Real Estate Investing and Mail Box Money

Look Forward To Checking Your Mail!

I’m a real estate investor working my own business and a mentor for the Real Estate Profit Coach. I travel the country teaching at educational seminars. I also work with our students on-site and assist them in building their real estate business.

I was introduced as a “mail box money” coach at one of our events. I’ve been asked by many what this meant. Mail box money is simply the creation of residual income through automation of processes. Now there is a mouthful! I’ll break it down.

I have a simple philosophy. If my marketing has brought you to me, I’m making money off of you. I have plenty of tools in my proverbial real estate investor tool kit to make this happen. One of my favorite methods involves one of my assistants. She does nothing but generate marketing for me targeted to distressed homeowners in major metropolitan areas throughout the country.

When a homeowner responds to the marketing, my team fields the phone call. Using some simple criteria I’ve provided them with, they can determine if this is a property I would be interested in for my own portfolio, or if we can send the lead on its way.

Being a licensed real estate agent in Texas for one of the largest franchises in the world means I have the ability to send leads from other parts of the country into an outbound referral system. My lead will be assigned to a licensed real estate agent in the same part of the country. Another agent will be responsible for taking care of the sale of the property. When the home sells, I get paid money! How great is that? Through this process, I either find a great property for my business in my target markets, or send the referral out. Either way I can get paid!

You don’t have to be a real estate agent to replicate this method. You will need to expand your networking through the use of real estate investor clubs, finding a licensed real estate agent on and online media such as Expand your network and your pocketbook! Your mail box and your bank account will thank you. Happy hunting!

Mail Box Money!
Mail Box Money!

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