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With the economy the way it is more and more people are searching for online money making ideas. Whether you have been laid off or whether you simply want the added bonus of having extra money in your pocket each month, there are ways to legitimately make money online without buying into some kind of scam. Here are a few ideas for making money to get you started.


Money Making Ideas: Writing Articles

Quick money making ideas are a dime a dozen if you don’t know where to look. There are people on the internet that are interested in your thoughts, opinions, and life story. Writing articles for money has become very popular for people looking to make a supplemental income. Some websites pay you anywhere from $3.00 to $30.00 depending on the subject, length, and your level of writing.

I know you are thinking, “I’m not a writer”, but the truth is as long as you have a spell check program and can put a sentence together intelligently you can make money on these sites. You do not have to be in the writing profession to sign up. On many of these sites you can write about what you know most about whether it’s gardening, health, or molecular physics. Websites are looking for writers that produce useful original content that the rest of the public will enjoy reading or find some educational value.

Another way to make money writing articles is placing advertisements in your articles. Although many sites that pay you for your articles do not allow this, if you have your own blog or website you can certainly add advertisements or affiliate links to your content. A simple Google search will yield thousands of websites to teach you how to make money through affiliates and advertising.

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Money Making Ideas: Mobile Question and Answering Services

With the invention of mobile phones came a plethora of easy money making ideas. Mobile question and answering services also known as SMS search have come to life in the past several years. If you have a cell phone and have ever sent a text to get a weather report, driving directions, or wanted to know the address of a particular business, chances are you were answered from someone working from home.

These companies pay people, just like you, to look up information on your computer and then relay that information to the info seeker. You will not get rich quick, but you can make some extra cash each month. I’ve personally done this and I can tell you if you have time and patience you can make some decent money. I made almost 200.00 in a week just doing it part time. Imagine what you could make if you invested more of your time and effort into answering questions.

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Money Making Ideas: Selling Your Stuff Online

Out of all the online money making ideas, the easiest seems to be selling your junk for a profit. This is a great way to add some change to your pocket without having to invest. This is just like a yard sale, only it’s online. Take some pictures of stuff you no longer want or need, type up a quick description of the object and post it online. You would be amazed at what sells, if the price is right.

After you sell all of your unused stuff, begin expanding to yard sales in your area. The more you sell the better you will get at determining what will sell. Buy items that you get for cheap and sell them at a higher price to make a profit. Again, this will not make you a millionaire, but it is a fun and exciting way for you to make a bit of extra cash, if you like yard sales, taking photos, and the internet. Remember, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


Money Making Ideas: Trade Your Skills For Cash

There are many free money making ideas that don’t involve an initial investment. The best one I can think of is trading your skills for money. If you have prior skills you can more than likely put them to good use to make money online. The following use skills that you already have or can learn online to supply you with a new way to make money.

Do you have experience with graphic design software? Many webmasters know how to make a website, but don’t know how to design business logos and banners for their sites. These webmasters hire people to design these items for them. If you have the experience you could really rake in the dough here. Depending on your level of expertise you could bring in $20.00 to $500.00 a job.

Do you have experience in fashion design? If you enjoy fashion design why don’t you try designing your own t-shirts or other apparel? There are plenty of websites that allow you to make designs and put them on their products. The website will then share the profit with you. How much you make depends on the product, how well it sells, and the percentage the company agrees to pay you.

Can you draw? Webmasters search endlessly for clipart or cartoon drawings. If you can draw put your skills to use by packaging some of your cartoon or clipart sketches together. To build a quick following give some away for free. This helps to lure in a fan base that you can sell the better drawings to over and over for a quick profit. Since you are the artist and this is your product you can set the price at what you like.

In closing, remember there are plenty of ways to make money online. These are just a few money making ideas to get you started. Remember, do not limit yourself to what everyone else is doing. Only you know what skills and strengths you have and sometimes to make money online you have to “think outside the box”. Carve your own way in the World Wide Web and you are sure to be successful.


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