Need Help Buying Groceries? Learn About Angel Food

Angel Food Network Is Amazing

You may or may not know about this wonderful place called Angel Food Ministries. Just so you know.........Im not going to preach anything to you or try to sell any books on this hub. Im writing this for people who may need help buying groceries and paying for food since times are hard on everyone now with the economy not doing so good. Rising cost of food and gas have taken an extra $500 out of my monthly income. And that extra money does not exist according to my bank statements. Im sure Im not the only one who is having these troubles.

Anyway Angel Food Ministries is a non profit, non-denominational organization that provides food for friends and neighbors who are struggling to make ends meet. They have been doing so since 1994 and now help more than 500,000 families each month from all across the United States.

Video About Angel Food

Who Can Get Angel Food And How Does It Work?

The best part about Angel Food is that anyone can order it. There is no qualifications to meet or applications to fill out. It does not matter how much money you bring home each month anyone can order You might need to buy it one month and maybe never again. Or you can buy it forever. There are no rules.

You order the food 1 month in advance and then when it comes in you just go pick it up. It is done through churches, schools and different host sties. Many churches take part in this program. If your church is not involved you can find out how to sign them up and learn more about it on their website.

The cost of the food is not high at all. The basic box for a family of 4 is just $30 or $35. They also have a special box for seniors too for around $28. You must pay for the food in advance and then when it comes in the next month you order again.

Where Does Angel Food Come From?

Angel Food is great food. I was shocked at the quality of meats fruits and veggies. This is a quote from their website.........."Our food is “restaurant grade” meats, frozen vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. which we acquire through our involvement with only the best producers/vendors of high quality, “name brand” foods. Never “seconds” or “day old” type products are involved."

It is not like yucky government food or cheap food or anything like that. It is really good. They have a menu each month and it is always different. Always healthy fresh foods that taste great. The amount of food you get is awesome for the price you pay. The regular family pack is enough to feed a family of 4 for 1 week.

This is the menu for the month of November:

1.5 lb. New York Strip Steak (4 x 6 oz.)

3 lb. IQF Split Chicken


2 lb. Baby Back Pork Ribs

2 lb. Chicken Chunks

28 oz. Jumbo Charbroiled Beef Patties with Gravy

1 lb. Smoked Sausage

1 lb. Ground Turkey

1 lb. Green Beans

1 lb. Diced Sweet Potatoes

10 oz. Peanut Butter

15 oz. Cranberry Sauce

7 oz. Beef-Flavored Rice & Vermicelli

20 oz. Shoestring Fries

32 oz. 2% Reduced Fat Shelf-Stable Milk

6 oz. Pancake Mix

One Dozen Eggs

One Dessert Item

Get Signed Up For Angel Food Today

All of that for only $30. If you need help paying for food then you should really check this out. I am so glad that I found it and I am very happy to share this information with other who may need it also. Visit the official Angel Food Ministries website here.

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Comments 12 comments

linda carrol 5 years ago

i think that this is the best thing that a person could do to take a little stress off people mind.

Meghan 5 years ago

This is great. I'm a single mom of two, and I don't qualify for any assistance. I worry from week to week how I'm going to feed my family.

Kelly 5 years ago

Sorry they shut down.

Amanda 5 years ago

Damn why did they shut down? I heard about them over a year ago and now I need help like this, it's sad that they shut down.

Annette 4 years ago

Well...I guess there went this idea for food. I'm sad!!!

nolonger 4 years ago

they are no longer in business unfortunately they helped myself and a lot of people. sure could use them now

Holly NIese 4 years ago

I would like help. but I am on disabilty and can't drive because I have seizures. I hAVE 3 BOYS AND IT ATKES EVERYTHING i HACE TO FEED THEM IS THER ANYWAY i COULD GET HELP


hoLLY nIESE 812-343-3341

alicia 3 years ago

I have two small kids an i need help if u cn plz help us

wendy 3 years ago

Was that a joke about the Angelfood? The link took me to a page that was just ad links. Not very cool.

Mileyka 2 years ago

I was told angel food ministry is shut down, this pages is old, i hope you find some help, and i wish i could help you, but am broke just like you , i need money to pay my bills. can't find a job.

cenia 2 years ago

I found it in my city I'm so happy it is easy and cheap 30$ for a big box

angela strong 2 years ago

I help get food

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