Prepaid Debit Card

I Need a Prepaid Debit Card

Most everybody do not need a prepaid debit card but some of us need one because of the dumb things we have done with our credit and or bank accounts. I have written several hubs now on Prepaid Credit cards and the comment I seem to get the most is that anyone that gets a prepaid debit card is dumb because they can get a Bank debit card and not spend the money on monthly fees. The truth to the Matter is that some people have no alternative but to get a prepaid debit card. Do you really need a prepaid debit card answers these questions and if you answers yes to any of them then you do not need a prepaid debit card.

1. Do you have a checking account or savings account that offers a debit Visa or debit MasterCard?

2. Do you have good Credit?

3. Are you over the age of 18 years old?

4. Do you have fair to good credit?

5. Can you cash a check?

Answering yes to any of these questions and you will have no problem whats so ever getting a debit card from a bank. Believe it or not there are Millions of Americans that cannot say yes to most of those questions. Prepaid Debit cards are mostly for people who cannot get a bank debit card or a real credit card. If you have ever messed up a checking account you might know what I am writing about.

Rush Card Prepaid Visa Card

RushCard Prepaid Purple Diamond Visa Card
RushCard Prepaid Purple Diamond Visa Card | Source

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limolyn 5 years ago

Pls I need this card.

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    Do I need a Prepaid Debit Card Test

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