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If you have bad credit you've probably discovered that life is pretty hard financially. Very few people are able or willing to give you a loan or credit card, or if they do give you one, they give it to you at extraordinarily high interest rates. People with bad credit have to deal with lots of unfairness in the system in order to live in everyday society.

People can have bad credit for a variety of reasons. Sometimes bad credit occurs because someone lost their job and could no longer pay the bills, or maybe a major medical expense occurred and they didn't have enough money to keep up the monthly payments. Also, too many credit cards and their many monthly payments can also be the bane for people with bad credit. Regardless of why you have bad credit, there are many books and resources to get your credit rating back up and to get money back into your savings account.

If you are struggling with your finances, finding a good bad credit book is key to getting yourself in the green.  I recommend reading all of these books if you want to get rid of your bad credit and be able to buy the things you really want again.

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Rich Dad's Advisors®: The ABC's of Getting Out of Debt: Turn Bad Debt into Good Debt and Bad Credit into Good Credit

The ABC's of Getting Out of Debt:Trade Your Bad Debt for Good Debt and Your Bad Credit for Good Credit is one of the best books out there for people wanting a good book about credit and debt.  This book thoroughly covers all the bases on every topic related to getting your financial situation flipped around.  Some of the topics found in this book (often skipped by the competitors) like about the health effects of debt are discussed here.  So if you want objective, informative content about getting good credit and getting out of debt this book is great for you.  The book provides some very practical and basic steps to help consumers that are struggling with credit and/or debt problems.

Even if you aren't struggling with debt or credit problems, you can still benefit a lot from this book.  This is recommended read for anyone who wants to stay on top financially.

Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

Of all the books I have read about financial responsibility and getting out of debt and getting good credit, Dave Ramsey will always be on the top of must reads for me.  Dave Ramsey is a nationally syndicated radio show host and famous financial adviser and has a wealth of information to share to you.  Financial Peace is a book all about getting yourself out of debt and learning how to effective use your money.  If there was one book out there that will change your life, this is the one.

Whether you're making 50k per year and in deep debt or you are working a hamburger flipping job to feed your family and you have little to no cash in the bank, this book can help you.  Financial Peace talks about everything you need to manage your money and also manage the rest of your life.  All the overwhelming stress you're feeling right now because of debt and fear that you can't pay the bills will melt away with the information in this book.

Honestly, if you were going to read any book from this list, you need to read this one.

BestCredit: How to Win the Credit Game

If you're looking for a book specifically about repairing your bad credit can getting you back into an A+ score in life, this book is exactly what you need.  Just about everyone who read this book and applied it their life saw some immediate results for bad credit repair.  If you've been having problems getting credit or loans, this book will give you all you need to feel absolute confidence when applying for a new credit card or loan without having an ounce of fear of being denied.

The techniques found in this book gives you all the tools and resources necessary to fix your credit.  You can resuscitate your credit rating and bring it back to life.  With this book you can learn how to get rid of those false credit ratings from bad creditors as well as bad credit scores gained from mistakes you made in the past.  If you want to take back your credit score from the greedy lenders, this book will empower you to do so.

If you aren't completely motivated with getting rid of your bad credit now, this book isn't for you.  This is not a magic book if you're wanting to get rid of bad credit without any work.  You have to work for your bad credit repair if you want to truly succeed.  If you want to succeed however, this book is a recommended read.


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