Make money online when people download your file

When I first heard about making money online I found myself so enthusiastic in these stuff. I have no idea where to start from. Despite of little knowledge about making money online I start with my own blog participating in the popular program like ad sense. After that my journey in the internet and blogging begin. I kept on exploring the different things that helps me to make money online. I have been exploring the things behind the advertising program like Ad sense. You might get wonder that when people download the stuff that is uploaded in the server by you , you can earn some extra income.

What do you have to do?

Step 1

The first you have to do is you have to create of make the files that you have to upload to the server. Don't upload any files that are copyright. The files can be anything that is created by you or the things that you find in the internet but it shouldn’t be copyright files. example of files are. wallpaper. free source software, you can upload any files that you are interested in.

Secondly you have sign up to the files hosted site. Please note that there are various files server. But all the files hosted doesn’t help you to make money. I have listed some popular files hosting services that help you to make money. Choose one that might be of your need and sign up into any account

Step 2

After signing up you can upload you files into the server. When your upload is complete you will be given links. That will be redirected to the download pages.

Step 3

Lastly you can use that link in your blog, MySpace facebook or anywhere you want people to access to that file. When people download you file you income will be start

Step 4

Today I am going to discuss about some popular file hosting sites that makes you to you money online. Some of the popular services are as follows. :- Ziddu is free file hosting provide where the user who want to download the file doesn’t have to pay anything to ziddu for downloading the file. It supports of maximum file size 200MB the user can make money from ziddu when their file has been download by the unique number of users. You can earn $0.001 for each unique download. Click here to sign up to is a free file hosting provider which helps to upload the maximum file size 500 MB. The user who want to access to the file link has two option of downloading files free and premium member ship. helps to earn money more than ziddu but the download link traffic are from limited country. People only earn money when the download has been from their listed country. It also pays if the person joins premium membership from you download link. The rates of per download are categorized into different groups. You can know about their schemes from their sites. Click here to sign up to File factory is a free file hosting provider that provides you the storage capacity of 100GB spaces. It supports maximum size up to 300MB. As like in the the file factory has given two option of downloading files free and premium membership. File factory has various reward schemes you can see that in their respective pages. Click here to sign up to Unlike other free file hosting service hotfiles make you to earn money when user download your files via the special download link that is being given to you of your respective file. Hot file suppot a maximum file size up to 400mb. The user who want to download to the hotfiles have two option free or premium membership. The user will earn money as same from other above free file hosting services. Click Here to sign up to hotfile

There are many other free file hosting service but all of them doesn't help you to makes money. if you know some free file hosting services that helps you to make money don't forget to state that on comment

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Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 7 years ago from London, UK

Thanks very useful info. I will try it out.


mp3crunch profile image

mp3crunch 7 years ago from Kathmandu Nepal Author

you are welcome. if you have high traffic in your blog and site and you high outgoing download link then you can earn lot from it.

Sachit profile image

Sachit 7 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

Wow! I will start uploading files.....hope I can make extra bucks...

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 7 years ago from Asheville, NC

This is very interesting - never thought of making money this way. Thanks.

neektshong profile image

neektshong 7 years ago

thnx i'll earn money easily n convieniently....

caravalhophoto profile image

caravalhophoto 7 years ago from Northern California

okay, I'm going to give this a try...thanks again

mp3crunch profile image

mp3crunch 7 years ago from Kathmandu Nepal Author

ok. it may helps u to earn some extra bucks

profile image

Useful Knowledge 7 years ago

Very useful information. I will definitely look into these. Thanks for sharing.

David 7 years ago

I never realise this could happen. But i think it should be only useful for those who have large number of files to download. Anyway thanks for the information.

abidan profile image

abidan 7 years ago

hmm like the idea of urs

Viktor 6 years ago

Just tried, Results are really impressive!

bobby 6 years ago

yeah this is great but I know some high pay uploading hosts!!

PS: check my blog

Goodpal profile image

Goodpal 6 years ago

Thanks very much for the good information.

uploader 6 years ago

i know a site fileserve gives you 25$/1000 downloads it is the best site to make money

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest


sam 6 years ago

make money uploading files ,sign up with SHARECASH!!!!

Unlike other sites that give you extremely low payouts, sometimes 10$ for 1000 US downloads, we give you a whopping 40 to 80 cents per download. That's $600 for 1000 US downloads - 60x bigger than any other upload cash site out! Why waste your time with others when you can be earning that much more here?

Mervin 6 years ago

That's true, mp3crunch tells us how to make money online., if you want to upload files i suggest that you must use remote uploading than ftp., because it's time consuming.,

blue chip stocks 6 years ago

What if we don't have the file, is there the way to make money from upload/download ?

blue chip stocks 6 years ago

What if I don't have the file, Is there the way to make money from upload/download ?

Jacob Hall 5 years ago

Suprisingly enough I am generating quite a nice income through working on the web. I had tried all the typical jobs (surveys/customer support) without having much luck. After a lot of exploration I found The Affiliate's Bible and put the method to the test. Now i am now in a position to work full time at home :). It's at

zicrosoft 4 years ago

tank you very much

Teller 4 years ago

be careful i went to it and it said there is a virus do not click download it will give you a virus

Bhautik 3 years ago

Is gives money on downloading files

omar 3 years ago

thanks for guide...

Asif Ali 2 years ago

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Coding Defined 2 years ago

thanks for the guide.....

yecall profile image

yecall 11 months ago from California

Very good tips and thank you very much for this. I will be looking into doing this and seeing how well I do. It is true that we always need some new ways to make money on the Internet, so thank you. I think I have many files that I could use in this way.

Marcelo Faria profile image

Marcelo Faria 7 months ago from Brazil

Very useful information.

The websites are still working like before?

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