Relocating: Finding The Best Public Schools

Do you plan on relocating? Or maybe you would just like to find out how your Public Schools rank in your city or state? There are a couple of websites that may be of interest to you or even a friend or family member you should check these out, both however charge a minimal fee but they are very trustworthy sources. This website ranks schools by education levels and provides you with information that compares school rankings to other public school districts within the state and across the nation. They do charge a minimal fee that ranges from $19.95 for seven days to $39.95 for 60 days and is a one time fee. This site I believe is worth every penny. This website provides standard and customized rankings and is $8.33 per month and you have to subscribe for 1 year. For some families who relocate quite often due to military , job relocation etc. this may be the website for them as it is a little less expensive long term wise.

Both sites provide provide parents with complete insight on the education levels and school rankings from grades K-12.

Wherever you are moving to across the United States, it is always best to gather all of the information you can on the schools in your area.

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AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

You are welcome I am happy to be of assistance.

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amy jane 8 years ago from Connecticut

Thank you for answering my request. This is very useful information for me! Thanks :)

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