Rich or Poor

The only thing that makes people happy is achievement. no matter what, as long as you derive pleasure in what you are doing.

wealth as i define it is the art of being satisfied in health, knowledge, finance that can make people close happy.

money actually is good in making people happy,but i have come to see that so many rich people are struggling to keep their wealth, to live in security, and has so much concern about the future that can lead them to have heart attacks

when someone has a target, and achieves it, the person is seen to be happy.

the only thing that can actually make a rich, a poor person happy is one thing as said earlier. the satisfaction of seeing what you want done, done.

that i believe is the basis of the search for happiness.

now, so many people find themselves in great paying jobs which are contrary to their vocation,live a one pattern life, no challenges to tackle.

I cant live a day without trying something new, when i succeed in my ideas i always end up being the most happy man because seeing what i want done, done is my greatest catch

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