How to Pick Good Stocks

Looking for Advice on the Best Stock Picks?

Looking for a good stock market picker? Well now is definitely the time to do so because most stocks can be purchased at huge discounts. Some of these companies still have solid growth potential and some don't. But how do you discern between the good and the bad. Well, I would suggest following the advice of some noted experts.

Morningstar stock investment adivce

Morningstar is one of the most respected and trusted securities analysts in the world and you can never go wrong with the voluminous and thoroughly researched information that they provide to their clients. Presently they are offering a 14 day free trial subscription to their premium service, which I highly recommend. I subscribe to them and have never been at a loss for finding the data I needed to make wise investment choices. However, you do need some foreknowledge of investing since they just provide you with the data.

Jim Cramer's Stock Picker

If you're looking for someone to take the guesswork out of finding good stocks then you should consider Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus service. Jim Cramer is, of course, the well-known investing guru who hosts his own show "Mad-Money". Over the years he has developed a strict set of investing disciplines that have helped all kinds of people be successful through all market conditions. In fact, he enjoys helping others become successful in the market so much that he created a charitable trust portfolio to show investors how he makes his trades. This is exactly what the Action Alerts Plus service gives you access to: Cramer's own stock trading. It's priceless, and completely free for the first 14 days, so give it a shot.

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BobOBrien profile image

BobOBrien 7 years ago from NYC

Nice article! Does Cramer recommend shorting stocks on action alerts?

lemarquis72 profile image

lemarquis72 7 years ago Author

Thanks Bob. Cramer recommends short opportunities on his show and website periodically, so I assume he does the same with his Action Alerts. I can't say for sure though. Of the two subcritptions mentioned above I've only used Morningstar.

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