Research company DIY Wazzub, Perfect Internet, GIT Global Investment, what is this alleged opportunity?


When it comes to a potential income opportunity, "due diligence" is always needed, especially when some sort of investment is needed. Previously, I have written a hub on how to research the Internet for information on a supposedly income opportunity, but some have said there are no examples for them to follow. Here, we will test all the techniques and suggestions, and use it to research an opportunity that is supposedly being launched in 2012.

Please keep in mind that information can and do change. All results will be presented as they are during mid-January 2012. If there are any additional information, they will be appended as they are found.

The opportunity we will research is Wazzub, which is at and (and later,

The research items we'll cover includes, but is not limited to:

  • WHOIS domain registration data
  • business registration data for owner(s) / officer(s) / location(s) / document(s)
  • any addresses that are attached (are they real business locations?)
  • any names attached to the opportunity as owner, officer, etc.
  • any related websites and their contents (source code, illustrations, etc.)
  • Google search results
  • any promoters of this "opportunity" and their prior careers and links

Keep in mind that as we discover items, they will often lead us to other items of interest, which can be cross-referenced.

Before we get started, let us emphasize a few rules of research online:

  1. What exactly was said? (Go to the source)
  2. Who said it? (Not hearsay, again, go to the source.)
  3. Is that person believable? What is that person's reputation?
  4. Can what was said be corroborated or verified by reputable source?
  5. Are any logical fallacies present?

For more information on what sort of questions to ask, please consult my other hub

First we will research its domain info and see what sort of information we can peel from it. All research will be documented so you can duplicate it yourself.

UPDATE: Possible Wazzub owner mastermind found. You be the judge, jump to the end section (before comments).

UPDATE: Wazzub "launch" fizzled, changed tune to "success sharing", not "profit sharing". You be the judge, jump to the end section (before comments)

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Address says... regular house, not business district
Address says... regular house, not business district
Google Search of Address has some interesting results which we will check
Google Search of Address has some interesting results which we will check
Internet Global Value has no address either, the address listed is that of the "registered agent"
Internet Global Value has no address either, the address listed is that of the "registered agent" -- what can we get from it?

First of all, who registered the domain? Generally, I go to, but this provided rather scant info in January 2012:

GIT Global Investments Inc.

Registered through: Go Daddy
Domain Name: WAZZUB.COM

However, it did say it was registered through, so you go to, which has its own whois server, and that yielded quite a bit more information:

GIT Global Investments Inc.

391 NW 179 Ave
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Domain Name: WAZZUB.COM
Created on: 11-Jun-11
Expires on: 11-Jun-17
Last Updated on: 03-Jan-12

Administrative Contact:
Department, Hosting
GIT Global Investments Inc.
391 NW 179 Ave
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
United States

[ NOTE: In late January 2012 Wazzub updated their WHOIS info, see Update 29-JAN-2012 ]

Check WHOIS archives

Before we move on, let us check the WHOIS archives... Has the domain registration information been changed recently? You do that by going to and do archive search (no longer works), which shows that there was a previous owner as recent as November 2011! On November 25th, 2011, the domain was registered to "Internet Global Value". Sometime after that, domain name was registered to "GIT Global Investments".

We will have to research both later. They could indicate common ownership or domain transfer, or it could have NOTHING to do with Wazzub at all. it was not uncommon for one person to register the domain and someone else to run it.

Items of Interest: business name(s) and their addresses, through WHOIS registration data, and their phone number

Verify all addresses

What is at 391 NW 179 Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006, which is the registered address of Wazzub / GIT Global Investment? Type the address into Google Maps, choose satellite view, and you get a normal house at the end of a cul-de-sac, certainly not a business in a business district. Indeed, confirms that the house is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single family residence, last sold in 1991.

Okay, what else can you find at that address? If you search on regular Google with that address, you will get... Map of the place which we got already. There's a PDF from... state of Oregon? Interesting. Real estate and property tax records, okay. That proves it's a residential house. Link to... Take that with a grain of salt as any one can complain there. Link to North Atlantic Seafood? Interesting. We will explain each link in turn.

So what's that PDF from State of Oregon? It's addressed to William B. Halvorson... who resides at GIT Global Investment's address. It's a cease and desist order from State of Oregon, telling Mr. Halvorson and his various companies (at least 10 different ones, all claiming to be banking, investment, trust, and similar big sounding names, ALL registered to the same address) to stop registering any more companies with names that sounds like banking, trust, or that sort of business, as Mr. Halvorson is not permitted by Oregon law to do so, and will refrain from doing so in the future.

Should the fact that GIT Global Investment, which also has the word "investment" in their name, and is registered to the same address (albeit, a SLIGHTLY different name), concern you? I don't know. It seems Mr. Halvorson violated the cease and desist by registering the company "GIT Global Investment", but that's state of Oregon's problem.

Or even a more relevant question: GIT Global Investment is not an internet company. Why is it running Wazzub? Who is behind this GIT Global Investment?

Another couple names we got from the document are Cathy L Halverson (different spelling of last name), who appears to live in California, the lawyer Bengt Stenbock (who signed for the defendant), and the Notary Public, Tamara L. Burton, who is actually in California, NOT Oregon. It is interesting that Cathy L. Halverson was included in that "cease and desist" order as well.

Items of interest: all related people names, in combination with other items of interest

NOTE: alternate city and town names

Another interesting fact: while the address we typed in is Beaverton, OR, apparently the town is also known as Aloha, OR. If you enter either town name you get the same address and the same house. Thus we have to search for both town names. Also note the surname variant.

Items of interest: alternate names or spellings, such as Halverson vs. Halvorson, or different town names referring to the same location, such as Beaverton vs. Aloha.

What else can we find on this address?

If you keep searching Google that address, you'll find that a website called (no longer active) also used that address as corporate mailing address.

If you keep searching Google, you'll also find a "Guardian Venture Investments" on Oregon Business Registry official website, registered to the SAME Aloha, OR address, but the registered agent is a Cathy L. Halverson in Roseville, California, who is also president and secretary.

And that "North Atlantic Seafood" company? Also at that same address, with William B. Halvorson as president! Same pattern as that "cease and desist" order from state of Oregon.

Let's check GIT Global Investment Inc... Which turns out to be a business registered by Cathy L. Halverson, and was "freshly" registered in September 2011. However, note that the registered business address may be in Oregon, Cathy L. Halverson actually lives in Roseville, California. Furthermore, the incorporation documents at the Oregon state website shows that the incorporator is a "Robert A. Lee". As the officers of the corporation, other than Cathy L. Halverson herself, is unknown, we have no idea what relation does this Robert A Lee has with the company.

Thus far, we have still not yet found where Wazzub, or GIT Global Investment, actually do business. It clearly can't be that residential house in Beaverton, Oregon, or that address in Roseville, California. So where is Wazzub / GIT Global Investments?

We can conclude that Cathy L. Halverson is probably William B. Halvorson's relative of some sort, both are serving as registration agents in their respective states. In other words, GIT Global Investments claims to be an Oregon company, even though it operates in Nevada. It is perfectly legal to do so, of course.

Item of Interest: chase down this "Robert A. Lee" and address, as well as T. Burton, and B. Stenbock.

Further research via Google on this "Robert A. Lee" shows that his registered address is same as Cathy L. Halverson's Roseville, California Address, which appears to be a law office, and a Incorporation service (where you go to get a company incorporated). He also appeared as "president" and "secretary" on various companies registered in Oregon, all registered with the same location (with the same T. Burton in California as notary public). And B Stenbock is their attorney. They apparently all work for the same company.

What about Internet Global Value?

Internet Global Value was never registered as a business in Oregon. However, it was registered in... Delaware in 31-MAR-2011! And additional information cost $$$. Research for the domain name "Internet Global Value" shows that the domain is registered to a "Earth Class Mail" PO Box in San Francisco, with a phone number that goes back to Wilmington, Delaware. (and a bit more info about this "Earth Class Mail service"). So that got us nowhere, except it seems to indicate we got the right company.

So what are the facts so far?

  • Internet Global Value (registered in Delaware, but traces to a PO Box in San Francisco) is related to GIT Global Investments (registered in Oregon, mailing address in California, claimed physical address in Nevada) as shows as owned by both of them
  • GIT Global Investment's company registration agent had been issued a "cease and desist" by state of Oregon for registering companies that claims to be trust, bank or investment without having the authority to do so, which is a violation of Oregon banking laws.
  • GIT Global Investment is registered in Oregon, but does not operate in Oregon
  • There is absolutely NO information on who owns or runs GIT Global Investments

Analysis of the facts

The only thing that can be ascertained from the facts thus far is the owners and corporate officers of Wazzub / GIT Global Investments are unknown.

Moreover, "GIT Global Investment" is registered through an agent who was under "cease and desist" by state of Oregon to stop registering businesses with names of "bank", "trust", or "investment" as it's a violation of Oregon banking law. And "investment" is a part of "GIT Global Investments". Does that mean the cease and desist was violated? I don't know. That'd be up to state of Oregon to decide. But it is another point to consider.

Google search for "GIT Global Investment Inc."... results, results... Two interesting ones.
Google search for "GIT Global Investment Inc."... results, results... Two interesting ones.
Address of 7251 Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. What does that mean?
Address of 7251 Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. What does that mean?
Gee DaCosta, on official Wazzub blog, admits to using Regus, only admits to 5 members (as of January 16th, 2012).
Gee DaCosta, on official Wazzub blog, admits to using Regus, only admits to 5 members (as of January 16th, 2012).
Regus offers mailbox, virtual office, and more at the same address as Wazzub / whatever.
Regus offers mailbox, virtual office, and more at the same address as Wazzub / whatever.

What is this GIT Global Investments?

Let us turn toward this business called "GIT Global Investments", registered in Oregon, with a registered business location in a home in suburban Oregon, but with a MAILING address in Roseville California.

Search on Internet for the company name revealed that "GIT Global Investments" is a "sound-alike" for a legitimate software company in Canada called "GIT -- Global Investment Technologies".

The "lookupbook" link goes to a 404 not found webpage. Starting at the domain root and search from there shows no anomalies. Company was listed under investments, but that's probably due to its title, not its classification code.

Let us examine the final link on the Google search results... It goes to a heavily promo website, so take the info with a few grains of salt. it is a post from "successwithphil", and it's a bunch of Q&A about Wazzub. Where did this information came from? No idea. Thus, take THAT with many grains of salt. Remember, we are not taking anything for granted. Government info, we can trust. Random posting on the Internet? Not trust-worthy unless backed up by more reliable info.

However, two questions and answers are interesting:

Q. Who owns and operates WAZZUB?

WAZZUB is an international project that has been created by a handful of entrepreneurs and investors. In September 2011 they founded GIT Global Investments, Inc. (GIT) for the purpose of running WAZZUB and related businesses. GIT is registered under the laws of Oregon. The Registration # is 802159-90.

A team of more than 20 specialists is working hard to turn WAZZUB into a huge success; most of them are behind the scenes and some of them are visible for all members - for example, our Master Distributor and our Support Staff.

Q. Where is WAZZUB’s office?

GIT’s registered office is at 391 NW 179th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006
and our WAZZUB headquarters is located at 7251 Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128.

Aha, another address to check! 7251 Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas, NV is Wazzub HQ.

Keep in mind, of course, the source of this entire posting is unknown, and thus accuracy is low to negligible, but it is data.

The explanation makes no sense, but that's addressed in the analysis section at the end.

What is at 7251 Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV?

It is an office building with offices rent. However, if you notice, there is no suite number in the address. it just points at the front door. And if you see the building, it's clear there are like a hundred suites in the building and there is no way this business will take up the whole building, not when all the OTHER businesses are taking up individual suites. There are 72 Google Places search results, means there are at least 72 businesses in that building, most of them have a real suite number (but not all). (see picture)

If you search the address itself, not on maps, but on Google, you'll see a link to Regus, who provides both real and virtual office rentals at that very building. Real offices have suite numbers. The GIT Global Investment Inc. address we found has none. That means it is almost certain to be a "virtual office".

However, in a different source, where an alleged e-mail sent from Wazzub to potential members, a suite 364 was mentioned.

WAZZUB International
GIT Global Investments Inc.
7251 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Suite 364
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Thus, it could be that the prior citation simply "lost" the suite number. It may or may not be a real office. Someone needs to visit that location in person to make a determination. On the other hand, why is this address NOT on the WHOIS registration data, and NOT on the website itself, I have no idea. Is it shady? Yes. Is it a scam? I don't know.

UPDATE: WHOIS data has been updated, and the Las Vegas address (without the suite number) is shown.

UPDATE 09-FEB-2012 SOME WHOIS data has been updated again, now says Suite 364 (previously it lists no suite number) has suite number, does not.

UPDATE 05-MAR-2012 The Suite 364 designation is gone from both WAZZUB.COM and WAZZUB.INFO. Both now only point at the front door of the building.

As of January 16th, 2012, Gee DaCosta, on the official Wazzub Blog, said there are 5 team members (total?) working on Wazzub. Quoting from the blog (see picture to right)

2. Is your “Headquarters” a real office or just virtual?
Our Las Vegas office is a real office. Right now (Mon, Jan 16, 12:30pm) there are 5 WAZZUB Team members present and working.

UPDATE 10-NOV-2012 Oregon Secretary of State redesigned their website. New search results lists "Michael DeBias" as secretary, with a "Mary Northrup" as president. However, the address given is a company registrar's office. Also, there's a document that says the company name changed to "Perfect Internet" as of July 2012.

What are the facts so far?

  • There is no company called Wazzub.
  • GIT Global Investments is a sound-alike to "GIT -- Global Investment Technology" of Canada
  • GIT Global Investment is NOT an investment company, despite its name.
  • GIT Global Investment claims to operate in Las Vegas, NV
  • GIT Global Investments use Regus office services (no idea whether it's real or virtual)
  • GIT Global Investments gave address as front door of an office building, no suite number
  • We have no idea what GIT Global Investment actually do, how big it is, and so on
  • GIT Global Investment changed name to "Perfect Internet" (July 2012)
  • GIT Global is now officially linked to Michael DeBias. (Sept 2012)

Analysis of the Facts

There is no company called Wazzub, or trademark, or copyright, or any such protection for the name. The ONLY THING they have is a domain name. Apparently the name is not very important to "Team Wazzub".

The Q&A quoted above makes no sense. If you want to start a Internet business, you don't start a company with "investment" in the name. You would just start a business with that name! Is there actually a "business" called Wazzub? Apparently not! There is a business called "GIT Global Investments" that also claim to be called "Wazzub", but not in any sort of official capacity other than a domain name (which means very little). It's not trademarked, registered as a "fictitious business name" (i.e. "doing business as") or such. In fact, If I were to register a business today called Wazzub, I can probably sue them out of that name, as I would have legal name definition, and they don't.

GIT Global Investments is a "sound-alike" to an existing company in Canada, but registered in Oregon, mailing address in California, and alleged physical location in Nevada. This is troubling, but not illegal. However, it also is not doing any investment. While perfectly legal, this is also troubling. We simply have NO IDEA what GIT Global Investment actually do. Wazzub's rebuttal CLAIM "GIT Global Investments" was specifically founded to run Wazzub. Why wasn't it simply called Wazzub Inc. then? The explanation doesn't make sense.

Furthermore, GIT Global Investment, i.e. Wazzub, admits to using Regus virtual office services. They claim they are a 'startup' and thus use a "shared office". However, that should mean they would still have a suite number and only share the conference room and receptionist. They are inconsistent about the suite number (some correspondence claim Suite 364, others don't have it, including WHOIS registration records). With no suite number, this would indicate this is no more than a virtual office where all mail and calls are forwarded, making it a fancy PO Box. The verdict is unclear, and that is another question mark on this questionable company.

We have no idea how big "GIT Global Investments" is. There is no official record like payroll to prove the company size. Alleged statements from Gee DaCosta and/or Team Wazzub are inconsistent. Some say "20 specialists", others say "5 Team Members". This points to a tiny operation. When compared to Google's 32000 employees, it is questionable how can Wazzub come even CLOSE to emulate Google or Facebook or anyone else. snapshot dated 12-JAN-2012 snapshot dated 12-JAN-2012
Pointing woman is stock photo
Pointing woman is stock photo
Bag of Money is stock photo as well
Bag of Money is stock photo as well
Gee DaCosta's profile on Blogger, part of his
Gee DaCosta's profile on Blogger, part of his

Website itself -- what can be learned from it?

While the information presented at the respective websites are useful, they are often the least accurate or reliable, as they will present a purely one-sided view, possibly with a lot of omitted information. Furthermore, the "official-ness" of the website is never guaranteed. We will chase down various bits of information.

So what is at It claims to be a "profit-sharing" phenomenon. But what exactly does it do? You won't find it in the website. Indeed, it only links to Facebook, Twitter, a blog on the free domain, and some sort of a "calculator". There is no info other than a count-down timer, which seem to be counting down to April 9th, 2012.

If you ran the two images, the pointing woman, and the bag of money, through TinEye the reverse image search engine, you will find both are stock photos. The woman is from iStockPhoto, and bag of money is from GettyImages. This by itself does not indicate fraud, but it is a sign of a cheaply constructed website.

If you read the blog (which is actually at (a free blog space provided by you'll notice that it just want you to recruit people and encourage them to recruit yet more people, and the more you recruit, the more money you can "potentially earn". In fact, this is direct quote from the blog:

Example: If you invite just 5 people to join for free and they do the same 5 generations deep, you could earn about $4,000 every month PASSIVELY for life, doing NOTHING different than what you are currently doing every day.

But who posted this? Who owns this blog? Often the poster is not known, or left no profile, but there is a link at the very bottom, that says it was posted by a "Gee DaCosta". If you click on it, you get his profile

He claims to be a "master distributor", but he doesn't claim to be the owner. Hmmm, interesting, isn't it? Gee DaCosta deserves further study.

So what are the facts?

  • Design of and looks rather... cheap
  • Both pictures are stock photos with no attribution
  • There are various pages that was unlinked from the blog
  • We still have no idea what Wazzub is supposed to do, much less make money from it
  • Wazzub's blog is hosted on Blogspot, the FREE blog offered by Blogger
  • The Blog's owner is "Gee DaCosta" (but we STILL don't know who owns Wazzub / GIT Global Investment) who got a variety of titles, from "chief distributor" (his own words on the blog) to "chief marketing officer" (Wazzub rebuttal)

Analysis of the facts

We still don't know who runs Wazzub and/or GIT Global Investments, despite searching through two websites and various corporate records, and various Wazzub "rebuttals".

The fact that Wazzub ran their blog on the free Blogger / Blogspot account indicates this is a cheaply assembled operation, which seems to contradict their claim that this project was well funded to the tune of millions of dollars. Adding blog support to web hosting is only an extra few dollars a month. Add to that the cheap looking website (honestly, it looks like its assembled by a 12-year old) further adds to that impression. Add to that cheap stock photos and this doesn't exactly give you a good impression.

Add that to the incredible claim that "recruit people, pay nothing, maybe make money in the future", and you wonder how can they EVER back up that claim.

The only specific name we can attach to Wazzub thus far is Gee DaCosta

if you search for Wazzub on Google this turns up (your result may vary)
if you search for Wazzub on Google this turns up (your result may vary)
Hidden facts page,, original launch date is April Fool's Day, 2012!
Hidden facts page,, original launch date is April Fool's Day, 2012!
So how does Wazzub make money? By pretending to be Google, they say
So how does Wazzub make money? By pretending to be Google, they say

What Does Google Search of Wazzub turn up?

Google search of "wazzub" turned up the original, which we had assumed was "official", but may not be. We keep checking and we found another website called All the other links are to alleged "review" websites, which will be ignored.

Why do we ignore "review" websites? Because often they are written by shills who claim to review the opportunity, but instead give you a recruiting speech. Or they can be written by counter-shills who just want to insult the opportunity and send you in a different direction. Yet another possibility are those "marketing coaches" that want to train you for $$$ by pretending to review something but tell you that you won't succeed without his or her lessons.

Any way, let us see what we can get from showed that is also registered through Godaddy, and yielded the same GIT Global Investment Inc. and Beaverton OR address.

However, the DNS archives through showed that it was previously registered to Internet Global Value, that gave a Delaware address. Strangely, it has the SAME PHONE NUMBER as the Oregon address.

Internet Global Value Inc.
2711 Centerville Road
Suite 400
Wilmington, Delaware 19808
phone: +1.5418338222

Checking the 541 area code shows that it is indeed area code for Oregon, and 833 prefix is near Beaverton / Aloha, Oregon.

Checking the Delaware address revealed it to be a corporation registration service. In other words, it is a "company proxy", used to hide the real address of the company, just like William B. Halvorson and Cathy L. Halverson are doing at GIT Global Investments Inc. by registering it at the Oregon address.

Both websites are "official" as they are effectively the same, albeit there's a few more pages found through the other one. However, we still don't know anything about the real owners of Wazzub or where are they operating out of, other than both "Internet Global Value" and "GIT Global Investments" are both controlled by Halvorson / Halverson. There is a link between them, but what sort of link that is, we don't know. Why was the domain transferred? We don't know either. Who was actually behind both corporations... we don't know either.

In any case, the website goes to the SAME SERVER as and appears to be identical. However, Google shows that there are several pages that are currently left unlinked, such as "facts.htm" and "difference.htm" on If you click on them, you will see they still exist on the server.

One of them yielded a bit more info... Apparently, the original launch date is April 1st, 2012! (See picture to right) Those of you who live in the US or are familiar with Western culture will know that April 1st is known as April Fool's Day. No Westerner would launch a company on that day, unless you're a company that is a joke (i.e. fake), or plans to play a joke on everybody. That would explain why this page is no longer linked, and why the date was changed to April 9th, 2012.

Remember, what a company CLAIMS is unproven. We are seeking information to verify or at least corroborate the claims, and what we're finding are thin and suspicious.

So what are the facts thus far?

  • and goes to the same website
  • confirms that Internet Global Value is linked to GIT Global Investment (but then we already knew that)
  • Wazzub was originally planned to launch on April 1st, 2012, April Fool's Day
  • We STILL don't know who owns GIT Global Investments, or who runs it (other than Gee DaCosta)

Analysis of the facts

Despite checking through even more websites, we still don't know anything about who owns or runs Wazzub / GIT Global Investments. and are the same website, though the latter was on the Internet first. Why? I have no idea. Several pages were UNLINKED from the website.

Original launch date for Wazzub was April 1st, 2012, which is, of course, April Fool's Day. This, plus various other clues in the language of the "Team Wazzub" responses (use of "initiator" instead of "founder"), suggests (but does NOT prove) that Team Wazzub is probably NOT American.

DaCosta admitting Wazzub was "his baby"
DaCosta admitting Wazzub was "his baby"

Who is Gee DaCosta?

Gee DaCosta claims to be "master distributor" of Wazzub, but he doesn't admit to being the owner. Still, it is the ONLY reliable name we can find thus far (we've chased down the Halverson / Halvorson, as well as their lawyer and their notary public already). We have to chase it down.

Google Search of "Gee DaCosta" shows that he had previously peddled something called MyTwoBestFriends, where he did claim to be the founder, through this post on MoneyMakerGroup back on January 2011. It was filed under "closed and inactive" on MMG. Double checking the domain "" confirmed it is dead (shows CFML error: database not configured). says that he's based in Anthem, Arizona.

There is an entry for Gee DaCosta on BetterNetworker, a MLM / networking website, which was dated 4 years ago. Out of three domains / opportunities he listed, all three are dead or changed ( )

There's a quote from him that says Gee DaCosta was a "Fruta Vida" distributor, which is clearly a MLM selling some sort of super-fruit product.

There's an entry on IBOSocial that Gee DaCosta was in QLXchange, a precious metal MLM.

Then there's this comment on someone's spam blog "reviewing" something that isn't out yet. He claimed it's "his baby". (See picture to the right) (COMMENT: the fact that someone can "review" Wazzub vs. Google when Wazzub is just a signup page is in itself, hilarious.)

There's a spam article that says Gee DaCosta is the "champion" and "spokesperson" for Wazzub. ( ) As Wazzub has no functionality yet, it doesn't really 'exist' in the sense that we think. Thus, the article is junk, but ancillary bits are somewhat useful.

So what are the facts?

  • Gee DaCosta was in QLXchange
  • Gee DaCosta was in Fruita Vita
  • Gee DaCosta was in at least 3 other schemes 4 years ago
  • Gee DaCosta peddled "My Two Best Friends" just a year ago
  • Gee DaCosta claims to be "master distributor" of Wazzub (distributing what?)
  • Gee DaCosta was named as "chief spokesman" and "champion" in some advertorials for Wazzub

UPDATE: Wazzub's rebuttal to various criticisms now claim Gee DaCosta is their Chief Marketing Officer.

Analysis of the facts

We can conclude here that Gee DaCosta was formerly involved in many MLMs over time, and kept switching like trading in girlfriends and cars, and given all the promotional effort he put into it, Gee DaCosta is heavily involved in creation of Wazzub, probably the founder or at least close to the founder. If that is so, why he would go through such lengths to hide this remains a mystery. And let's put it this way: Gee DaCosta doesn't exactly have a track record of picking "winners", judging by his constant switching.

Furthermore, why would a startup Internet company need for a MLMer, when what they need are engineers to get the product out live so it can be used and generate revenue? And why a serial MLMer who never seem to enjoyed much success?

What does Wazzub actually do?

According to's now unlinked page (why are they unlinked?) They claim to want to emulate Google and they want to grow membership by 10 million a month in a few months.

Is the claim a realistic goal?

Adding 10 million user a month... Not very likely, considering that Google only have 350 million unique users January 2010, and that's an audited stat by Nielsen Research. And it took them 12 years to get that far (Google was founded 1998).

Furthermore, Wazzub only claims to have "over twenty specialists". Google has over 30000 employees, most of them engineers.

When you think about it, Wazzub have absolutely no chance to stand up to Google, or even to Microsoft's Bing, Ask, or even AOL / Webcrawler and Yahoo.

Update 29-JAN-2012: WHOIS data changed

UPDATE: In the last week of January 2012, Wazzub updated their WHOIS info to say the following:

GIT Global Investments Inc.
7251 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
United States

The Wazzub phone number brought up "Michael Anthony"... who is that?
The Wazzub phone number brought up "Michael Anthony"... who is that?
Same phone number as Wazzub, how interesting!
Same phone number as Wazzub, how interesting!

Update 01-FEB-2012, phone number tracking to a name

Updated WHOIS information at revealed a phone number that I did not notice before:

Registrant ID:CR85403298
Registrant Name:Hosting Department
Registrant Organization:GIT Global Investments Inc.
Registrant Street1:7251 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Las Vegas
Registrant State/Province:Nevada
Registrant Postal Code:89128
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.7027229244

Searching (702)722-9244 on Google revealed a referral website of another MLM called Daily Digital Club, which basically have you enrolling people while supposedly selling them free eBooks and such. It also gave a name, "Michael Anthony".

The area code 702 is indeed Las Vegas and nearby Henderson.

Note the DDC referral ID: 2bucks2wealth in the URL

If you search for THAT on Google, you get very little, except it is a valid domain name:

if you go to that website, you are forwarded to the same DDC referral page we found earlier (and of course, same name)

If you look up THAT domain WHOIS info, you get a name and address:

Michael Anthony
2667 S. Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
United States

Registered through: Domains Priced Right
Created on: 07-Mar-11
Expires on: 07-Mar-12
Last Updated on: 07-Mar-11

That address, and that "2096" after it, indicates that this address is the home of Mr. Michael Anthony, who lives in "Shelter Cove Apartments" of Las Vegas, NV.

Search via PeopleFinder shows that there appears to be only two "Michael Anthony" in Las Vegas, both of them are about 50 years old. Does he have any relations to Wazzub? I have no idea.

There's no denying the following facts:

  1.'s contact phone number goes to Michael Anthony
  2. Michael Anthony has his own website pushing something called Digital Daily Club, not Wazzub
  3. Michael Anthony lives in Las Vegas Nevada in an apartment building
  4. Michael Anthony's relation with Wazzub / GIT Global Investments is completely unknown

Analysis of the facts

Unfortunately, this information simply raises even MORE questions instead of giving more answers.

Who is this "Michael Anthony" and what is his relation with Wazzub / GIT Global Investments? Shouldn't the phone number go to the Lake Mead address instead? Why is this Michael Anthony pushing something completely other than Wazzub if he is an Wazzub employee? If not, why did Wazzub list his number as primary contact?

The official Wazzub song, featuring "The Damsel"? Who's that?
The official Wazzub song, featuring "The Damsel"? Who's that?

Update 02-FEB-2011, the Wazzub Song and alleged charity

It was brought to my attention that Wazzub has released a single called "Power of We" on both Amazon and iTunes. A picture of the entry is to the right.

This raises a couple questions. First of all, who is "The Damsel"?

Second, what is the point of having this single?

However, what's interesting is the related Youtube entry:

WazzubFamily's official song teaser on Youtube, promising "50% of all download-profits will be donated to our charity foundation."
WazzubFamily's official song teaser on Youtube, promising "50% of all download-profits will be donated to our charity foundation."
"The Power of We" single cover, says "profit sharing phenomenon, 50% donated to Wazzub charity funds"
"The Power of We" single cover, says "profit sharing phenomenon, 50% donated to Wazzub charity funds"

The Youtube entry claims that Wazzub / GIT Global Investments have a "charity foundation"! The biggest question you need to ask here is...

Since when does Wazzub have a charity foundation? Is it 501(c)(3) IRS registered charity? Where is the proof?

What's even more interesting (thanks to a sharp eyes reader), take a look at the single cover graphic... The words around that "smiling globe" actually says:

Profit sharing phenomenon 50% donated to Wazzub charity funds

Who really is "The Damsel"? And the answer is somewhat surprising. Here's her homepage (which is a little hard to find, as this is her debut song).

Cixi Digital Records Official homepage for "The Damsel", looks like a goth chick to me, but note the language about donations...
Cixi Digital Records Official homepage for "The Damsel", looks like a goth chick to me, but note the language about donations...

Note here that "The Damsel" homepage says something else entirely.

WazzubFamily's Youtube video description says:

50% of all download-profits will be donated to our charity foundation.

However, the artist's homepage says:

The Wazzub Family will donate 50% of all proceeds to charity funds, including teen after-school programs.

And the single cover graphic says

50% donated to Wazzub charity funds

Three sources, three different descriptions. What is going on here?

Difference 1: difference between 'download profits' and 'proceeds'

Proceeds means every dollar that came in.

Download profits is a very slippery definition, but it implies that there are expenses to be paid first, THEN whatever is LEFT is considered profit. We have no idea what the expenses are.

For example, let's say Wazzub sells 5000 MP3s. That's 5000 * 0.99 * 0.7 (remember, iTunes takes 30%) = 3465. So half of that, or 1732.5 will be given to charity, if it's "all proceeds".

However, if Wazzub, or the artist, or the studio (Cixi records) decided to charge for some expenses, like a few hundred dollars each (for argument's sake, let's just say, $300 each), profit then is 3465-(300*3)=2565. So half of that is 1282.5, or over 500 less. Unless there's any public accounting, you really have NO IDEA how much will be given and how much is pocketed as "expenses".

[ Here's an article on the low-downs on celebrity auctions which discusses the same issue, how Kim Kardashian only gives 10% of her profits, not her proceeds, from celebrity auctions ]

The single cover graphic is even more vague... 50%... of what?

Difference 2: difference between 'charity foundation' and 'charity funds'

First of all, the correct name is not charity foundation, but a "charitable foundation" in the US, and it must be registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charity to receive public funding as it is a public non-profit organization.

Charity fund is a fund managed by such a charitable organization. One example is the Fidelity Charitable Fund managed by Fidelity Investments.

Please note the claim on the Youtube page: "our charity foundation".

There is no proof that GIT Global Investments, Wazzub, or whatever name they choose to go by, actually have a "charity foundation".

If WazzubFamily is the official Wazzub spokesperson on Youtube, why would they make this kind of mistake, contradicting the artist? And where is this alleged "charity foundation"?

And the single cover graphic says "Wazzub charity funds". Yes, "funds", more than one.

Is there any proof that such funds actually exist? Much less they are "charity"?

So what are the facts?

  • The song "Power of We" is real and available on iTunes, and Amazon MP3
  • The song is the debut song for "The Damsel", who appears to be a goth chick
  • Artist's page promised 50% of all proceeds to charity fund
  • The presumably official Youtube channel "WazzubFamily" promised something else: 50% of download profits to "our charity foundation".
  • There is no evidence of a "charity foundation" related to Wazzub or GIT Global Investments. In fact, "charity foundation" is not even the correct term.
  • The single cover graphic itself promised "50% donated to Wazzub charity funds". 50% of what is unexplained, and neither are the "wazzub charity funds".

Analysis of the facts

This is yet ANOTHER bit of evidence that suggests whoever is running "Wazzub Team" or "Team Wazzub" is NOT American or a Westerner. An American would not make the mistake of launching the company on April 1st, 2012, use "initiator" instead of "founder", and now, use "charity foundation" instead of "charitable foundation".

Furthermore there is no proof that there is any charitable foundation or charity fund related in any way to Wazzub and/or GIT Global Investments. Real charities in the US are registered with the IRS through tax code 501(c)(3).

Add to that completely different promise on the artist's homepage vs. WazzubFamily Youtube Channel promise vs the vague promise on the single's cover graphic, and you have to wonder, what is Wazzub up to? claims to be a non-profit organization, but there's no proof of such on their website claims to be a non-profit organization, but there's no proof of such on their website

Update 09-FEB-2012: Non-Profit Organization Controversy

Wazzub has launched a website where it claims to have organized a non-profit organization at the website "", and welcomes other non-profit organizations from applying for a grant (from WazzubCharity). It has the same "counter" on Wazzub.

On the website, it clearly stated "as a non-profit organization", thus they claim to be a non-profit organization. (see picture to right) However, non-profit organization in the US (they clearly listed the Las Vegas, Nevada address) that accepts donations must register with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) organization. Yet there is no proof of such on the website. Furthermore, the same website claims to be raising funds from the Wazzub Family soon which makes it a public charity, making it definitely fall under jurisdiction of the IRS.

Facts thus far:

  • Wazzub has launched, which it calls Wazzub Charity Funds
  • Wazzub is soliciting application from other non-profit organizations for grants
  • Wazzub Charity funds claims to be a non-profit organization
  • Wazzub Charity funds do NOT have PROOF that is has registered with IRS under 501(c)(3)
  • Wazzub Charity Funds lists the same address as Wazzub itself, no suite number, thus is also a virtual office.
  • Wazzub Charity Funds lists no person in charge
  • In the US, non-profit organizations MUST register with IRS (see link above)

Analysis of the facts

Wazzub Charity Funds, thus far claims to be a non-profit organization but have yet to prove it is one. The questions raised with that "song" from The Damsel remains unanswered.

"X already joined the Wazzub Family", except X is a javascript counter, not a real membership counter
"X already joined the Wazzub Family", except X is a javascript counter, not a real membership counter

Update 09-FEB-2012: Wazzub "member counter" controversy

Several Wazzub pages, including, have a counter that says "X have already joined the Wazzub family". (See picture to right). However, the count goes up a bit too steadily leading many to question if this is a real membership counter, or whether it's a fake clock-based counter.

Study of the website source code on revealed that the alleged membership counter is based on Javascript and current clock and just uptick by one every second, and thus is not a real membership counter, as of 10AM, 09-FEB-2012. The numbers are precached at the end of the main page source code, and initialized as thus:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
 var users = “1467976″, offset = users.length – 1, value, str = ”;
 var rate = new Array(2395,2590,2588,2336,2088,1845,2073,1957,1835,1513,1333,1291,1256,1165,1167,1087,1154,1207,1421,1455,1591,1830,1989,2291);

the actual counting javascript is inside /js/regform.min.js which is partially reproduced below:

function increase_users(){if(offset<0){next_user();return;}
if(users=="0")return;value=0;if((users.length-offset!=1)&&((users.length-offset-1)%3==0)){str='<img src="img/numbers/acomma.png" alt="," />'+str;

function add_user(){var i,j=0;users=''+(parseInt(users)+1);
{str='<img src="img/numbers/a'+users.charAt(i)+'.png" alt="'+users.charAt(i)+'" />'+str;
if(i>0&&++j%3==0)str='<img src="img/numbers/acomma.png" alt="," />'+str;}

function next_user(){var today=new Date();
var hour=(today.getUTCHours()+1)%23;
$(document).ready(function(){$('#registration input, #goals').val('');

None of the functions read from a file on the server which is how a membership list is counted. Instead, function next_user calls function add_user with an array element (which was initialized with 24 numbers ranging from 1500 to 2500 or so) which is the number of milliseconds to count up, if you lookup the function "settimeout" in Javascript

Facts thus far

  • The "X have already joined Wazzub family" counter is at WazzubCharity (and presumably at other Wazzub sites as well)
  • The counter counts up at a variable rate depending on time of day and random variable with sophisticated Javascript
  • The counter is not read from the server, but is pure Javascript
  • The counter was initialized with different numbers based on different hours of the day plus a random number

Analysis of the facts

It is clear that the counter itself is a fake, and deliberately designed to confuse casual observers. The array contains 24 entries which contains how long to delay between ticks for each hour of the day. During the day the ticking is as low as 1087 + X (where X is random between 0 and 49), or approximately 1.1 seconds. Around midnight the ticking is as high as 2590 + X, about 2.6 seconds.

To prove this to yourself, load the page and DISCONNECT from the Internet (yank out the wire, turn off the WiFi, whatever). The counter still goes up. proving it's NOT updating the counter from the server. has no suite number in address, but their WHOIS record does. Who's doing the updates? has no suite number in address, but their WHOIS record does. Who's doing the updates?

Update 10-FEB-2012: WHOIS address updated, counter explored further

Later check of Wazzub WHOIS records shows that they have added Suite 364 to their Las Vegas Address. Why they left out out when they updated it in the first place? Furthermore, why wasn't the website itself updated? It still has no suite number.

Interestingly, WHOIS has the suite 364, but and does NOT have Suite 364.

Yet's website does NOT have Suite 364.

Also, further study of the "X have joined the Wazzub family" counter confirms it is Javascript, but also backed up by PHP scripting. Repeated checks throughout the day shows the "user" variable gets a new number each time you reload the page, steadily increasing throughout the day. However, the "rate" array was initialized with different values each time the page was reloaded. It's clear a random number generator was employed on the PHP backend.

DomainTrakker says two other websites are on Wazzub's server, and
DomainTrakker says two other websites are on Wazzub's server, and

UPDATE 17-FEB-2012, Owner found?

Fellow fact-checker Claret pointed me to a link I didn't explore: what else is on the same server as Wazzub? Can that point us to any clues as to who owns Wazzub? If they share the same server and the number of websites are small (say, a dozen or less), then that would indicate the owner bought dedicated hosting and thus all the sites are probably owned by the same person. A "shared hosting" would show hundreds of unrelated websites on the same server.

So I went to a new tool,, and did a search of, and found that it is linked to, and, both of whom are on the same server. (see picture to right)

Checking both and shows both are expired domains, and are available for anybody. All WHOIS data is gone. However, all is not lost. Who links to those two websites? Searching through Google about maximumprofitnow revealed that it asks people to build a ton of affiliate links at places such as MoneyMakerClub, and eventually landed me at this link, where it is offering FREE membership to to all people who enrolled in

And what is the verbiage at See for yourself: homepage, looks just like Wazzub, and even SOUNDS like Wazzub, doesn't it? homepage, looks just like Wazzub, and even SOUNDS like Wazzub, doesn't it?
Two things to note: main thing is free, but they ask for premium upgrade later, and whoever is running this is Michael Anthony DeBais.
Two things to note: main thing is free, but they ask for premium upgrade later, and whoever is running this is Michael Anthony DeBais. reads very much like, with the same tone, style, and even the we-will-never-charge-you-money rhetoric. This is of course, completely circumstantial evidence. Style and verbiage are very arbitrary, but the similarity is definitely there. Is there anything else in common between the two? Let's search for names.

Checking through the whole found only one name: Michael Anthony DeBais, of "Alpha Market Research". (See screenshot) (There's also the note about they asking for "premium membership" at cost of $25)

You have to recall that on 01-FEB-2012 I found the name "Michael Anthony" linked to Wazzub, That is the contact phone number as listed on Wazzub's WHOIS info, and search for that phone number came up as the listed number of an affiliate of Daily Digital Club by the name of "Michael Anthony" which is confirmed by domain name registration (WHOIS) data. And here we have a "Michael Anthony DeBais". Wazzub is in Las Vegas, and Michael Anthony DeBais is also in Las Vegas. They also have very similarly designed websites.

So who is this "Alpha Market Research"? Nevada Corporate Records says this is a one-person company. What's also interesting is the local Better Business Bureau tried sending him a letter and the letter was returned., fellow scam-tracker, found the location to likely be a virtual office provider.

Does MyWebsiteTester have any reputation? Search on various "income" online forums shows that the project launched in mid 2010 and was pretty much dead before 2010 was over. They paid $0.24 (24 cents) for one survey, according to members, most got no jobs at all.

Search for Michael Anthony DeBais revealed that MyWebSiteTester was previously launched as WebsiteTester.Biz, with several delayed launches, probable fake press releases with a mock interview, and other dubious promo tactics. Other tactics described, such as video with no faces is also very reminiscent of Wazzub tactics thus far.

There's a video allegedly from Michael Anthony DeBias on Youtube about WebsiteTester.Biz, but the speech is very static-y and strangely inflected, as if the voice went through a voice-changer software.

WebSitetester was also charged as a scam, and the sort of promo "380,000 people have already joined!" and "just read our interview which will prove it's not a scam" is very similar to what Wazzub is doing what now.

What are the facts so far?

  • Wazzub is hosted on same server that previously housed two suspicious websites
  • One such website, MaximumProfitNow, is linked to another dubious website through "free membership"
  • MyTesterJobs was run out of Las Vegas, Nevada by a "Michael Anthony DeBias"
  • The name "Michael Anthony" was attached to phone number listed by Wazzub
  • MyTesterJobs parent company "Alpha Market Research" runs operations that offers jobs, not market research
  • Wazzub's parent company "GIT Global Investments" claims to run Internet startup, not "investments"
  • Alpha Market Research is suspected to be a sham company by, using dubious promo tactics to push WebsiteTester.Biz, later relaunched as
  • The design and verbiage of MyTesterJobs looks remarkably similar to Wazzub, such as "forever free".
  • Alpha Market Research did not respond to letter from Las Vegas branch of Better Business Bureau, letter was returned, and an alert was listed
  • Video released by and allegedly Michael Anthony DeBais showed no faces, just graphics, with odd inflection and strange static in the background
  • Video released by Wazzub also no faces other than stock photo and graphics.
  • Even the denials released by WebSitetester are strangely similar to Wazzub

What conclusion can we draw from this?

While we cannot conclusively prove that Michael Anthony DeBias is behind Wazzub, the amount of info tying them together are too numerous for this to be a mere coincidence. The common phone number, Las Vegas addresses, similar verbiage, similar promotional tactics, all points to Michael Anthony DeBias being near the top of Wazzub, if not the head of Wazzub.

This would also explain why a company would hire a MLMer like Gee DaCosta, and not a real PR firm, as "Chief Marketing Officer". They probably got acquainted in a previous MLM / opportunity.

(Thanks to BehindMLM community for additional fact-checking support)

17-FEB-2012: Michael Anthony DeBias may be head of Wazzub

Previously we have identified Michael Anthony DeBias as possible head of Wazzub. He ran several websites that promise similar things to Wazzub, all of them failed, one as recently as 2010. However, I was not able to find much details on this person.

Sharp-eyed fact-checker Claret spotted this Google Plus profile, which is reproduced below.

Michael DeBias, aka Michael Anthony, aka Michael Anthony DeBias, possible head of Wazzub?
Michael DeBias, aka Michael Anthony, aka Michael Anthony DeBias, possible head of Wazzub?

In the domain "" the URL autoforwards to confirms that website is registered to "Michael Anthony" of Las Vegas as of today's date.

Michael Anthony
2667 S. Decatur Blvd, apt 2096
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
United States

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 11-Nov-11
Expires on: 11-Nov-12
Last Updated on: 11-Nov-11

Administrative Contact:
Anthony, Michael
2667 S. Decatur Blvd, apt 2096
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
United States
(702) 824-8275

This address matches the previous address found for, though it lists a different phone number.

Searching for this phone number revealed that Michael Anthony (DeBias) is also a member in another MLM "That Free Thing". under "Michael Anthony", username "mike". Furthermore, according to online directory, it's a wireless number.

So there's little doubt this is our guy, the potential head of Wazzub.

Is it conclusive? No. But there's enough circumstantial evidence to be quite certain.

So what are the facts thus far?

  • Google Plus profile of "Michael DeBias" found, contains URL
  • is registered by a "Michael Anthony" of Las Vegas
  • Same Michael Anthony registered
  • Same Michael Anthony has phone number 702-722-9244 listed as his contact info on 2bucks2wealth / Daily Digital Club
  • 702-722-9244 is the phone number Wazzub listed as their contact number on WHOIS
  • Michael DeBias / Michael Anthony also runs WebsiteTester / myTesterJobs
  • MyTesterJobs gave free membership to MaximumProfitNow
  • MaximumProfitNow is on the same web server (in Germany) as Wazzub, one of only three websites hosted on that server.
  • Michael Anthony (DeBias) registered, which autoforwards to using another Las Vegas phone number
  • Michael Anthony (DeBias) is also spotted in "That Free Thing", another MLM using a phone number used to register makemoneywithnocost, confirming it is the same person

Conclusions thus far?

There is little doubt that whoever this "Michael Anthony DeBias" is, he is heavily involved in Wazzub. The style of his websites, the history of his dubious promotions, his serial startups that went nowhere all involving recruiting, even the verbiage, all shows that he is the likely designer of Wazzub. His relations with dubious MLMs such as DailyDigitalClub and ThatFreeThing makes him a serial MLMer (similar to Gee DaCosta) instead of a true Internet entrepreneur.

28-FEB-2012: Appearance of Wazzub "fan domains"

Any serious Internet business protect its name as it's their brand and their image. One such way they protect them is to go after people who register "fan domains", basically variations of the company name. For example, if you type in (just one "O"), you'll still end up at Google has enlisted the service of who helps Google protect itself from fake domains, soundalikes, and other fraudulent attempts to cash in on the name of Google.

Wazzub has not done such protection of their "brand", or even put out a notice to its members (whom I will call Wazzub-ies) to not register "fan domains" and take the Wazzub name for themselves. As such, dozens and dozens of Wazzub fan domains with names like,, and so on have appeared on the web,

These are COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL sites made up by members merely to signup people for Wazzub. Most of them also used the SAME graphics from, which clearly did NOT license use of those stock photos to member sites (in fact, it is doubtful whether it has licensed the use of those stock photos for itself!) In other words, almost all of these Wazzub fan domains are guilty of plagiarism and copyright violations!

That is not a sign of a legitimate company. The only other company in recent memory that allowed (or even encouraged) this sort of abuse of their "brand" by its members was TVI Express, which is a globally indicted scam (Indonesia, US, Australia, Namibia, and more).

While Wazzub itself is not a scam thus far, it is taking on more and more characteristics of a scam.

28-FEB-2012 Wazzub now requesting your birthdate, what's next?

Wazzub Community now REQUIRES you to enter your birthdate and your city, state, postal code, and country, as well as full first name and last name. This is posted on their "happyhour" webpage: Furthermore, it states that you must enter a REAL NAME, or else they can ban you.

Wazzub Community now requires you to enter your real name
Wazzub Community now requires you to enter your real name
Wazzub Community now wants your birthday!
Wazzub Community now wants your birthday! | Source

05-MAR-2012 Wazzub Community is powered by a $300 off-the-shelf community script

Study of HTML source has revealed that they are using DZOIC Handshakes Neo Community script, which, according the DZOIC website, costs $249, with extra $49 to remove the "powered by DZOIC" banner at the footer.

I have requested confirmation from DZOIC and awaiting feedback.

UPDATE: DZOIC sales confirms what is a licensed domain for Handshakes Pro.


You could have done this for a mere $300 yourself and a couple hours customizing the looks. That hardly proves they going to "rival Facebook", does it?

05-MAR-2012 "Wazzub Book" appeared on Amazon Kindle Singles, NOT FROM WAZZUB

A book about Wazzub has appeared on Amazon Kindle Singles as an e-Book and cost 99 cents. However, it is NOT an authorized book about Wazzub or published by Wazzub. Instead, it was authored by a Wazzub-ie called Kevin Wenke.

Sample chapter shows the first few pages does not talk about Wazzub at all, and there are a lot of stock photos taking up space.


Looks like someone packaged his sales pitch into an e-book, and decided to charge money for you to read his sales pitch by borrowing Wazzub's name. There is no sign this book is authorized by Wazzub or endorsed by Wazzub in any way.

Which, along with the "fan domains" all of them taking Wazzub's name, would suggest that Wazzub doesn't care about its name, which is NOT a sign of a legitimate company.

Nevada Secretary of State website, Wazzub Charity Funds was registered on February 28th, 2012, one MONTH after announcement.
Nevada Secretary of State website, Wazzub Charity Funds was registered on February 28th, 2012, one MONTH after announcement.

07-MAR-2012 Wazzub Charity Funds exists now, one month late

Checking Wazzub Charity Funds finally noticed that they now have a separate company registered in Nevada under "Wazzub Charity Funds"... filed on February 28th, 2012.

Wazzub Charity Funds was first revealed to the world back on February 1st or 2nd, 2012. At the time, they do not exist legally, yet they are already soliciting applications. AND they already claim that funds from the song will be donated (though you get 3 separate versions on where the money's going).

Conclusion: Wazzub Charity Funds, even if it is legit, is a very poorly ran operation.

05-APR-2012: Wazzub abandons "Wazzub name"

Wazzub suddenly announced that they will be using instead of as their primary domain name, when they launch on 09-APR-2012.

This may be caused by their poor rating on "Web of Trust", and crowd-sourced website rating system, where they are rated as "poor reputation".

09-APR-2012: Wazzub launch delayed

The day came and went, and Wazzub claimed that they are giving a few people last chance to join as they want to hit "6 million" on their counter.

(We have previously proved that the counter is bogus, as it keeps counting up even when the computer is disconnected from the Internet.)

Then a day later, they claimed they have to delay the launch for two days to upgrade their database.

22-APR-2012: Wazzub changes tune, no money to be given out

Wazzub's official blog had always referred to "$Factor", which was always understood by members to be actual money. Apparently, the more people you refer, the higher $Factor you get. How that translates into actual dollars is unknown. This is their exact verbiage off wazzub's INFO page (unlinked, but search on Google and you'll see it... why is it unlinked?)

Check the brand new members’ area to watch your downline growing. At WAZZUB, we call it the $FACTOR (Dollar Factor).
The more members that signed up under you (5 levels deep) the more your $FACTOR will grow.
And, guess what… The higher your $FACTOR grows, the higher your profit share will be after launch.

However, new entry on Wazzub blog as of 17-APR-2012 has completely revised the rules: it now only mentions "DealFactor". Here's an excerpt (I added the bold section for emphasis):

Instead of spending millions of $$$ for advertising, we reward our beta-launch members with DealPOINTS. The more friends you invite to join our community for free, the more DealPOINTS you will receive after our final launch (July 1/2012). Use your DealPOINTS to shop for free in selected online shops, to receive coupons for free-dinners in participating restaurants or to play free skill games vs. other members to win Real Cash Prize Money.

In other words, they are NOT giving money as they previously claimed, but merely "frequent surfer points" which supposedly can be redeemed for SOMETHING (yet to be determined). And you don't get the points now, but some time in July 2012.

It is also interesting to note that Wazzub's "official blog" does NOT archive old posts, so there's nothing to refer to against "historical" entries. This is NOT a sign of a reputable company or operation.

One possible explanation is that only people who signed up BEFORE the 9-APR-2012 launch get $Factor, and any people who signed up after gets DealFactor. However, this is NOT explained very well in the blog itself.

27-APR-2012: Wazzub changes tune, now "Success sharing phenomenon", not profit

Previously, Wazzub had referred to itself as a "profit sharing phenomenon". It was on the Wazzub song cover among other items.

However, it was discovered that some time after the alleged launch date of April 9th, 2012 (which came and went and nothing happened) the slogan was changed to "success sharing phenomenon".

Wazzub has no comment on the change, or answer the question whether they are actually into sharing profits or not.

28-APR-2012: Wazzub admits to being cheap, crashing webinar providers

Wazzub's official blog claimed it is "great news" that they managed to crash their TalkFusion webinar, just like they crashed Wiziq webinar before.

According to Wazzub's spokesperson Gee DaCosta, so far they have managed to crash TWO separate providers of Webinar services. Yet neither is exactly what you'd term "top-tier" provider, and neither actually posts a limit on their webinar solution, claiming UNLIMITED attendees. As you can see, even Wazzub realized that's bogus.

For comparison, Cisco's WebEx only claims to support 3000 attendees at a time, and that is their "Pro" package called WebEx Event Center.

So, is Wazzub just being cheap? Or being unrealistically optimistic, and crashed and burned for it? You be the judge.

Another item of note: TalkFusion has a MLM comp plan. Will we find Gee DaCosta or Michael Anthony DeBias as a TalkFusion member? I don't know. I haven't searched that way yet.

28-APR-2012: Wazzub cheaters advertise online

Search of Internet shows that Wazzub sign-ups are nearly worthless, as people will gladly MAKE UP addresses for you... if you pay them.

Here's an ad that says he'll create 50 signup using your referral ID for mere $5 USD. Actual listing is no longer on Fiverr, just the search result itself.

In the second example, someone spammed a Spanish (that's in Spain) free classifieds website, that says "buy referrals (from me) and get money for ever!". When he's not even from Spain (the bottom says IP address does not correspond to country).

Perfect Internet News is free blogger blog
Perfect Internet News is free blogger blog

09-MAY-2012 Update: Perfect Internet is just a leech of Google and other services

Previously, we have pointed out that despite alleged "millions" invested on Wazzub by Wazzub CMO "Gee DaCosta", they use free blogs from Blogger for their announcements.

  • The "official" Wazzub blog is
  • The verify account page goes to

Now we have to add a new level of cheapness... their so-called "Your Perfect Internet"'s "news section" is not run from their own server, but is instead,... another blogspot free blog

  • The "PerfectInternet News" is at perfectinternetnews.

Clearly, if they can't be bothered to run their own blog servers, their Internet can't be that perfect. Furthermore, the blog appears to have only been created on May 1st, (first entry), thus belie their own launch date of April 9th, 2012.

There are other interesting bits if you read HTML source of

1) Their primary web search is a relabeled "" search

<form target='_blank'      name=metasearch method=POST 
style="margin:0; padding:0;" 
onSubmit="javascript:document.metasearch.query.value=document.metasearch.keyword.value;" >

2) Their "video web search" is a relabeled "" search

<!-- blinkx hosted search -->
<script type="text/javascript" 
<style type="text/css">@importurl('');</style>
<!-- end blinkx hosted search -->

3) The "join now" and "login" buttons are merely "coming soon"

<a href=/start/tour1.html>
<img src=/main/images/menu_tour.png border=0></a>
<a href=/start/coming_soon.html>
<img src=/main/images/menu_join.png border=0></A>
<a href=/start/coming_soon.html>
<img src=/main/images/menu_login.png border=0></a>

All in all, they are not running anything important themselves. Even their "games" are free flash games you can borrow from almost anywhere. And they need MONTHS to launch this?

09-MAY-2012 Wazzub May announcement revealed Michael Anthony DeBias and more

Wazzub website has an UNLINKED May 2012 announcement (except through a free and unrelated blog) that contained a lot of interesting retorts that used conspiracy theory, strawman argument, false dilemma, and more. Inside is one very interesting tidbit: it appears that Michael Anthony DeBias wrote at least part of this announcement.

In this announcement, there's a very specific saying, that appeared NOWHERE ELSE on the Internet, except Wazzub announcements and one of DeBias' prior failed ventures.

Wazzub announcement of May 2012 excerpt, note the "old saying", yet the announcement is unsigned except as "Wazzub Team".
Wazzub announcement of May 2012 excerpt, note the "old saying", yet the announcement is unsigned except as "Wazzub Team".
Prior announcement by Michael Anthony DeBias... the quote is used, exactly word for word.
Prior announcement by Michael Anthony DeBias... the quote is used, exactly word for word.

Add this to our previously identified links between Michael Anthony DeBias and Wazzub, we can now confirm this failed Internet biz-guy is a "silent partner" in Wazzub, and intends to stay hidden and keep pulling the strings by penning these unsigned announcements.

31-MAY-2012 You must upload your Photo ID!

According to Wazzub, you must upload your photo ID before 03-JUN-2012 to get paid. Following was confirmed from multiple "fan" Wazzub sites, but interestingly, NOT ON WAZZUB itself. Excerpt below

(5) You must read the TERMS and CONDITIONS properly and AGREE with it.
> plz get ready with your scan copy of ID proofs before you upload, otherwise you upload it later.
> For multiple ID proofs, make one file
(7) Your ID proofs should have
- YOUR SIGNATURE (optional)
(8) If your one ID is not sufficient, you can add more IDs but in a single file.
- File format may be PNG/JPG/JPEG/ DOC/PDF
- File size maximum 3 MB
(9) Which ID proofs you need to upload
(a) Voter ID + PAN Card
(b) Voter ID + 10th Class Memo
(c) Driving License
(d) Passport
(f) PAN Card + Bank Account Statement/Passbook
(g) PAN Card + Ration Card
(h) PAN Card + Telephone/electricity/gas bill
(i) Voter ID + Municipal Birth Certificate

As you are NOT an employee of Wazzub, why would they need your ID? Tax ID, maybe, if they need to report taxes to your jurisdiction, but Wazzub is a US company, and PAN card is... India's equivalent of US Social Security Card.

The only other company that "require" you to upload your photo ID to them to get paid in recent years is TVI Express, a convicted scam around the world. What does this mean? I don't know. But you should not "like" it at all.

Terms and Conditions... Plagiarized?

Another thought to ponder, where did they crib their "terms and conditions"? According to CopyScape, it matches another terms and conditions to over 51%

Joining "terms" 51% match with another place
Joining "terms" 51% match with another place

You may say the terms and conditions are pretty much template jobs, I would agree, but a comparison between the two document shows some very interesting differences. Namely, the Wazzub / Perfect Internet terms of use is missing a TON of sections, such as

  • DMCA takedown notification procedure
  • Jurisdiction (i.e. where do I file lawsuit if I want to sue Wazzub / Perfect Internet)
  • Prohibition of spam
  • Prohibition of reposting content outside of Wazzub or PerfectInternet

It also includes this little zinger:

In addition, you understand and agree that the content of all users, including your content, will be collected, aggregated and anonymously integrated into PI and the WAZZUB Community.

Translation: any thing you post on Wazzub or Perfect Internet belongs to THEM, not you, and your name will be removed from it.

Furthermore, only members can see the special "profit sharing phenomenon" terms so there's no telling what's in them. Apparently Wazzub wants to keep that a secret.

Is this plagiarized? I don't know. But the 49% difference is from Wazzub's OMISSION, instead of actual differences.

01-JUN-2012 Wazzub's president died? Really?

Someone transcribed the 01-JUN-2012 webinar where the Wazzub staff gave a lot of wishful thinking as "facts". For example, they consider the entire Internet population of earth as "prospective members", That is highly unrealistic.

However, the most interesting part is the webinar host, probably Gee DaCosta (unconfirmed) said that their president "Mr. Lee" had passed away and a new president must be appointed.

To my knowledge (any updates are welcome), this is the ONLY TIME Wazzub / GIT Global / PerfectInternet has ever mentioned that they *have* a President, much less one with a surname of "Lee". Searching through Oregon state records shows that the company is NOT required to reveal their leaders until 1 year AFTER it had been incorporated, so there's nothing to find.

However, the Oregon incorporation records shows the "incorporator" is a Mr. Robert A. Lee, as noted earlier. Searching for Mr. Robert A. Lee shows that his legal address is 2200B Douglas, Suite 100, Roseville California, which is the address of US Corporation Services, the company registrar that helped GIT Global get their "Oregon" corporation status. As Mr. Robert A. Lee also appeared as incorporator or president in other corporations, this indicates that he is an employee of US Corporation Services, and was assigned to act as a "figurehead president" for GIT Global.

What is a "figurehead president"? I'll let US Corporation Services, GIT Global's registrar, explain it:

'Figurehead' President. Every corporation must have a president (does not have to be an American) who is registered with the state (the so-called pen name is illegal, even in Delaware). If you want to remain anonymous, we will appoint a U.S. citizen
'Figurehead' President. Every corporation must have a president (does not have to be an American) who is registered with the state (the so-called pen name is illegal, even in Delaware). If you want to remain anonymous, we will appoint a U.S. citizen

While we do not know if this Mr. Robert A Lee is indeed the president that the Webinar Host (Gee DaCosta? Michael DeBias?) is referring to, there seem to be no other logical choice. Intelius people search says the only Robert A. Lee in Roseville is 87 years old, so it's perfectly understandable he may have passed away recently.

If confirmed, this would indicate a deliberate attempt by Wazzub to hide their leadership, rather than just reticent to release information.


So what have we learned about Wazzub?

  • FACT: Wazzub's ownership is unknown, and leadership is unknown
  • FACT: Wazzub's actual business location is unknown
    (UPDATE: a Las Vegas, Nevada, address was given in one e-mail and WHOIS info, with just the front door, no suite number, months after this came to light)
  • FACT: Wazzub used a business registration agent that had been accused of falsely registering "Investment" businesses without the proper credentials, and Wazzub's real company name is "GIT Global Investments"
  • FACT: Despite the name, GIT Global Investments is NOT in the investment business, nor is it Global.
  • FACT: Wazzub's employee count is unknown
    (UNCONFIRMED: their own blog says about 20 or so "specialists", another post claims merely 5 workers, nothing about total size of the company)
  • FACT: It is trying to sign up a ton of people, any people, with promise of sharing 50% of the profits, but have not demonstrated how it will generate any profit
  • FACT: There is no formal contract, audit, accounting, or anything, or even how you'll get paid
  • FACT: Wazzub's website design is primitive, with stock photos
  • FACT: Wazzub's blog is hosted on free space provided by Blogger
  • FACT: Gee DaCosta is a serial MLMer, switching from one thing to another over the years, never finding great success
  • FACT: Wazzub has helped release a single pop song at $0.99 on both iTunes and Amazon MP3, with promise of donating half (of something) to charity (unknown)
  • FACT: Wazzub released three separate statements about the song's money and donation, but the three statements don't match.
  • FACT: Wazzub have, thus not, NOT PROTECTED the term "Wazzub". Anybody can registered variations on the Wazzub name, such as MyWazzub, TeamWazzub, even WazzubwithWazzub (all are real domain names).
  • FACT: Unauthorized Wazzub eBook has appeared on Amazon Kindle singles advertising Wazzub, another sign Wazzub doesn't care about who uses the term Wazzub, with the money of the eBook going into someone else's pocket.
  • FACT: Wazzub's alleged charity was registered one month AFTER its announcement.
  • FACT: Wazzub's new "community" is an off-the-shelf $300 PHP script
  • FACT: Wazzub now requires you to enter your birthdate and real name
  • FACT: Wazzub's only other name, Michael Anthony DeBias, turned out to be a serial MLMer like Gee DaCosta, instead of "Investor and Entrepreneur" they claimed.

Now let us consider a few more facts:

  • FACT: Internet already have plenty of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wolfram Alpha, and various other specialty search engines)
  • FACT: Internet already have plenty of start pages as well, like iGoogle, my Yahoo, My MSN, and so on.
  • FACT: It took 13 years for Google to make 3 billion dollars per year, and they have, as of 2011 Q3, over 31000 employees (and most would be engineers), and they were there first. Same with Facebook, etc.
  • FACT: Wazzub is NOT the first to claim to "share half of the profit" on the Internet. Yuwie tried that back in 2006! It died within 2 years. .

Given all these facts, success of Wazzub is very much in doubt. Everything dug up so far about Wazzub (sound-alike name to existing company, business in one state, registered in another state, and documents served to a third state, unknown owner...) suggests a shady operation (though no outright scam, merely suspicious behavior, but a lot of it). Wazzub have NO track record of any sort of entrepreneurship, Internet savvy, startup innovation, and so on as no names were given, and no facts to verify. The only real name we can attach to Wazzub is a serial MLMer who switched MLM opportunities like he switched outfits.

Furthermore, Wazzub just does NOT behave like a company backed up by millions of dollars that Gee DaCosta had claimed. The "excuses" such as "we need to preserve capital" makes no sense when better hosting can be had for merely dollars a month and better website design can be had for not much more.

There is current no 'business' called Wazzub. As far as I can tell, Wazzub is not trademarked or even registered as a Fictitious Business Name (i.e. "doing business as"). Theoretically, anyone can registered a business called Wazzub and sue these guys out of their domain name through cybersquatting law.

Yet Wazzub claim to rival Google and such in merely a few month what took Google a decade.

Then they changed their tune to rival Facebook and Twitter.

There is very little to actually recommend Wazzub. Wazzub is not a scam per se, but objective study shows that you are unlikely to profit much from it. Google may be making 3 billion a year, but it took them 13 years to do it (founded 1998). And they were there at almost the "beginning" of World Wide Web. Wazzub, with merely a few engineers (so they claim) is unlikely to grab a tiny sliver of the search and homepage market, and thus, Advertisement would be next to worthless and unlikely to generate much of revenue to be shared.

As there is virtually no chance for Wazzub to succeed in current Internet environment as they have thus far not demonstrated one bit WHY they can accomplish any of their claims. Therefore, one wonders if this is merely an effort to "harvest" a lot of e-mail addresses from people (see #15 from the link) who are interested in such "income opportunities" (i.e. gullible).

Is it worth your effort to join Wazzub? I personally don't think so, but if you have a spare e-mail address / identity you want to risk getting spammed on, go right ahead. Don't expect much out of it though.

Addendum: Reader Reactions

It seems people who read this hub and chose to leave some feedback (feel free to read through the comments yourself) fell into three camps

  1. I believe in Wazzub no matter what you say
  2. I once believed in Wazzub but I ignored all these facts you found, so I no longer do
  3. I told you Wazzub is a scam

To Group 1, Why do you believe in Wazzub? What has it said to earn your trust?

To Gorup 2, due diligence is always good.

To Group 3, I never said it's a scam, merely it behaves very much like one.


It seems that some people have somehow, convinced themselves that Wazzub will succeed and make them lots of money by doing nothing, when there's no evidence that Wazzub can ever carry out what it promised. When asked, they pointed at other Internet companies, not Wazzub, and they don't see the problem of their own confirmation bias.

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John 5 years ago

Because you are allowed to have multiple memberships from the same IP adresses means you don't need many email adresses to be doing quite well. I found this to be worrying and it's hard to tell how many people have actually joined if they can have multiple accounts.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I wasn't even worried about e-mail addresses... It's not as if they will get more "shares" if they join... or do they? See, that's ANOTHER worrying part. To pay people some sort of ID must presented, like SSN or EIN in the US. How can the same person get multiple IDs?

Flint54 profile image

Flint54 5 years ago

Thank you kschang for this informative article. I myself have joined it through a local ad and was about to ask friends to sign up, but now I'm not going to do that and I have a great suspicion that it is actually a scam and nothing good is going to come out of it. thank you for taking so much time and effort to research it.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Flint54-- I didn't say it's a scam, merely it has quite a few question marks hanging over it to be fully believable.

Marla Neogra profile image

Marla Neogra 5 years ago from Parkersburg, West Virginia

Thanks for the tips. I have personally been ripped off by Dotcom Internet Marketing. I used your techniques and found out they are out of Great Britain. Guess I won't be getting that refund after all.

worksmart18 profile image

worksmart18 5 years ago

wow, thanks for the detail explanation.

haddie joe 5 years ago

just like agloco years ago.. too good to be true

ViaKez 5 years ago

Hi Kasey! I've been reading your writing about scams since the TVI Express.. I like all of them!^^ Anyway,do you have Twitter account?

RJ Gap 5 years ago

why not will only lose your time....just dont send any money or credit card....its too good to be true but...nothing to lose right....if it be didnt even invest any cent..only your time and electricity...its up to you....

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@haddie joe -- someone said Wowie, the Myspace clone that claimed to have 2 million members and share 50% of ad profits, is just like that. That died after 2 years.

@ViaKez -- Thank you. No Twitter thus far.

@RJ Gap -- which is why my conclusion is: if you have a spam-bait account you use, feel free to sign up using that. I doubt it would amount to anything. But then, why waste time doing it?

QUIZ2012 profile image

QUIZ2012 5 years ago

Yeah, we all seem scared of spam, but actually sometimes it's some interesting business ideas and concepts in my spam mail that just quite didn't make it into the prominent mail folder due to an extended affiliate link. I try not to always look at the negative in sites but the positive. This article means much to me because I've been hoodwinked by many online business in the past coupler months and it can be rather frustrating. Do-YOUR-RESEARCH that's all I have to say.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@QUIZ2012 -- I am glad I have helped you in your quest to avoid scams. Due diligence and healthy dose of skepticism is what you need to avoid gullibility.

Donna Suthard profile image

Donna Suthard 5 years ago

wonderful, informative site. Thank you!

profile image

ChillyMell 5 years ago

Hey I have been wondering the same thing about Wazzub and I am also an affiliate for them but I did not receive any leads yet. Since its a free program you would think that people would jump at the shot of joining for free money so its strange to not have any leads at all. My factors are still at zero!

profile image

mflansburg 5 years ago from Minnesota

If I were to notify WAZZUB regarding this post, they would be all over it. This Business model has NEVER BEEN TRIED, and the concept is genius! On their site, they have addresses these issues, all of them from the WHOIS to where they are located. You know that when google and yahoo and facebook launched, they had VERY FEW members, and needed to "grow to capicty" where as WAZZUB will start with well over 1.5 million users instantly when they go LIVE. I know that you did not come out and say they were a DEFINITE SCAM. One thing is for sure, if i could of gottenin on the ground floor of Facebook or google, I would have. May be you should look up how much has been invested in this company(from outside sources) and then tell me they spent over 2 million dollars just to groom an email list. When May 15th rolls around(1st WAZZUB payout) i will paste my payment proofs then. With all the information you have gathered, You say they dont have a snowballs chance in hell. But I belive they DO! And NO im not a shil for the company. Check ME Out on the web. Names Michael L Flansburg, born 12/12/1961, Born and raised in Minnesota. Yeah, I know....Were all a bunch of "Hicks from the Sticks" and were all very gullible here in Minnesota. The only thing that bothers me is that stuff like this just makes it harder for them to succeed.

But I do thank you for the informatiom(most of which was ALREADY POSTED AND ADDRESSED BY WAZZUB ON THEIR WEBSITE).

I will make my next post on 5/16/2012. Thank You KSChang. Have a nice day!!

affiliateinfobiz profile image

affiliateinfobiz 5 years ago

I'm glad you did this hub. People have promoted this to me through email and I wasn't sure about and did my own research. Best info I've found on the Wazzub opportunity and I'm sure there's more so called money makers in this category

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@ChillyMel -- as I said, if you don't mind getting spammed, use a throw-away e-mail address and see what happens in a couple months.

@knight888 -- your spam was rejected.

@mflansburg -- Wazzub is welcome to address any of the information I dug up. You claim that they have addressed many of the information. Where is it? Can you provide a link to it?

There's quite a difference between what they claim (they claimed they were funded 2 million) vs. reality (unknown). Given that they can't even get their own address straight, and the main pusher, Mr. DaCosta, is a serial MLMer, I'd say anything they CLAIM is unsubstantiated information and therefore NOT CREDIBLE UNLESS VERIFIED (which is what I wrote in the hub).

Mr. Flanburg, while I am glad you are willing to stake YOUR reputation on the line, it appears that nobody in Wazzub, or GIT Global Investment (or whoever they really are) is willing to do the same. I believe that says a lot about the company itself.

@affiliateinfobiz -- I am glad it helped some people. What I've done is access public information, and made it even more public. You can draw your own conclusions. I recommend all the people do the same with any opportunity they plan to get into.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

For the people who think Wazzub's business model is "revolutionary"... It's anything but. It's been done many times before.

Yuwie was actually first to promise money to members, back in 2007 for enrolling other members.

It died in 2009. See how this guy really made out: (yes, real earning reports)

Now Wazzub wants to reinvent the wheel and claim it's new? What a joke. Only proves its proponents do no research and simply regurgitates company line like a parrot.

firman afandi profile image

firman afandi 5 years ago

it's a scam, we'll see

Angela Biggs profile image

Angela Biggs 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Great research. There are hundreds of companies in the web pool claiming income of millions without having to do anything. I trust none of them. They call it's free and then there is a glitch on the last page to pay just $4 or $5. I really appreciate your hard work and efforts.

I believe freelancer, elance or odesk are better ways to earn money. Do some work and get paid for that!

profile image

mflansburg 5 years ago from Minnesota

Sir KSChang, Here is their response to your questions:"

Is WAZZUB a scam?

You Decide...

First, we have to say that we take every comment serious and even critical posts are welcome. This is a free world and WAZZUB is an open-minded community. We do not expect that everybody loves what we do, because we understand that it���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s impossible to please everyone. But we do expect the same respect that we show for every person we meet.

Unfortunately your comment is not just critical but extremely insulting. Nonetheless we invested time to read and understand your arguments and it seems that you draw some wrong conclusions from the info that you found on the Internet.

1. Whois search for "cant post the link,but could email you with the links from this page"

Your statement:

���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½We should note that the domain expires around the same time as this site supposedly launches���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½

Well, the Expiration date of a domain shows for how long the registrant paid in advance for this service. For example, one of your registered domains, expires Oct 18, 2012. We would never conclude from this that you will run out of business on that day.

2. Scam search

Your statement:

���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½and we find there are indeed reports against this company spanning several years���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½

You can easily see that the company names are different and that this thread is dated back in 2006. None of the data provided there correlate with our data. The only post that tries to create a connection to our company is the newest one, posted a few days ago by a user named ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½Kooiii���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ (just a wild guess that this is you).

3. Company registration

Your statement:

���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½this returns further confirmation that this is indeed a scam as the registration data does not match the company profile being promoted���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½

There is one official source for info about companies registered in Oregon and that is the website of the Secretary of State of Oregon. In our officially filed Articles of Incorporation (Section II) is written:

���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½The purpose for which this corporation is organized is to engage in any business or activity not forbidden by law���¢�¯�¿�½���¦���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½

Where ever you found the babysitting and laundry stuff, if you reveal the source to us, we will contact them to ask for correction.

In the end you named our project a ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½definite scam���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ and give us a bad name. For sure, this is going too far and it is unlawful in many jurisdictions. However, we believe that you���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ve just misinterpreted some things and that your post is not a try to promote your own project "kooiii DOT COM"

The ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½Kooiii Business Resources and Social Community���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ seems to be a nice concept and we wish you a lot of success with it. If you strictly follow your own rules we assume that you are a fair businessman and you will post our answer in addition to your post about WAZZUB, where ever you have posted it.

If you could stop your polemic style we would be happy to discuss any further question you might have about our project.

And, believe it or not, you are still welcome to become a member of the WAZZUB Family; together we could activate the Power of ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½We���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½.

Our best wishes and a happy New Year!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Truth about WAZZUB or is Coca Cola really a scam?

Dear WAZZUB Family,

There are some articles out there on the Internet that state some ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½Facts���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ about our project and/or our company and then draw conclusions, most of them wrong. We do not have the time to answer on every single statement but we would like to give some general answers as follows:

1. Is WAZZUB a real company or a fake?

WAZZUB is a real company registered under the laws of Oregon, USA and running its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are an early-stage startup company that is still before launch of their main website. That means, we are still in development and many things will change during pre-launch.

2. Is your ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½Headquarters���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ a real office or just virtual?

Our Las Vegas office is a real office. Right now (Mon, Jan 16, 12:30pm) there are 5 WAZZUB Team members present and working. We are using the services from Regus, that means, we have our own office space but we share receptionist area, conference rooms, kitchen and other services with other companies.

Again, we are an early-stage startup and until we earn ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½real���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ money after launch we are on a budget. There is no need to invest into a fully owned office right now.

3. What about your registered office ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ there are a lot of companies registered at the same address - why?

For tax reasons most U.S. based companies have their companies registered in a different state than their HQ is located. There are special companies offering services as a registered agent but they are not involved in the actual business of the company. The name of our registered Agent is Cathy Halverson and she is the registered agent for several hundred companies. That does not mean that our company is related to any other company that is registered at this address and for sure it is no sign that we try to hide something or that we are a scam.

By the way, the most famous ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½registered office���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ address is used by more than 200,000 businesses. This address has its own page at Wikipedia. Check it out:

"Cant post link, will send if you want."

For example, Coca Cola is registered there, as well as General Motors, Google and Verizon. Nobody would conclude that they are hiding something or that they try to scam people. It is our goal to make WAZZUB one of the big brands on the Internet and, following the advice of our CPA and attorneys, we set up our company structure as it should be ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ right from the beginning.

4. Why did the data on the Whois database for and change twice within a few months?

When we found the perfect name for our project ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ WAZZUB ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ back in June 2011, the company was not yet founded; therefore one of our main investors registered the domains under his company name. After our company, GIT Global Investments Inc., was registered, we changed the Whois data including the address of our registered office. Now we opened our HQ and so we changed the Whois data to our operational address.

5. Who is the owner of your company?

WAZZUB is owned by several investors. Right now they are building the team of directors and managers that will run our project after launch. There will be a page with all the important members of our team after the team is completed. Our Marketing Director Gee DaCosta is not one of the initiators; he is the team member that is most important now - during pre-launch.

6. You can find some info about Gee and his history in the MLM and Network Marketing industry. Is he just hopping from business to business?

WAZZUB is not a network marketing company and it is not MLM. But we needed the skills of an experienced online marketer and Gee is the perfect match - and WAZZUB is the perfect business for Gee. He is very happy that he has found his ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½final���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½ business and we know that WAZZUB will change the life of ma

Tammy L profile image

Tammy L 5 years ago from Jacksonville, Texas

Thank you for doing the legwork and presenting your findings in such a neutral hub. There are two sayings that I remembered when I first saw this wazzub site advertised to me:

1) If is sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

2) There's a sucker born every minute. (Barnum would probably amend that to "there's a sucker born every second" if he were alive now.)

It's very possible you've gained a new follower. :)

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@mflansburg -- unfortunately, all they did was offer explanations without ANSWERS. I'll address then with hub updates.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author


NOTE 1: You are posting someone else's comment and Wazzub's response to that. I believe that's the guy from as Wazzub mentions them by name. I did not raise those questions at all. I did not say Wazzub is a scam or claim Wazzub is laundry and personal service.

NOTE 2: Regarding Headquarters, I didn't say they are a virtual office. I said there's no proof this office actually exists as it did not appear on any official government documents (also see Note 4)

Furthermore, the statement that there are "five people" contradicts a different place where Gee DaCosta claims there are "20 technicians".

NOTE 3: I already concluded that Cathy L Halvorson was a company registration agent. The question is why are the corporate officers' names remain hidden. How can we evaluate the company's chances for success if we don't know who's running it? You'd think such info would be in the incorporation document, but Oregon's laws are different somehow (is that why they chose Oregon to incorporate in?)

NOTE 4: Without a particular suite number would indicate that Wazzub / GIT Global Investment is a virtual office, not a real one. Why did they not put in Suite 364 as they has used that before? (See NOTE 2)

NOTE 5: Again, the owners are not known, other than a refutation that Gee DaCosta is NOT the founder. However, note the word used "initiator". That is NOT AMERICAN ENGLISH. Add to that the previous choice of April 1st as launch date, and you can almost be certain that the alleged investors / owners of GIT Global Investment / Wazzub are NOT Americans.

And again, there is no proof that Gee DaCosta is NOT the founder or owner, other than Wazzub themselves. There is no third-party verification such as corporate documents and such.

NOTE 6: IMHO, A real company with millions in funding would have hired a real PR firm, not a serial MLMer who never seem to have found any success.

As for whether Wazzub is a MLM, it claims it pays people through multiple levels, so it has a MLM compensation model, despite disclaimer to the contrary.

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mflansburg 5 years ago from Minnesota

You are right! Guess we will just have to wait and see. But for those that do, it will be too late.

Wong Gendeng 5 years ago

I will put Wazzub owners to jail if this thing is a real scam. I had fight with my sister, just because she wanted me to join her pyramid so badly. Anyway, I'm still not sold with this kind of thing. Looking at how Wazzub responded to the criticism, you can see that they are just trying to defend by covering grounds without any facts, just answering for the sake of answering... Good luck for those who try! Hopefully nothing bad coming out of it (it includes my sister).

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@mflansburg -- "it will be too late" goes both ways. :) I hope I won't have to tell you "I told you so" in six months or so, but then, I don't see why not.

@Wong Gendeng -- their answers are a little evasive, if you choose to put it that way.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Note to all Wazzub members: do NOT post your referal ID. It will be automatically filtered as spam (that's beyond my control).

Wong Gendeng 5 years ago

kschang, thanks for the word. I think it was the one that I was looking for. My uncertainties grow even more with the fact of how Wazzub attack every single forum to promote its website, it's just pure the behavior of scammers. Its blog even provides you email templates that people can use to send the invitations to other people. Also, it goes as far as to go to the blogs/websites that criticize its business model, and just dumps anything that seem to make sense to support its ideas. A legitimate company, of course, will defend its business model, but I'm sure that it would have done it in much better way. I see them as a kid who just got caught lying by his grandma, then he would come to his dad/mom right away trying to explain what he did before grandma inform dad/mom.

If you notice, they just use all the big names (Google, Facebook, etc) to shape people's mind to think that their ideas are legitimate.

Seriously, I'm really really hoping that nothing bad comes out of it. I'm guessing that majority of people who join this are either in the position of needing extra income so badly or they don't have enough experience in internet.

For me, internet is not different than a gun. A gun is useful to shoot bad guys. However, it is bad when bad guys use it. The same with internet, it's the greatest creation to share the information, but it will be bad for people when it's being manipulated by people like scamer or carders.

pops 5 years ago

@kschang - Wow!! I'm absolutely delighted that you posted this. I signed up last night and sent out some messages to friends, which thankfully went to their spam folder after reading this. There are no successful people in life that did "Nothing" and got paid for it. A 2 million dollar investment and their sign in page does look like a 12 year old put it together. The other thing I'm now questioning is how is this company planning on sending out thousands of dollars to people with-out getting their personal information.

So, when it gets to May 15th and they say, oh by the way, you will need to fill out this form with your personal information and SS# for tax purposes and your bank account number; I wonder how many "family members" are really going to say "Sure that's fine, no problem".

Thanks for the wake up call back to reality.

Pandu Dewanata 5 years ago

Wazzub launch 1st April. It is APRIL FOOL.

Wazzub will not pay you. Wazzub doesn't have payment method. Don't waste you time and energy.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Wong GenDeng -- some people want to believe, much like Fox Mulder in X-Files, with that poster "I want to believe" in his FBI office. Except these people want to believe in easy ways to make money.

@Pops -- it's been up for a few weeks now (first published 13-JAN-2012) but I'm glad you found it.

@Pandu Dewanata -- technically, they changed it to April 9th. However, as I've said in the hub, only a non-Westerner not familiar with Western culture would pick that day. This points to... an Indian. Some word usage patterns such as "initiator" instead of "founder" also suggests this "Team Wazzub" is not American, but rather, Indian.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Received an official answer from Oregon Department of Corporations: companies incorporated in Oregon are NOT required to reveal their officers and owners for 1 year after registration date. When they renew, they must file the officers and such.

Marissa 5 years ago

Ok, I don't get one thing, If Wazzub is a scam, why all the bother? I would understand a scam that asks you to invest money, but all we have here is just one e-mail address! And they are promoting a new website. if they do not pay their members as they say, nobody will stay on their site and they will earn no money! So why the bother with all those e-mails really...

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Marla Neogra 5 years ago from Parkersburg, West Virginia

Their biggest revenue comes from people paying for the websites that then do not earn income. They do not answer e-mails and do not refund the money invested. The only way to get them to go down is to inform people not to invest in the first place.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Marissa -- Why? several possibilities (could be combination) but keep in this these are my speculations, as we don't have any data to prove any of this

1) With all these e-mail addresses, actively entered into their website instead of just random harvested e-mail list, they can "shop" it to various ad networks and claim we have this many "members" what sort of ad deals can you offer us.

2) This sort of e-mail database can also be used to justify the price of a no-name company such as this sound-alike "GIT Global Investment" which can then be to sold to some investors who don't realize how the database was obtained, which would make it a sophisticated pump-and-dump

3) The database can be used to promote various OTHER income opportunities. Remember, everybody on this list believes one CAN get something for nothing, and one can make money without doing anything except referring people. They are especially receptive to new pitches of matrix schemes, HYIPs, and similar shady schemes that requires them to recruit more people.

Of course Wazzub (BTW, there is NO COMPANY CALLED WAZZUB) claims they will never sell your email addresses to others. Can you believe them? Is there a contract of some sort that was signed and agreed to? Is there a privacy policy? Is there ever an audit of some such?

Wong Gendeng 5 years ago

@Marissa - One thing you have to understand, this Wazzub thingy creates hysteria to so many people. People waste their time and energy to promote their network by emailing their friends, flooding their FB walls, even flooding their friends' FB walls with these stupid referral codes. It creates so much false hope which I'm pretty sure will never happen. It creates such a person like @mflansburg. Which at the end will make them look like a fool to their friends.

I can understand if you say that it's your choice to do it, then you should bear the responsibilities. No argument on that. However, unfortunately most of the people who got crazy for this kind of thing are those who usually either desperate or just don't know that there are crazy people out there who want to manipulate the internet for their benefits. All of these energy and time would not be wasted if this kind of scam was not there in the first place.

And I agree with @kschang, there are so much they can do with your name and email address. Actually, scammers just need your name to get to know where you live, how old you are, when you bought your house, your marital status. Now, they have your email address (have you heard, Using these information, they start having this crazy algorithm to see that you own a house, you live in Michigan, you must need winter equipment. Then all of sudden this email address are getting some smart advertisements regarding winter equipment. Woala... now Wazzub makes money out of us by selling this info to the ad companies, and what will we get? Notin... but thanks to those people who sign up, the ad companies have better database about you.

Well, to be fair, we don't need to have Wazzub to do this kind of thing, and someways somehow the ad companies already have the data of most people. But why would we want to make it easier for them?

I, personally have been in few MLM seminars, don't want anything to do with this. Have you ever seen this late night info comercial like Robert Allen and some other companies who tell you how easy it is to invest in real estates or stock markets. And once you come to their seminar they will sell their $6,000 program package. Then try to listen to Wazzub's webminar or watch their video ad in youtube. Their tones, wordings, the push and everything else will match exactly with what you find in these info comercial (Hurry, limited time, you have to join before, you will regret it if you dont join... these are typical phrases that scamer use).

Wazzub claims that their websites are very simple because it invests its money on the real project. REALLY? Why don't you google "wazzub review" and see that your first 20 hits are websites that say wazzub is legit. But do you notice that these websites really seem to be run by the same people who run wazzub itself? I have a friend who works for ad company, and what she does is to make sure that everytime user search using a certain keyword in google, google must return her client company as the first result. People, believe me, it is so easy to manipulate this kind of thing. And what happens with @kschang website? It will get pushed to the 5th page. So my guess? The 2 millions dollar that they were talking about (I think it's really 50,000), they spent it all on their marketing department.

Also, I work in software develpment industry. I know how much pride that for developers take to make sure that their codes create good software/website. This website is not gonna fly.

Again, if it's working out as Wazzub has been advertising it, then I'm really happy for these people (including my sister). However, this kind of website that @kschang does, it just helps people to make better decision. As for me, I have nothing to loose either to not join. If it's a scam, then good for me. If it's real, I will be positively sure that all the potential earnings that they advertise will never happen.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Wong GenDeng -- Male programmers tend to use more logic, which is counter to how many females think... they think with their heart, not with their head. Their "nurture" instinct made them reluctant to speak out against scams or even potential scams. Yes, I know I'm sweeping with a very broad stroke, but that had been my experience. Probably one reason why Mr. Wong had some problem with his sister.

@Janet -- your spam was rejected too. Interesting that you and knight888 use the same refID...

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Tracked down the phone number on Wazzub's WHOIS to a "Michael Anthony" who lives in Las Vegas.

Tracked down the Wazzub song and found that Wazzub promised something very different from the Artist about that 50% donation... Which is yet another huge question mark hanging over them.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I was told that due to a couple negative comments the Youtube video commenting had been disabled. I can confirm this. Apparently, Wazzub don't want praise or criticism of that song.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Apparently comments on the blog has also been disabled when some people reacted negatively to the Wazzub blog.

guest 5 years ago

Could you review this site and make a comment please...

Marissa 5 years ago

ok, so they might sell my e-mail address, so what- the e-mail I am using is not my regular one. And what's the worst thing that could happen, they could start spamming the email, so what -haven't you ever gotten unwanted e-mail in your e-mail, that's why the spam folder is there :)...and I've been thinking further on about the moment when they ask my information to send me the money-in case the possible scam is here,but I will use my paypal account, they will never see my credit card info. So honestly I don't see the harm.

Marissa 5 years ago

why aren't you posting my comments? Are you acctually afraid that wazzub will replace facebook or tweeter etc? Because once people realize that they don't have to be providers for facebook's pocket, but also for their own pockets, that nobody will want to use it anymore. Are you paid to spread this fear about wazzub?

Again, why would wazzub go through all that trouble to collect emails, there is nothing else he can take from people, nowadays there are safe ways of transfering money without revealing your data :)...will you post this comment now, let us see...

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@guest -- What do you think I've been investigating this entire hub? Did you just want to spam that Facebook link here? Sure, here you go.

@Marissa -- I don't read this 24/7 and I don't approve of your comments right after you post them. I *do* have standards on what comments I allow through. Obvious spam are rejected.

As for your true affiliation, that is now clear. I offer clear objective analysis with facts and my analysis separately, and you claim I was spreading "fear". You have NO objective reason on WHY ANYONE should trust Wazzub (or whatever name they REALLY go by) other than

a) it *could* work (actual percentage unknown but probably infinitismally small), and

b) you merely give up your e-mail address

Those are not logical reasons. They make as much sense as "enter your e-mail address for internet lottery, more chances to win if you also put in your friend's e-mail address too". Which is exactly what you're doing.

As for they are going to replace Facebook, Twitter, or Google, they haven't even demonstrated they are in the same industry / business. They SAID they are, but have you seen ANY PROOF?

Maybe there are innocent explanations on the things Wazzub had done that look shady, but you should be asking Wazzub, or GIT Global Investments (who doesn't do any investment) or whoever's behind it, why they would choose to launch an alleged opportunity this way with so many question marks over their heads.

As I said before, I don't know why Wazzub is doing that they did. I have speculations and I have posted them. You don't seem to care about actually reading them. You just keep on harping "I don't see what they can do with just e-mail address".

What you don't realize is you leave a huge trail on the Internet just by using it. For example, I can tell you are in Macedonia, without even knowing your e-mail address. And the fact you believe in something so thin without proof means you will be receptive to other similar schemes in the future. That is the sort of information scammers want.

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mflansburg 5 years ago from Minnesota

Simply Put, You Decide. If Your An Affiliate Marketer, And You recruit all these people hoping to make a few dimes time and again from Their Clicks on A PTC site, Which takes time out of everyday. and for the average person, NOT having 50,000 people signed up under you to earn a 500.00 dollar bill every month, And your all whining about This Deal?? Oh Well,Only Time Will Tell.

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mflansburg 5 years ago from Minnesota

Im Thinking, "small profits for people without a Open Mind"

This Is How The Rich Get Richer, By Taking a chance, and the chance is free.....What Are You Out If It Fails??

What Are You Out If It Succeeds?? Im Just Saying!

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@mflansburg -- you're starting to sound repetitive. To date the only solid reasons you have for joining Wazzub is a) how could it hurt and b) you *could* strike it rich (odds unknown). Neither of which is very logical.

The rich get richer by analyzing the odds and make prudent investments that yield proper returns. Not by making baseless "hail Mary" long shots, which you call 'take a chance'.

Completely unrelated... Are you aware that "just saying" is one of the ten most annoying expressions of 2011?

Wong Gendeng 5 years ago

Man... I really hate to keep looking at this matter. But... I'm really sick of this scam. They are selling their song now in iTunes and Amazon, and they claim it for CHARITY???? Come on... I think we can start seeing the real wazzub soon. The more I think about, the more it really does not make sense... Believe it or no, the hysteria is actually bigger in overseas than within US. I do live in State, so I know how the mediaa here. Guys, believe me... doing what wazzub doing... from 2007, medias will NEVER... once again NEVER miss this, at least the rumor will be there. Also, is wazzub is real, why didn't they go the real medias like CNN, Reuters, BBC or technology medias like Gizmodo, Cnet? Why they keep using forums and other small media outlets to do what they are doing? Even when Apple, Google or Facebook were still small, medias could see the potential within them... The more I think about it, the more I can connect the dots. Looking at its behaviors and getting the facts from this kind of blogs, I have no more doubt that THIS IS A SCAM... wazzub believers... good luck... always listen to the old saying, don't be too hyped when you are on top, don't be too down when you fall...

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Wong Gendeng -- I've seen forums in Italy, Croatia, Macedonia (like "Marissa" above) Indonesia, India, and other places all advertising Wazzub.

The song is a pretty simple technopop. Nothing to it, but the three different versions of claims of donation to charity does give one pause. The single cover says one thing, the Youtube video says something else, and the artist's page says yet a third thing, none of them match. What's even more troubling, is song / chant is one of the methods of cult mind control. (Look up Steven Hassan and his BITE model of cult tactics)

On the other hand, you have to admit that this "viral" campaign is pretty effective. Too bad most of the members don't care about spreading the TRUTH, merely regurgitate what the company had released.

GS 5 years ago

Roseville? That is the inland of California..even far away from Sacramento. I drive 44 minutes to go to Roseville. I came from there yesterday. Trust me, that place is full of weird uneducated people. They don't even have proper light in their residential areas. It is way too dark. But yes, there are some business offices. Do you have the full address of the lady? I can go directly to it and see who I can find there. If needed I can even take detailed pictures or interrogate the nearby people about her. I am always here to expose an ugly scam.

Bella Ayotunde 5 years ago


i am not sure of what is going on

but i believe that internet money making and virtual

money is waxing stronger i want to know how would this $factor money from our membership account get to us in Africa


Shafi 5 years ago

The business model is plausible indeed taking on board the nature of the internet business and its dynamics. The only money driver in internet business is the number of unique users who access a site regularly. This is relatively big asset for internet business than any other asset. If you can come up with a way of getting this intangible asset from the scratch that will assure you selling ads isn't it logical to be ready to share the profit you will get with those who are your main asset? Technical issues can easily be sorted out if you have a ready market for your business and any business projection will start with viability of revenue projections first before analysing other variables. Website programming and designing is not that much big issue now as it used to be during the times when Google and Facebook were venturing into this business due to significant developments in these fields since then.

Wazzub could be guys with no money at all but they have a plausible business idea at hand worth pursuing. Their lack of money (if at all it is true) is not a big deal so long as they have the brain to come up with something economically plausible.

Let's take this simple example. You currently don't have dime in your pocket. You come up with the idea that if you could team up with others to do a certain business then that business can earn say $5,000 a month. Would'nt be wise for you to be ready to give $2,500 for those who will be ready to support you and remain with $2,500 which you couldn't dream of getting it in the first place as an individual? This is,to me, a simple and plausible business model engineered by Wazzub.

If you are too greedy in this world, you will likely end up getting nothing.

These Founding Members who will be defacto shareholders for life will have direct interest in seeing Wazzub grows since the more profits Wazzub gets the greater is their 50% share. Hence they will keep on promoting this website even after the deadline of 9th April comes when the gates are closed for this opportunity. My estimate is that Wazzub will have about 5 million members when they officially launch their site. If these members decide to add just two persons every month to increase Wazzub members who will, in turn, increase their share of profits, it will be about 15 million members after one month since the official launch of the site! Take this trend for one year and you will understand this is a very serious business model worth watching closely as it unfolds.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@GS -- Roseville is just northeast of Sacramento, been there a few times myself. But uneducated town? Come on. :)

@Bella Ayotunde -- glad you believe in the Internet, but can you believe PEOPLE behind this venture, who won't even show their faces, except one slick-talking never-succeeding serial-MLM guy?

@Shafi -- there is no service of Wazzub, therefore there are no users. Everybody just sign on for the promise to get paid... if ever. The business may be plausible to you, but the "expected growth" they claimed is absolutely bogus. "10 million new users a month", yeah right. You don't even know who they REALLY are or what they really do! All you have is a bunch of empty promises and insinuations.

If a person comes up to you and tell you "I'll be the next Bill Gates, give me your contact, and I'll share the profits with you", you'll laugh him off as a wacko.

So why is it that when a website says "We'll be the next Google, give us your e-mail address and we'll share the profits with you", you believe the website?

goosegreen profile image

goosegreen 5 years ago

Awesome Investigation and Hub. If there were more people like you there might be less people like them.

GS 5 years ago

Duh, didn't you see the people in the stores? They are horrible looking. I feel ashamed that they are part of California. They don't even have universities nearby.

Jaller 5 years ago

Okay so after spending hours and hours in the internet trying to find out if wazzub is true or a scam, I finally found this very informative blog kinda site, which finally brings down some interesting facts! Thanks for that!!

At first I was very convinced of the concept they have, because i see it actually working (explanation later on). But when I went on searching through the internet lots of doubt came up in my mind with all those fake company addresses..

But you know why I really have the highest doubt that this is something real and not a scam? Because of how the website looks like! I mean come one, this is definately one of the worst looking websites I have ever seen, no way that this builds up trust into their words, that they would actually release "a state of the art" website on 9th of April.

As for the first release date was set to 1st of April. This probably really means they are not out of the western cultured world. But if you were about to collect emails and fool people, you would research that date, and wouldnt want that something (like a first of April Fools date) underlines the possibility of a scam. You would be a bit more intelligent and not set it at that date. That being said I guess this could really just be an estimated date of finishing set by the engineers of the website.

But back to that ugly website! Lets presume those guys really are some Indian computer geeks, that just didnt know about that 1st of April thing and they really do not have much money and start out of nothing. Seriously? This website is SO UGLY its unbelievable. I buy Magix web designer 7 for 100 Euro and with very poor knowledge of coding i create a very good looking very well designed webpage within a week easily.

Well they say, they kept it simple, cause of lack of server capacity. But there still is a difference between "simple" and "horrifying ugly".

So if I am confronted with such a site, I always ask myself, why would I do something like that, like what would be my purpose?

Maybe they created it so ugly, so you wont forget it, BECAUSE it was so ugly? Maybe.. we dont know that.

There is only one thing I really dont understand. IF this concept (which is great in my opinion, and it definately could work if done right) was about to have success, then there is no way else, but to reveal who you are, where your company is and give at least a little somewhat of a kind of a proof, HOW you want to be able to earn money. I mean we all know the theory, that they will have the Best startupwebpage ever, with all your contacts, emails, personalized news, personalized daily deals, your emails and a powerful search engine. In THEORY this is everything one would need and if done right, coded well and designed at least efficiently, this really COULD work. Simply because the idea of getting money for recruiting for this site is amazing and really does have a snowballing effect. The only way to compete against those Web giants like google facebook and co. is to build up a huge memberbase from the start on, so the word gets spread far enough. And this is done by a simple snowballeffect. Baiting the first users with the earnmoney for recruiting system gives you a private little (maybe not so little) recruiting army, that will even go on recruiting after the official start, because they want the website to work, so they that earn money.

But exactly there lies the problem. After launch, you can only recommend this site to a friend or some internet guys you know, if it actually is looking good, working well and has a USE!!

But you dont know whether it will be like that, because those guys, who we dont yet know who they are (maybe will never find out) wont show or give us any kind of proove or facts..

Which brings me back to my first thought: What do they want to achieve? And in conclusion that they would want a really high memberbase (1,5 mil is what they pretend they actually have, is not near enough to survive the first month!) it simply doesn't make any sense to NOT show who you are and WHERE your company lies and to NOT give a little bit of a proof of the site you are working on (like screenshots/functions whatsoever) and thus lower the chance by far to get new members.

I mean if they had proof that this was a real project, I could really investigate time into that thing and alone get you about 1000+member snowballing the effect to 100,000 members and I bet there are more of my kind that aren't convinced so easily.

And the REASON they are not showing proof of what they actually work on CANNOT be that they are afraid somebody comes up with a similar idea and/or steals it BECAUSE it is nothing really new, its just a Mix of every single website you use mainly, i.e. google and facebook packed into one startup page.

That leads me to the same conclusion the author of this article found out: Its a very unlikely not a scam.

The reason is simple, they create a mailing list of gullible people and sell it to the next similar based website, that will pay a good amount of money, because having a mailing list itself is worthless. But having a sorted mailinglist of 1,5 million people that are all gullible to a certain kind of promises without proof is worth quite an amount of money, even considering the fact, that probably half of it are just spam/fake emails.

I will try to contact those wazzub guys, with your site and what I just wrote, If they come up with yet another useless explanation without proofs or facts or they wont reply I know for sure its a scam. If they do reply I will post it here

so long best regards,

Jaller (fake name sorry :P )

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mflansburg 5 years ago from Minnesota

I know there's Posters out there that are telling you that WazzUB is a scam, or a "FISHY" business deal. and they have the right to that opinion. However, Im here to disagree, first, WE are growing faster than ANY OTHER COMPANY IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET. Just Look us up at And Now facebook has pulled their page, And No Longer allows anyone to post a link to WazzUB's sign-up page. To Me this is ROUGE BEHAVIOR. This whole thing is BIGGER than You know. There will come a point when You remove the WOOL from your eye's, But by then it will be to late.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Jaller -- "scam" has several definitions, but it basically is a mismatch between perception and reality. Wazzub thus far is just a bunch of empty promises, so there is no "reality" to compare it to, and it seems they chose some names and such to intentionally create some odd perceptions. I mean, why have a name that says "investment" when the company's not Investment related?

@mflansburg -- the problem with your (well, Wazzub's claim) is you can't prove it as they control the counter. They can put any number they want on it. If the number's published by Nielsen online or Comscore I'd believe it. Given the amount of dirt Wazzub had swept under the carpet and only exposed by third-party I wouldn't believe their "growing faster" claims. Furthermore, being "popular" or sign up lots of people doesn't mean anything either, as it's called "Bandwagon Fallacy". Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's true. It just means this "viral campaign" is a success, but that's because they have people like YOU pushing it, not because the company itself is a success.

MarkGamse 5 years ago

Looks like they're gone!

The .info page seems to either be down or "off the air"

I was just checking it out and reporting on it as one who tried, and as I went to my daily check in to track the numbers, I found the page not loading, the Facebook site down, and no replies from our friends on Twitter!

Of course there is still a chance that it's just a technical issue, but it's not looking good!

If you have no objections, I'd like to come back and post my final synopsis on WAZZUB and the power of we!...once I give the situation a bit of time to self-certify.

Thanks for all you do!


kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author says "we're building a new home for our family" is inactive.

Source code says the page was built with MS Frontpage. :)

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birdslover 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

Ahhh feeling exhausted after this read.


Wong Gendeng 5 years ago

My sister also has deleted all her wazzub posts in her FB wall... She didn't tell me why, and I didn't ask her either. She stopped promoting this stupid thing is more than enough for me... :D

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Wazzub membership counter proven to be merely a Javascript count-up counter.

Wazzub Charity Funds thus far has not registered with US RIS, making its claim of being "non-profit organization" dubious and potentially fraudulent.

Joe 5 years ago

I stand to be corrected isn't there something like affiliate marketing on the internet were people promote website's goods and services by referral links and make money out of it ,and that is not considered a scam.why are people eager to judge wazzub as scam ? I am not in favor or against wazzub.but give them the benefit of the doubt.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Joe -- while affiliate marketing is real, can we really count what Wazzub did here as affiliate marketing? They are not marketing anything concrete, merely a lot of promises thus far they have not bothered to prove they can deliver.

Affiliate marketing, like Amazon Affiliates, markets Amazon's books and other merchandise. But how exactly do you market Wazzub, which doesn't sell anything nor provide any service? IMHO, Wazzub doesn't count as affiliate marketing, but merely "viral marketing", and the only thing it markets is its name, as it provides nothing other than a promise to share profits.

Given all the OTHER questionable behavior they have engaged in (why have a company called GIT Global Investments when it's not investment nor global, and not a company called Wazzub Inc, why no name of any of the founders and corporate officers, etc.), I question whether giving them benefit of doubt is a proper choice.

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markgamse 5 years ago looks like is back online. now requires a username and password, and the email/password combination from the .info page does not seem to work.

Other than that, nothing new to report really, just touching base here before I head over to blogspot to report the happenings of the last days and think up a strategy to continue to truthfully market "The Power of We!"

I have to say, that of the few programs I've reviewed, the controversy over this one far exceeds anything I've been involved with!

For the record, I do what I do because I thought it would be interesting to take some of these "opportunities" for a test drive, and even more interesting to provide a "from behind the wheel" view to others!

Thanks for listening, and for being the thorough investigative reporter you obviously are.


Kiara 5 years ago

@Wong Gendeng

Your sister did not delete her posts on Facebook...Facebook blocks anything, notes, posts, pictures with the link "Wazzub" in it.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@kiara -- so even Facebook considers it to be spam... well, guess that says a lot, doesn't it?

claret 5 years ago

Smells like an investment scam to me not a scam on teh 'pawns' that they are enrolling. We have 3 shadyish companies that seem to link, all trying to pass themselves off as 'investment' companies.

Internet Global Value seem to be trying to recruit investors in to thier apparent 'portfolio' of mainstream internet businesses. Odd then that they should be behind creating one dont you think? Almost a baiter to investors or a sieve for investment money that they collect (oh, we invested it in this GIT Investments project called Wazzub, look, its all over the internet, and...oh, no, look its not worked out). Just speculation mind but the company setup wreaks a fraudulant odour.

And this UCC parent of Internet Global Value...Common - soundalike name with another investment company, and I would guess a completely unsubstantiable investment portfolio of $140m or what ever it is.

I dont think I beleive the average Jo will get done over here. But I wouldn't waste my time with it on the basis that there is no way it will succeed. Someone is sucking through money and the wazzub site is just the shop window....

Julie 5 years ago

Dear Mr. Kschang (?!) that your real name? `Cause if not, you might also be a threat to all of us! And since you have no picture, we can think either you have something to hide, either you`re not that photogenic to share your beauty with us, the readers...

I`ve spent about 15 min, trying to understand your concern, until got bored and jumped a few of your "researches". So, I was wondering, if it took 15 min for me to quick-view your post, how long did it took you not to write, but to dig for this "super-high-information":)? I assume that you`re still trying to disguise those dark circles around the eyes caused by sleepless nights, sacrificed for the good of mankind...Congrats, you`re a hero!:) It`s just one small problem, there`s no harm in the middle. To scam someone means,in my opinion,to bring someone a material damage, to ask for money actually and as far as I know Wazzub, dear Mr. Kschang, doesn`t ask you to provide more than an email, which is needed for signing up. And if, lets say, it`s a SCAM as you say...let it be! BIG DEAL! we, the ones that have registered, lost nothing but some clicks. Your "researches" issues show nothing else but the fact you have a lot of free time and nothing real interesting to do. I mean, you should go out sometimes, you know...get a life and mind your daily problems. Hope you`re not mad and that my comment will be allowed.

Regards, Julie.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@claret -- so your theory is it's a fancy version of "pump and dump"? Someone else had the same idea. personally I think it's too much effort.

@julie -- if I'm a busybody who did research for nothing, what does that make you, commenting on nothing? :) Only those people who insist on baseless insults and pointless ridicule will be denied. You haven't crossed the line... yet. :)

The point is... Wazzub thus far is just a lot of empty promises, so why do people believe in it so much? It's no different then dropping your business card down a wishing well. "It *could help*, and it couldn't hurt." Sure.

Julie 5 years ago

Let me tell you, Mr. kschang, that if you did not get my message right doesn`t mean I`m pointless,it means you have to read my post again and again until you find the main idea. In my post I said "we, the ones that have registered", that means I`m a member of Wazzub.So I have the right to comment, to express my opinion on all information that has been revealed about the subject. And further I selected one of your arguments, the name of Wazzub,which you say doesn`t have a strong proof of existing. Well, your name could be in doubt too. Please share us your real name, a picture, something and then I`ll retire my first question. Of course, I`ll make a second question: if you`re a normal person and you are not registered on Wazzub, then what`s your problem with this "SCAM"? How Wazzub can harm you? And IF (just saying)you were one of the "30000 employees" of Google or one of their "engineers", than you shall want perhaps to be the owner of "month employee" titile or something? Your point is going ...where exactly?! I only admire your dignity of allowing all comments to be seen.

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johny50 5 years ago

Mr Gee DaCosta - pinoy?

FACT:you'll never see one pinoy real happy unless he has another kabayan to talk to. So the slogan they choose - THE POWER OF WE

FACT: pinoys love music (the quality is not a necessity) - see The Damsel

FACT: pinoys need idols to imitate- i have never seen one to trully action by its own model

FACT: their followers on T are mostly pinoys

FACT: charitable - which is the perfect "place" to beg for charity if not a comunity of ... lets say 10 mil of poor catholic believers with internet access (total population 90 mil)

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@julie -- so only those who're in Wazzub have the right to comment on Wazzub? Sorry, but the more you talk the less sense you make.

My name is not hard to find. I don't reveal it because the facts I dug up stand on their own. I am not using my reputation to prove anything. Thus my identity is irrelevant.

Wazzub, on the other hand, has NO proof that they can accomplish what they promise, and as they don't reveal any names they have no reputation to fall on either.

Thus, your continued question about my own identity would make you a troll. A very polite troll, but a troll nonetheless. it serves no purpose other than to distract from the shadiness of Wazzub.

@johny50 -- Gee Dacosta appear to be Portuguese or Brazilian, not Filipino. There was a picture of him on Wiziq, but it has since been replaced by "man holding a ton of money" picture.

Julie 5 years ago

:)) now you`re funny:)) and say I`m pointless/senseless. I`ll make it simple for you:

My question to you was: What are you afraid of? How can Wazzub harm you? Why do you care about us, the users/ not users yet?

I posted here because I`m an Wazzub member, that`s what I said (you asked me why I commented on your post if I think your work worths noting, remember?)!!!I never did say that only Wazzub`s users can comment on the subject, DUUUHHH!!!

And, by the way, if someone happens to have the same name as I do, and you type my name on google (pictures),and further you find a picture there, does it mean that I`M IN THAT PICTURE?! NOOO! You don`t have the proof on that one either! See?! That`s my point: you are obsessed with obtaining information...

And since you don`t want to reveal your real name, we can easily assume that you wanna hide your id, either because you have other interests, or you`re afraid of smt!

Stop being so polemical!

As I said before, if it`s a scam, let it be! You are safe! Users are in GREAT danger:)))

Regards, Julie

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@johny50 -- if memory serves, looks to be a normal/thin white guy with thinning hair and wire-rim glasses about 30 or so years old.

@Julie -- as I told others before, your attitude regarding Wazzub is about as logical as throwing pennies down a wishing well. There's no proof that it works, but "it couldn't hurt".

As for whether I'm obsessed in finding information, it's called due diligence. Since so many Wazzub-ies didn't bother doing their due diligence, I thought I'd do it for them. Call it "public service" or "busybody". Same thing.

And as you refuse to accept my logic about why my identity adds nothing to the discussion about Wazzub, my conclusion about you being a polite troll is proven.

Julie 5 years ago

:)):))public service, huh?:)) That means you don`t have a stressful job, have you?:)) It`s good to know what a well-meaning person you are!

Lets say you`re right, and that it`s impossible for Wazzub to work (according to your post, you can not build such a strong/big business with so few resources). Let me remind you about Facebook... At first, it was just an idea, a game or maybe Zuckerberg was going after having fun with his college roommates. Initially, facebook was available only to Harvard students, but guess what? Those fellows saw that facebook turned out to be not only fun, but they actually could make a business of it and they did! We all know how successful it is now! Wickipedia says that after seeing an opportunity in Facebook, a lot of people wanted to be part of it. So, I quote "the ownership percentages of the company are now as follows: Mark Zuckerberg: 28.4%,[59] Accel Partners: 10%, Digital Sky Technologies: 10%,[60] Dustin Moskovitz: 6%, Eduardo Saverin: 5%, Sean Parker: 4%, Peter Thiel: 3%, Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital Partners: between 1 to 2% each, Microsoft: 1.3%, Li Ka-shing: 0.75%, the Interpublic Group: less than 0.5%. A small group of current and former employees and celebrities own less than 1% each, including Matt Cohler, Jeff Rothschild, Adam D'Angelo, Chris Hughes, and Owen Van Natta, while Reid Hoffman and Mark Pincus have sizable holdings of the company. The remaining 30% or so are owned by employees, an undisclosed number of celebrities, and outside investors."

Further, I know for sure that the main idea of the SCAM Wazzub isn`t bad at all!!! I mean, if Facebook was such a great success, and they ( the founders) did not offer anything to their members, I can only imagine how it`d turn out for Wazzub project(if it`d be real), when people will be paid. It`ll be a boom!Agree?

What do you think that "scammers" and potential investors will do when they`ll see some millions of people registered on the SCAM? I`d say they`ll take advantage of that chance...(I WOULD!!!)A little bit from here, a little bit from know:Power of we:)))))

Sorry if you think I`m wrong! I`m just open-minded!!!

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Julie -- Facebook *does* offer a service free to its members.

As of now, Wazzub has not offered a thing except hope and promises, none of which it has backed up with ANYTHING.

If you prefer to call believing in empty hopes and promises "open-minded", then perhaps, you are a bit too trusting of strangers.

Julie 5 years ago

That`s it! I`m tired! Good luck!

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

For those of you are are not tired... "Julie" is from Romania (or at least posting from a Romanian ISP).

Julie 5 years ago

:)):)))R U SURE? And, YES, I do have some romanians friends. Maybe one of them will eventually find out your real name right now:)))Thanks for the tip!:D

U mad? It seems that way! Chill!

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Julie -- guess you are no longer tired, eh? Care to discuss Wazzub some more, or are you going to go off on a tangent again?

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Julie -- how's the snow outside? I think your area will clear up tomorrow. At least that's what the weather forecast said. Radulescu is still mayor, yes?

dan 5 years ago

Lol.. after reading julie's comment..

Btw kschang, thanks for d info.. helps a lot..

Julie 5 years ago

Now, Kasey, Kasey...Kasey:)) I see you are very busy in minding "others" problems.

According to some researches, you`re not being taken in serious by anyone! It must be related to your we all know, what sounds "chinese"(chan-chan) it`s always a cheap imitation!:)But since I don`t judge people by these criteria, I will respond to your comment.

Sometimes, you see, psychological problems need help, if not a professional one, then else! Have you ever had a date? A REAL date (not an imaginary one)? I mean, this frustration MUST come from somewhere. There are your 2 options :theraphy/ pills [for every type of pathological condition (mental:D)]. I suggest you both, it`s safer;). If you hurry you might still recover...

AND, lucky for me, I`m not in any "snow danger", but I wouldn`t ever laugh about people who are! Didn`t your mommy taught you God`s teachings?! It could happen to you too!!! Guess this is it: different country, different education...

Only best wishes, Julie:)

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@julie -- only you don't take me serious (oh, and a few other Wazzub-ies). Your next non-Wazzub related comment will be directed to /dev/null. I'm leaving the current one up here to show the world you insult me instead of discussing Wazzub. That's the sort of people that support Wazzub. You have a good day now, snow's melted by now, I think.

Julie 5 years ago

:))And your post before mine was it about Wazzub?

I only responded. And it`s your call if you alow/ don`t allow my posts. Anyway, I`m not interested in talkin` to you from here on.

Good luck in your researches and have a great life.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@julie -- I allow myself the same lax standard as I've allowed you. As you don't have anything Wazzub related to say, well, goodbye. Hope you enjoy Bucharest's weather.

Claret 5 years ago

Just a little research line I followed this evening. Might be a red herring but feel free to fill in the gaps:

Maximum Profit Now, Inc (oddly used to reside on the same server as Wazzub, but myseriously dissappeared when wazzub started). You might find some cached google pages if you are lucky, but essentially a members based pyramid scheme. Yawnsville scam. - - ummm, smell the language being used. Sounds very familliar doesnt it. Funny thing about this site is its links to maximum profit now - giving testers a free membership. Also, if you did google cache any of the maximum profit now pages, you may have noticed the language selector as the same (Don't be too suprised when you see this on the wazzub site :)

Apparently the purpose of this site is to pay people to test sites :) Ahh, ummm, the puzzle pieces are dropping - This would be a nice way to boost web stats wouldn't it.

Michael Anthony DeBias - He's the guy named at the bottom as CEO - Any of this sound familiar?

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Claret -- the language selector is standard code to bring up the Google Translator, nothing special there.

The guy who runs that test website thing has 2 other websites, using the same Adsense ID.

There are many similarities between it and Wazzub, but there's not enough link to suggest they're run by the same people. Same tactics and empty promises yes. You *could* say they have the same MO, but not enough to say they're the same people.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Okay, I see what you're thinking. was on the same server as MPN is now a dead website. There's another scam-y sounding website called on the same server, which is ALSO out of business.

All three are registered through GoDaddy, and hosted in Germany. Wazzub didn't use a proxy to register though. The other two did (or used to).

Circumstantial, but doesn't prove much.

Claret 5 years ago

I agree. Circumstial; doesn't prove much, but it certainly rings alarm bells in my head. Just thought i'd throw it out there for others to do thier own digging....

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Well, it was the third name we were able to attach to this Wazzub thing...

Gee DaCosta we know is a serial MLMer.

There was this "Michael Anthony" who's in some other MLM, but his number ended up as Wazzub's phone number.

Then we found this Michael DeBias, who had apparently designed a deal that sounds almost exactly like Wazzub, and also happens to live in Las Vegas, same as Wazzub.

The plot thickens!

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mflansburg 5 years ago from Minnesota


Good Morning To You Sir.

First of all, let Me say that IMO Julie is out of line, talking to anyone that way. WazzUB takes a dim view of this type of behavior bu any of it's members, and would more that likely terminate her/his for this kind of a post.

As You know, I'm a WazzUB member, and I have no problem with Your beliefs, and I believe Your hub is a great place to discuss WazzUB. Maybe You can offer Me a little information on why Facebook, pulled WazzUB's Facebook page, and now won't let Anyone Post Personal Links on their own homepage to WazzUB? This seems like rouge behavior to Me. And why has Facebook decided to offer an IPO so close to WazzUB's Launch?

Just looking for some input, and thank You for trying to stay non-biased.

Mike Flansburg

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Mflansburg -- Mike, I suspect Facebook got tired of all the spam the rabid Wazzub-ies (not you, you're nice and calm) are putting on Facebook. However, for actual reasons you'll need to talk to Facebook. As for the Facebook IPO thing, you know I have a dim view of conspiracy theories in general. :)

@Claret -- thanks for your pointer. I think I found who the "real owner" behind Wazzub, thanks to you.

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Turns out, Michael DeBais' middle name is Anthony.

Claret 5 years ago

Yeh picked that up and got a phot0 of him on Google+.

I've not done much more but was going to have a more detailed look this evening. You think we are on the money there?

Claret 5 years ago

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Not sure if it's the same guy. Name matches, but the website makemoneywithnocost is registered to a Michael Deluca.

Claret 5 years ago

Does everyone in this MLM business space have 'De' in thier surname :) Deluca, Decosta, Debias...

Name matches, location matches, associations with internet marketing people match. Doesn't mean its him of course.

Claret 5 years ago

Oh....You checked the url out right? ?

Hhaaahaha :)

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Forwards right back to Wazzub? Yes, I did. And notice that he didn't use an affiliate ID, whereas everybody else did. That in itself, is quite... suggestive.

Claret 5 years ago

GoDaddy says that Makemoneywithnocost is registered to our friend Michael anthony :)

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Darnit, must have old data then. :P

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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Hub updated with latest info: Michael Anthony DeBias is probably head of Wazzub, and he really tried hard to hide this association by putting some other MLMer out as the chief promoter.

Claret 5 years ago

Nice updates :) Good job on the whole thing and best of luck going forward!

Janet 5 years ago




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kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@janet -- 1) calm down and turn off the CAPS LOCK. CAPS=SHOUTING, and makes you looking like you're a raving lunatic on the net.

2) Wazzub has NO credibility because it made a lot of promises and has yet to FULFILL any one of them. It has generated a lot of buzz, but buzz is not credibility.

3) I don't speculate on WHY. I document the WHAT and HOW.

4) You don't know if Wazzub is here to stay or not. They say they are, but they can't prove it, and thus far, refuse to. They offer a lot of "explanations" that makes no sense, and offers no facts to prove any of their explanations.

5) Don't I also know you as knight888? I've seen that Wazzub referral ID before.

Janet 5 years ago

1)The only reason I wrote with caps on was to stand out from all the other comments on your blog.

2)When it comes to credibility very few startup will have it. Its common sense theyre in their infancy.

3)You have every right to comment on the What and How. Just like I have nothing to loose trying with Wazzub.I can also say to you (What if your wrong?) and How would that make you feel at the end being a naysayer? One can always oppose but will never move forward. A little Hope can get you really far in life.

You also made comments about people joining the Wazzub family are gullible and probably with little money. The interesting facts about the people joining my group are that for the most part they are all business people who have thrive with success in their lives, It makes me wonder if we must all be that gullible in life to be successful.

I have over 400 gullible yet very successful business people who have join my group. What does that say to you?

4) Your right I dont know if Wazzub is here to stay , Just like I never new if Google or Twitter ,YouTube and so many others would be worth billions one day. If we could all read between the lines we would all be wealthy.

5) Knight 888 is not a referral ID Thanks, Janet e58fc.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

1) Then you are indeed ranting

2) You are the one that said they lost their credibility. Now you say they don't have any to start with. So which story is it?

3) I don't deal with "what ifs". My opinion is based on facts I uncovered. Your opinion is based on faulty logic and blind faith.

As for who joined under you, that observation is only applicable to your group and not the alleged 1.5 million Wazzub-ies. You've committed the "genetic fallacy".

4) Google and Twitter don't hide their owners and make empty promises when they started up. Comparing them to Wazzub is like compared a masked child vs. child of a celebrity and claim they will both be famous later in life. Bogus comparison.

5) I was referring to that string after your name. Though your deliberate misinterpretation says a lot too.

Janet 5 years ago

1) I won this argument (Touché)

2) I’ve worked for many startups and once they would launch their software some succeeded and some did not and in my own professional experience the ones that did not were the ones with weak financial backing and bad marketing .Wazzub as already won in both fronts even before launch (Genius) Dont expect Wazzub to reveal their full product line before launch .Everyone loves a great surprise.

3) The ifs is the protective factor in Wazzub it is the great mystery campaign.

4) Mystery is one of the greatest attraction, It is the reason why you wrote this blog,you are desperatly trying to get to the bottom of this.Why do people question the universe or even god because we are all attracted to mystery.Wazzub could become one of the greatest marketing strategy ever used online. Why are you hiding your own identity Mr.Chang ?Why are you using an Avatar ? Could it be that you are not who we believe you to be? I wonder who you really work for.

5)To start with you should of worded your sentence correctly ,It seems that every time I win an argument you fabricate a new delusional arguments. Why are you trying so hard to prove that you are right , is someone giving you browny points? Its getting to be very suspicious.

I have attached my full reference # what is there to hide? (Touché)

I hope you join my group before its to late Mr.Chang ?


Claret 5 years ago

Kathy and Janet I believe :)

No wonder you are protective Janet. 100K a month is a big sum. I really hope it works out for you. If it doesnt, then at least you know where to look to track down the person that made those promises to you :)

Janet 5 years ago

Hi Claret and Mr.Chang, I was hoping you would post my last comments.

I thank you for the linkedin exposure posted by Claret I picked up 2 more members.


janet 5 years ago

Hey!!! Chang ,You have not posted my last comment? you hypocrite.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Janet -- now you sound just as rabid as "Marissa" above. I don't read this 24/7. I don't approve comments right after you write them.

As for your points...

1) You go ALL CAPS. I point out it's impolite, and you claim to have "won" the argument? Clearly your definition of "winning" is only in your head.

2) You have NO PROOF that Wazzub have solid financial backing. Thus, again, it's all in your head. You also did not acknowledge your own change of story, first claiming they will lose credibility, then claim they have no credibility.

All Wazzub has is a bunch of empty promises (we will pay, we are this big, we will be this big, we are like Google, we are like Facebook, etc. etc.) There is no Mystery that you claim.

3) So you're saying Wazzub is one giant "tease". That in itself is deceptive, isn't it?

4) A business don't need mystery. A business need to sell a product or a service. Wazzub have not proven they offer either.

5) Why are you trying hard to prove Wazzub is legitimate with absolutely ZERO proof other than what's in your own head? I am beginning to be very suspicious of your ties to Wazzub as so far you are just throwing out one sorry excuse after another for Wazzub without offering any new information, where new "spin" explanations on existing info. It *could* be this. It *could* be that.

Apparently you have convinced yourself that this would work and therefore you must combat anyone else who presents facts that challenges your beliefs.

Claret 5 years ago

Same Michael A Debias? Picture looks like an old one (look closely for similar features) and has a contact in common - John Houck. Just another touch point rather than being of use for any further info:

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Claret -- it's interesting to note that Janet's partner, Kathy Blake's wazzub blog on blogspot is no longer there.

Furthermore, various Wazzub-ies LinkedIn profiles are gone. Are they going to accuse LinkedIn of joining the Google and Facebook conspiracy now? When there's still 1180 Wazzub search results in LinkedIn alone?

Janet and Kathy seem to hail from Canada, Whitby or thereabouts to be exact.

Claret 5 years ago

@KSChang - Well arguably, the blog does infringe the terms of service that google set out:

"Spam: Spam takes several forms in Blogger, all of which can result in deletion of your account or blog. Some examples include creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings, posting comments on other people's blogs just to promote your site or product and scraping existing content from other sources for the primary purpose of generating revenue or other personal gains"

Sounds fitting of most Wazzub blogs and sites I have encountered :)

Claret 5 years ago

I have access to the wazzub site - Not sure facebook should be too worried lol.

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DMartelonline 5 years ago

I thought I was good about doing research on these types of scumbags but you do better than I do (I don't have the patience to dig that deep!). If it's ok I'd like to link your hub to my blog with a bit of commentary!

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Rudy -- While I appreciate your invitation to "Wazzub Community Networking Site", it doesn't add to the discussion: "Is Wazzub a scam?"

I don't block Wazzub links. As I said before, it's a part of the anti-spam system Hubpages had implemented that's beyond my control.

@DMartelonline -- please do, the more people see the truth instead of the blind devotion most Wazzub-ies show, the better.

profile image

DMartelonline 5 years ago

@KSChang Done and I sent link to you via Google+ Thanks! Doreen

Rudy 5 years ago

It does add to the discussion if "WAZZUB is a scam?". If you were investigating on something would it be better to get inside and be apart of the social system or are you afraid that after doing so, you might find yourself believing and realizing the real potential of WAZZUB.

Furthermore doing so might also change your view about WAZZUB and with that you will realize that all of the hours, days or months researching trying to prove and persuade people that WAZZUB is a scam turn out to be false plus the fact that your reputation could be in jeopardy.

Perhaps that is why you don't even show your real photo incase your report turn out to be the opposite. You can just go ahead pack your bags and take off and assume another identity. I understand you need to protect your reputation because this is the only way earn a living. ? I hope you post this one and not delete it like the one I posted earlier.

Get the real deal about WAZZUB by accepting to sign up as a member and take a tour of our Social Networking Community from the inside, you got nothing to loose but your pride…hahaha

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Rudy -- how does discussing Wazzub member community prove that GIT Global Investment / Wazzub is not a scam, when I never said it's a scam in the first place? Did you even READ my conclusion?

I want to know, and prospective members want to know, about GIT Global Investments / Wazzub, the people BEHIND the whole thing, not the members, the folks in front. Or to borrow Wizard of Oz metaphor, I want to see the Wizard behind the curtain.

The fact that you are "daring" me to join shows your (lack of) maturity. As for your "daring" me to reveal my identity, you are welcome to read my profile.

My report is completely true and publicly verifiable via the various links I've provided in the article. Thus it cannot "turn out to be the opposite". Facts are just facts. Facts don't suddenly flip. Only interpretation of facts can flip due to new facts emerging. And my interpretation and analysis are separate from the facts.

It's now obvious that you never read my hub. I recommend reading the whole thing through before you make any more comments that demonstrates your ignorance.

Claret 5 years ago

@Rudy - I have had a look on the inside; indeed I sat through the whole of Gee's awful presentation yesterday just so that I could get a look inside. I'm not sure what was worse; his constant Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuping or the site once I got a look at it.

The fact is that so many people have gone out on blind faith alone to recruit people on the promise of money, that they are now completely blind to the fact that what you see in front of your eyes is nothing more than anyone could set up (and arguably alot would do it better) with a social networking PHP script. Personally, I think you guys are just relieved that there is actually some kind of product there behind this rainbow that you are chasing.

The fact remains however that the whole operation was driven marketing first, product second. This still indicates that the end game is not about the product at all. All you saw yesterday was a bridge in the trust cycle to take you one step closer to where they want you to go.

So, go ahead, fill out the 3 pages of personal details that they request when you register. After all, what have you got to lose right? It's only your email address you are giving them......

profile image

DMartelonline 5 years ago

The fact is that this post isn't the only one calling out these idiots: is another one. Not to mention the words "investment" in their name is a bit spooky and when you see their business lists them as providing ".... Personal services including babysitting, shopping, personal assistants, and laundry services...." Seriously, are people REALLY that gullible ....sigh

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@DMartelOnline -- that's probably Dave. He was one of the first (even before me) pointing out the absurdity of Wazzub's claims. Though I did address that "personal services" angle above already. Seem to be a mis-categorization.

Rudy 5 years ago

Go where, do you know? UHMMM, that's exactly what I thought. Pure speculation... By the way you sat on the entire presentation, thanks, your just as curious as any squirrel who wants to take a bite out of a nut.

I am not just relieved, I'm ecstatic because now as a marketer we have something on hand to present. But for your case, it's getting closer and closer to proving that all of your fact findings was just a waste of time, that will definitely hurt you deep.

KSChang, sorry but this is the last time I am going to post in your blog. You know I have to enjoy life, family, friends, work and continue marketing WAZZUB. It will not be too difficult to find you, I just need to turn on my laptop and click on your site if I decide to come back after April 9th , that’s a maybe, good or bad or even both just to see where would this blog lead to. So farewell and best of luck to you and the unintended confusion your blog site might give to its readers.

kschang profile image

kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@rudy -- I don't have a blog site that covers Wazzub. I have ONE hub that dug up facts about Wazzub that i think people should know before they join. There's nothing "unintended" or "confusing" about it, except to marketers, such as you, who completely ignore / left out the information you don't WANT people to know. So you label them as "confusing". And you appears to be ecstatic about not asking perfect reasonable questions.

As for the presentation, doesn't mean anything. People say say anything they want. It's called Freedom of Speech. In fact, it is perfectly legal to LIE, even about receiving military medals. (US Supreme Court will rule on that soon) and thus far Wazzub have demonstrated VERY LITTLE willingness to expose REAL information, such as address, ownership, business model, and so on.

Thus far, you don't have anything to prove Wazzub is NOT a shady business who hides and obscures real information. You don't know who's behind it and what do they REALLY do. You simply don't care. You're marketing smokes and mirrors, and you're ecstatic about it.

I hope I am wrong about Wazzub, but you haven't (and Wazzub haven't either) shown me ANYTHING to disprove my conclusions.

profile image

traged 5 years ago

Exactly the info i have been searching for! Many thanks for this hub mate...

trudat71 4 years ago

with any start up business, especially new, there will be speculations drawn up about there credibility and so forth as to whether they are legit or not. mr. ching, or whatever your name is, you keep stressing that they haven't registered there charity organization as of yet. Maybe that's because they didn't launch the site for it until this past weekend! They are still in prelaunch with alot of areas of there business model, and won't be finalized until Jul.2012. But you don't mention any of just rant about in a way to not call them a scam, but have (outdated info) about Wazzub so that people who read your one sided blog can go along with your suggestive twist that they are. To everyone reading his blog, he is clearly getting some kind of compensation for his efforts of thrawting away any further growth of a brilliant company like wazzub, to kill the potential competition at hand

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@trudat71 -- new legitimate startups publish all about their company's leadership and technology so people would believe in it. Wazzub has done NONE of that.

Who launches a charity WITHOUT the paperwork done beforehand? They registered the BUSINESS before they launched Wazzub, didn't they? Sorry, the story doesn't fit the facts

I don't and can't evaluate stuff what wasn't there. I deal with FACTS, not empty stories like "details to be finalized".

If Wazzub have MORE details to add, they are welcome to publish them so I can add that to my facts and analysis.

As for "one-sided", facts have no "sides", only interpretation of facts. And interpretation is dictated by logic. If you can find any problems with my interpretation, please share them, instead of make random accusations.

There is no proof that Wazzub will be "brilliant". Tell me, WHAT PROOF has Wazzub presented that has convinced you that it will be great? And why?

firman afandi profile image

firman afandi 4 years ago

I really really feel sorry for those who believe that wazzub or any scam website will give ton of cash just by simply spam their promotional code through out the internet..

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Have received word that LinkedIn has also banned profiles that featured too much Wazzub spamming.

Wazzub-ies blame "conspiracy" to drive this nebulous "startup" out of business.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

Oh yes, don't you know KSChang that it's a real job? After all Indeed accepted their posting(s) ... oddly enough showing in 2 different as a "profit sharing opportunity" and one as "Business Opportunity". These guys prove the Barnum theory - there REALLY is a sucker born every minute. Congrats on the 100% on the post btw: ) seems like you've created a bit of a stir ;)

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@DMartelonline - The rating goes up and down like a roller-coaster. I've seen it hit 100 before. As for Barnum, P.T. Barnum never said that. :) It was attributed to him by one of his competitors, and it got stuck. And he never disclaimed it, as it adds publicity. But the sentiment is shared. :)

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Added an update about appearance of various Wazzub "fan domains", which proves that Wazzub doesn't care about their names used by other people. This is very reminiscent of the TVI Express scam, which also allowed its members to register "fan domains" to promote itself.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

yes :) I was aware of that but for the uninformed I figured it's more "plausible"

I have found another scam site that is far more rampant than this one btw: It's hard to believe anyone falls for this crap

profile image

mehedi244271 4 years ago

thnks for infoming.

kole ojo 4 years ago

Comments posted, either positive or negative are welcomed. They are all learning processes.

Wazzub from start made it clear that they are a start- up business. Therefore, we should not expect them to perfect all areas of the business. The questions that should bother us is, is this business model practicable? Is it sustainable? How is Facebook, Yahoo and other social networks making their money? Can they do the same?

Can anyone recall how much facebook promoters put into the project at start up stage? Can that be compared with what they are earning today.

Let us address the real issues, it is not about inappropriate address, location or non disclosure of the promoters. The issue is, are these people working and committed to the project? They have said in their postings that the website will be in stages. Which implies, what we are seeing now is not the final product. So why can,t we allow them some time to come out with the final product before criticizing them. What they are doing now may be strategic. When Facebook, yahoo and others were at pre- launch, only few people were privileged to know. they never disclose as much as the wazzub team as done. To prove that they are serious, they have put in place a temporary site where members can interact.

Well, the truth is that, since no one is asking me to part with my hard earn Naira, i will surely give it a trial. If they are successful,i will be part of the success story and if they fail, they can always try again. My $factor is close to 600. The counter is real!

Let us give them a chance and encourage them. Every success story comes with an idea. Let us see the experiment as well as the outcome.


kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@kole ojo -- It is interesting that you posted questions, but managed to ignore the major question you posted yourself, namely "Can they do the same?"

You talked about whether the business model is practical and sustainable. First of all, Wazzub have not PROVEN they have a business model. They *say* they do, they SAY they want to be like Facebook and/or Google (depending on which announcement you read). So far, the only thing they put up seems to be a cheap "community" script you can find OpenSourced.

AND they now want your address, your real name, and if you read their terms and conditions, they can ask you to show your real government ID. The business model may be sustainable, but is that REALLY Wazzub's business model?

And furthermore, have they demonstrated ANY ABILITY to run, lead, and prosper with such a business model? The answer is a resounding NO. The ONLY name they have released is a serial MLM person who had pushed six failed schemes in six years. I was able to track down another person's name who is similarly launched several failed ventures, and he had intentionally hidden his name from multiple sources by dropping his surname.

That, plus all the suspicious behavior such as strange addresses spread over multiple states, not revealing and updating their real address (until questioned by critics), keeping their leadership hidden, and so on and so forth, means this company is one giant blackhole: information goes in, and never come back out.

You claim they have disclosed a lot of information. I say they have said a lot, but NONE OF IT PROVEN OR CAN BE VERIFIED. They offered explanations, but offered NO NEW INFORMATION.

Wazzub has NO PRODUCT other than this "wazzub community" that was recently launched. I can launch a "community" website with freely available resources in about 4 hours (or less). Thus, this "community" thus far does NOT validate Wazzub in any way, and in fact, its further request for information real name, real city, etc. makes it even MORE suspicious than before.

No one has asked you for your money... YET. Yet you have given them your e-mail address, your real name, city and country (if you registered for this "community"). They now know you are willing to believe in this "pie in sky" concept where you do very little and get $$$$. That is worth a lot to people who may not have the best intentions for you.

Facebook, Google, and such are unique for their time and was encouraged. Wazzub offers nothing new, all the people I found linked to it are prior failures, and the whole company behaves suspiciously ever since it started.

If you think such a company deserves "encouragement", please go ahead. It is your freedom to do so, just go in understanding that you INTENTIONALLY ignored all the warning signs along the way.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

Does anyone remember All Advantage? The Model: "The "general" idea was that you signed up for free, you signed others up for free and the site would then "share profits from advertising" with the members. " very similar to Wazzub: You can see what happened with this company by reading their Edgar filing. Their capital: hundreds of subscribers, they were going to be the next best .com company ever:

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Well, I did mention Yuwie, a MySpace clone that paid members for referring more paid members. Died in 2 years.

muntakin 4 years ago

kschang sir, plese tell me the summry i belive you.

is it scam or there is a chance of success?

kole ojo 4 years ago

Nr. Chang, there is no point trying to throw away the baby with the bath water. Wazzub never made empty promises. They were very clear about their mission, which is still in work in progress. Every promises made by the wazzub team has been fulfilled.

For example, The put up a contest, that will reward people for their efforts. If you are privileged enough to visit their community page, you will see the list of winners with their full names and the amount in us dollars awarded to them. I would have expect you to investigate this and find out if they indeed made payments or not. This would have afforded you the opportunity to test their integrity.

You have been questioning the integrity of the wazzub team, can you in honesty tell us whether or not Facebook, Yahoo, Google disclose their financial backers at the pre-launch stage of their project? Can you also tell us in all honesty that they disclose their products and how they intend to achieve their objectives at the formative stage of their projects?

Please note that there are business secrets which you need to guide and treat as sacred at the formative stage of your business. For example, Coca Cola,has refused to make public the formula combination for the production of their products.

It will be naive of wazzub team, to start disclosing their business secrets at this stage. They are heading somewhere and they must remain focused, devoid of distractions from people like you.

The world is full of money, and everyone has the right to access it legitimately.

I strongly believe that wazzub is real, and we will support them whether they pay us or not.

Have a blessed day and remember: Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to.....

spectra 4 years ago

good info here. i joined wazzub under an email i dont use plus have a paypal not connected to a bank account,safty first. however take it with a grain of salt. come april it will either be the biggest aprils fools joke in the history of man or people may make some good money out of it. mr kschang you did alot of research here my hat off to you, good job very informative. you didnt bash wazzub but came up with some quesioning facts. all i have to say to everyone is us all the info you can get and make your own dissision and be safe doing it. like i said i joined but im being very carefull in doing so. sorry about spelling and grammer, in a hurry. thanks mike

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@muntakin -- I rate their chances at success as negligible to none, but that's my personal opinion.

@kole ojo -- so you don't HAVE any evidence to prove Wazzub / GIT Global Investments will succeed or even CAPABLE of succeeding. You simply BELIEVE they will succeed, yet you cannot articulate a proper reason. Is that "faith"? Are you thinking with your heart, not your head?

@spectra -- when April comes, Wazzub will claim they are still in "early-stage launch" and will delay the end for a few more months. In fact, they have already done so. (Read their blog)

I have no problem with discussion. I have problem with blind faith (with no particular reason to back up this faith and refusal to admit it's blind faith).

Nare Anthony profile image

Nare Anthony 4 years ago

very interesting...

Quarma profile image

Quarma 4 years ago from Lilburn Georgia

*sigh* when I am going to quit trusting People :( I wasted 5 hours on this wazzub - nice idea. I wish I would do research first....thank you for yours.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@sman2sahrul -- your comment, which just says you joined and you got 50 people to join under you, and gave a URL (which just cloned Wazzub's website on Blogger), is denied. You're not adding any useful observations or comments.

solava profile image

solava 4 years ago from Philippnes

I rather give a chance to Wazzub to deliver the goods than speculate negatively. So far so good. The time frame is on April 9, 2012. Payday is set to May 15, 2012 for the month of April. Wazzub is a Scam: You decide. But if Not you will be receiving a life time residual income month after month. How can you be paid if you cannot be properly identified Wazzub will pay to real people not to robot, that's the reason you should provide real data. Every real business does that. You do not need to be an internet company to do business on the Internet as long as you have the capital, comply with the laws and you are in business. If you have changed your mind and want to be a part of this new paradigm doing business on the Internet, here is your last chance:

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@solava -- do you frequently hand over your real name and your birthday and such information to some random website on the Internet merely because they PROMISE to pay you in a few months? WHAT exactly has inspired you to be so trusting?

Your statement about "you don't need to be an internet company to do business on the Internet" makes no sense. So are you saying that Wazzub, wanting to be Google and Facebook, is NOT an Internet business, but merely do business on the Internet? If so what is its business? Your story makes no sense.

Also, it is interesting that you did not refer to the official Wazzub website or community site, but to one of the outside fan domains registered by unknown individuals out to capture your information instead of Wazzub.

If this is the sort of logic you are justifying your decision to join and promote Wazzub, I hope there are more intelligent Filipinos near you that can convince you to come to your senses.

"No matter how much care is taken, someone will always be misled." -- Filipino Proverb

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

@solava what is so freaking interesting about your comment is (A) the name you use here and the name on the referral page (presumably yours) isn't the same and (B) what's even MORE fascinating about it is that the link on the page supposedly belongs to someone named "Kathleen Clore" and still even MORE fascinating is that it also diverts by yet another scammer named wazzubreflink at "3 dollars jobs" just how many of you are using the same account? Seriously you all are a bunch of clowns drinking kool aid...what part of laundry service did you miss in his state registration ... DAH

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@DM -- I'm afraid that when people's minds are made up, they are often subject to the "Backfire Effect". They simply do NOT believe facts contrary to what they already believe in. So they then add some post-facto justification for why they ignored the facts.

Solava 4 years ago

@kschang-Your analysis of facts too make to me no sense and have no problems given my birthday and contact info. As wazzub members we have the liberty to work with other members (Katleen Clore is my partner) and workf3dollars is an affiliate program that provides cloaking services to its affiliates. Of course you are outsiders, therefore you not know what is going here. Now if both of you do not know much about "facts" it is natural that you will be writing about anything under the sun. My question to you DMartelonline and kschang is how much do they pay you to discredit and under-mind Wazzub's project? You are not there incidentally "writing" you have your own motives. You will come to your senses sooner or latter. In the meantime, stop writing bogus and nonsense hearsay based on fabricated data. If you want to be serious why not interview Wazzub's admin, starting with GeeDaCosta, if you are in the USA just drop by the office and have a first hand information so that you don't have to mislead the public about Wazzub. If you have changed your minds and want to be a part of this new paradigm doing business on the Internet, you are welcome to join us:

barbiedoll89 profile image

barbiedoll89 4 years ago

This is the best HUBPAGE ever....GOOD JOB

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@solava -- you claim I don't understand. So instead of explaining things you simply claim we're "outsiders" and know nothing? As you are already a member, we've established that YOU don't have problem handing information to Wazzub. However, you have yet to explain WHY should ANYONE ELSE do so.

And please spare us the "which competitor are you working for" random accusations. It is NOT relevant to whether Wazzub is worthy of trust. WHY do you trust a company who haven't even made their owners' names public?

I am NOT misleading anybody about Wazzub. Everything I found is true and verifiable. Perhaps you should consider the fact that Wazzub have not released these facts, and who is misleading who by hiding information.

This is not a new paradigm. As I documented before, Yuwie tired this a couple years ago. It barely survived two years. It may be new to you, but that doesn't make it "new" to everyone.

Rui Ludovino 4 years ago

This blog is a sad joke of people that know nothing about business or money in particular these two (kschang) and (DMartelonline)!!!!

Adrian Respati 4 years ago

I think anyone who makes Wazzub. would be very foolish if they just do a scam. or simply collect email ..

only about a month away.lets we see how the controversy continues Wazzub

If I were them I would use it for a longer period of time in a professional and profitable. Instead of just doing Scam.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

forget it...I am not going to make another comment because I'm done with the nasty emails I'm getting ;)/....KS Chang this is a case of leading a horse to water. I've never participated in these kinds of bizarre schemes and this is why. These guys are delusional and no matter how much logic you use you're simply going to be told "you don't know anything". When they learn that we're right you'll never know about it anyway.

First lesson for free 4 years ago

WAZZUB is a company like google, yahoo, facebook....

These companies are profiting billions of dollars every year because of us the users but do we get a share of those profits?, NOPE!.....


This is why WAZZUB was created, to share 50% of the profit with it's users and to give the users the opportunity to earn a profit every month for life but only to those users who have signed up before april 9 2012 (locked in their position) and it is 100% free to sign up.

Where does the money come from?......... Money comes from millions of advertisers that pay companies like facebook, google to have their business shown to the audience (the users).

Remember there's billions of users using google, facebook and the advertisers will go where the users are.

Just amazing WAZZUB getting as much users as google and facebook, WAZZUB will profit billions and will share 50% of the profits to those users that signed up before april 1st 2012.



Special Info about Scams:

If someone is going to say that Wazzub is a scam, that person is just dumb and here is why!

A scam involves money invested, given or lost.

Since WAZZUB doesn't ask for money, ask you to invest any money, or buy or sell anything, and you don't ask anyone else to invest, buy, sell or give any money, where is exactly the scam? No one has given or lost any money, and never will.

First lesson for free 4 years ago

kschang why that someone should believe in you or whatever you say if you don't even have a face!?

People are free to make their choices and don't need advice from someone that does not even have a face !

barbiedoll89 profile image

barbiedoll89 4 years ago

Do you know something about Zurker ? what about them?

Wazzub 4 years ago


to you kschang you must be like 6 years old when people post comments and you see that you do not have an answer then you delete them how professional and credible you are!

Go to school and play with your playstation and upload some pictures I like to see peoples faces when I communicate with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean 4 years ago

And why should we trust you Kchang, you can't even show your face...

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Rui Lodovino -- so you have nothing to add except insults? Guess that shows how smart (and foul-mouthed) Wazzub-ies are.

@Adrian Respati -- I agree it would be a dumb scam, but all the evidence is pointing that way. It's not a scam... yet. It's only telling a very ONE-SIDED story, and signing up a lot of people with empty promises. So WHY are so many people so convinced that it would work?

@Barbiedoll -- stay on topic please. If you want to request a review of something I suggest a visit to

@First Lesson -- sorry, but your first sentence is already bogus. Wazzub CLAIMS to be like Google and Facebook. WHAT has it shown you so far? Just a signup page and supposedly a community profile for you to fill in and some forum (you can setup one up for free in five minutes).

You believe they will accomplish everything they claim they will do. I don't believe until I actually see proof. That is the difference between us.

So what exact is your lesson about? Believing in random claims on the Internet?

Care to explain WHY you believe in Wazzub? So far, nobody except mflansburg above tried to answer with any sincerity. Most of you can only repeat unproven Wazzub claims.

And I never said Wazzub is a scam. You need to read my conclusion more carefully (or have your eyes checked).

(And don't bother posting a second time)

As for me having no face, why don't Wazzub have a face other than this Gee DaCosta who's NOT the head? Who really runs Wazzub? And what does me having no face have to do with how Wazzub hides information that I had to dig up? Why do you insist on raising irrelevant issues?

And I did not delete your post. I manually approve comments to cut down on spam. But thanks for demonstrating your desperation. You are the THIRD Wazzub-ie to accuse me of censorship just because I manually approve comments. And you're the THIRD Wazzub-ie who can't deal with the facts I dug up, and instead must raise irrelevant issues and make random accusations.

You are the one acting like a six year old, not me.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Sean -- I never asked you to trust me. I asked you to evaluate and verify the facts I have uncovered, and the logic that lead to the conclusions.

Wazzub is the one that you are trusting. Why do you trust Wazzub?

lima1 4 years ago

@kshang - what do u think of this one?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@lima1 -- already mentioned in the subsequent updates, which are just before the conclusions. AFAIK, they are NOT registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, thus their claim is potentially fraudulent until I see IRS document stating so.

Lila 4 years ago

Well I see no proof of it NOT being a scam and I see NO proof of it being a scam. I guess we will all have to wait and see what happens. I´m excited! This was so entertaing to read, believers aginst non believers. I still think we need to give Wazzub a chance, you never know what will happen next and what if it´s all TRUE, if it´s the next BIG thing on the internet?? If not, oh well the fun will be over, end of story, THE END.

I´m excited to see who is right and who is wrong, what are belivers going to say if Wazzub is sucessfull, and what are the non belivers going to say as well.Awaiting anxiously the conslusion. This seems like a soap opera, just waiting to see how the story unfolds. I hope this site will still be up many months after the launch date. I´m interested on what Mr. Chang has to say if Wazzub turns out to be the real thing and I also want to know what everyone else (the believers) do too if Wazzub turns out to be nothing at all...Have a good day everybody!

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- the same argument "what can you lose if you trust Wazzub" goes both ways. It's not a scam because... it didn't ask for money. Well, a scam can involve something OTHER than money.

Given all the tidbits they would prefer to sweep under the carpet (like how Mr. DeBias hid his link with Wazzub very carefully by adopted aliases) Wazzub is not behaving like an ethical and professional company. And it is attracting the sort of crowd that does not make very good customers or promoters (IMHO, of course)

There are far less shady opportunities out there to investigate with far more realistic income expectations instead of this "Castle in the sky" "signup people and MAYBE get paid in the future" income opportunity.

Lila 4 years ago

Well you could be right in many of the things you discuss and post here, but "Wazzub" and the "people" behind the it may have no experience on how to register a company, how things should be done in order to look like a real company out there. I´m sure Facebook and Google didn´t know how to do everything perfectly at the begining, they must of learned in the process. Wazzub is maybe making many mistakes as a new company with no experience, but that doesn´t make it a scammer. And you are right also about how mostly of what you say are speculations. They are probably not trying to hide anything at all, that is only your asumption. Speculations can be positive as well as negative, but you have no proof what so ever if Wazzub is going to do all the "bad things" it could probably do with the data and so on. I´m not defending Wazzub, I´m just saying there could be a possibility it could lead to something big. We will never know until it is done(good or bad) then you will have your proof. But if a company is out there trying to build something big and good for everyone it is not fair to make negative speculations and if it´s a scammer (unless it´s a very dangerous one) then yes, you should warn people with enough proof and evidence.

Life is about chances, Wazzub does not seem to me like a ver dangerous scammer and if it turns out to be one,

what´s the worst that can happen? spam? I do not think they will hunt you down and do something really bad since most people live in foreing countries. An if Wazzub does not do what promises and they sell emails and personal info to other scammers, I think people will have learned the lesson and will not believe so easily again if other scammers come along with "castles in the sky". People do learn from consequences and the consequence with Wazzub does not seem life threating or people will loose too much.

This is how the world works, people trust what is known and people tend to not trust what is new. It always has been and will be this way, but someone has to take the first step and do something new, other wise we do not evolve, or grow and we would always stay the same. We will just have to wait and see if Wazzub has sucess or not, if it´s here to stay or it will disappear in no time, but at least it tried and everybody else tried because they do believe in possibilities and in change. People do tend to be close minded, and I do see what you are trying to do with this site, I think it´s good or at least I think you are doing it to try to help others, not just to be a rebel. You try to help people not to be deceived but possibilties do exist you know. I hope you do have hard evidence to come and tell everyone, Wazzub is a definite scam, do not join! but at the end it´s still their choice to join because they believe and it´s their choice to live the consequences of their decision. But if you want to help people do it when you are 100% sure. Are you 100% sure Chang even if everythig is pointing out Wazzub to be a possible scam???

Pardon my mistakes, you must know by now where I´m from and know that English is not my native language.

Lila 4 years ago

Oh sorry, me again. I forgot to add this. Has anybody bought the book in Amazon about Wazzub?? I can´t get it since I do not live in the Sates, but maybe someone who has read it can tell us all about it? Have you read it Chang??

Just curious what can a simple book say about this new company making all this buzz...

Lila 4 years ago

The very very long comment I posted before the Amazon link has been deleted??? How come I see the amazon comment posted and the one before, not posted?? I can see two out of three comments posted, why is that?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- English is not my first language either.

Comments must be approved by me before they are posted to cut down on spam and the non-sensical "Wazzub is great!" comments. (Trust me, there were quite a few.)

Wazzub have MONTHS now to come clean and deal with the situation, such as increase transparency on who is running the company. Instead of doing that, they are only post comments deriding the critics for asking these reasonable questions.

As for what I say is speculation or not, I am very careful in separating the facts and conclusions drawn from the facts. Thus far, NOT A SINGLE Wazzubie have poked ANY holes in my facts or logic.

So please don't characterize this hub as speculation. It's not. It's facts and analysis. Speculation is a guess, like "Wazzub is a scam that will fail in a year.". that's speculation. But then, "Wazzub will rival Google and Facebook" is also speculation. Let's deal with FACTS here.

Thus far, not a single Wazzub-ie can actually articulate a reason WHY anybody should trust Wazzub. The best answer thus far are "it couldn't hurt" and "it *could* be great." Both of which are flimsy basis to trust Wazzub with your real name, city, country, and government ID.

As for the eBook, that's new, but no more exotic than that Wazzub song.

Lila 4 years ago

I wasn´t saying the entire hub was pure speculation, just some comments on your part, even though you were careful about them I saw a few asumptions.

Well just a suggestion and out of curiosíty could you possibly contact the author and find out how could he write a book about a company that has no transparency and ask him what his facts are, what is his source of information, what kind of answeres can he provide?

I can not imagine a book being written so fast and on what kind of research. Maybe this book at the end has no answeres at all and is just another Wazzub fan, but it´s could be interesting finding out. What do you think?

Lila 4 years ago

I have no idea if it´s the same person

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- thank you for the clarification.

Reading the "preview" portion of the eBooks makes it clear that he spends pages and pages talking about everything EXCEPT Wazzub. In other words, you're paying him a dollar to read his sales pitch. The book size seem to be pumped up by inclusion of a lot of stock photos, judging by the sample chapter he made available.

And yes, Wenke's the guy, serial MLMer, just like Gee DaCosta and Joe Pastor and the rest. The real question: is this guy authorized to use the Wazzub name? Or does Wazzub deem their name to be completely worthless that any Joe Schmoe can use it? Is that behavior of a real company?

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

The Amazon book "is" a sales pitch. According to this it's a company out of Nevada and the Oregon address is an "agent". (let's not go there!). As of now, (less than a month to go) they have not settled on a payment method (PayPal & Bank wire are too expensive)! Plus they claim that in addition to "offering" advertising revenues they will have "paid features" such as "games and pay on demand. So yes, don't waste the 99 cents I had some amazon credit so it was worth it to satisfy my curiosity.

Nina 4 years ago

How would you explain the increasing number of Wazzubs`members, although the facts mentioned above?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Nina -- because a lot of people, seeing that Wazzub have NO reputation behind it, decided to put THEIR OWN NAMES AND REPUTATIONS on the line to promote Wazzub, in hopes of future riches doing no work.

Add to that the fake counter (I've shown above the counter counts up even when disconnected from the Internet) There is no outside proof that Wazzub actually have 1.5 or 2 million members as such a number was not an audited number (like Google or Facebook would have been audited by ComScore or Nielsen Online) And Wazzub have every reason to exaggerate their membership count (to convince even MORE people to join up).

Add people hoping for this thing to succeed WITHOUT truly evaluating the chances realistically... (just read the comments above, none of them can articulate a reason other than "it just may succeed")

It all adds up to one slickly-run viral marketing campaign about nothing but empty promises.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Nina -- Wazzub-ies have been fed a very one-sided story full of empty promises. There's all this promise about making money, about joining the success of Google and Facebook. However, there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE Wazzub has the leadership or resources to do so.

The facts revealed thus far shows that the whole operation is run with off-the-shelf script and design that can be done in less than a week for maybe 5000 dollars (or less). Claims of 2 million spent in this venture is uncorroborated and given what can be observed, simply CANNOT be true.

Yet people are known to fall for "foot-in-door" cognitive trap, where the first information, no matter how fake it is, were given priority when evaluating decisions. And people WANT to believe that you can get something for nothing, much like Fox Mulder's poster in his X-Files Office: "I want to believe"

Lila 4 years ago

Why don´t we have Gee DaCosta come and share his answeres, comments, ideas and clarifications here in this hub. He is the top promoter, he is a true believer, he must have a lot of answeres because to promote something you must have studied the whole business model, if it´s real and most of all if it will succeed. We could just post the link of you hub to the wazzub blog and see what happens??

Lila 4 years ago

Yesterday while I was lookg for the book in Amazon, I started a discusion "About Wazzub" and posted your link there to see if we could get some answeres, but I guess they deleted it. It´s not there anymore. I hope you don´t mind Mr Chang. If you do, I won´t post your link any where else.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- Gee DaCosta, or whoever that is writing the blog, is only interesting in talking up their opportunity and insult their critics. They offer "explanations", not additional information. This comment section is open to all. As you can see, I let comments from all sides through, censoring is negligible.

I already noted that all comments regarding the song, the book, and their blog have been disabled by Wazzub. They don't want to even acknowledge all this information I dug up. They don't want people to know this information exists, or for people to link to info they did not provide, such as this hub on their information. What legitimate company would do that?

I don't mind you posting my link, but I don't want you spamming my link elsewhere either.

Nina 4 years ago

Do you have an idea,or have made a research how far away Wazzub spread out,I mean purely geographical? People from which countries are affected or became involved in Wazzub`s cause?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Nina -- Google Trends suggest that Wazzub has reached every continent except Antartica. Its content had been translated into most languages and spammed onto various forums and free ads websites, and people are translating Wazzub onto their own websites (often using Wazzub as part of domain name, like TeamWazzub, MyWazzub, and so on) and clone Wazzub's website for signups. I've seen comments from indonesia, Nigeria, Hungary, Italy, Eastern Europe like Serbia, and so on.

Lila 4 years ago

Chang, please give me your honest opinion. Leaving Wazzub out of this, does this business model they are supposedly trying to accomplish, in the right hands, done properly and legaly, could it be done? Could this be a way to help millions and millions of poor people around the world and improve the economy maybe not of a whole country but of millions of people? Even charity organizations (as they claim)can be helped as well? I mean, lets also be rational and real, let´s not fantasize too much and want everybody to get rich, but what if with this kind of business model everybody could earn a reasonble good income each month? I don´t know, lets say from 3,000 dollars to 5,000 at the most (people still need to work). A lot of people could live very well with this extra income. What do you think? Somebody should take a real good look at this and see if it can be done. Let´s say Facebook does it properly, could it be done?? Or maybe I am fantasizing too much here. Any way just a thought.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- The business model is feasible... When it was new. However, these are the four questions we need to ask now:

a) Is Wazzub / GIT actually using this business model?

b) Does Wazzub / GIT actually have the leadership to run this model?

c) Does Wazzub / GIT actually have the resources to run this model?

d) Is this model still feasible now, against the folks who are already in the field, such as Google, Facebook, and so on? Microsoft spend billions on Bing and it barely made a dent on Google. The only rival Google now have is Baidu, who's unknown except in China. Facebook now faces no real competitors. Myspace is dead despite Justin Timberlake's promo. GooglePlus is barely registering on the scope, and hundreds of millions were already spent on them.

Do you REALLY think a no-name biz like Wazzub/GIT have a chance to create a new Facebook or a new Google with allegedly 2 million spent (with nothing to show for it) and a handful of people?

The first three questions are easy to answer:

a) Wazzub simply needs to show WHAT will it do and we'll evaluate the stuff and see what are its chances. Thus far, nothing, just a $300 off-the-shelf PHP script for community.

b) Wazzub thus far have VERY CAREFULLY hidden all owners and corporate officers, so there's nothing to evaluate.

c) Wazzub thus far have NO PROOF they have any resources to implement any of their promises. As explained before, their community script is $300. Add another $250-500 a month for dedicated hosting, and you STILL don't come close to "2 million invested" they claimed they have spent and have nothing to show for.

d) was already explained above.

Wazzub made a lot of empty promises, but have delivered nothing. They have not even shown they have the capability or potential to do so. How are we supposed to trust them?

Lila 4 years ago

I think you misundersttod my comment. I said PUTTING WAZZUB A SIDE (pretending it doesn´t exist)I was asking about the business model (which I know is not new), but could it posibly work if a pro like Facebook or Google could develop succesfully this business model they are presenting (again). I´m not talking at all if Wazzub is Facebook or Google´s competition or not, or if it a scam or not. I´m asking could it be done, what Wazzub is trying to do?? Can the business model succeed doing it the proper way??

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- Actually I did answer that. I stated that Microsoft spent tens of millions on Bing and it got nowhere. Baidu is the ONLY competitor to Google and they started a decade ago too, and is only mainly popular in China. Facebook is now so entrenched that nobody can compete with it, not even Google Plus.

So no, I don't see ANYBODY competing with Google or Facebook. Whoever that wants to compete have to do something VERY new and VERY niche-y, like LinkedIn.

(And Wazzub had nothing like that)

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@wkhigley -- I would have to ask you to delete your Zurker referal ID from the comment. I have to deny it, though you're welcome to repost it. In the meanwhile, to answer your comment:


wkhigley wrote:

I just find it interesting how Wazzub has managed to grow so large without offering anything or asking for anything(aside from referrals). Promised money to shareholders aside, if they do launch the product they've described (a homepage that combines search engines, email, tailored shopping results, social media management, etc) I'd be interested to see if they maintain it for ad revenue or try to sell it to the highest bidder asap.


Exactly, they have shown NO capability of actually *doing* anything they promised. All they did is borrow credibility of other Internet companies, "we'll be like that, join us." It's one slick viral campaign, pushed by a MLMer who knows how to generate buzz. Unfortunately, the buzz has no substance behind it, and Wazzub is in fact HIDING anything of substance, like who's running the show.

I have no comment on Zurker as I have not studied it. I may study it in the near future.

profile image

Gull3Bull 4 years ago

Wow! I received a request from someone I barely know to join their Wazzub team. It took all of 5 min to find this site. That Google sure is amazing! WTF do they really think they have a snowballs chance in hell of knocking off the likes of Google, FaceBook?

So many people are looking for a get rich quick plan. This is no different than the Iraqi Dinar revaluation that somehow has had legs for about 2 years. Simple logic tells you that one was all bogus and you still have people waiting for the news that the dinar is going from .00017 per dollar to 10 to 1 .... really? A simple $200 investment becomes several million .... right!

@kschang has done some outstanding research here. As he clearly points out his comments are not based on emotion or interpretation ... just facts. Just like Joe Friday .... just the facts M'am! He has clearly steered away from calling this a scam. We are all left to draw our own conclusions based on the data he presents.

If we are to believe that Wazzub is a legit business, why would they hide the most basic information? Any legit company is going to publish the leadership of the company. Does one of their supporters on here have a legit reason why they would hide that info?

@kschang thank you for this blog. Outstanding background and research you've put together on this business. Very thorough!

wkhigley profile image

wkhigley 4 years ago

@kschang Exactly. It seems like they've actively tried to avoid any kind of transparency. Sure there has been some broad information about the product released, but they've gone through great efforts to avoid releasing anything about the team behind it.

As for the Zurker link, sorry if I violated any personal rule you maintain in your comments sections. I only posted the referral instead of a vanilla link because the site is currently in a closed beta and you or other readers can't check it out without someone's referral.

For any readers that missed that part of the post, I was basically just asking his opinion on Zurker. It's a social media start up that's giving away credits in exchange for referrals. The credits would be exchanged for shares in the company once it gets out of the beta stage of development. I bring it up because I've heard people compare it to Wazzub quite a bit, though it does actually offer a functional, albeit perhaps a bit rough around the edges, product that users can already test. I know there are referral links floating around empireavenue and reddit if anyone is interested in researching it a bit.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Wkhigley -- I apologize for not explaining the restriction in advance. Wazzub-ies have been trying to spam the comments for a LONG time. You may even see a few of them slipping it in not as a link, but merely their ID. If I disallow them, to be fair I can't allow anyone else to post theirs either. And this has NOTHING to do with me favoring one "opportunity" to another.

wkhigley profile image

wkhigley 4 years ago

@kschang No worries. I understand wanting to keep the comments spam free. Like I said, I wouldn't normally throw out a referral link. I should have been more clear that the site is invite only and the intent behind the link.

Angel from Heaven 4 years ago

Time will tell and prove the Truth .

we wait until April 9 and May 15 2012 .

to see the real Truth about Wazzub.

I do hope Wazzub will prove what it has promised by then .

Good luck to every one !

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Angel From Heaven -- And what exactly will happen on those two days that will prove Wazzub was not a scam? Message direct from God? (Hey, you picked that handle, I'm just using it as a joke)

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

I already knew MOST OF THE INFORMATIONS (except the Anthony De Bias picture which seems to be easy founded on G+) given in this article. My friend in Illinois, he's a programmer, did all the reasearch, and came to the same conclusion, that ALL WAZZUB INFORMATIONS FOUND ON INTERNET CANNOT SAY THAT THEY ARE SCAM, AT THE DESPERATE LEVEL THEY MIGHT GOING TO SELL THE MEMBER EMAILS. So, I asked for how much? $5.000? $50.000? How much do you think Wazzub have cost all these much? You know, you do not have to TELL all those informations unless you know that some people are needing it. To be true for yourself, you would keep it simple to the reader's mind, because it's not your worriness that impacts, but your exageration words that lingers. This will not be a good experience and even to welcome a new breed of Internet technology. I joined Wazzub, because I want to be a part of Internet knowledge for the future who wants to do the same. So, that they can learn from all the mistakes. I am very much closer to Gee Da Costa on Skype Renaissance forum than any other member of my country. He seems not always pleased by my questions-out-of-curiousity. I throw ideas to provide better incomes, I suggest freelance Translators the thing Facebook did, and I was questioning of what rights I am on taking advantages from nonprofit organizations like orphanages-- which seems not included mostly in a "legal" way to have a Reg.# required by Wazzub, so that they are not quliafied to register to Wazzub Charity. It might seem a bit radiculous question to improvements, but you don't know if your words will take effect to Wazzub. I forgive people do mistakes, I said it straight forward that if Wazzub has been doing a mess and keep trying to fix it along the way, just go ahead and I will support them to make the dream of 10 April comes true. What is said here, is that if anyone don't believe Wazzub because of something that STILL CAN BE FIXED, so there will be rights that only this company can claim to make it through the future. The reason is, when everybody is busy doing their own business, all the best programmer are working on the best company alive, whois going to fix new complains, such as "revenue for the users right"? This has been brought up to the public though.

It seems that Facebook and Google+ has been disrespecting users rights. And by the way, please, OPEN YOUR BOTH EYES, Facebook was cheap until couple months ago with its TIMELINE, and Google, of course keeping up already since 5 years ago what I felt bymyself as a user. But, everyone MIGHT HAVE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS, strategy, as long as NOT THE USERS WHICH IS BEING SOLD! Internet MUST LEARN. And Wazzub is those who already SUNK TO THAT FAILURES, right on the subject!

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

See?? This is what @wkhigley said "I wouldn't normally throw out a referral link". Can you get through it? This means, just as if you think you are to OWN the website of any Wazzub kind of like, YOU MUST SAVE your website, ideas and most importantly the datas. Wazzub will not put any TOO MUCH HARD working on the page. SIMPLY because IT'S TOO MUCH TO FIX, and everything have costs. So, once again, I would say it to myself, if I were to build a website, which if you talk about design, I have a better taste than Wazzub, I have made a good website with HTML when PHP seems most popular to the experts. I don't complain, I listen, but I think too. I know what is said by Gee Da Costa: Wazzub wants people who sticks with Wazzub and keep working on it, that is what the people with less money is going to do. Rich people, they are too busy with their own business, they will not take care of Wazzub and sticks together with Wazzub. So, performance is NOT the big issue. Wazzub is only thinking of how the HOMEPAGE is going to be useful for the users! And SAVE to go through the end! AGAIN... I don't feel bullying anybody to believing it.

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

I have sent a message, before the previous, why not appear as the second one??? Is it too obvious that I am filling the holes?

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

Ewww! Okay, so you need to CHECK frist whether your content is relating to each other???? HAH! The same accusation you are throwing to Wazzub!!

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

@kachang Please release my Comments, the 1st and the 2nd, because I want to know your readers opinions if they come across my post. :-) Thank you.

Angel from Heaven 4 years ago

wait and see

and we will see the truth revealed soon.

it won't be long to realise Wazzub is scam or not .

the Truth is coming soon

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Vitri Dwi Mantik -- I don't exaggerate. I stated the facts exactly as they are.

I do congratulate you on your reading comprehension, something your fellow Wazzub-ies seem to fail to master.

Your first post can be roughly summarized as "Wazzub made some mistakes, so give them a chance.". However, you seem to failed to mentioned some solid reasons on WHY we should give them a chance.

Then you digressed to "everybody else is monetizing the users (why can't Wazzub)". You failed to explain HOW will Wazzub do so, do they have leadership and resources to do so.

You claim to know Mr. DeBias? So is he head of Wazzub?

You claim that Wazzub is now only thinking of Homepage? So what happened to comparison to Google and Facebook? At best, that's just iGoogle, the customizable homepage that existed 5-10 years ago (everybody, from Yahoo! to Excite had that). And is your source official? Care to cite an announcement?

@Angel from heaven -- The Truth... sounds like religion, not business to me.

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

@kschang No, excuse me, brother... I am not telling you or saying I am giving a chance. I am supporting Wazzub. I am totally in for so far. What I said, I have TOLD WAZZUB INTERNATIONAL that "I am supporting Wazzub" which means the whole Wazzub Family. Because, without Family, Wazzub is only a blank home, with winning-nothing. What I tried to emphasize you is that if you take a look at the chance of 10 millions people having a revolutionary financial improvements, the things no company have ever did, what will happen in that such a blooming moment? Not only the companies that adverts on Wazzub will benefits their enterprises cooperation with Wazzub, but also with the members. Millions of people are going to watch over their homepages, buying here and there of their products, simply because they are Wazzub advertisers, the parties that stream them money. And with Wazzub idea in giving out vouchers and coupons, dicsounts for the post-member is attracting little companies to advertise in their own way. I don't say this is for Wazzub Team, I don't think Gee Da Costa has any importance in making Wazzub as big as the dream, but if Wazzub is really as loyal as he did to the members, of what I see from Gee, he is very honest, he has been telling all what you said about him personally on almost every our Online Course on That he has failed and he knows what it feels to not having any money. And his sincere words in telling why such little infant company like Wazzub has to be born that way. I do believe if Wazzub is taken by responsible people, which I was always questioning myself until I found the reflecting answer of Gee, I thought maybe Wazzub will runs sooner and faster. But, how would the future of Wazzub will be if most of the members are not having their most activities in Wazzub? What Gee said that Wazzub is having own people, people who will sticks forever with Wazzub, and do all the activities on Wazzub website, not those rich people will have their own big business to be handled. Then, I thought, yes, what about Wazzub's fate if Wazzub is attracting so many rich people who could do anything to get the $factors and then when when it starts running leaving Wazzub for spending money of their father's left business, fancy cars, nice women and bling-bling? What's left over for the running of the company? Say, you expected nerdies, geekies, and case-hardened programmers to be getting involved in Wazzub activities, do they have any business in doing of Wazzub company strategies? Like clicking Likes, rotating banners, posting most beautiful poses of pictures, attaching funny videos, and even promoting new products of Samsung? I think, that what they would call "stupid". Everybody has their own consideration of inevesting their quality of time, whether for money or just concrete creativity, "which make more sense to them". I don't pursued anyone would do what I do, but, I try to make the members gain their confidence, that all these masters of Internet has been leaving us for prestige reason. I want Wazzub to be on the high rank sometime soon. And, I believe if Wazzub put a little money on the project, the things will turn differently with you or others in putting reactions. I was rather thinking of what kind of personnels are in Wazzub Team, and picturize rightly. I accept them as they are going furthur with better approachment, such as giving more information a little bit openly to the members. Because, it still remains that members area has to be restricted to the public. The members are like those marketing team, those smart behind the project, which indeed, most of the members are from marketing people, they are people who are in the know of Internet marketing strategy. So, I could understand the worriness of scam screamer when they see the poor performance of Wazzub Signup Info, but, at the first glance I was relieved, Wazzub team won't have any big drawback if they have to replace MY Member area if someone is just personally attacking me, as I am the weakest point to attack or on the wrong spot when giving my credential (which I wouldn't do, of course). I know people could attach my Friendster account, and make funny of my friend's Facebook. Email was indeed the second biggest issue that questioned to Wazzub, if Wazzub is to doing scam.

Really, brother... I am also a big fan of simplicity in technology like what Apple did, it's not decoration which you are talking about but protection. Which seems to me, wazzub is doing VERY WELL. Wazzub don't want that their GOLDEN OPPROTUNITY which laid under thier BRILLIANT IDEAS s being stolen. I didn't say that a 12 year old cannot do anything, instead YES those Chinesse gadget maniacs can even mess the whole system of administration of Wazzub like one whois doing the LOVE mail. But, what is left to do with us now in making that kind of dream into reality? We can take a look at a flee market site in the country I live; Holland. The idea is very simple, only taking little cents of every daily adverts with links, the rest is free. I have thought of the idea when I was learning HTML with my husband autodidactly. And then which not even less profits they earning from rally poor performance at the beginning, and still using very childish logo until now. So, when I left Friendster of their typical logo and that heavy loading, I decide that I can fix my profile better just by displaying my own pictures and useful links, I guessed rightly of the colour-picking of Facebook will be eyes-friendly even the design programme which time after time annoying me even when it is by Timeline. What suprising me from Wazzub is that not so long ago our TV programme has broadcasted the news of how much Google and Facebook has earned last year and again talked about it with my husband over how much money a user can actually get from their submission to the Social Network.

I am not meant to monetizing the users, I am meant to enabling the financial of the users.

I don't claim to know DeBias, I claimed I am quite close in the Group with Gee Da Costa. He must recognize me as a very critical member, just as he will recognize other members whois consulting their hard works on making big the name of Wazzub for the pre-launch.

I am just referring as a user not as an expert, so about iGoogle, I have no complain. Wazzub is NEVER mentioning about to beat Google. Wazzub has just mentioned that Wazzub will have powerfull search engine, maybe not like Volunia with comlicated system that will show the best benefit years later, but like when you are searching any belongings at your home, you can find it easily.

You have to go to to find the real source of what Wazzub has been saying about the two particular site which has been inspiring Wazzub.

I have been using not only Google or Yahoo! at 2001, but also such names like Monkey things and other little search engines which you can actually find the applets from free Javascript sites, and even a powerful ones created by some of developing countries. So, I'm surprise if Wazzub would like to make similar to that. Almost every marketing network sites have their own powerful search engine. What's wrong with that?

This is what the members of Wazzub has been misunderstood, and apparently Gee Da Costa has been warning the members of this issue.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Vitri Dwi Mantik -- wow, that's a LONG comment. The problem here is... we know YOU are supporting Wazzub, but what is your message to all the NON-Wazzub-ies intending to evaluate Wazzub?

Also, there is no "Wazzub International", unless they registered ANOTHER company already. There is only "GIT Global Investments Inc" (which, as noted, is neither global nor investment-related).

My apologies for misconstruing your relationship with Wazzub leaders. I understand now you knew Mr. Gee DaCosta, NOT Mr. DeBias. I never questioned his honesty. However, as the only public face attached to Wazzub, everything DaCosta said (and NOT said) is representing the company, and while he may be honest, when Wazzub fail to reveal information any reasonable person would ask, like "who's running the show?" That is reflected on the public relations person, namely Gee DaCosta, as well.

Both Facebook and Google is all about monetizing the users (through ads, among other things). If Wazzub is NOT about that, why is Wazzub claiming to be emulating Google and Facebook? WHAT IS Wazzub's business model if it is NOT about monetizing the users through ads and such?

(And I never said anything about Wazzub beating Google either.)

And yet AGAIN, you failed to provide any proof on how Wazzub will be accomplishing all that, and do they even have the capability and leadership for doing so.

In fact, your entire post can be summarized in one sentence: "I believe in Wazzub (and so should you)." The why was never explained with proof.

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

You were assumming yourself that I know DeBias. Just read my first comment, I never mentioned I know DeBias. You have been pulling me that far yesterday, and still you don't see that I didn't even need to chase away the details. Please, everyone who read this, help Mr. Kschang find his needle in the hay.

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

I think it's about your presumption of negativity of everything. I don't look that way, I know everything on the Internet is not always good, but at least I still can see everything in the good side. Monetitizing user is when a company don't compensate the cooperation with, in this case is, site users which induce money. What is bound between them that is what electrocute the fact that the users is not being monetized. There's no such approval by Google or Facebook, or admittance that THEY are monetizing users and that they are GOING to compensate it. So, what's the balance Wazzub have done if you turn a company who is approving of the importance of the users and admitting to reimburse the damage caused into a statement of delinquency? What is your reason? I even neglected of things that is way out of my reasoning, which you did for every little simple things. And that is WHY the Wazzubies was laughing at you, asking you to go back to the kindergarten. You might be as well as smart, but in the same time you blinked too often. You deny lots of things which is clear to the mind.

Of HOW and WHY Wazzub is going to make any money, that is Wazzub business, which means they KNOW it better than you. If then, you have to bring at least the same amount of people to build such cooperation JUST TO PROVE ME WRONG. Yes, you are right, I agree so I'm right, anyone who wants it is right, that if Wazzub has to bring evidence is that in the course of proving that the idea of bringing it to the public is substantial. And that way it applied to you for I have never been to claim anything that Wazzub is going to do what you are afraid Wazzub about to do. Wazzub is not creating failure to the members. If Wazzub thinks of a failure as a possible eventuallity, that is a self-preserverance to look out for the potential risk. It is as might called self-awareness, knowing yourself.

So to know Wazzub, you have to be in the same club with other members. Join for free, just verify it and get into the Member Area, think of what you are going to do if you were to build an empire within 1 month. And then socialize with the elit members of Wazzub, listen to what they know, their opinions and knowldege about Wazzub. And then hear what Gee Da Costa is saying. If you think you can ask any stupid question there? Please tell me, how?

Because, as to my experience, there is no such promise that Wazzub is going to pay members out of capability. Please go to and tell me why or why not that coolest place for Holland's youth socializing could earn millions of euro. Or the flea market which I believe earns more millions of euro. Holland is a very small country with a=only 17 millions population. And now, we are talking about Wazzub for the worldwide Internet, reaching all countries wherever have Internet. For this, Wazzub take Faebook as an example. If Facebook earns $13,5 billions in the last quarter, why can't Wazzub make 100 millions if it's only to be shared for reaching $factor more than $1 for an expected 10 millions member? Maybe by now, you are agree that yes, Wazzub WILL be able to pay only $1 per $faktor.

You see, if Wazzub were to pay 10 millions pre-launch members, that is already a share holders team, a big marketing team, a big Family, still Wazzub has to pay the $factors of multiplied by 5 Generations. So, that would be 50 millions $faktor to be paid to the members every month. I think, if Wazzub is only initiating people about $1 per $factor, that is not so much to reach, while still Gee Da Costa is being rational by warning that it could go only for $0,85 per factor in the beginning, or maybe less, but, please take hold on it. Because, if we look at Facebook earning $13,5 billions per quarter, means with the better strategy and quality of service in the future Wazzub is able to reach AT LEAST $1 billion per month, or $3 billions per quarter. We are not getting to the talk of $10 billions yet, OK? And let's go back to the $100 millions as the proof that Wazzub IS HAVING chance to share 50% of the profit for costumizing (proper term for rather than monetizing) users $1 per $factor.

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DMartelonline 4 years ago

KS Chang you've just been conned with a really big comment - Copy and paste that into Word and look at how the commenter used the keywords LOL. He did this "long" comment for one reason: To further promote this con game in the search engines (yes I'm rolling my eyes)

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kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Vitri Dwi Mantik -- already corrected who you know... It's NOT Michael Anthony DeBias, the alleged head of Wazzub, GIT Golbal Investment (that is neither global nor investment related). You only know DaCosta. Got that.

I have no presumption of negativity. I simply point out huge question marks over this alleged opportunity once you look past the unsupported promises.

You, on the other hand, is the one who insist treating Wazzub with velvet gloves, instead of subjecting it to a rigorous analysis. Everything they claim, you accept at face value, because DaCosta said so, because he's honest as far as you know.

And I have no comment on the rest of your empty dreams. As I said multiple times before, but I'll have to emphasize once again, WAZZUB HAS NOT DEMONSTRATED THE LEADERSHIP NOR THE CAPABILITY TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING IT CLAIMED IT WILL DO. And neither have you. Thus, you're the one hanging to this pie in sky.

I'm afraid DMartelOnline is right, I have allowed you to spam my comments enough with empty rhetoric. In neither of two long comments you managed to say anything solid about Wazzub. Your future comments will be denied if they are as much like cotton candy as these two comments.

@Dmartelonline -- It's okay, I can't exactly deny his comment because he's keyword spamming. :) After all, I get top billing as it's my hub. :D

Doctorjay 4 years ago

I am totally confused after reading all the stuff that's posted. It could be a scam or it could another Facebook type website in a few years. Anything is possible on the Net.

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kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Doctorjay -- but would you TRUST Wazzub to do what they say they will, enough to give them all your ID info, real name, and so on? Do they BEHAVE like a company that can pull this thing off? Did they PROVE they have the capability, leadership, and resources to pull this off?

I believe the answer is no, no, no, and no. Though you are welcome to evaluate the questions for yourself.

Lila 4 years ago

Wazzub has not been able to prove anything yet because it has not launched the product. That we will have to see on the up coming months. Would this have happened the same way if it was Facebook just starting?? I think so, there are people who believe and make it happen and people that do not. I´m not saying anybody is wrong or right...all we have to do is just wait to see what happens with Wazzub. Patience people!! Oh and just for the recored I did join Wazzub, I want to see what goes on from the inside. I have a lot of questions...

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kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- have they shown any CAPABILITY of achieving what they promised?

If not, why do you think we should give them a chance?

And what have you seen from the inside, other than more promises?

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kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@LazeCharles -- Thanks for your compliment, but I don't "like" ZeekRewards either, but we'll leave that for a different hub some day. And I have to reject your affiliate link. Sorry.

Dr Martin Russell 4 years ago

@kschang - This is the best Due Diligence I have seen since TheSpinFactor took on Dubli -

I took on at but I wish I had your skills (and the time) back then.

Keep up the great work!

Vitri Dwi Mantik 4 years ago

No..., I am not hanging in the sky... It was more like that you put all the hopes in me, whether to join or not with Wazzub. And that I am grounded with that.

I don't think you need that big money to join with Wazzub. You are building this blog of articles because you're rhetorical talent. Really, I DON'T SEEM TO WONDER how you, I am really-really sorry, finally found those datas, because someone with a technology-literacy like me is able to find it too, without having too much questions of whether it is save to join or not.

There is NO PROOF of Wazzub is scam until now, you mentioned it yourself for how many times already up there? What matters to you now is only IF WAZZUB IS really having "CAPABILITIES" of making money. So, why not wait and see? Is it so HARD to hold on to the fact that Wazzub is worth-waiting for?

And, I am sorry for my troublesome post --- I had very bad condition from having bad rest these couple of days.

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kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Vitri Dwi Mantik -- "you put all the hopes in me, whether to join or not with Wazzub"? You flatter yourself too much, IMHO.

I'm afraid I gave you THREE chances to give some SOLID data on Wazzub, and each time you replied with rhetoric and excuses like "just wait and see" when I ask for verifiable facts and info.

Unless you *do* come up with some facts any further comments from you will be rejected. Have a nice day.

Lila 4 years ago

You keep saying Wazzub does not have the capabilty to do what it promises, that Wazzub is just giving out empty hopes?? What are those empty promises you are talking about?

As for what I understand, all those promises you talk about are supposed to be fullfilled on the launch day, April 9; before that you do not know if Wazzub will keep it´s promises or not. All the promises are for after luanch day, not before. So why do you keep saying Wazzub is not achieving what promises? You can not know that now, you have to wait and see after the date. Then you can say Wazzub did or not do as promised

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kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lila -- I said (several times) they have NOT demonstrated they have the capability of fulfilling whatever it is they promised. I didn't say they can't or haven't.

You keep dodging the question and answer "just wait and see". And you just did it AGAIN. Are you INTENTIONALLY misreading my statements? I'm afraid your comment is going into the reject bin if you keep posting something like that.

ODONG 4 years ago

Really the public need to be protected!

deepak mishra 4 years ago

you are a dog and wazzub is elephant ok ?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

More like a mouse PRETENDING to be an elephant...

digitalseer 4 years ago

well you all just have to wait and see after a few months or so

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mflansburg 4 years ago from Minnesota

This Hubpage, is just like watching "All My Children" or "Days of our lives"...... It's all about the drama. Only time will tell, And I have nothing but time.

Benjie 4 years ago

If Wazzub was scam they would have millions of people blogging against them all over the internet.

They will lose all their credibility in a flash not to mention all advertisers involve.

That is the reason I believe they are a legitimate entity.



kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@digitalseer -- clearly, you can't see the future any more than I can. :)

@mflansburg -- but drama doesn't make money, does it?

@Benjie -- it's not a scam... yet. And I believe I am the ONLY person who brought you more details than anybody else, certain more than Wazzub themselves. Go into it with your eyes wide open, not eyes wide shut. Then you would have nobody else to blame but yourself.

Lila 4 years ago

Oh of course drama makes money, tons of it. Soap operas, movies, gossip in magazines about the super stars, even the news cast, talk shows, etc, etc. Life is a lot about drama, now Wazzub will be too.For good or for worse, that we will have to wait and see :)

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@lila -- Soap operas are getting cancelled left and right, and you are confusing GOSSIP with drama.

And everybody, if there's nothing else about Wazzub you want to add, further offtopic comments will be nuked.

Lady Rose profile image

Lady Rose 4 years ago from Taiwan

Wazzub is great! Just imagine how bored all those disemployed scam screamers would be without it! I am all for Wazzub! I met incredible people and made very good friends while promoting it! No SCAM whatsoever where there is no loss of money or ID! Wazzub is just too good and revolutionary for some! Let us be and have fun! Wazzub has the right to be left alone and so do we the members! Go scrutinize and find problems with the real bad guys and scams of this planet, those who handle everything behind the scenes,money, politics, health, food,and power for their own evil purposes: the elite!

jong 4 years ago

i have read a lot of comments, i spent 4 hours and 3 minutes reading. yet i am so happy for that arguements...wweeewww

let us see how wazzub will do!

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Lady Rose -- actually, you just committed a logical fallacy. What you claimed is the people who joined Wazzub is great. That does NOT prove Wazzzub itself is great. it proves that Wazzub "community", at least those you have been exposed to, are great people. It doesn't prove GIT Global Investments (which, as noted before, is neither global nor in investments) and Wazzub are lead by great people.

Thus, the rest of your rant is rather baseless.

@jong -- any thoughts thus far, other than "let's see"?

Terrence 4 years ago

I notice that also redirects to the wazzub signup page.

Who knows how many other sites they have that do the same

Juniorize 4 years ago

Thank you kschang for this informative article. I myself have joined it through a local ad and was about to ask friends to sign up, but now I'm not going to do that and I have a great suspicion that it is actually a scam and nothing good is going to come out of it. thank you for taking so much time and effort to research it.

Dav from Uganda 4 years ago

Thanks Kschang for this great research. Someone had invited me to join but since I am an IT person, i don't just join such things anyhow without first analyzing. By good chance, I landed on your article and your facts are right. You can imagine after disabling my internet connection, the fuckin counter keeps ticking!!

jd 4 years ago

I was going through the webinar in different languages

for India Hindi is the language instead they have mentioned Gujatati. Missplelled A professional company ?

coming to scams I was many times by individuals highly qualified think it is the bread winner for them. 100% they are loose nobody can shake them I brought it up many times nothing happened. nobody cares if people can something here will be great help ! In wazzub we are careful It is Free you loose nothing : go to the oceans instead of piddling in puddles !

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@jd -- it is obviously machine-translated.

As for scams, being highly qualified does not necessarily mean they are not gullible. Very different types of "smart", they are.

There are too many questions about Wazzub that I would not give them anything, but apparently, the IDEA of free money is too tempting to pass up for many people.

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MartinRussell 4 years ago

Thanks again kschang. Still no one has refuted your outstanding analysis!

I've put up a post for my Careful Cash blog readers, and referred people to your forensic dissection. With Alexa showing that these sites are generating huge traffic people need to have their eyes opened up really wide.

anonymous 4 years ago

No free money, they must be seeking something!

marwa 4 years ago

hello it is only 7 days so ,then the truth will come out so if they a scam shall any body tell what are the legal steps should be taken against wazzub or shall we make a group to sue them and get amends lets get ready from now making a huge group to force wazzub if (a scam) to pay us for the time we waist.


face book: mimo kadri

Rholdaniel E. Valete 4 years ago

SCAM or NOT .. I hope the right thing will prevail.. = )

Bogdan 4 years ago

I am also an wazzub memeber and i want to see the pre-launch on 9 april.

Also the first pay day as Wazzub claims to be on 15 may this year.

If all of this will go as they promised i will earn some money! If not it is what it is ;)

Don't be too hard on yourself if this is going to be a scam.

It is what it is ;)

All the best

Michael 4 years ago

I have question for KSChang, do you have any idea, how much would Wassub sell 4 million email of its members? compare to how Wassub is spending to for a team of people to monitor this on going matter for the past few month?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Michael -- sorry for the late reply, had to reset my browser and lost all the bookmarks.

The following is speculation based on common knowledge and cited info. I don't have any information on what the real numbers are.

Any way, 4 mil e-mail addresses is potentially worth half a million, if it really has 4 million distinct e-mail addresses. This list has the additional quality of being members of people who are receptive of the idea "make money fast and easy". However, as many of Wazzub-ies already know, they probably made up a new e-mail address just in case this turned out to be spamy. So the price must be heavily discounted, and this is for one-time sale. it cannot be continually monetized. If they manage to section off one portion at a time and sell in small chunks, they may be able to monetize it a bit further.

In a real e-mail list situation, it could be up to 1 dollar per address, but it's curated list and specifically targeted list. See here for an example:

You can see Wazzub trying to improve the quality of their list by asking you to fill out "community profile" which includes city, state, country, and "real name".

I have no idea how much IT time Wazzub / GIT Global Investment is spending. As far as I can tell, they only have a few employees (less than 20 by my estimate, only one dared to show his name). Their community script is off the shelf. Keyword and shopping are likely off the shelf scripts as well. Developement cost will be minimal Certainly not "millions" they claimed.

A profit sharing spammer that shares its profits with its victims... that's an amusing thought. And no, I don't know if Wazzub is going that route.

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DMartelonline 4 years ago

The "claim" is that they will be "heavily" investing in pre-advertising. But everyone seems to be overlooking something: They are getting TONS of free advertising from the sheeples who are blindly falling for this "pie in the sky" idea. Take a look at their blog and you'll see they have over 12K followers - take a look at those followers and you'll find that over 50% have no images (they're blank), 25% of them are the *same* image and 22% are avatars The remaining (and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt) are "real" photographs.

There is not one single piece of *real* information about this supposed "company" except "the power of we" and "if Google and Facebook can do it so can we"

jan 4 years ago

You have to be more stupid than a monky to join wazzub after reading this.

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DMartelonline 4 years ago

Did you see this?

Seems like the "launch" is delayed and lookie what I found:

guess who owns it (the name that shall not be repeated!)

Timaeus 2012 profile image

Timaeus 2012 4 years ago from Landers, California

THINK well before you speak because your words may plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of some other person.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Timaeus 2012 -- so what exactly is your point?

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mflansburg 4 years ago from Minnesota

@Timaeus 2012 don't waste your time here.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Mflansburg -- Indeed, Mike, if you don't have something solid to add I would recommend not wasting your time here either. You are welcome to believe whatever it is they promised (and they actually didn't promise much).

@Angel -- URL is already in the comments, and sorry, your "worship Wazzub as religion" added nothing to the discussion.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Angel -- your "dare" is too childish to be published as comment here. Clearly, you can't live up to your own handle. Your faith in Wazzub is commendable... but you have no refutation for any of the facts I presented. You simply BELIEVE they will succeed. That is religion, despite your denial. Maybe you should work out your inner conflict first.

sigmundig 4 years ago

When a friend of mine had sent me an invitation and started pushing this thing, I did my research - a different one, though. Given this brilliant (great job kschang) analysis and some basic knowledge of how a business/brand/community is built, this simply could not work. The only profitable outcome in this scenario is to sell those e-mail addresses and personal data, obviously. It is a demanded commodity yet not so well paid for, unless in a great quantity. Anyway, the whole masterplan of beating Google is a pure nonsense - we had a great laugh in the office, seeing the silly website, the song, and Wazzub flexing their muscle about changing the way the internet works. We set our colleague's homepage to wazzub as a joke. He didn't laugh. I am only wondering when somebody finally buys the actual brand and beats the s**t out of them guys in court :-)

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

I approved Angels comment on my blog - you're right - she's (he?) super delusional and it's clear that (she/he) needs SERIOUS help. Talk about brainwashed...and people wonder why I call it fantasy island (evil laugh)

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@AngelfromHeaven -- Your comment is DENIED as you are not adding anything helpful to the conversation. We already know that you believe God sent Wazzub to Earth to save you all), yet you deny worshiping Wazzub. Putting that in poetry form doesn't make it any more potent. I suggest psychiatric intervention before it's too late.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

KS Chang I thought you might be fascinated with this. My "new" post on this written only a few days ago has this for stats:

206 pageviews, 171 exits, 185 uniques

The good news is that more than 1/2 of them are leaving my site and coming here to read your review and the review of Robert Clinton!

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@DMartelOnline -- there are people who're a bit UN-skeptical / naive. I approach life with a healthy dose of skepticism, and I encourage all people to do so. Indeed, we can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink. Same with people. :)

G J 4 years ago

I wont be surprised if kschang joined wazzub and even has referrals too.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@GJ -- then you'll be bitterly disappointed.

@Wazzub family -- keep your self-congratulatory announcements on your own website. There are no solid facts in the whole comment. Who is "Rod" any way? What happened to Gee?

Terrence 4 years ago


the link you posted is now halfway "live", it seems.

Amazing how that is the result of 5 years investment and research. The massive use of reminds me of when i first started learning html :)

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

Terrence yes, I saw that. They have also modified their TOS to say that you now have to put in a verifiable name/email address and they "reserve the right to request photo id including passport". Stop me from laughing....

bravo_one 4 years ago

their ranking in alexa from 12million to less than 100K in less than one week. how was that possible?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@bravo_one -- a lot visitors, word of mouth, "go check this out", fan sites and cross-links, and even Alexa "Boosters"

None of which proves they can do what they promised, of course.

Free Man 4 years ago

It took me hours to read all this and interestingly who is right and who is wrong?

Obviously for some reason its set to play the way its playing out to be.

WAZZUB, what is wazzub? Is wazzub real? Is wazzub everything that is? Is there more? Hmmm........

We need all the facts to make judgements, and we don't, so all this are opinions. Opinions can be right or wrong.

Believers and Risk Takers will take up the challenge while the rest will not. Its a choice we have and only we decide what we want.

Its a game, end of the day there will be winners and losers.

Life is a game, we need to make choices, so which is yours?

There is no right or wrong but did you make the correct choice is the question?

Be Smart, Look at the bigger picture. Don't blindly believe what you hear or read, make your own CHOICE. Everything else don't matter for you are responsible for your choice and your choice only.

So have you made your Choice?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Free Man -- my conclusion is an opinion based on facts that I have compiled.

I am welcome to additional FACTS that you can present, but it doesn't look like you have any to add.

Though I do agree with your conclusion: don't blindly believe advertisements and even "word of mouth". I investigated, and I discovered all these ADDITIONAL facts Wazzub did not make public. Will it change your opinion of Wazzub? That'd be up to you.

Free Man 4 years ago


Hmmm, Never did I say I had Facts, and have been following since I was made aware of it, to get it right.

Honestly till today nobody has managed to convince me if its for REAL or its a SCAM.

Its a very thin line.

Your facts are what you manage to find and is it all?

To be fair, some of your arguments / statements don't hold water, for its what you believe (assumptions) them to be or to turn out to be within the capacity of your logic, base on the facts you have in hand.

Opinions are not facts, and they can change. The same goes to Opinion base on facts. The facts remain the same but the opinion changes. This is a FACT and not an opinion.

So we are back to square one, Is It or Is It Not?

Only time will tell if you made the Right Choice.

Life Is About Making Choices be it Right or Wrong, it has to be made.

Have you made your choice?

Free Man

Revol 4 years ago

@Free Man

Well said. I'm with you.

I made a choice. I chose WAZZUB.

I'm willing to take the risk.

If in the end it's a scam... Then, fine with me. I would still be happy and content. Anyway it didn't cost me any penny to join and invite. Besides that, I was able to make more new friends internationally because of WAZZUB. If in the end it turns out to be true...Then, I would be really very happy. (^_^)

So, have you made your choice?

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

Freeman is a scam artist who just posted the exact same comment to my blog under the name Suresh

Morons and con artists: They deserve each other.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Free man -- so your point is NOTHING will convince you either way? In that case, I guess the question is... what are you doing here and what were you saying besides "hot air"? :)

@DMartelonline -- well, some folks are known to "spam" the same comments over and over. I guess they lack original thoughts. Suresh... Sounds... Malaysian.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

@Kschang - you should see the batch of comments I got overnight. Wazzub has been good for my blog traffic but the koolaid drinkers think that if you're not into this scam then you're the stupid one.

Andrew 4 years ago

Are you for real ?

What the heck has yuwie

got to do with wazzub ?

I'll tell you "absolutely nothing"

not anything like Wazzub..

You seem to be enjoying the scaremongering

end of it all your so called factual info

ended with i dunno ? your conclusions ended with question marks ? there was nothing to be gained from reading your report,nothing but a could be,might be and i dunno

What a lot of twaddle i believe you only did this to

get hits to your

If any of your gullible readers believe anything you say then they are just as foolish as are so funny i will ber laughing for a longtime after reading your rediculous are so unprofessional..good luck and no im not a member or owner or part of wazzub ..thought id add that before your paranoia set in

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Andrew -- Yuwie was the first to claim "share profit with members". Wazzub's claim to be the first "profit sharing phenomenon" is bogus.

I reveal the information Wazzub don't want you to see (and indeed, Wazzub-ies, such as you do not WANT to see).

Ha-ha-ha. Your conspiracy theory and "sour grapes" attitude would surely explain why you're so attracted to Wazzub.

You are the gullible one who fell for Wazzub. Your paranoia made you think I'm out against Wazzub and you. Yet you think I'm gullible and paranoid. Go look in a mirror.

But thank you for an entertaining rant. I hope you are NOT a typical Wazzub-ie. If so, it is doomed.

Andrew 4 years ago


You truly are a dweeb

you only see want you want to see and do not deal with facts,you search for an alternative or a possibilty or a maybe or a might be ,that would be because of your paranoid attitude..

You again are not reading as is i have already said iam not with wazzub,but your paranoid there must be something going on attitude has yet again kicked in,and now you are accussing me of being

Get real buddy and get of your high horse,you cannot go through life mistrusting the world it isnt healthy..

As said you are an alarmist who cunningly makes accusations to gain hits to his website ,you are using companies such as wazzub for your own gains,you are self motivated by your own misguided ego,anyone who pays any attention to your maybes /ifs/buts and could be, is as strange as you..

Good luck

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Andrew -- thank you for demonstrating your potty mouth and gutter mind. As of this post you have yet to present a SINGLE thing I got wrong or in any way prove I am "fearmongering". The only thing you can offer is a blind accusation with zero proof.

Basically, instead of defending Wazzub, you are attacking me. It's "ad hominem" attack, and it's a sign that you don't really have anything substantial to add.

Any further lame attacks from you will NOT be published. You've been warned.

Timaeus 2012 profile image

Timaeus 2012 4 years ago from Landers, California

Read this whole page from top to bottom again and you may see what I am talking about.Looks like this page may be what is called "Demand for purity"

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Timaeus 2012, if you're talking about my page, you can at least point at something specific instead of making general sweeping accusations, else you just sound like Andrew there throwing out random accusations.

Basically right now, the conversation between me and most Wazzub-ies goes like this:

Wazzub-ie: You are wrong!

kschang: care to explain why?

Wazzub-ie: You just are! You must be benefiting from bad-mouthing Wazzub!

kschang: so you don't know why I'm wrong?

Wazzub-ie: why you *&$#*^$*^&!

At least mflansburg knows how to remain polite when disagreeing. How will you behave, Timeaus?

Terrence 4 years ago

While the website has changed the term from $Factor to DealFactor, Wazzub fans are correct in saying that we can't point to that as evidence of Wazzub being a scam as they wrote in their blog that between april and july there would be deal points to accumulate instead of $points. However they "promise" to release the actual figure of the "global $factor" on April 30. Then they say the first payday will be May 15th. Some of my colleagues have been sucked into becoming fanatical wazzubies and I cannot wait for those dates to come along and prove me right.

On there's a thread with more of Michael Debias' previous similar scams:

Terrence 4 years ago

if you can combine the two comments.

The "Profit Sharing Phenomenon" has now been changed to "Success Sharing Phenomenon". That is at odds, even with "deal factor" instead of "$factor".

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Terrence -- I can't combine comments or edit them in any way. I can only accept or deny them.

As for DealFactor vs. $Factor, that was noted in the last paragraph of that section. The explanation is plausible, and is self-consistent. The problem is it doesn't address the actual issue: Is Wazzub, or whatever name they choose to go by, capable of carrying out their grandiose sounding plan? So far, they have shown us NOTHING to prove they could. They can't even upgrade their website to serve alleged 6 million members to launch on time. So... how do they expect to attract additional members, now that the $$$ bait is no longer available?

Joshua Smith 4 years ago

Now that we've determined that Wazzub is an obvious scam, I have come up with a Genius way we can take them down for good, and make sure that they can't sell everybody's emails.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@J Smith -- your URL doesn't work.

XxRazex 4 years ago

Thanks for the heads up, I will take note of it.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

KS could you please delete the comments that have links to my site ... The site was hacked about 24 hours ago and a virus was installed into my code. The hacker was cute too left this in the code "// Silence is golden" ..grin.. I have been able to identify the IP address of the hacker as being in Nevada.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I can hide them and show them when you got it fixed.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I've decided to use Andrew's comment on a new blog I started to illustrate how "confirmation bias" works... with an illustrated example from Dilbert.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

and the newest update: Launch date is up to 8/1/12 and if you want $$'s then YOU have to provide photo id. Imagine if Google forced you to provide your license or passport before you get paid LOL. They are claiming US laws require them to confirm your ID. THEY LIE....

profile image

mflansburg 4 years ago from Minnesota

@DMartelonline Just curious, But what country are you from?? Any job i have ever had REQUIRED you to show PROOF OF IDENTITY. Yes, IT IS THE LAW!

The Immigration Reform and Control Act, 1986 - Public Law 99-603 requires all employers to verify proof of identity and employment eligibility through proper identification Any employee hired after November 6, 1986, will be required to meet the documentation requirements.

What a sad life you must lead.

Im just curious as to how one gets a "Level 3 Commenter" status??

profile image

mflansburg 4 years ago from Minnesota

Federal law requires us to obtain sufficient information to verify

your identity. You may be asked several questions and to provide one or more forms of identification to fulfill this

requirement. In some instances we may use outside sources to confirm the information. The information you provide

is protected by our privacy policy and federal law.

I'm guessing that your not a Political Science or Criminal Justice major.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@mflansburg -- you do NOT work for Wazzub. You are an independent contractor to Wazzub. (i.e. you are not W-2, but 1099). Thus, all the Federal regulations you brought up? Completely irrelevant. They are for W-2 employees. E-Verify, I-9, and all that.

When you throw in the insults, it pretty much confirms you've lost that cool head that distinguishes you from the other Wazzub-ies.

Thanks for playing. It had been fun.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@DMartelOnline -- where did you see that explanation about ID? I checked their various blogs and websites and I can't find it.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

Here is the exact language "May 22 through May31:

Pre-Launch members who are qualified for payments update their profile in members’ area and upload proof of identity.

Note: we are bound by U.S. Law to make payments only to individuals with proven identity.

Our Anti-Fraud Department will delete all cheaters from our data base. Those cheaters who try to receive money by giving personal data will be sued in the USA and/or their country." and it's here:

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

That's not an official Wazzub website, thus their announcement is... well, bull****. :) registered owner of domain is some "steve johnsen" out of bellvue Washington.

Where did he copy the info FROM? If he can't show it, then it's no more than kids playing "pass it on". Somewhere in the chain bull**** crept into the message.

Terrence 4 years ago


It's on their website as well...

from the perfect internet page, top right corner newsfeed which links to

which then invites you to read the full post at

where word-for-word it's exactly as DM posted

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I thought the blog for perfectinternetnews is on Oh, different domain, same website. Never mind.

And why is may1.htm UNLINKED on the website itself? Hmmm?

Thanks for tracking this down.

profile image

DMartelonline 4 years ago

Boy these guys are slick LOL

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

PARTIAL Analysis of that May announcement posted: no less than FOUR uses of bandwagon fallacy.

There's also at least two uses of conspiracy theory, several instances of strawman argument, a potential misrepresentation (presenting a whole building as your "office" when you only rent a room or two inside), among other problems. That analysis comes later.

WAzzubSHit profile image

WAzzubSHit 4 years ago from here&there

I haven't red all the elaborated facts, but I think this "small" update might add another interesting piece. DMartelonline mentions name suresh. And that these guys are slick. Well, they're not so slick and they leave traces like every living creature. suresh is a good companion of gee dacosta and as well as is cliff tavares. All of them are pumping up a crowd of followers who blindly believe. In fact wazzub appears like a kind of religious state to all of them. Which I find it sick. Well, suresh and tavares have been answering comments and giving advice to members who pose questions here: or here, as well as in the comments sections of other webinars. Now, watch these comments of these same guys, it's a real disgrace, not worth a description: (here suresh talks about the payment for 15th of may)

What would you think about that?

After those links had been posted in the wiziq comments section these guys started to perform a strict censorship. They were violating my rights and prevented me to state true facts, which I find not only disrespectful, but also a breach of the law. But I'm not a lawyer so I won't try find conclusions at this point. Besides that suresh was strongly engaged into offering a member support straight there, although it was said they won't be no longer answering questions there, but only within the community environment which can be accessed by logging-in. At the moment they explicitly stated the same, but I'm certain that if someone posts an incriminating info about their activities, they will gladly offer support in the comments section.

However, people like suresh and cliff tavares can not even take the responsibility for a clean "public relations" and "support", how then can they be eligible to run or be a part of a transparent and responsible business? And their collaborator gee dacosta? Let's not loose more words.

That's what I wanted to add to the story,

WAzzubSHit - WASH it

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Full analysis is up

Apparently Michael Anthony DeBias showed his hand in crafting this announcement by recycling his favorite saying, one he used before on that failed WebSiteTester thing and cannot be found ANYWHERE else.

That would make Suresh one of those 20 people that DeBias claims to be helping Wazzub around the world.

Terrence 4 years ago

Nicely done deconstruction of the page. I'm positive as soon as they get word of this that may 1 page will be either deleted or amended.

Let's see....

I find it difficult to argue with people in favor of it as it just becomes a circular argument, if they won't objectively debate. Like a (fanatical) conspiracy theorist, every argument brought up to refute the theory is simply further evidence to them of the conspiracy.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Terrence -- it is indeed difficult to argue with fanatics, who often use "special pleading" or "no true Scotsman" logical fallacies to create 'wiggle room' for themselves in order to discount facts detrimental to their "cause".

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Terrence -- which is why I took screenshots to make sure they can't go "revisionist" on me. The announcement is also mirrored on many member sites and they can't change them all.

Lila 4 years ago

I think this has become a circus. I´m still waiting for the real truth.

WAzzubSHit profile image

WAzzubSHit 4 years ago from here&there

@Lila - How do you mean "has become"? Are you trying to convince someone that there actually was some order regarding that issue?

Just a few minutes away my post was again deleted from wiziq comments section. Do you want to know why? Because I suggested to do the order. When wazzub and git will be approved by ,then we can talk order.

Meanwhile, enjoy waiting for your truth.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

One possible explanation: Wazzub had never need much more than some grandiose promises of pomp and circumstance. Now that it finally "pre-launched", it's pretty clear the whole thing is 99% pomp and 1% circumstance. :D And isn't that what a circus is?

profile image

Terrence Spori 4 years ago from Reading, England

Funny how the PI page now requires you to accept terms of use which include the following:

"Content that is illegal or prohibited, includes, but is not limited to, material, text, graphics, video or audio that: ....."get-rich-quick schemes", etc."

Their latest webinar is over an hour and a half of drivel repeating over and over that it will take time, wazzub rules the internet, etc. He's now challenged the faithful to raise 100 million members by this year. $factor to be frozen on May 3 instead of May 21.

Circus much? More like cult.

stupid 4 years ago

u stupid stop attacking wazzub after all what all see u r pethetic stop u r boring and seem have nothing to do go u are so boring

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Why, thanks for sharing your opinion, stupid.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Hmmm... Did I say 100 million first or did they?

Andera profile image

Andera 4 years ago

My days of caring for online 'programs' like Wazzub are well in the past, but this Hub is absolutely amazing on its own terms.

I wish I had the patience to dig this deep into anything.

Great job, a vote well deserved!

Snithin 4 years ago

Don`t post any more rubbish and foolish things.....stupid

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@snithin -- If you can't tell me why my analysis is rubbish, perhaps it's your opinion that belongs in the rubbish bin.

reagu profile image

reagu 4 years ago from Los Angeles

Very extensive tips on research. I do not know about Wazzub, but I know that there are many opportunistic websites out there who scams people.

cablemanagements profile image

cablemanagements 4 years ago from India

It was nice to read another research paper hub from you kschang ! Earning Opportunities with such big claims and no solid proposal, I never believed them, so no comments on wazzub but it is your research methods which motivated me to go through the hub. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing !

Fransua 4 years ago

What is the risk of sending the ID to USA? Can you be specific?

Fransua 4 years ago

Help Please,I have real doubts, I do not live in the U.S., and I want to know what the risk to send ID, I read all the evidence against WazzUB, but still want to know what the risk, thanks

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

They can always sell the ID to criminals in YOUR country.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

It's end of May, and no update from mflansburg who promised an update by 16-MAY-2012. Wonder if he still believes in Wazzub?

WAzzubSHit profile image

WAzzubSHit 4 years ago from here&there

Can somebody make a review of terms of use on this link (pdf):

This is general terms of use, privacy policy and special terms of use for pre-launch members. Any kind of inspection or conclusion made by a person who has deeper knowledge about related issues might change or clear the opinion of many members who wonder about wazzub and wander around hubs like this one.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Thanks for the PDF. The GTU, PP are pretty much boilerplate stuff, except for that "zinger" about they own all your content (apparently, all ID's uploaded belongs to them too, ha-ha-ha).

The PSP terms are somewhat interesting. While it's NOT ILLEGAL to ask for ID, it's surprising how many Wazzub-ies just gave them up without a second thought. Even mflansburg, a reasonable guy, persuaded himself that the ID's are reasonable when it's not. You don't WORK for Wazzub as employee, so none of the Federal / Homeland Security stuff applies like eVerify and so on.

The only other company that requires photo ID was TVI Express, that I recall, for doing work over Internet.

Fransua 4 years ago

Look at this more information about wazzub of wazzub, what is your comment about this?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Fransua -- I'll write a point-by-point analysis, but here's a summary

Point 1 is somewhat accurate. Little research would show that estimated Internet user is 2.25 billion. Their own 20 million unique visitor statistic was never audited, so there's a bit of question on accuracy.

Point 2 is wishful thinking, not fact. That's like saying "I can sell to the entire world" when clearly there's a limit on the actual reach of the distribution mechanism, not to mention of the people that can be reached, how much would actually be interested. There is TOO MUCH ASSUMPTION of interest or potential.

Point 3 is unverified, as we don't know the sample size, possible bias, etc.. While the number is probably accurate, accuracy / error margin is unknown. Only people who bothered to rate things would rate on Alexa, but given that PI only existed for one month, the ratings cannot be relied upon.

Point 4 the alleged "transparency" is bogus, as thus far Wazzub / Perfect Internet has yet to reveal who is running the show, such as who is this mysterious "Mr. Lee" that allegedly passed away. The so-called profit-sharing phenomenon now requires you to hand over your photo ID from around the world, even though you didn't do any real work for them. They don't need it to pay you... All they need is your Paypal account. So why the ID?

While the "alleged intent" is to weed out the "fake registerers", that is only ONE of the explanations. There are plenty of ways to weed out fakers... By taking multiple steps. Send CAPTCHA codes to accounts and require 24 hours reply (and give up to 3 chances), send a special verification code to the user who then must re-enter the code along with their referral ID, and so on and so forth.

Who is to say that people won't submit fake IDs, or manipulated images? Does Wazzub even have the staff to go through the ID submitted and actually KNOW that the scanned ID are genuine? Can they read the hundreds of languages around the world with the staff of about 10 they have in their Las Vegas office, and the 6 million ID's they expect to get? Come on. Be serious.

The rest of the "webinar" is more wishful thinking and contains no useful facts.

Fransua 4 years ago

thanks for answering, look what i found searching the internet, the name of Mr. Lee and wazzub:

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I can find no record of "Robert A. Lee" passing away in California in any of the obituaries section through Google. In any case, Robert A. Lee is listed as the "incorporator", not an officer. For now it's "unknown". Wazzub is welcome to clarify their statement.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Mr. Robert A Lee is an employee of US Corporation Services, the company GIT Global Investment used to incorporate. He lives in California, and appeared as president in variety of other companies serving as "figurehead president". If this is indeed who Wazzub is talking about, it's proof that Wazzub is HIDING THINGS from us.

from wazzub family 4 years ago

kschang, you are so pethetic wasting your time to prove u r right ,MAN u r sick,this long useless page is nothing but rubish,leave wazzub alone and do something productive u r like a woman whos with ugly face spent her lif criticizing a pretty woman ,u r a hopeless case,STOP MAN,u are so boring,go do something useful for ur country family wife kid even for ur pet u waste ur time go out of the box offfffff

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

You must be one of the "20 international associates" Gee DaCosta was referring to... Are you in Dubai, by any chance? Is your research skill so pathetic that you failed to prove a single instance how my "research is rubbish"? Or is your internet connection too weak to use Google properly?

Serene Chaos profile image

Serene Chaos 4 years ago from Sedalia, Missouri

I don't get this at all. kschang spent alot of time and effort to provide information everyone else is too lazy or lack the intelligence to look up. ALL of the facts presented were backed up in a VERIFIABLE way. Though, it would surprise me if any of the people still singing Wazzub's praises even bothered to verify AFTER all the work was already done for you... Yet people want to jump all over the author for providing a VERY informative public service, FOR YOU!! It's obscenely inconsiderate.

@kschang- this is one of the first hubs I read. Though a bit wordy and repetitive towards the end, I was nonetheless fascinated. I recently got sent a check in the mail. Of course I knew it was a scam, but it piqued my curiosity. I had NO clue the hows or even whys, and even more ignorant about how to research it myself. Until now. I bookmarked another article you wrote about that. I didn't follow the instructions on how to get the money, and I wonder if it would've worked if I had, and what the repercussions would be if it did. But my bank said it was done in a way that they can not PROVE it to be a fake check, however, they wanted nothing to do with it, ande just gave it back to me lol. *shrugs* Anyway... Thanks for some great info!!

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Serene Chaos -- thanks for the kind words. When $$$$ is involved, some people simply don't WANT to hear ANYTHING that denies what they believe in. James Randi, the famous skeptic, called it "true believer syndrome". I can't link to my blog explaining this but you can Google it.

The check scam... should probably be handed to your local police's fraud unit. Large cities probably have one. I know my local police got involved when one of my friends got hooked by a "sweetheart scam". Fortunately he haven't parted with any money just yet, but that's another story.

profile image

Terrence Spori 4 years ago from Reading, England

How is it not raising flags in the fans' minds when wazzub asks not just for legal photographic ID, but a signature as well? And if your ID doesn't contain a signature, you are to sign it on paper, scan and upload it? Totally ridiculous, as well as their declaration that (assuming that they pay out any money) if you ever switch your homepage from perfectinternet you lose your right to any payments permanently.

Plus you must defend them if anything happens, as their TOS states.

Fransua 4 years ago

@kschang thanks for answering my questions, this information helped me a lot, now look at this from wazzub: 3 Days Added for POI Upload, this is not good,

profile image

mflansburg 4 years ago from Minnesota

The Perfect Internet!......... :)

the REAL place to start Your internet experince.

Im thinking this hub/blog is dead. Why did it die? Because the product and the business are REAL, and as everyday goes by, we get bigger and bigger. I really should thank kschang for helping to steer people away from WazzUB, leaving us remaining Wazzubians with a MUCH BIGGER share of the pie! Thanks kschang. Love You man!

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I thought Wazzub did most of that for you already? Out of 6 million alleged members, they said only what? 30K people may get paid as they have enough "$Factor" or whatever?

It's dead because the entire Wazzub idea is dead. Your enthusiasm is not entirely rational.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

It's also interesting what kind of people go surf Wazzub and Perfect Internet. Copied from Alexa just now:’s Regional Traffic Ranks


Tanzania 133

Montenegro 156

Cote d'Ivoire 445

Ghana 597

Lithuania 616’s Regional Traffic Ranks


Tanzania 58

Ghana 149

Kazakhstan 300

Russia 358

Nigeria 368

Have fun advertising stuff to folks in Africa and Eastern Europe, Mr. Flansburg.

Kunal 4 years ago

Kschang@Good research,But PI"s traffic rank is 7000 in usa,and was 1700 yesterday,i wonder why it gets so much traffic ,ranks are 587 in portugal and 3000 in argentina,how can it have such good traffic ranks?

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Kunai -- I'll have to credit their effective viral campaign and catchy slogan: success sharing phenomenon. The parts about only 30K people are going to share any profits, of course, haven't quite propagated around the world, I think.

Popularity of a website doesn't mean anything by itself. It doesn't translate to profit unless you can KEEP the people on the site and keep showing them ads. A portal site doesn't do that.

Greg 4 years ago

You don't know everything @kschang :) And will be better for you (your ads here still need people to watch them) to change your text sound about 180 degrees. Trust me, man! ;)

Mireille 4 years ago

you doubt that you will regret wazzub thing is on

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Greg and @Mireille -- so are you here to discuss FACTS or speculations? I don't deal with speculations unless they are backed up by facts or solid logic, and looks like you two don't have either.

monicamelendez profile image

monicamelendez 4 years ago from Salt Lake City

Kschang I have to say that I'm super impressed that you did all of this research. Maybe if I researched this well, I would do better on HubPages.

profile image

Former Wazzoo fan 4 years ago

First off this wonderful life changing company has a total of three employees in their rented office space. Dan from GIT Investments, his wife and one other person who the others couldn't stand so they all quit. Remember how they needed your personal information to follow all laws...well they didn't pay into the unemployment taxes fund for three months so most of those that quit can only get $100 a week in benefits. Also the owners of this have at least two cease and desist orders against them for the same type of business so they get one of their overseas programmers to sign for anything that requires a signature now. Gee de Costa is also a part of the ownership group and he has always stated that he is just a member like you! Open communications yea right why is their chat box always closed and they kick people out of the community when they ask tough questions?

Remember when they said they had everything ready to go but it would just overwhelm everyone so they were going to release it bit by bit over 42 days....well they are now on day 72 and not much has changed except they are selling knock off, no brand name goods made in China with a phony list price to make the truly stupid think they are getting a deal and quality merchandise. Their monthly costs are over $10,000 and they don't even state how much money they had made the month prior only to say that they didn't cover expenses. Forget about ever seeing a single cent from this one folks! Quite a few of us joined another program that is up and running, doing over 350 million a year in sales in South America and just now joining on a world wide expansion with an in demand product in a multi trillion dollar a year world wide market and they have paid out over $57 million to its members already and it is only getting better and better! If your sick and tired of get ripped off and never rewarded for your work then you need to join in this one for free and then spend $30 to make a $150 right into your pocket! Anyone who says it a scam is an idiot!

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Former Wazzoo fan -- interesting info, got any corroboration?

As for AiYellow... there's some debate on how legit it is as well, and its own history. For non-cheerleading review (not written by me):

profile image

Former Wazzoo fan 4 years ago

kschang, you folks are so wrapped up into thinking everything is a scam your afraid to even look at one who in less than 4 years time has done over $350 million a year in sales and paid out over $57 million to its affiliates and has now decided to take it on a global expansion, completely redesign their website and add in even more and more feature packed ad packages to their already impressive lineup. If your sick and tired of losing money and having a program fail then you deserve this one. If you don't think we have a product go to our site at and do a search on a South America country and see all of the ads. Also McDonald's, HP, and Sony have purchased Master ads on our portal for a minimum of $4,500 for a three month listing. Our new Premium ads will include 1o catalogs of 2o photo's each with descriptions and up to 25 20 minutes videos. This is only $200 a year and the yellow book charges that for a single month in their book.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Former Wazzoo fan -- i.e. kevin... I have no problem with you guys selling the listings to real businesses. and glad you guys are doing so. HOWEVER, I have problems seeing AiYellow PAYING you all for stuff that you *bought*, instead of paying for for stuff that you sold.

Go look up "Omnitrition case" on before coming back with more marketing speak, or your next comment is going into the spam bin.

Oh, and please remove that affiliate link in future comments. Once is enough.

profile image

Former Wazzoo fan 4 years ago

KS, I noticed you asked for conformation and I had submitted the post before I could reply, My information about the PU or PI as they like to call if came from one of their first employees and she had gleaned this information from conversations with their officers and overheard telephone conversations. She and the other staff went for three weeks without getting a paycheck so they all finally left and walked out, Then they came up with the Cop's program and had enough to repay them so they came back for a bit until they hired a person who they all could not stand so they all left once again!

I appreciate your efforts into looking into this completely phony program and I know of people who sent in $8,000 thinking they would be very rich when they got public. They will never get a penny back and ask a Country Manager they have been working for free for months on end in the hopes of getting even more shares of their worthless stock.

As to the aiyellow program is is going to be even better than we could of ever hoped and by the end of this week or at least the month!

If you want to discuss these awesome improvements my Skype ID is: kevin.kintzi

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Kevin -- thanks for the info, but without third-party corroboration it's gonna go as "unconfirmed". :)

We can discuss AIYellow over on BehindMLM.

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Former Wazzoo fan 4 years ago

Ks, y0ur a sharp guy and I would like your opinion however I went to the site you mentioned and nothing they are investigating pertains to us in the least! A person joins for free and if they never do a thing they will of course make nothing. However, If they purchase an ad code package at wholesale ($30 for 5 codes) and then resell them to local businesses for retail ($30 each) they will have a profit of $120 to put into their pocket. Unlike the Yellow Book these have a truly global reach for only $2.50 a month compared to about a $100 a month for their listings, They have just came out with more features and ad code packages that are truly awesome and will make all who put in some effort a very nice recurring income for doing some work one time. They have a long association with the International Chamber of Commerce and have also announced a great program for the local clubs to make money and also save their member firms about 60% on the cost of their ads. Yes, your sponsor does make a nice bonus on your first purchase but it is a one time thing and is greatly reduced on future ones. Their is no required monthly auto ship purchase and the ad codes never expire until you sell or give them away. You have to sell ad codes to make a nice recurring income and soon this will become a house hold name the world over and if you want to look up a business in the yellow book you will have to go to a museum to look in the book since they will no longer be in print.

The PU was suppose to open up their email service this past weekend and of course they once again failed to meet their projected deadline! Now on day 74 of their 42 day launch program.

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Former Wazzoo fan 4 years ago

The source of my information was most likely their first employee and she and all County Managers had to sign a "Non Disclosure" agreement and she doesn't want to get sued by them. I have told her that they sure don't want to ever see the inside of another court room since this time they would end up in a non smo9king 8'x12' room for many years but she is still leery for good reason I suspect! They are now using the excuse of needing to make sure they remove all fraudulent ID's from the roles so as to not pay a false person a single cent. Gee told everyone on one of their BS webinars that they should start looking for a jet to purchase since they money will be soon rolling in to make the payments, Then he said that they had their own branded Master Card to pay people on but not one more word has been passed out on that either, They also have claimed to have 31,000 profit sharing members but can only get about 110 on their special weekly webinars. Everything is now all about getting higher Alexa rankings and they are even steadily dropping week by week. Not saying it's a scam but never ever look for a single payment from it and you will not be disappointed!

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kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Kevin, as I said I want to discuss Wazzub here.

You can discuss AiYellow on my other blog if you prefer not to do it on BehindMLM

mlm_researcher 4 years ago

Looks as the owner of WAZZUB has not made enough money yet !

The domain now points to a new referral link.

and there is states: -

You are invited by M. Anthony DeBias


mike (at)

formerwazzubfan 4 years ago

They are now on Day 87 of their 42 day launch marathon and nothing new has been added of real value yer. Mr DuBias is the Head of their Charities program but had to change his name and email due to numerous complaints about his past projects. He is also listed as #1 in the data base!

I sent in my identification but also signed up for the LifeLock program and so far no attempts to get my identity or bank account information! :-) They are down to around 3.5 million members and still begging everyone to refer more so they can earn deal points tines 5 for every referral. The value of a deal point is less than .20 cents. That will surely fund your retirement program if you happy with living in s refrigerator box under a highway overpass! I also signed up Dan Cole's brother into mt aiyellow program! Suresh is still looking for cheaters before they can set the $Factors and nothing on how you will be able to get your money either.

PSM 4 years ago

Wazzub / PI is a scam, they are asking members to buy goods in their store in idealsmarter. Since April, the month is not paid not a penny, but established new rules to attend community and to be active three times a week. E-mail addresses of many members of the PSM were sold, removed PSM members for no reason, they say that the clear PSM members have done their job and now they are not necessary. There are dozens of promises that are not fulfilled, certificates, cards, $ factor, COP, and much more. They took our passports, they steal $ factor, and explain it in the system a lot of scams, but they can not explain or provide an example of how they calculate the scam. They are specially made ​​so that the active members become inactive, and then declared them fraudulent and removed. They do not like to hear criticism, remove members for their opinion. I think that it is necessary to gather members and write blogs with insider information, otherwise this disgrace won't stop. In advance I ask forgiveness for bad English. I hope to you clearly that I want I try to inform to you.

.FormerWazzubhfan 4 years ago

Michael Anthony DeBias holds position #1 in the matrix of Wazzoo. He was also the head of their charities division but had to change his name and email since he was getting so many complaints about his past practices,

They said about 130 days ago that everything was ready to launch but it would be just too much for us to comprehend at one time so they were going to show a small portion everyday on a 42 day launch marathon. In that time the only things they have produced are RSS feeds, a weekly E Book to download, finally an email system which is nothing to get exited about. Now they say they are going to spend $500 a week to purchase lottery tickets in 8 countries and we can register and play for free and if one of the numbers would win then all of those who registered for that draw would have to win a drawing one more time to get any funds. $2,000 is the most money they have ever made in one month also. Oh yes, you can also send them $10 to play your own numbers every week, They are doing everything possible to get a higher Alexa ranking but it is actually going down instead of up! Bin Laden's kid will be elected as our President before they ever pay out a nickel to those who still believe!

former Wazzub fan 3 years ago

Now they are they are back with Round Two of their cash grab. Opened it up to all members to send them money for phantom shares of their stock when they have their IPO. They are even predicting a price of $25 a share. If that day would ever come I expect the price to be much closer to 02.5 cents a share and then it would soon go down even more. I say refinance everything you own and put it all into the PU stock!

Former Wazzub fan 3 years ago

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This order form is part of the exclusive private offer to our registered Members only. You are not allowed to share this offer with any third party and you are not allowed to order C.O.P. Units in the name of any other person. If you are not a registered Member, you are not allowed to make an order. Orders from persons other than registered Members will not be executed. If you try to order units as a non-registered Member and make a payment, we will send the money back to you after all applicable fees have been deducted.

Personal C.O.P. Order Form for Suresh Kummar

C.O.P. Units at US$100 per unit

to be converted into 0 shares.

Total amount: US$0.00

By clicking the "Send Order" button I confirm that I am a registered Member and that I acknowledge the following:

C.O.P. Units are not company shares but I will receive 250 preferred company shares of Perfect Internet, Inc. (PI) per fully paid C.O.P. Unit when the company is going public (IPO). I understand that this Co-Ownership Program is an exclusive offer for registered Members, made by the main share holder, GIT Europe Ltd. (GIT). For my safety and as a guarantee, GIT will transfer all shares related to this Co-Ownership Program to a separate company. This company will hold the shares in trust until IPO of the Perfect Internet Inc. and I will receive my shares on the day of IPO. I understand that this is an investment into a startup company and I know that like with any other investment, there is a risk to lose money. I confirm that it is not forbidden in my jurisdiction to make an investment of this type. Last Day to place your order will be 23rd March 2013 Midnight EST. After you place order you will receive instructions on how to pay.

They have also added a comparison chart in the profile page comparing them to face book, yahoo and google based on comments on Funny how they had asked everyone to go their and give it 5 stars and then use those fake comments to make people think they are really great and people love it.

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kschang 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Interesting, but didn't M_NORWAY say this would happen?

PI Scam or No? 3 years ago

Thanks, here you have more data any help will be appreciated regarding: GIT Global Investments Inc - Perfect Internet, Inc. Wazzub as well as from any of the following persons:

Registered Agent: Cathy Halverson, 391 NW 179th Ave, Beaverton, OR, 97006, U.S.A.

Founder/ CEO/COO: Daniel Settgast at 66 Beethoven Road, Cay Hill, Saint Maarten and/or BUSINESS POINT 73RD STREET, 3680 NW, MIAMI, FL, 33147, U.S.A.

Founder: Nicole Herding at 66 Beethoven Road, Cay Hill, Saint Maarten Maarten and/or BUSINESS POINT 73RD STREET, 3680 NW, MIAMI, FL, 33147, U.S.A.

Founder: Roland Zoell at Pritzenow 22, 17089 Bartow, Germany.

GIT/PI Corporate Secretary: Michael A. DeBias at 1101 N Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89108, U.S.A. and/or 2667 S DECATUR BLVD APT 2096, LAS VEGAS, NV, 89102, U.S.A.

Director: Waldir Francisco Dacosta, AKA Gee DaCosta at 40631 N. Panther Creek Trail, Anthem, AZ, 85086, U.S.A.

Director: Ming He at No. 67 Guangcheng Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China

•New President and CEO and/or Director of Antifraud: Suresh Kumar Balakrishnan at BLK B-5-8 Vista Panorama, Taman Bukit Permai 5, Taman Bukit Permai Cheras, 56100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mari Northup (actual president on documents):

Any help will be appreciated…

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kschang 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Where did you get these names? I want to see your proof linking them (except the ones I already know,of course).

Some of the information was already explained above. I don't have time to do detailed investigation, but here's a few bits:

Cathy Halverson resides in Roseville, CA, not Beaverton OR. Her relative Halvorson lives there. The OR address is used by a company called US Corporation Services in California to register businesses in Oregon.

The Miami Address "Business Point" is a virtual office. Found dozens of companies at that same address.

No idea about that address on St. Martin island.

The German guy sounds like a MLM marketer with multiple failed ventures, including a dissolved company called ATOZ Marketing

Already gave plenty of details on Michael Anthony DeBias and Gee DaCosta

Checking map of Qingdao shows no such road os "Guangcheng road".

No idea who Suresh Kumar Balakrishnan is, but that name sounds more Indian than Malaysian. As for that address, would you believe it was once used to sell fake Viagra?

former Wassub fan 3 years ago

Suresh Kumar is the new CEO of the program, He was the head of their anti fraud investigation and says he can smell a fraud from miles away! He must of a head cold for the last year and a half!

former Wazzub fan 3 years ago

Hey! Watch for their major announcement coming this May 24th when they say their are going to get all media coverage from around the world and now they are looking for one billion members by the end of this year! They say they are going to start up a world wide talent contest and the winner will have a recording contract and a big concert in Las Vegas also. I was under the impression that Jim Jones was out of his special blend of KoolAid! They have been begging members to invite more people and now they are down 50% from what they once claimed to have!

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kschang 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

They kicked out like 95% of all the members, right? Those that don't get to share? Do they really expect them to stick around? Ha-ha.

former Wazzub fan 3 years ago

They are now down to under 3,000,000 members and they told everyone that they would have 8 million by last September and 100 million by next month, Now they are just saying they will soon hit ONE BILLION! If that would ever happen then I would hit the lottery 5 draws in a row without even buying one ticket! Can you imagine any firm willing to underwrite their IPO offering or a record company willing to sign the winner of their global talent contest to a recording contract and hire a large venue in Las Vegas for their first concert! I sure cannot when they can't even find enough firms willing to partner with them so they can introduce their new "Stars" like I deal smarter and the travel thingy! My upline has a $Factor of over 280,000 and they say they will each be worth $10 a month. That would make him the highest paid networker in the world by you really think that will ever happen?

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kschang 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Whoever's posting AiYellow stuff here... wrong topic.

former wassub fan 3 years ago

The PU just had a major overhaul to their site with some more information added Not saying that they will ever produce anywhere near what they have been promising all along but it is nice to see some progress finally being made!

saludyenergia profile image

saludyenergia 3 years ago from Guatemala

Hello kschang, look and showed wazzub team, there's Michael Antony Debias, although still operating, remember the beginning of wazzub with false promises.

kschang profile image

kschang 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Too little, too late?

former wassub fan 3 years ago

I mailed a letter to the address they specified to get a list of Prize Mania prize winners and it came back as addressee unknown - unable to forward, I then contacted one of their team members and he said they had simply put in the wrong suite number, Don't you think the Postman would known enough to bring it to the correct suite if they were still located in the building?

They just had an election of an advisory board and a very good friend of mine got elected as a member and also as the chairman of it. I have asked him to find out just who is behind this company and they now say that they are going to pay out .04 cents per $Factor starting on September 15th. Most people would actually lose money just getting the card to get it on! I wish them well but they have dug themselves such a deep hole now I don't think they will ever be able to recover!

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Stockist 3 years ago

Seems you need to re-write a major part of conclusions from above done research: The "suspects" are showing their faces to the public on their multilingual landing page to the whole world and do an excellent job offering people free services and FREE business opportunities. In my eyes the butterfly coming out of the caterpillar are their Deals Platforms. I joined their free Affiliate Program and I have already sold a product successfully.

kschang profile image

kschang 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

The information was accurate at the time of launch of Wazzub. If they FINALLY chose to go a different direction with their current endeavour, good for them. But why the tease and failed launch in the first place? Hmmm? This wasn't their first dance. Keep that in mind as you go along.

kelch 3 years ago

Hi Kschang i just joined Myperfectinternet(wazzub). Everything is so clear about their vision, team, offers, investors etc your analysis here seem contradictory and malicious. they have great services and i admire their concept a great deal.

kschang profile image

kschang 3 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

My analysis is based on the information available to the public when Wazzub announced itself on the Internet and have been updated ever since. The fact is their hype is merely a sizzle and a HUGE disappointment. Sure you don't PAY them anything, so it won't COST you anything, but chances of you making ANY money off them is negligible.

As for "contradictory" and "malicious"... everything I reported is true, and my conclusions are backed up by evidence. If you feel my analysis was wrong you're welcome to point out any mistakes in logic or evidence, but right now you really don't have any evidence other than "it looked great to me, it doesn't look like a scam".

Frankly, no scam *looks* like a scam to someone who's in it.

trisno 3 years ago

Thank you

Safwan Zulfazli 3 years ago

Looks like Wazzub has turned into Perfect Internet or some sort. In the dashboard of Perfect Internet, there is an application like interface that features Wazzub and other few weird apps. Looks like it's just a scam after all. :/

Zlate Palice profile image

Zlate Palice 2 years ago



You put a lot of work in research of PI and Wazzub so why didn't you signup with Wazzub and PI.

PI needs people like you with the knowledge on internet.

My oppinion or view of PI is:

When i join to wazzub (it was in december 2011) first i believe it was a scam, because it was stupid one page and only if you sing up there was only e-mail box. On the first look a laugh.

Then in january was first webinar of PI and then i realise that this can be huge and i must say that never before i pay, invest, join or anything on internet and still i join to wazzub for free. Nobody force me to join or persuaded me.

I was patient for three years. They promise each year that now we will be in profit over and over again but profit never came. In the meantime project was developing very fast and become part of PI but still some site are worse of being perfect.

My facts: I was patient so my earnings: In 2013 i received for 3 months $13 and for 2014 2 months (now we are in profit every month from september) i received for month october: $177, november $265.

I can tell you that the best member who got the biggest commission earn in two months over $1500. There are proofs of payment and recieving money on bank account or payment through payooner debit card.

I never pay them any money and i still earn $422. Ya i know iwas waiting 3 years but still now i will get money every month.

Facebook didn't pay me, google didnt pay me amazon and other strong leaders of marketing and advertisers page didnt pay me wazzub did pay me and still paying me.

I read somwhere: "First you must believed it because only then you can see it".

PI is building jobs and website for members and members decide what is the main purpose of the company. On PI the membes is the main guy the motor of company. Everything is building for the members and they are creating like members wanted.

My purpose here is not spamming or anything but for you Kschang PI and others unbelievers PI is creating another oportunity for you. I could post here my reflink but i won't.

Here is the main link: and i like your oppinion on this oportunity of PI company, this company is called WE SHARE SUCCESS LTD. and the page is better than wazzub page start.

kschang profile image

kschang 2 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

You got a pittance for the hundreds of hours you've spent on this for last THREE YEARS. And you are proud of it.

How interesting.

Andrej 2 years ago

Well, it just means that it's not a scam! So you wasted 3 years of researching :D I'm a part of PI/Wazzub too, and I've earned about 180$ by now, and didn't pay a single cent! Additionaly, I own stocks of the company, PerfectInternet, which IPO is coming in April, and also from our subcompany WeShareSuccess, which I didn't pay for with my money, but invested my november profit share. So whatever it is, it is NOT A SCAM. :)

kschang profile image

kschang 24 months ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

So you earned a few hundred after what? Three-four YEARS?

You sure work cheap, man.

Zlate Palice profile image

Zlate Palice 23 months ago

ha ha ya but it's better than nothing.

I must admit that you (kschang) are persistent in your arguments and no matter if we all get all evidence you still won't believe.

I see that you have a lot knowledge of network marketing.

That are the people we need for the projects in WSS or PI. Like Perfectpages

I'm 100% that you won't lose any your money.

So my advise is to you join the PI or WSS or BOBL and attend to one of general webinars of PI and instead of arguing who has better reasons

that wazzub/pi is scam or not.

Maybe you will be the one who give great idea to change some of failures or delays that Wazzub have in past and

probably you won't work cheap.

Cheers KSCHANG and i'm still waiting on Wesharesucces company review

Caveat-Emptor 23 months ago

SEC must be or must be made aware of PI. Perfect Internet Inc. is saying on their website that their IPO is set for this April 2015 and that it may be well the BIGGEST LIE of one of PI supposed founders Dan Settgast including all PI directors to those members and investor which had given money to this group of corrupt and liars. To make matters more funny or disgusting they had sold shares of a to be founded company named BOBL Inc but this corporation name is an already registered company since 3 or 4 years ago BOBL LLC . Caveat-Emptor

Zlate Palice profile image

Zlate Palice 19 months ago

Re: Caveat - Emptor

You are mistaken because this link that you put is wrong. PI did registered new company but that isn't BOBL LCC but it is BOBL US LLC:

Here is the link of registered company BOBL US LLC:

and you will find that company was registered on 04/10/2015

about IPO i will tell you that when company files for IPO there are several security like process of waiting period and so on and IPO of PI will happen

Peat Moss 11 months ago

I'd like to see a Follow up done here . 2016 now . ware is everyone ??? You making money ??? Yes, I truly believe now this is a scam . 2011 till 3/24/2016 . LOL GOT SQUAT , Just offer after offer . Crowd funding . Yeah . crowding Mr. Dan's Pocket with your hard earned cash . NO IPO IN SIGHT . AVOIDED LIKE THE PLAUGE !!! LIE's LIE's LIE's !!! I'd love to see this company and any just like it be reported to the proper authorities . Stop building on false hope . They even went as far as saying there would be 3 IPO's in 2015 , WAZZUB/PI WSS and BOBL . with a major one the APRIL 2015 one . day came and went No PIO , LOL I don't even think they knew what one was . then you start getting lessons on what an IPO is and how it's done like there looking at this for the first time . so it was stated 3 IPO's in 2015 Not 1 to date . og the guy Mr. Dan come out and just says , I'm Sorry . Well i'm sorry just don't cut it . you lied period . this is a SCAM !!!! No IPO Create a HOLDING COMPANY , so much bull shit here . need heavy equipment to sort through it all .

Doreen 10 months ago

I just thought you'd like to know that I received a cease and desist order from some clown threatening me with legal action for a blog post about this scam from two years ago. I can't stop laughing ;)

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