Michigan EBT Card Account Information

Michigan EBT Card Account

Do you use the Michigan Bridge card as a way to purchase food and goods on the State of Michigan food stamp assistance program? Read on to learn more information on this MI food assistance program including the website you can visit for your EBT card, or electronic benefits account online. The MI Bridges EBT account website is where you can get information on your benefits, ebt card limits, usage, account balance and transaction history is at www.ebt.acs-inc.com/ebtcard/miebt/.

If the cash or food benefit account is in your name or if you are the authorized representative on someone else's benefits account you will need to select a PIN number before you can get access to the food stamps or cash benefits account. The website gives instructions on how to select and setup your PIN number for access. You use your Michigan MI Bridges Ebt debit card for electonic benefit transfer transactions. Which means you will use the plastic debit card that you received to purchase the food and goods that are authorized instead of using stamps or paper.

Michigan EBT Card Website Information

Michigan EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer

It does not cost you anything to use the MI Michigan Bridge Ebt Card for your food assistance program purchases or transactions. You use the EBTcard just like a debit card. No one knows any difference. It is discreet, secure and safer than using cash. You do not get cash back when you use it and you can only buy food items that qualify. You can use the MI EBT electronic benefits card as long as there are benefits left in your account.

You can use your MI Bridges ebt debit card at the store or at an ATM machine. Using your electronic benefits is safer and faster than using cash. Check your account balance and transaction at the website online. If you need to contact customer service, you can call 1-888-678-8914.


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Comments 16 comments

april stevenson 6 years ago

my brigcard got destroyed i need a new one who do i ask about this

David Allen Green 6 years ago

How can I find out the new date that my EBT funds will be posted to my account?

Lisa 5 years ago

April Stevenson your best bet is to call customer service at 18886788914 and listen to the prompt. I cannot remember exactly which number you have to push for the department but it will say something about your card being lost or stolen or destroyed. They should be able to get you started.

MARY BORGMAN 5 years ago

looking for chart of changes of arrival dates for food stamp ebt card .

gordon 5 years ago

how do i find a chart for the new dates on the e bt card

mary  5 years ago

whats the number to check to see if you get food stamps for the following month i know you have to type in your birthday and social security number if any one knows please help

paul 5 years ago

the number is on the back of the ebt card to check your balances all is need is card number. also, for the one that did not get their's yet. it takes about a month but check with the case worker to find out. the chart is under your state web page for food assistance. but whatever id you have the last letter add i day per month. for ex. if it ends in 7 end 1 day month so the next month would be 8 etc. if last month you got on the 20th day then aug would be on day 21. hopes this helps.if you live in michigan the correct web site for check for balances is:http://www.ebt.acs-inc.com/miebtclient/siteLogout....

michael conn 5 years ago

how can i find out the new date my food allowance will be restored?

Karen Ochadleus 5 years ago

I need a new food stamp schedule for 2012

Hiba Sleiman 4 years ago

How long does it take to recieve a bridge card after you have been approved?

Willie Mae dobin 4 years ago

How to find out what dates I re eiceive my stamp

mara 4 years ago

how can i get a copy of my bridge card amount.

PHILL 4 years ago

how soon will I have food stamps?

Robert Berckart 4 years ago

please help

4 years ago

I need to know what store in sturgis mi I use my ebt last month

janelle 4 years ago

im having the same problem i got my foodstamps last month but it didnt get reloaded for november i get mine the 3rd of each month ive tryed contacting my case worker but no response from her. so im not sure what to do now i havnt gotten no letter from them and my case is still active.

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