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If you are working towards the goal of living debt free, one area to look at to save money would be your energy costs.  When you are establishing your a household budget, you definitely need  to consider your energy bill because it can be a major expense and can blow your budget if you are not careful. The following energy tips will help you keep your energy bill from blowing your household budget in the future.

Unplug to save money!
Unplug to save money!

FIRST ENERGY TIP: Establish a habit of turning off the lights when leaving a room. If you are a parent, you may find yourself always turning off the lights after your children. Begin teaching your kids how important it is to conserve energy. Then the kids will soon learn to also turn out the light when they leave a room. Also, when a light bulb burns out, be sure to replace it with some of the modern compact florescent ("CF") bulbs. CF light bulbs may cost more than the traditional bulbs, yet they last much longer and use less energy, so they can save you money.

SECOND ENERGY TIP: Use nature to cool and heat your rooms. You can do this by allowing sunshine in during the daytime when it is cool outside, or by keeping out sunshine when it the weather is hot outside. It is also important to make sure your house is well insulated. Well-insulated houses can reap huge savings in heating and cooling costs.

THIRD ENERGY TIP: Make it a habit to wash and dry only full loads of clothes and dishes. Avoid the temptation to fire up the dishwasher with only a few dishes; instead wait until you have accumulated a full load -- and also do the same when washing clothes. Further, try setting your home water heater to a lower temperature. This step can help you save money and energy when washing clothers and dishes, and also when bathing. Yet another way to save is to use a drying rack to dry your dishes and also hang your clothes on a line to dry instead of putting them in the clothes dryer.

FOURTH ENERGY TIP: Be mindful of your thermostat settings, and turn down your thermostat in the winter to 65 degrees and wear warm clothes inside if you get cold. In summer time, set your thermostat to 80 degrees and use a fan in the room where you are sitting or sleeping. These suggestions can add up to serious savings on that portion of your electric bill related to cooling or heating your home.

FIFTH ENERGY TIP:  And our final energy tip is to turn off your computer, television, cable box, DVD player and other energy-using items when you are not using them. Did you know that a DVR cable box can use as much energy as an electric hair dryer blowing on max?  Make it a habit to turn off all of these items before going to bed for the night and at any other time when not in use.

Now is a great time to get in the habit of following these energy-saving tips and start saving money for your household budget. You really can avoid a budget-busting high energy bill just by making a few simple changes.

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Dan 5 years ago

Any household (house or apartment) can always to better to save money through the little things to reduce its utility bills (electricity, home heating oil, natural gas and water).

There are many collections of energy and water savings ideas available to all.

This collection, as just one example, contains more than 530 home energy and water savings ideas, both immediate and long term, of which:

- 440+ are simple and easy to do

- 300+ cost absolutely no money

- 125+ cost next to nothing

- 145+ clean water saving tips

- 115+ electricity savings tips

- 110+ winter heating savings tips

- 80+ summer cooling saving tips

Surely in such a collection there will be lots and lots if money saving ideas which any home can start to use to save money in the new year. Start with the simple and no cost ideas and work your way to the less simple and / or more costly suggestions which make sense for your home.

I hope this helps,


funwithtrains profile image

funwithtrains 5 years ago from USA Author

Thanks for that info Dan, looks like an interesting site!

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