Paid Surveys ETC Scams

Paid Surveys ETC Scams

Paid Surveys ETC Scams

Paid Surveys Scams, Paid Survey ETC Scam


If you are a paid survey taker you probably have heared about paid surveys etc. If you plan to order paid surveys etc membership to earn extra money by taking paid surveys, you should read this review of paid surveys etc first.Paid surveys etc claims big companies CEOs like NIKE, Ebay, Amazon etc. want to give you money for taking paid surveys.

Paid surveys etc claims you can earn 3000-4000$ per month by doing paid surveys. Impressed? They also claim that get 5-75$ per survey -- a big lie. Paid surveys etc tell the story quite hypothetical. You have read it now read the truth: paid surveys etc charges 69$ saying as it is half price so join today for the membership. They also claim all hell sort of money making ideas too.

Paid surveys etc is showing a calculator where you can calculate how much money you can earn from paid surveys? Don't get fooled by these dreamy calculations. The number one question is the number of survey invitations that you will receive.

Don't get fooled by paid surveys etc's claims, fake testimonials, guaranees and false reviews. Use your brain, do a google search for "paidsurveysetc + scam" to find out more. Unfortunately a lot of people fall into their trap and lose money.

The truth about paid surveys is paid surveys are not scams but these surveys pay only 2-10$ per completed survey, you will get only 1-7 survey invitations per month, and from personal experience I can tell you that you can earn 200-400$ per month from paid surveys.

So do not fall in paid surveys etc scams and never pay anyone to join a survey panel. All legitimate paid surveys are free to join.

Paid Surveys Scams, Paid Survey ETC Scam 



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Jodie McAllister 4 years ago

Hear hear!! Too right it is scam and if you try and reqest a refund under their so called money back guarantee, the only thing your guaranteed is that it will be led on another goose chase get stalled and then refuse.

I may as well have stood at my front door and just thrown my money out to get the 'results' they dream up!

Bruce 2 years ago

Thanks for warning the public! It's a doggone shame the scams that are lurking around the Internet these days. Yes, you are correct in saying that paid surveys in itself is not a scam, but the earnings claims these people are spouting just to get you to pay for their membership is ridiculous! One should never pay to give your opinion in any type of market research study; they should pay you! Overall I'm no longer really interested in doing a lot of paid surveys. I would much rather spend my time participating in paid focus groups where I can easily make a quick $25 to $100 for sharing my opinions. is a great resource for this.

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