Mango Card Mongo Money on the go Prepaid Visa MasterCard

Mango Mastercard Saves you Time and Money

The MANGO MasterCard prepaid Card will Save you Time and Money. If you want to keep more of your cash consider getting a Mango Prepaid MasterCard. Mango does not require a credit check. So if you have bad credit or no credit at all you can still enjoy all the benefits of a prepaid debit card anywhere that MasterCard debit is used. Not only does Mango prepaid debit card help you budget, you do not have to worry about hidden fees. So you can add money to your card with confidence because you know that there will be no surprises after you use your Mango Prepaid debit card at the pump or register. You can also save some time and money by putting your paycheck right on your prepaid card because Mango saves you time by offering direct deposit. If you want to load money yourself Mango has thousands of retail reload locations. Partners of Mango include Walgreen's and CVS and that makes it easy to put case on you prepaid debit card. This helps eliminate all those expensive check cashing fees.

Mango Money Master Card

Prepaid Master Card
Prepaid Master Card | Source
Yap and Mango
Yap and Mango | Source
No Monthly Fees
No Monthly Fees | Source
Get a Mango Prepaid Visa Card
Get a Mango Prepaid Visa Card | Source
No Overdraft Fees
No Overdraft Fees | Source

Mango Prepaid Debit Card Fees and other Charges

Fees on a Mango Prepaid Debit Card

  • Then Mango MasterCard Prepaid card is free
  • Their are no Activation Fees
  • No transactions fees on Signature or Pin use
  • No Shipping and Handling fees to get your card     * for limited time it usually $5
  • If you can load at least 500 dollars a month on your card there are no fees
    but if less you pay $5 dollars monthly.

Mango plus YAP

  • You can Send money via SMS $0.50
  • You can Receive money FREE
  • Plus Get balance and see transactions on your mobile at no cost
  • Yap is a Mobile Service Provider and will subtract any charges straight
  • from your Mango Debit Account. Any Standard messaging charges will apply.
  • What this means is your mobile carrier (not YAP) may bill you separately and send
    or receive text messages.

Cost to add money to a Mango Card

  • Using Direct Deposit you get it FREE
  • Add it From a bank account FREE
  • To Load cash at retailers with the Green Dot® MoneyPak
  • Green Dot will charge a $4.95 fee
  • From a mobile phone FREE
  • Plus you can transfer money Online from another Mango Customer
    and its FREE

Mango Prepaid Visa ATM Fees

  • You have to pay a $2 dollar fee plus you might also get charged from the
    Financial institution for their fee.
  • Check you balance from a ATM will cost you $0.50
  • Daily withdrawal limits in the United States: $500-$600 and depends on your transaction history.
  • Withdrawals Outside of the United States: $300-$400 and also depend on your transaction history.

Miscellaneous Fees or Charges for Mango Prepaid Debit Card

  • To get a Online account statements its FREE
  • Your Online account management 24/7 are FREE
  • Customer service calls are FREE
  • You have to pay a Currency conversion fee for international transactions 2%

Prepaid Visa Cards

Mango Cash Prepaid Debit Card Fees

Type Fee 
Mango Card Signup 
Transaction Fee 
Signature or PIN) 
Activation Fee 
Shipping and Handling
Monthly Fee
WAIVED when you load at least $500 during the previous month. Excludes card-to-card transfers.
Send money via SMS (domestic only)
Mango + YAP 
Get balance or see transactions on your mobile
Mango + YAP
Receive money
Mango + YAP
Mango Savings™
No Fees
Mango Savings
APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
5.10% APY†
Mango Savings
Bank Account
Adding Money
Direct Deposit
Adding Money
Load cash at retailers with the Green Dot® MoneyPak®
$4.95 fee
GreenDot Charges for Moneypak
Online from another Mango Customer
From Mobile Phone
No Fee
Domestic ATM withdrawal
The ATM operator may charge an additional fee
International ATM withdrawal fee
$2 + 2%
Check balance
Delivery of net available funds via check
(at Account closure)
Online account statements
No Fee
Miscellaneous Fee
Online account management 24/7
No Fee
Miscellaneous Fee
Customer service calls
No Fee
Miscellaneous Fee
International purchase transaction fee
Miscellaneous Fee

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

complete detailed hub work great write thanks

singlmomat52 profile image

singlmomat52 6 years ago

Very good information for us to know.

Thank you!!!!

Isabel Ma 6 years ago


Maureen 5 years ago

They took 99.95 out of my checking account.

I never heard of them

on hold for half an hour.

they do not talk to you.

I have put a stop payment on this and have blocked them from my checking account

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Maureen, Are you sure you have the right company because the mango card is not linked to your checking account

debzeppeliniv 5 years ago

MONGO LOOKS LIKE A CROCK OF SHIT TO ME, WHO NEEDS IT? Igot a bank account with a debit card that gives rewards points, so i get money back. why would I want that pieca crap? lol credit check? to spend your own money? are you people nuts?

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Debzeppeliniv, This card is more for people who have no other alternative, they messed up the bank account and have no other way of getting a debit card. By no means should everybody this card only people who have no other choice.

limolyn 5 years ago

Hmmm great idea

quya 5 years ago

mango is awesome. they are changing for the better.

Sandra Blakely 4 years ago


rita 4 years ago

how can i call this company with no phone they are sold mi one with out tell me i look for loan and she send me a card code tellin me my loan is ready

but she din,t say she charge me 99.00 for a card i don,t order somebody have a phone number i can,t contact ?????

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    Prepaid credit card with direct deposit! Pre paid visa card!

    Mango Prepaid Master Card and YAP mobile

    With Mango Money Card you can Mobilize your money and you can even text funds anytime you want. Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card was specially designed to work with YAP mobile payments services. YAP helps sending and receiving money easy using a text message. YAP is Safe and fast and easy to use, there is no cost to get into the program with your Mango Card.

    It even gives you the ability to check your prepaid card balance right from your phone. Using YAP with you Mango Money card lets you check your card balance anytime, check your last YAP or Mango Card transactions and you can send money to virtually anyone in the United States with our mobile phone. Another reason you might want to you YAP is that its safe and offers you fraud protection. If your mobile phone gets stolen or you lose it you can call them immediately and they will cover any fraudulent charges made to your YAP balance during the last 24 hours prior to your phone call.

    YAP does work with your Mango Card. You send money securely from your Mango Prepaid Debit Card with your own mobile phone. Just a simple text message sent transfers the amount of cash you choose from and the funds loaded onto your prepaid card. (The amount of Money transferred cannot exceed your available balance.) You also have the ability to send a text message to check your Mango Card balance, so you will always know when it’s out of money so you can reload your prepaid card.

    With Mango and YAP there are no hidden fees. All the costs for YAP and Mango Prepaid Debit card are out in the open – YAP transactions are mostly free or about the same cost as a stamp and an buying a envelope.

    How much are YAP Fees?

    • $0.50 cents to send money to someone
    • NO FEE to check your balance anytime
    • NO FEE to receive money from someone

    What YAP does is deduct any charges directly from your Mango Card Prepaid MasterCard. Plus any Standard messaging charges apply. Which means means that your mobile carrier (not YAP) may charge you separately to send or receive text messages.

    Mango Savings Account

    The Mango Savings account is separate from your Mango Prepaid Debit Card account and it allows you to save money and also get some interest each month. There is no cost to getting a Mango Savings account if you are enrolled in a recurring direct deposit setup. There are no fees to open the Savings account and to fees to Maintain it but you must have a recurring Direct deposit setup for your Mango Account. The only other requirement is that you are subject to be identified in accordance with federal law. Mango may require you to provide identification papers in addition to information provided during enrollment.

    Information Needed to open Mango Savings Account

    1. Your information must be up to date on your Mango Profile, correct address and phone number needed

    2. You need to enroll in Mango's free recurring Direct Deposit program.

    3. Must have money in your prepaid card account and it needs to be in good standing. You will need a minimum amount of 1 dollar added to your savings account.

    4. If Mango requested any information from you then you must have it to them before they will open your savings account.

    Your Mango Money Savings account offers a very good APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 5.10% APY taking into account the use of compounding interest. If it seems to good to be true on such a high interest rate because Mango offers better rates than most savings and banks is because Mango wants to provide customers with the best possible experience.

    They believe in a long term relationship with its customers and they want you to say with them a lot longer. They say that happy customers will use their cards more often and stay lots longer. They also believe you will tell all your friends and family to open up a Mango account. There model is on a proven business based on long term value and that's how they can giver better rates. Its also only good for if you have a balance of $5000 dollars and is just a promotion. The maximum amount you can have is $10,000 and you will only get interest on the first $5000 so this is more for a starter savings account.

    You can load money into your savings account 2 different ways one the web and the other with YAP on your mobile phone. On the web you will login to your account and transfer money from your Mango prepaid account to your savings account. Using Yap send a text message to 88988 with the word SAVE and the amount that you want. You will receive a text message back to confirm your transfer. Kind of a neat way to get money from one account to another.

    You are allowed to make a maximum of 6 transfers a month from you savings account to your prepaid card in one month. If you want to close your savings account you will need to call customer service (877-896-2546). Once you close you can reopen one if you want but you will have to wait another 30 days to open it. When you close your Mango savings account, all the money in it will be transferred to your Mango prepaid card account, unless that transfer amount would cause your prepaid card account to exceed the maximum balance of $10,000.

    Mango Refer a New Friend Program

    Another benefit of having a Mango Prepaid Debit Card is with their Find a new Friend Referral Program. You will get $5 dollars for each referral. All you have to do is get your friends and family to apply for the Mango Prepaid MasterCard. Mango gives you referral cards to pass to your friends so just give them one of your referral cards and you will see a $5 dollar deposit to your prepaid card balance when you friend or family member activates their account and puts funds in it. Plus your friend or family member will also get $5 dollars deposited from Mango as a Thank you to them for joining. You can go online to download your referral cards from the Mango online website. Just keep referring friends and you will keep earning money and the cash added can help you get money instead of fees, just watch your account grow. Mango tries to make it easy for you to expect more.

    This is how it works using a example of your Brother.

    1. You give your brother a referral card.
    2. Your brother then goes to the website given on the card.
    3. Your brother then signs up for Mango and enters your mobile phone number
    as the referral ID.
    4. Your Brother then receives his Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card.
    5. Your Brother then activates his Mango Card and loads at least $25 onto the card.
    6. Here is the good part you get $5 and brother gets $5. Mango puts the money in each of your Mango Accounts.
    7. Then all you have to do is refer more friends and family members, and keep earning rewards.

    * Your friend or Family member must load at least $25 dollars on their account for you to get money and the funds will be loaded on to your card within 20 days of the new referral successful rate.

    Mango Prepaid Debit Card Poll

    Who has the better Prepaid Debit Card

    • Mango Money Card
    • Russell Simmons Rush Card
    • AccountNow
    • Green Dot
    • WalMart Money Card
    • Net Spend
    See results without voting

    The Instant Mango Virtual Master Card

    Another one of Mango benefits is their Virtual Debit Master Card that you can use online. This card can be used to do all your online shopping or any shopping you will need to do over the phone. Its meant to give you access to your account while you wait for your actual Prepaid Debit card to arrive. So if you need to make a purchase right away the Mango Virtual Card gives you instant access to your funds while you wait till your physical Mango Master Card Arrives in the mail.

    What you have is a Prepaid MasterCard without the plastic. The Mango Virtual Card works just like your Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card, but provides you with a card number rather than an actual physical prepaid debit card. Their system will generate a secure card number, a expiration date, and a card verification code linked to your prepaid debit account. These numbers will be different than those on your permanent prepaid plastic Mango Card, You can use the Virtual Card number to access your funds immediately for online shopping or your purchases over the telephone. You will of course have to have your physical Mango Card to make those in-person purchases and also ATM withdrawals.

    Prepaid credit card commercial

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