Notebook Financing

For people who need a laptop in their daily lives such as business people or college students, a laptop can be an extremely large expense especially in this bad economy. Sometimes it can be disheartening when shopping for a laptop because you cannot seem to find the laptop that is right for you and your budget. However, this is where notebook financing comes into play.

Finding a company that will help you to afford a notebook computer can be difficult at times.

However, with the right notebook-financing plan it is possible to afford a decent laptop computer and get it now. Two of the most popular laptop financing plans is pay-as-you-go and rent to own plans. Below, we will go through some of the pros and cons of each plan as well as the types of people that the plan may be right for. Keep in mind, that the following suggestions are just that: suggestions. These should be considered guidelines when shopping for a notebook computer, however sometimes it is definitely better to go with your gut feeling.

If you have bad credit or no credit and cannot afford to pay for a laptop computer in one large lump sum, a rent to own plan is definitely right for you. In a rent to own plan, you simply rent the laptop you like from the company until you have paid a set amount for it. It's really just a variant of computer financing. Once you have paid that set amount, the laptop is considered yours. This plan is great for the company because it does not hold much danger when renting to someone with bad credit. If at any time payments stop, the company can simply take their laptop back. However, this is a danger for the consumer. If the company needs to take the laptop back, you will not be reimbursed for any payments that you have already made on it.

In a pay-as-you-go plan, you and the merchant from whom you are buying the laptop sit down and discuss a payment plan that is right for you.  In this plan, you hold the power.  You get to decide such things as how often you want to make a payment, how quickly you would like to pay the laptop off, and how large you want each payment to be.  This is a much better payment plan for people who have good credit.  No matter which plan you decide to act upon, remember that it is extremely important that you stick to the plan.


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