creating a Twitter account for it and urging your customers to follow it.

However, if you do not have your own products you're selling there are other methods of earning money through promoting products. Affiliate programs allow people to promote links to specific products. When somebody clicks that link and purchases that product, the affiliate (you) would earn a commission based on the price of the product.

There are a large amount of affiliate programs on the web, all of which offer different products for their affiliates to promote. The most popular service is by far Amazon Associates. This gives you the opportunity to tweet links to products on Amazon and earn money when somebody purchases the item you tweeted.

Another popular service that expands the opportunity to promote other products and services is Commission Junkie. Signing up for Commission Junkie is a more difficult process than Amazon Associates, but the opportunities are great.

Warnings About Posting Ads to your Twitter Account

While making money with Twitter sounds enticing, there is a possibility that it could have a negative impact on your twitter account.

Many people don't want to see ads in their Twitter stream, making it possible that you will lose followers from using these services. On top of that, if you have a reputation on the internet and on Twitter, posting ads could alter that reputation negatively.

You won't fail making money on Twitter with this guide!
You won't fail making money on Twitter with this guide!

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msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

Yes, well done. I have used one, the sponsored tweet. I never got paid. Granted it was only 15 dollars which was supposed to be mailed to me or paid me by pay pal, I never got it.


fireatwill41 profile image

fireatwill41 6 years ago Author

The minimum payout on SponsoredTweets is $20. That's why you didn't end up getting paid. I should add the minimum payouts to the article as well. Thanks!

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago



aatif 6 years ago

what !!!! min payout is 20 $ its 50$ man

fireatwill41 profile image

fireatwill41 6 years ago Author

I checked the SponsoredTweets website, and from what I learned, the minimum was $20.

fireatwill41 profile image

fireatwill41 6 years ago Author

@aatif I'm so sorry, the minimum payout is $50. I'm going to go ahead and add minimum payouts to the list as well as add another service I found. Thank you!

mrali2010 profile image

mrali2010 6 years ago

i am using sponsored tweets too and i do not get any offer yet even i have 4600 followers and the price i set is only 10 cents !

SydFletcher profile image

SydFletcher 5 years ago from Slovenia

very useful and informative hub! Thank you. I think that SponosredTweets is the best program from the list. I use it and it's working just fine :)

Princewill Ejims 4 years ago

I'm very excited to know that i can actually make money with my twitter account. I've always thought about making genuine money through the social media, but never really find one. I will give this a try. Thanks.

reasonablyspeakng profile image

reasonablyspeakng 4 years ago

Very useful hub, didn't realize you could make money with twitter, will have to add that to my article on making money online. Thanks for the information!

Orcun 3 years ago is very promising.

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