NetSpend - Prepaid Visa Debit Card

NetSpend is Americas Most trusted Prepaid Debit Card

One of the most popular of all Prepaid Debit Cards is NetSpend. They say they are America's most trusted provider of Prepaid Debit Accounts. They advertise it's a better way to bank, no credit checks, no overdraft fees, no interest charges and no surprises.

How does Netspend work?

1. You first need to Add Money

You can have your paycheck deposited directly into your NetSpend account or even add cash at your one of the many NetSpend Reload Center.

2. Just Live Your Life

You can use NetSpend card to pay for food, gas for car, any of your bills, you can buy online and lot more. Use NetSpend where Visa or MasterCard debit cards are accepted.

Things you should know about NetSpend?

  • Your money definitely safe using NetSpend
  • You can Bank with confidence because NetSpend is BBB accredited. So why don't you find out why millions of people are already using NetSpend.
  • You do not have to wait! Using Direct deposit can give you immediate access to your paycheck or any government benefits.
  • Did you know that NetSpend is also recognized as one of the top growing private company in the US.
  • Inc. also recognizes NetSpend in the Top 5000 fastest expanding private companies in the United States.

Netspend Prepaid Visa Debit Card

All access Netspend
All access Netspend | Source

NetSpend Features Anytime Alerts

Being a Netspend Prepaid Account Card holder you can interact with your account in real time just by requesting to receive your account information with your cell phone. NetSpend was the first prepaid debit card company to make account balances, transaction history and contact information available with text messaging SMS technology platform. The responses are sent in a short time and NetSpend was the first prepaid debit card company to provide customers email-based messaging to customer mobile phones and also emails. The first year there where about 7,000 messages transmitted.

Their latest features gives two-way text message to cell phones and NetSpend will email millions messages every month. These anytime alerts provides their customers a way to self service their account with out making a phone call or going on line to check everything out for themselves. NetSpend was the first to make this happen and you can rely on their network.

Direct Deposit on a NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard

If you receive a payroll check from your employer or you get a monthly benefit from the government there are lots of good reasons to deposit your check directly to your NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard Account. It just takes a few minutes to setup and it will eliminate the cost and the inconvenience of cashing paper checks.

1. Direct Deposit is Safe, Checks can be lost and even stolen and result in delays in getting replaced

2. Fast. You can save lots of time when you do not have to waste it going to the bank or check cash place to get your money.

3. Cost. Its free to deposit money to your Netspend Prepaid debit card but you will pay a fee or a percentage of your check when you go to cash your check. Some banks even charge you to cash the check even if its from there bank.

4. Very Convenient. When you check arrives its already in your account no need to make a trip to pick up check and cash it.

Cardholders have the option to have all or a part of their paycheck deposited directly into their accounts. They offer this to all eligible cardholders for free.

NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card Black

Netspends Prepaid Visa Card Black
Netspends Prepaid Visa Card Black | Source

NetSpend Testimonial

NetSpend Predpaid Debit Card with Savings

NetSpend Savings card holders can get into a Savings Account separate from their Prepaid Debit Card and earn up to 5.00% APY which is one of the best rates in the Country. NetSpend started this program in 2005 with a select few and started growing their savings program by 15% on an annual basis.

This is the first of its kind program for prepaid debit card holders. Here is what NetSpend has to say about their Savings Program. ""We believe it is a historic day for financial empowerment, for our customers and the un-banked, when the annual percentage yield on a savings account quadruples and nears and in some cases surpasses the yield commercial banks are paying on money market accounts," said Rick Savard, chief executive officer of NetSpend.

"Our savings program does all of that and more for households outside the sphere of traditional banking services." "This is a result of listening to our customers who ask us to deliver products and services that are essential if our card is going to be the bank in their wallet." This was is one feature that makes NetSpend at the top of the Prepaid Debit card Market.

NetSpend Debit Card Customers Fees

(click column header to sort results)
Pay-As-You-Go Customers
Signature Purchase Convenience Fee
PIN Purchase Convenience Fee
Card Fulfillment
(Shipping & Handling)
Fee Advantage Customers
Monthly Service Fee
billed on cardholder's cycle date
Signature Purchase Convenience Fee
PIN Purchase Convenience Fee
Card Fulfillment
(Shipping & Handling)
(Shipping & Handling)
Other Fees
Adding or withdrawing funds to your account at local distributors
Convenience fee
determined by distributor
Non-Monetary Transactions
Via Internet
Non-Monetary Transactions
Up to $0.50
Via Toll Free Number
Account Maintenance
$5.95 per month
(waived if account has debit or credit transaction and/or balance inquiry within 90 days)
Check or Additional Statement Mailing Fee
Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal / Cash Withdrawal at Distributor
Up to $2.50 per withdrawal
plus ATM owner fees, if any
ATM Decline Fee
Up to $1.00
per declined withdrawal
International ATM Cash Withdrawal
$4.95 per withdrawal
plus ATM owner fees, if any
Lost or Stolen Card Replacement Fee
Up to $9.95

NetSpend Budgeting Application "Report Card"

NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Holders can track their spending behavior and set limits with NetSpends award winning budgeting system. This personal financial tool was once selected as the most innovative prepaid program on the market by Paybefore. With the NetSpend Budgeting application and  Report Card getting the information from the visual spending history to another level.

The NetSpend account budgeting application and Report Card helps the customers set up spending limits by different categories so they can monitor their money during the month through spending targets set by the card holder. This way expenses are automatically put into categories in real time and  the card holder can setup email and text alerts for free to notify them when the are getting close to or over their budgeted amounts in each of their categories. The "Report Card" is a neat feature that shows the card holder how set their goals based on their spending and budgeting history. This could help some card users get on track using their NetSpend Prepaid Debit Visa.

Enjoy NetSpend Prepaid Silver Visa Card

NetSpend Prepaid Debit Visa Card
NetSpend Prepaid Debit Visa Card | Source

NetSpent Prepaid Debit Card Poll

What Prepaid Debit Card has the best Features

  • NetSpend
  • AccountNow
  • RushCard
  • GreenDot
  • Western Union Moneywise
  • Walmart Money Card
  • Visa Buxx
  • Upside Visa
See results without voting

NetSpend Virtual Prepaid Debit Card

NetSpend again was the first to offer the debit card industry the NetSpend Virtual card that acts ust like an additional prepaid debit card on your account. It is available to all current card holders through the NetSpend company online at The NetSpend Virtual card provides card holders with a secure method of making transactions online with out a plastic card. The NetSpend virtual card can be added or deleted on demand and can be accessed or created with a cell phone and be used for any card not present transaction. The NetSpend Virtual Card is designed to add convenience and security to NetSpend Prepaid Card Holders. Since the card can be added and instantly deleted before and after the purchase the virtual card makes an extra layer of protection for the car holders who are shopping on line or on the phone. It happens instantly and allows the act of a temporary backup when a customer loses their physical card. This eliminates the waiting period for the new replacement card. This also helps with spending history since NetSpend uses categories to see where you are spending the money.

Enjoy the Perks of a NetSpend Skylight Visa

NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card Skylight Account
NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card Skylight Account | Source

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alexxus 5 years ago

U can't beat netspend. Its so convenient n so many ways!

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Thank you alexxus, yes its a very good prepaid debit card and maybe the best.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 3 years ago from Jamaica

Netspend blocked my account for no good reason. I'll never trust them again.

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    NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card Scan Bar Code

    NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card Scan Code
    NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card Scan Code | Source

    Transfering Money to you NetSpend Account

    One of the things I also like about NetSpend Prepaid Debit card is that you can transfer money to other NetSpend Account holders. You can send money to your friends or your loved ones line your son or daughter in college. You can send the money to your friends or Family two different Ways. You can get on line and transfer the money form your account to theirs or they can do the same by transferring money to your account. Another cool way they allow you to send money is by text message. You can set it up to text a certain amount to another NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card account holder as well.

    Another way eligible card holders can transfer money instantly online is from any VISA or MasterCard prepaid card. So you have several ways to transfer money to your account and that makes things a lot easy when trying to fund your NetSpend Prepaid Debit Accounts.

    NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card has Life Benefits

    Eligible card holders can get at no cost NetSpend Life Benefits. These benefits provide a 35 day Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage. NetSpend has more benefits and is one on the Leading Prepaid Debit Card company have many more perks and benefits of its competition. Their free accidental Death and Dismemberment policy will pay a monthly benefit for 12 months in cas of a covered event. This amount depends on the direct deposit amounts to your card. The funds can be used for living expenses, to pay your debt, or any other bills. You do have to have direct deposit to qualify and is not available in certain States.

    Why NetSpend So Many Choices

    Blue Black or Silve NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card
    Blue Black or Silve NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card | Source

    NetSpend Premier Prepaid Debit Account

    NetSpend has a new service it offers to its top Cardholders called NetSpend Premier. This new level
    of service and quality offers its eligible cardholders top level features. You must be a direct
    deposit users and once you reach a qualifying direct deposit amount, NetSpend with automatically
    upgraded and receive superior features and benefits.

    • You get your money faster with Direct Deposit
    • A $10 purchase cushion if your balance is a little sort of the purchase amount.
    • Plus with NetSpend Premier you get a 5.00% APT savings account.
    • No cost for upgrade.

    Not sure what amounts are needed to qualify or amount of time you have to have your check directly deposited to get to be a NetSpend Premier User.

    Additional Benefits of having a NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card

    There are lots of benefits that the NetSpend Prepaid Card has to offer that's why its one of the more popular and used prepaid debit card on the market. Here are four more things that NetSpend Prepaid Debit card has to offer.

    1. With NetSpend you can have up to three prepaid debit cards on your account for family members or Friends. You will have the same account but their names will be on the other prepaid debit cards so you might set limits for your family and friends.
    2. With the power of also is available a more friendly form for you cell at This makes things a lot easier for you if you love to use your mobile or cell phone for everything.
    3. You can get paid for referring your friends to NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card program. NetSpend is one of the most generous of all the prepaid refer a friend program. You can get $20 dollars for every one that your refer that activates a card and loads money on to it. Plus your friend also gets $20 dollars for signing up because you referred them. Its also good for family members if they have a separate account from you. There is a minimum of $40 dollars that your friend will have to load on their account for you and them to get the free $20 dollars.
    4. NetSpend also has a Bill Pay program where you can save yourself from the time and hassle of paying your bills with checks, or money orders, cash or even having to go to the place to have to make a payment. NetSpend Prepaid Debit card account offers several online bill pay options to suit all of your needs. You can even set up your payments to made automatically for recurring bills that happen monthly or set a payment in the future to pay it at that time so you do not have to worry about forgetting to pay that bill. Bill Pay saves lots of time and will save you lots of money.

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