Mystery shopper job opportunities

Mystery shopping job opportunities for college students

If you are a college student or just about anyone else trying to save and make extra money, you may want to check into mystery shopping job opportunities.

In fact, if you are observant, a decent writer, and can report facts in an objective unbiased ways, the chances of you getting picked for mystery shopping job opportunities is better than most.

I've written a free detailed mystery shopping report on how to make the most money in the least amount of time that I give away - I'll tell you about it later.

But first, let's talk about what mystery shopping job opportunities involve so you can determine if it's the kind of work you'd actually like to do.

How not to find mystery shopping job opportunities

In case you don't know what mystery shopping is, just think of it as undercover unbiased reporting to give companies feedback on various parts of their business operation. Typically, you'll get an assignment to perform some action at a place, write a report, and in turn be compensated for your efforts.

However, there are right ways and wrong ways to find mystery shopping job opportunities. Unfortunately do to the preponderance of scammers floating about these days, most people find the wrong way to find mystery shopping job opportunities.

In fact, you should probably run away very fast if you find a mystery shopping job in any of the following ways:

  • In a newspaper "help wanted" section.
  • Any company that "guarantees" a job as a mystery shopper (you'll understand why after you read my free report which I talk about a little bit later).
  • Charge a fee to access mystery shopping job opportunities. You can find all of this information for free.
  • Sell directories of mystery shopping companies - again you can find this information for free.

The right ways to find mystery shopping job opportunities

The following are some of the right ways to find mystery shopping job opportunitiesthere certainly are other methods, but the following will give you a quick idea of places to find legitimate mystery shopping companies.

  • Mystery shopping scheduling independent schedulers - an individual who helps find mystery shoppers for individual mystery shopping companies.
  • Mystery shopping scheduling services - like an independent scheduler, but is generally a larger company.
  • Self-scheduling services - services that allow mystery shoppers to find and apply for assignments.
  • Mystery shopping companies - list of legitimate mystery shopping companies are freely available through lists and books you can get from your library - i have them listed in my free mystery shopping report.

Mystery shopping job opportunities

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viki 5 years ago

i hate scams when theres people out there that really need a job,

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