Michigan Salvage Yards - Used to be Just Junk Yards

salvage yards in michigan stacked cars
salvage yards in michigan stacked cars

Michigan Salvage Yards Aren't Just Junk Yards Anymore

There are many salvage yards in Michigan. salvage yards, or junk yards, were once just dumping places for wrecked vehicles. Now these junk yards have developed into million dollar businesses. Growing with the times and advances in technology, satellite part finder services are used to contact multiple Michigan salvage yards from a single source by way of the internet.

Hand written inventory and vehicle location for the different junk yards be it junk yards in Indiana, New York, Ohio, Michigan, or any state that you are in, have been replaced by computer programs, making parts easily accessible especially if parts are interchangeable between different models. Various computer inventory programs are available to assist the salvage yard owner in tracking their inventory. These computer programs often cost thousands of dollars but prove to be real time savers. These programs also keep track of customers and the numerous parts bought.

What is a Salvage Yard?

Salvage yards are also known as wreck yards, wreckers yards, breakers yards, junk yards, and scrap heaps. The most common junk yard is the automobile salvage yard, but there are also salvage yards for motorcycles, bikes, small planes, and boats.

Severely damaged, wrecked or non-working vehicles are sold to junk yards where it is dismantled. The useable parts are sold to individuals and the unuseable parts are sold to recycling companies. Vehicles are usually arranged in rows at the yard, often stacked on top of each other. The most common parts resold are lights (headlights, tail lights, blinkers), seats, unbroken windhshields, windows, parts of the exhaust system, and mirrors. Parts such as the engine and tranmission are removed, rebuilt, and resold or just removed and resold to auto part companies. Parts in demand are often removed and placed in the salvage yard warehouse for easy retrieval by either the customer or salvage yard staff. Some salvage yards even provide installation services. Once all the reuseable parts have been removed, the shell of what's left is usually sold to a scrap metal processor that will crush the vehicle into small chunks.

Used auto parts are almost always cheaper than new parts. Auto insurance appriasers compare repair cost with replacement cost. Repair costs also include labor and materials. Insurance companies and individuals save a lot of money on used auto parts from junk yards for repairs.

Building Your Dream Vehicle with Michigan Salvage Yards

Whether you're looking to rebuild a late model vehicle or old classic, junk yards in MI offer many older cars in good body condition to amateur car builders and collectors to buy. Some salvage yards offer rebuildable and repairable vehicles for sale that indviduals can bid on. Purchasing these vehicles allows a person to own it at a fraction of the market value.

The nearest salvage yards in Michigan can help you get rid of that unwanted vehicle or supply you with someone else's discarded vehicle to turn into your own masterpice that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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