Raising Money for College

Saving Money for College

With the cost of college getting higher and higher, you must begin saving for your child's college as early as their 1st birthday.  If you start this early you may have  enough money set aside for your child to attend a better school.  There are several ways you may start saving for your child to attend college.  One of the best ways to save money for college is very simple.  Just begin to put your loose change in a car and take this amount to the bank once per month.  This is a great way of saving money for college because most of us do not spend our loose change to pay household or personal expenses. 

Have a Garage Sale

A great way to put aside money for college is to let your pre-teen help with a twice a year garage sale with the direction that the money will be put into a college fund.  This will give your child a sense of how important it is to be prepared to pay for college.  This is also a good idea because it helps us get rid of items we no longer use.    A garage sale is sort of a thrift store with a commercial building. 

Graduation Donations

One of the best ways to raise money for college is to have people donate for your high school graduation.  Rather than wait until two or three months to send out graduation invitations and hop that the mail reaches its destination, you should try using the internet.  I found an interesting example of a student using this technique to ask for money from friends and family to complete her education.  The site is www.misobroke.com.  This site is an example of how you can be creative and ask your relatives and friends all over the world to assist you with raising money for college.


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