Make unlimited calls to friends or family abroad using your Skype account! Avoid international charges!

What can you remove or stop from your daily expenses to save money?

  • Remove latte's or espresso or frappe in my daily expenses.
  • Remove or cut telephone services and use an alternative.
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One way of cutting off expenses for the family.

Are you tired of the same monthly bills appearing in your mailbox coming from the different companies you've applied for the services you've wanted? Do you experienced getting surprise one day for how much the bills have cost you for calls that did not seem to last long? Well, I am sure this will cause us headache and will surely makes us flat broke in the end.

Did you know that one way of cutting your expenses and save money is to remove something which is not needed. If it is not possible, then find a solution to minimize it. For example, coffee is part of your daily life and one part of your hard earned money is paid for your one regular size of mocha latte at The Coffee Bean or Java Chip Frappe in Starbucks or Raspberry  Mocha Kiss at The Seattle's Best. Heck! How hard this can be since I myself LURVED coffee! Self confessed coffee addictus! But man, hard how can it that be to just make it 2 times within 1 month is not a bad thing. Another suggestion is to find an alternative to that.  Instead of sipping your usual morning brand of coffee, you may try sip 3 in 1 coffee. Highly suggested is Nescafe 3 in 1 brown sugar! Damn, it tastes good! Two thumbs up for Nescafe! Another way is to find an alternative to services which will cost less than the usual service that we used. An example for this is our telephone or mobiles. Do note that there are a lot of alternative, you just need to find and discover it.

I've got a friend whose sister is working abroad and they have told me how expensive it is for them to communicate with her since they are paying international charges just to contact her on her mobile number or work office number. But one day, she told me that they've find an alternative to cut their losses for this. They've begun to discover that benefit of using the services of voip. Wondering what voip services is that? Well, its the famous voip company, Skype! I was informed that they've purchased a subscription plan to Skype for unlimited calls to the Singapore so that they may be able to contact her in Singapore without paying for international charges using Skype. I asked, "How is that?". She told me that all you need is Skype account, broadband connection and purchase the right product that will suite your needs. How easy is that???

What is Skype's subscription then?

As I have research on that, subscription allows you to make unlimited or limited calls to any landline or mobile phone number that is covered by your active subscription and call types supported by it. With this subscription, it will be easier for you to reach your family or friends abroad without worrying of paying high charges.

Great deal? Yes! Surely, you will be saving a lot money for this. We hope you've got any idea now on how to save money by cutting expenses or finding an alternative for it.

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