Making money on the Net - from Myth to Reality

Making money on the Net - from Myth to Reality

Making money is one of the most popular search terms on Google as well as being an expectation of most people. After all we all want and we want to make money, and if the Internet gives us the chance why not take it.

However, with respect to making money on the Internet, it starts to look like the history of urban myth, where everyone knows someone who knows someone who has earned money by using the Internet.

But does this "myth" has a supernatural explanation that is only available to a handful of visionaries with deep knowledge of programming or otherwise make money on the Internet is based on pyramid schemes and getting money back from is doubtful and full of schemes?

Or alternatively, will be available to anyone who has access to a computer and an Internet connection and have strength and will to work and see results?

Do you begin to understand the question? Great! It is precisely this that we will talk then...

1 - The Myth of Making Money on the Net

"You earn a lot of money on the Internet!"

Well first we need to clarify what is "a lot", while winning for 1 to 3€ per day on the Internet is perfectly possible, without too much effort just maximizing Adsense ads, or other competitors, on a simple blog page.

Of course, if you will exponentially increase profits, then there are welcome all the affiliate programs, where people pay to use our connections and links to buy something, we receive a value on that purchase, or a percentage of the purchase .

But in this situation is no longer enough to have a passive attitude, one must be active and realize what our audience is looking for, and if does respect our opinion when we present a specific recommendation. And then yes, it is appropriate to bet on affiliate programs.

2 - The reality

Without an effective presence on the Internet, and without a credible reputation, it is difficult to make money on the Internet. And this presence can be the publication of a blog, a portal, a forum, finally something that will allow our potential customers (advertising or product) to discover and create a relationship with us.

2.1. - Landing Pages - Landing pages are the first contact that the public has with us, whether it's coming from a search engine, or through a link, it is the first contact they have with our presence. And as I have noticed, there are quite optimized landing pages for the sale of goods, products or services, where we talk about the product, with examples of success stories, and tell us that there is a fantastic promotion for us and only for a short period of time.

2.2. - Content - if your Internet presence is a blog where you talk about cars, then do not make much sense to advertise saucepans, right? Make much more sense to optimize your advertising directed to the public looking for your content. This is called contextual advertising. After all, we are not selling anything, we only provide clues that allow a person to find what he need.

2.3 - Win Big Money and Fast

Well, unless it is a situation of winning the lottery, this expression is a contradiction in terms. It's possible to make money on the Internet, but will never be fast.

Make Money on the Internet needs above all to understand the market, a lot of work and strengthen its presence in any communication channel.

You can always make some money with the Internet, like monetizing blogs, web pages, or other.

3 - From Myth to Reality

Earn money, whether on the Internet, either in the physical world, is an activity which requires above all dedication, effort, and of course many mistakes, because to be able to discover the path to success, usually only trying and making mistakes and doing better next time.

It's possible to make money on the Internet, but the results (few exceptions) only reach the mid-term, anything that promises easy gains without effort or time spent just normally become a disappointment.

And you feel that Making Money on the Internet is Myth or Reality? Let your opinion and comment on this article!

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