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Working For A Livin’

In today’s economy, many hard working individuals and families are looking for new ways to buy quality products at a savings. Larger companies are able to maintain a marketing budget that allows them to promote sales and specials through radio, TV, direct mailers, and e-mail communications. The convenience and accessibility of stores like Target, Walmart, and Costco have a definite advantage over smaller companies when it comes to luring everyday customers into their stores and onto their websites. Once the blinders are removed however, it is very possible to find bargain prices for everyday products on the Internet outside of these huge chains.

One site in particular is

Behind Blue Eyes

A few months ago, my last pair of glasses snapped into two. Although I had one pair of contact lenses left, the inconvenience of not being able to come home after work, take out my contacts and put on glasses, forced me to keep my contacts in longer than usual. This usually caused a strain on my eyes and headaches, or forced me to finish the day with blurred vision.

After my long overdue eye appointment, I was faced with an medical insurance decision:

  1. A six month supply of contact lenses for free
  2. A discounted pair of glasses to purchase

Being the stubborn person I was, I figured I would go with the contacts because there had to be a better way to find a pair of glasses online. As my wife could attest, for once in my life I was right.

I’ve Got My Eyes On You

A quick Google search lead me to the website. This site is an excellence resource for prescription and non-prescription frames. With prices ranging from around $14.95 to $49.95, I was anticipating poor-quality glasses or cheap imitation frames. Instead, I found a variety of options ranging from classic to sporty. Although their catalog is not stocked with name brands, the styles are very similar in nature to what you would find at a LensCrafters or Pearl Vision. An impressive array of prescription frames awaits anyone who is interested in buying online.

You’re So Vain

Being the skeptic that I am, I was not sure how the styles would look on my oval shaped face. Call me vain, but I have to know. has something they call “EyeTry interactive” technology. This allows you to use a web cam to take a picture of yourself and then upload it to their website. You can then choose a frame to see what you will look like with them on. A useful tool, even though you are getting a rough image as to how they would look. The selling point for this tool is knowing that there is a very good return policy in place in case the frames do not turn out as you anticipated.

Dr. Feelgood

After I was satisfied with the look of the frames, I still was not completely on-board with purchasing prescription frames until I got through the prescription phase. Knowing that my eyes are the only ones I have or will have, I’m not the one to mess with anything other than perfect when it comes to the prescription. makes the prescription process very easy. As long as you have the prescription that your doctor gives you, it’s a matter of filling out the appropriate eye strengths and type of prescription you need. The only part that was remotely difficult was the PD (Pupillary Distance), which is the distance from one pupil to the other, measured in millimeters. The good thing is when you upload your picture, the measurement is estimated for you. That, along with a quick measurement of my own with a ruler confirmed the measurement was correct.

Money, Money, Money

With all this, I learned that this web site typically has weekly deals advertised on it's home page. The evening I purchased my glasses, there was a buy one and get one free offer that was expiring that same night. I was instantly sold on the ideal that two pairs of prescription glasses were better than one. Especially when one is free. After all was said and done the cost of two prescription eyeglasses plus delivery came out to be about $26.00. I received my glasses exactly one week later. is an excellent money saving web site. With quality frames and prescriptions, great deals, a site that is easy to use and a flexible return policy, this web site definitely deserves a look if you want to save money on frames.

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