Real Tips For Planning A Cheap Family Holiday & Destination Spots

Traveling, even for one person can tend to eat away at your bank account pretty easily. The idea of planning a family holiday can be even more intimidating. However, it is not out of the question to plan a cheap family holiday as long as you follow a few guidelines:

  • Plan ahead of time for your family holiday.
  • Avoid booking holiday travel during the busiest times of year.
  • Take advantage of online booking discounts
  • Mind your spending during your vacation

Yes, it is possible for families to a cheap family holiday abroad. You can take your family nearly anywhere in the world for thousands cheaper than what it would cost by following these simple guidelines. Keep in mind that these holiday trips are still costly, but it will be a lot more affordable than if you did not plan and follow the guidelines.

The beautiful coastline in Montenegro
The beautiful coastline in Montenegro | Source

Plan Ahead For All Family Holiday Trips

To get the most affordable holiday traveling packages you must plan ahead. Not by planning a few weeks ahead, but several months ahead. You must keep your eyes concentrated on advertisements, both online and offline, because many packages that would appeal to a budgeted family are for a very limited time.

During your search for the best price and the best destinations, pay close attention to airline websites, newspapers, radio, and travel agencies advertising cheap family holiday packages. This process is the longest and most money saving part of planning a family holiday for cheap.

Avoid Traveling During Peak Travel Seasons

The busiest time of year for travel is during the holiday season and during the hot months of summer. To get more bang for your hard earned buck, avoid traveling during this time. Airline tickets and hotels raise their prices during the busier times of year. The price of a plane ticket can be double what you would pay for during the off season. Planning your holiday outside of these times can save you a load of cash. Plus, hustling your family through a crowded airport in order to make your flight on time is never a good time.

If you think that you cannot have a good time during the off season, think again. Cooler destinations such as Europe, Canada, and Alaska are cheaper during the summer, but still have a lot to offer to families on vacation. Places such as the Caribbean and other tropical destinations stay elevated all year and are usually more expensive overall because people go there for the beach during the summer and travel there during the winter to avoid the cold dreary weather. Ski locations like Aspen are sky high during the winter months, but can be significantly lower, sometimes 50% lower, if you wait a few weeks after the peak ski season has ended.

Affordable Family Vacation Ideas

Book Your Cheap Family Holiday Online

With the invention of the internet it is now easier than ever to plan your family holiday. Websites like, and display some of the lowest rates you will find anywhere. Taking advantage of these lower prices can help you to save thousands of dollars on your family holiday. If you have a very flexible travel schedule, you will be amazed at the savings.

Watch Your Spending Will On Vacation

Sometimes we get caught up in having a good time and overspend while on vacation. Because of this it is important to plan ahead. Eating out every night while you and your family are on vacation can end up causing you quite a bit of financial problems when you are back at home. Instead of eating out every night while on vacation, plan to visit a local grocery store to buy snacks and drinks that can be made in your hotel room. Also, avoid running a tab in the room for food services and mini bar charges. These amounts will rack up a huge bill before you know it.

Cheap Family Holiday Ideas For Destinations

When planning cheap family holidays you may run into a challenge. Where can you take your family that is both cheap yet won’t bore the socks off of your kids? Here are a few cheap family holiday ideas for destinations.

Cheap Family Holiday Destination: Western Ireland

If you are looking for a vacation away from home, Ireland frequently has discounted tickets available, this is great when planning cheap family holiday all inclusive trips. Rentals can be found for as little as $25-$30 a night. Ireland has much to offer to families that want to get away, relax, and learn something also. They have miles and miles of famous walking trails, such as the Ring of Kerry and the Burren. You and your family can hire a tour guide or just buy a map and discover the beauty of Ireland on your own. This destination also has beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and plenty of horseback riding. There is truly something to be found for everyone in Western Ireland.

Cheap Family Holiday Destination In Black Hills, South Dakota

Take a trip back to Old West times. For the outdoorsy family The Black Hills offer fantastic views for fishing and camping. The forests are great for simple walks or mountain biking. You and your family can explore the Black Hills National Forest and Mount Rushmore.

Cheap Family Holiday Destination In East Africa

Destinations like the Republic of Kenya in East Africa offer families a vacation full of wonder and adventure. You can tour one of the many endangered species sanctuaries or go on a real African Safari. Take your trip to the zoo a bit farther with introducing your children to real life, giraffes and chimpanzees. If you fear being on the ground, why not take to the skies with a hot air balloon safari? If you are looking to have a beautiful and awe inspiring family holiday with your children, East Africa is the perfect place for your holiday.

Cheap Family Holiday: Washington D.C.
Cheap Family Holiday: Washington D.C.

Cheap Family Holiday Destination In Washington D.C.

For every American, the ultimate vacation spot is none other than our Nation’s capital, Washington D.C. The best part about this cheap family holiday destination is that most of the attractions are free. You can visit all 19 Smithsonian Museums and all of the National monuments, for little or no money spent at all. Kids (and adults) will love the International Spy Museum, the National Zoo, the National Museum of Natural History, and Six Flags America. Whatever your heart desires, a holiday trip to Washington D.C. provides both family fun and lots of learning.

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misterhollywood 2 years ago from Hollywood, CA

Loved this article - truly. I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. Very enjoyable! Thanks!

- Mister Hollywood

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hannahclaire 3 years ago from Los Angles

I love your free tips of economically tour .... I like it because this is possible ... thanks for sharing it...

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stephanie mclain 5 years ago from Texas Author


Thanks for dropping by!

The first time I ever went on a "real" vacation was to D.C. I was in awe of the city in general! There is so much to do I was unable to see everything, but I truly enjoyed myself.

Texas is a beautiful state as well. I was born and raised here. Although I've lived in different states and countries Texas will always be home. There is a little bit of something for everyone here. :)

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point2make 5 years ago

Great ideas and tips thanks Stephanie. I think the Washington trip will be next one for me......and then maybe Texas!

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stephanie mclain 5 years ago from Texas Author

You're very welcome Jamie! Thanks for stopping by.

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Thank you for these useful tips. I am definitely keeping them in mind.

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