Monetize Your Incoming Traffic With Domain Name Parking

Do you have unused domain name and haven't decided when to develop your website? You could used the idle domain name to earn some Internet money.

The steps to monetize your unused domain name are as follow.

1.Create an account with Sedo.

2.Add domains into your Sedo account and it has to go to through Sedo's verification process.

3.Then you need to redirect the traffic your domains receive to Sedo’s parking servers, you can either redirect by  Name Server (DNS) forwarding or URL forwarding.  Please note, it may take up to 72 hours for any changes you make to take effect and for your domains to appear parked.

4.Then optimize your domain to generate the best result.  Use Sedo's domain name optimizer to edit your domain name keyword, landing page template, related links and image.

Once you have created an account, list the domains, redirect your traffic and optimize your landing page. 

Your domain name will have list of advertisements and if any consumers click the link, you will earn money.

Sedo will make payment once you got 20 USD via Paypal and for direct deposit the minimum amount is 50 USD. 

For example of domain name parking, please visit 

Domain Name Parking

Sedo Domain Name Parking
Sedo Domain Name Parking

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nakmeister profile image

nakmeister 4 years ago from Lancaster, UK

Interesting idea, have you had any success with this? How much can you expect to make from a decent keyword domain?

probyte2u profile image

probyte2u 4 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia Author

I have never tried that, but some guys are focusing on it. In adsense you need page views, more traffic and then only you could see the result. You could develop a website where people can post their articles or service, it is better. Try to find a niche market in country and develop a portal, then only you will see some good result with adsense.

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