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New Opportunities For Writers

Do you like to write? Would you love to earn a bit of extra cash doing what you love? Are you an aspiring author or other type of writer?

Believe it or not, there are more ways than ever to make money writing these days. And the internet has opened up a floodgate of brand new opportunities for all kinds of writers. And no, you don't have be a professional to make money writing. The demand for good content is incredible these days. And that's the key - you need to write good, quality people that people will enjoy reading and even possibly learn some from that could improve their lives.

Yahoo Needs Writers

Would you be surprised if I told you that Yahoo needs writers? In fact the demand for writers is so high that Yahoo is willing to pay writers in many different ways for helping them get quality content out on their Yahoo Contributors Network which some of you may remember as the site Associated Content.

There are four ways to earn: assignments, up-front offers, Performance Payments and distribution. You'll need to read the specifics on each at the Yahoo Contributors Network or at Associated Content.

Make Money Creating Content for HubPages, & Squidoo

Other popular sites people have been using to make money writing for the web are HubPages, InfoBarrell, and Squidoo.

Many people used to favor HubPages because they seemed to have better quality control mechanisms in place. However, Squidoo has made major changes recently to avoid being overrun by spammers and is now quite a powerful platform. InfoBarrel is a newer platform in the area of revenue sharing, but has become a favorite for many part time writers.

I won't go into all the details of how each of these programs can earn you money, but basically they each have a way of rewarding you for selling products from their sites as an affiliate and sharing the money they take in for displaying advertising with you. You can read about the specifics of each program at their sites.

I wouldn't necessarily consider this type of income sufficient for a full-time home business, but they certainly can be a great way to supplement your income. I would strongly suggest focusing on one platform first, getting to know it well, and then moving on to the next. Although each platform is different you'll also find many similarities, such as building pages using modular content components.

Tutorial & Review Websites That Pay

There are quite a few Tutorial websites that will pay you or share revenue with you to provide tutorials. HowHub is a good example of one that pays you 50% of the Adsense revenue that your articles generate. EHow used to be the big dog in this arena, but now all of their work goes through Demand Studios.

SharedReviews is a good example of a review site that shares revenue with it's contributors. It uses a proprietary revenue sharing model to create tangible incentives for reviewers to contribute. You can submit your reviews either directly through the site or through APIS and plugins for many popular blogging platforms.

Make Money Writing Articles for the Web

As I mentioned earlier, there is a huge and seemingly insatiable demand for quality content on the web today. There are several types of companies that help to fill this demand.

There are freelance writing sites that match buyers and sellers of content. There are ghostwriting services that act as brokers between sites or authors needing content and the writers that can create the content that's needed.

There are community news sites, regular news sites, and specialty niche sites that all have a demand for writers. One great way to find these is to search on your subject plus the words "write for us" followed by paid. For example, if you wanted to find sites that might pay you to write about Photoshop you would search on the following: Photoshop "write for us" paid.

Make Money Writing Letters

.If you're especially talented at letters of all sorts, you may be in luck.

A site called LetterRep will pay you every time someone purchases one of your letters that you upload to their site. And not just business can also write:

  • Apology letters
  • Condolence letters
  • Christmas and holiday letters
  • Letters to and from Santa
  • Valentine letters
  • Wedding blessing letters

and more...and of course there are all kinds of business letters that people need writers for such as:

  • Sample cover letters
  • Sample resignation letters
  • Rejection letters
  • Reprimand letters

etc., etc.

In fact the front page of LetterRep lists over 150 different types of letters you can write and upload to there site that you can get paid on every time someone purchases one of your letters.

To discover how you can make money writing personal and professional letters, click here to visit LetterRep.

Make Money Naming Domain Names

Here's something for the more creative writers amongst you. Did you know that you can make money naming domain names?

PickyDomains will pay you to name domain names. Here's how it works:

If you want to be a contributor for PickyDomains, when they get a new order you'll be able to suggest your domain names. If a client decides to register your name, you get half of the fee.

Additional Resources for Writers

I've pulled out a few of the most valuable resources I've found for writers and listed them below. Certainly there are hundreds of great sites on the web. And each person will have to find the sites that speak to them best. This is the type of writing you can do if you're serious about running a home business focused substantially on writing.

One of the first things I'd recommend you do is to find a site such as AbsoluteWrite where you can share ideas and solve problems with other writers. Forums are especially good for tackling the obstacles you may face in your writing work.

If you're just getting started in your writing career you may want to check out ExpertVillage's series on various aspects of freelance writing work. You can find them on YouTube. And if you have a hard time getting started you can find sites that offer creative writing exercises to help inspire you.

If you are a more experienced writer, then you'll definitely want to look into the website. This site is used by many of the major news outlets such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and many more.

The Write Jobs - The Write Jobs is a specialty job board and career resource for journalism, media, and publishing professionals.

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ALEX 9 years ago


jance 9 years ago

Thanks a lot. This is great

Mopy 8 years ago


Good job Mr Click. Very useful information. Thank you =)


Leslie Libby 8 years ago

i know for fact that i acquire a talent for writing all sorts of work. Especially free verse and poetry

Marisa Wright profile image

Marisa Wright 8 years ago from Sydney

Lots of links, but they would be even more useful if you gave some indication of the kind of earnings they offer. For instance, I started on Helium - where I earned pennies per article (the average is around 10 cents per article per month). I then tried Thisisbyus, which is a fun and quirky site, but soon realised the earnings were even less than Helium. Someone recommended MyLot - same deal, same lack of income.

I've landed at HubPages and stayed because I like to mix photos with my writing, plus the earnings potential seems, so far, to be better. I'm still only averaging 40 or 50 cents per article per month, but that's a big improvement on 10 cents and it seems to increase a little every month. Also I can see the stats on which articles are working and which aren't, so as I learn, I can tweak the poorer articles to improve their income.

I've tried to get information on places like Suite101 and some of the other sites you mention but people are very coy about sharing their stats. Unfortunately there are too many people just out to earn money by recruiting others to these sites, regardless of whether they're worth joining or not.

collegemoneyguy 8 years ago Author


That's a great comment. I really should have organized it that way.

Really, the better writing work is in the "Freelance Writing Jobs Online" section and the "Additional Resources for Writers" section.

I have a friend who is doing writing assignments for Demand studios on a regular basis and I've taken notes on what she went through from the application process to acceptance to doing assigments for them. So it sounds like that might be useful to put up.

I'm sure if you visit the writers boards there will be plenty of people who aren't "coy" about many of the freelance writing sites.

saralise profile image

saralise 8 years ago from United States

Thanks for all the links, I'll have to look into them....

dg 7 years ago

You improperly used the word "there" where you should have used the word "their" in the following statement on this page:

"In fact the front page of LetterRep lists over 150 different types of letters you can write and upload to there site that you can get paid on every time someone purchases one of your letters."

How much will you pay me to be your proofreader?

collegemoneyguy 7 years ago Author

I will pay you approximately zero dollars to be my proofreader. Although we could eventually work that up to zero dollars and zero cents.

Emily 7 years ago

This is an extremely helpful article. I have been searching desperately for more writing opportunities online and I know of quite a few places but you've introduced even more. I've already signed up for a few of them. Gracias!

Judy Cullins profile image

Judy Cullins 7 years ago from La Mesa, CA

Plus writing on the web will set the foundation for future business growth, visibility, and credibility!

Rudra profile image

Rudra 7 years ago

This is a really great article. Have got many ideas to start writing.

Barbara 7 years ago

What a great article. Wish you could give the ability to copy it so just the type appears.....Will enjoy checking out some of these sites. Thanks

pdenni profile image

pdenni 7 years ago from California

Thanks for all of the potential job leads! I am just getting into freelance writing and your article has been helpful in giving me a headstart.

jp512 7 years ago

I thought the following interaction was halarious! ROFLMAO I shared it with my family whom, appearantly doesn't share my sense of humor! I really needed this! thankyou with a sweeping bow and flourish :>

dg says:

11 months ago

You improperly used the word "there" where you should have used the word "their" in the following statement on this page:

"In fact the front page of LetterRep lists over 150 different types of letters you can write and upload to there site that you can get paid on every time someone purchases one of your letters."

How much will you pay me to be your proofreader?

collegemoneyguy says:

10 months ago

I will pay you approximately zero dollars to be my proofreader. Although we could eventually work that up to zero dollars and zero cents.

collegemoneyguy 7 years ago Author

Now "their" we go. ;-)

sell 6 years ago

i want o know more about this job

Melanie 6 years ago

I have been doing freelance ghostwriting for the last few years now. You have posted some links I did not know about so I will check into them,thank you.

A lot of these sites may pay less but you post as your own name. Being a ghostwriter does not give you the same glory. I guess it all depends on if you need to be paid more to earn a living or are just looking to make some extra income.

I find looking for Canadian sites are the hardest. A lot of the sites you mentioned above only allow Americans. I keep searching.

SFaith 6 years ago

I used to write articles for Associated Content. They paid up front and residual as well. The residual income isn't much unless you get an awful lot of page views.

When I was there, there were a couple of writers on the site who really knew how to promote their articles. They were making $200+ per month in residuals.

I'm still getting small deposits into my PayPal account from them and I haven't written anything for them in 2 years.

jalal 6 years ago

good is useful to us and everybody

Web Content Writer 6 years ago

Thanks for the very valuable information.

There is a lot of money to be made providing writing services, and most writers struggle to find niche and promoting their services.

Very useful information for every writer.


Nikki May

Justin 5 years ago

Thanks! I've alway loved writing and until recently had never even considered that I could be a freelance writer. I do construction work but have always hungered for something more creative to do for a little side income. Great tutorials!

Jane 5 years ago

Thanks for providing all the relevant info here! I learned a lot from this article. I never knew that freelance writing could be a lucrative way to earn a residual income online.

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