Nw Mint Precious Metals: Coins and Bullion

Precious Metals Bullion Dealers

Bullion dealers are a dime a dozen, good ones that have been around for a long time like Northwest Territorial Mint which also produces challenge coins, custom made medals, ribbons, and presentation boxes for military related items. The reasons people turn to bullion dealers is that today is because you cannot buy gold or silver from a bank. It is also not the form of currency used in today's trade and transaction.

Silver and gold are hard assets that are used by savvy investors as a hedge against inflation. Gold is the traditional form of money that is hoarded. Silver is the money of the people and has been used in centuries past, as recent as the 1960s when some US currency actually had percentages of silver in our half dollars.

U.S. Navy Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin Featuring The 1ooth Anniversary of Naval Aviation
Challenge Coin Featuring The 1ooth Anniversary of Naval Aviation

Custom Silver Coins and Challenge Coins

Not only do some mints deal in silver, gold and other precious metals, but they also offer custom options and military challenge coins.

Challenge coins can be minted today in a variety of different metals and finishes. They can be poured into a die, in a process called die-casting, or struck in a process called die-striking.

Die-cast coins are generally considered to be less expensive, and are usually covered with enamel paint to give the coin detail. On the other hand, die-strike coins are struck in a process similar to that of coins, like the quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies that we are accustomed to. Die-struck coins offer a deeper relief and fine detail, making enamel paint unnecessary.

Challenge coins are most often minted in bronze or nickel, however more valuable metals like copper, silver, and even gold are sometimes used to mint challenge coins.

So, if you've purchased challenge coins in the past, why not buy some silver bullion coins to start an ongoing investment that can affect or offset the rising inflation caused by fiat currency.

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Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 5 years ago from Colorado

What are the values worth on such coins? It's interesting to see coins from private mints

militarycoins 13 months ago Author

They are usually worth a little over the spot price of silver. Ex: if spot price is $15.00, then they usually add a few extra dollars, let says $2.00. Total cost will be $17.00. (obviously this is just an example. Northwest Territorial Mint is usually the mint many people turn to because their coins are quite liquid. They also make the silver bullet bullion.

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