Online Bill Pay

Remember when you had to write out checks, put them in an envelope and lick that stamp that tasted horrible? Well you do not have to experience that anymore.

Most banking institutions offer their customers free online bill paying. If you are like many others with less and less time available, then you too would benefit from this free service. Banks are not the only sources for on line bill paying. You can receive the same service from some software packages. Products such as Quicken and Quickbooks will allow you to pay bills online with a simple set up process.

The most time consuming part of online bill pay is to set up the accounts. You will need to provide the name, account number, address and telephone number. All this information will make sure the company receives the payment. Once this is done, you will have the convenience of just pointing and clicking. No stamps to lick, no checks to write, just simply choose which bills to pay, how much and when.

The convenience of online bill paying goes beyond just paying bills. You will be able to see a history of payments, you can set up bill reminders, you can check balances of your account and many times with major creditors, and you can view your bill. You can set up payments for future dates, which is great especially if you are traveling or just want to pay bills once or twice per month.  If you're trying to get yourself in a bad credit rut where you're forced to partake in bad credit financing, you should definitely consider online bill payment.

Online banking and bill paying is very secure. It uses a username and unique password as well as security questions to protect your account. The convenience of being able to monitor your checking account at any moment gives you a real time look at what is going on.

You can also set up bill paying options with each individual creditor. This will require a different user name and password for each one. This is perhaps not as convenient as on line banking as you will still need to record the transactions in your checkbook. Online bill paying through your bank will automatically record the transaction.

Online bill paying will take a lot less time to do. There is nothing to lick, you will not get any paper cuts and think about all the extra time you will have for other things. It is quick and very user friendly with many added features to use. The help sections can assist you with questions and many institutions have toll free telephone numbers to use. With all the convenience of online bill paying, you will be able to manage your money much better and faster.


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