SCAM ALERT! My Money Leaf is active and hitting bank accounts fast!

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

Down that road again

It seems like once you get rid of a scam, then another one is ready to sneak up on you. What we learn from this, is how fast we can tackle the problem before it gets out of control. So, I am here offering the help I can to all those who may be affected by this scam called "MyMoneyLeaf." Please try to help others out on this hub, by offering much needed advice, as well as any new information you may have on the topic.

Money Leaf Background

It doesn't take long for anyone to notice why Money Leaf is a scam, since their website screams out fraudulent activity, not to mention horrible idea. My Money Leaf hit my account very recently, in fact it was about two days from the release of this hub. However, they did not show up until two days later, I did not even see a "pending" status from them. It was a strange attack, since I had not used my card or any account info on the Internet in a couple weeks. And of course I did not look to waste my money on some financial connection institution, which is the claim of My Money Leaf. The weirdest part is how the $29.95 charge just appeared out of nowhere, I did not know anything about this company, and I certainly did not ever release any information to them. I am a very alert person, and I can easily become aware of little loops in the system of even the smallest transactions. An example would be, when you go sign up for something new; perhaps a credit card, membership, or even to finish a purchase transaction. What happens is you put all your information in, and scroll to the bottom to click a "submit" button to finish. But sitting in a small link with a checked box just below that "submit" button, is a process fee, or an email spam. The trick is that you sign up for something your never aware of, and written in terms and conditions you end up getting an outrageous charge that has nothing to do with your transaction.

These companies trick you on purpose, however, this scam is not the case. My Money Leaf takes a step outside the normal boundaries of scams. You do not have to be affiliated with them in any way, and they can find your account and snatch debit $29.95 directly out of it. This might already sound scary, but I am afraid it gets worse. Cyber networking is growing so rapidly that we are beginning to see a connection to everything in the world. My Money Leaf makes a claim on their website, that they are connected to more then 18,000 financial institutions, and what they offer you for the low price of $29.95 is to have all your accounts connected to them. Just think, your bank accounts, stock accounts, 401k, credit cards, pre-paid cards, federal loans, trust funds, offshore accounts, and the list goes on. All these accounts will be directly connected to My Money Leaf, and at any moment because you signed over your life with a $29.95 payment and disclosure agreement, then your entire worth can be drained from every account you own by them. Go ahead and get chills, let your face go pale, and feel the throb of your heart from the fear, I know I did. This is beyond scary, just the growth of technology and networking alone is terrifying, but we are entering an age where this is a reality.

My Money Leaf is easily identified as a scam if you read their claims and statements on their website. But since I already did this let me give you a little perspective of what it states. They explode throughout their site with an offer of an easier way to manage your money, and the way they propose is to have all your accounts connected together through them. However, they do not ever directly come out and say this, in fact they dance around the subject giving in conclusive answers to what they really do. (e.g)

This is your money we're talking about. Each person knows how involved they'd like to be with their finances. We leave it up to you with simple tools that let you be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like by letting you create manual accounts and transaction alongside your linked accounts.(Toolbox, 2)

Oddly enough this sounds like what you do everyday already with your checking account. Hm-mm, then why do we need My Money Leaf? The answer is; because they can give you a thousand round-a-bout reason as to why they make no sense whatsoever, but they promise it's a good idea to go through them. Also My Money Leaf offers a pre-paid debit card, their claim again is bogus, they state they will pay you money to save by loading up your debit card each month. ("HAHAHA") Actually, I have to laugh at what I said because they don't even state that much information! My Money Leaf does not clue you in to how or why they can help you, they just ask for your money, your information and your stupidity.

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

My Advice

If you happen to get hit by My Money Leaf, or any other scam for that matter. The most important thing is to immediately contact your banks customer service number. The reason why is because regardless of if they can help you get your money back or not, they will have noted time and date that you reported a fraudulent company charging your account. So, first step accomplished. However, first step can also be last step if you know how to talk to your bank correctly. Most financial institutions just want you to prove you are you and prove you did something about fixing the problem on your own. If you can provide both bits of information to them, then usually in a couple days they will have reported the dispute and give your money back.

So lets save some time, since usually your next step would be to contact the company, here is their contact number:


Oh and if that is not enough to help you, here is there email as well:

Email -

By the way it wont do you any good! The reason why is, that you may or may not get a hold of a customer service rep., and after several attempts you do happen to get one, then they will direct your refund complaint to another website. They will tell you to provide all this detail information about your refund, and why it is being requested. However, here is the website they will direct you to go for a refund, go ahead try it out.

Or you can skip a step and realize you have just been re-directed to a site outside the realm or My Money Leaf. The site sends you to a place called "MS Helping Hands", which will literally crack you up with laughter if your aren't already crying at this point. Because, MS Helping Hands is actually a Donor/Fundraiser company in charge of helping out their own localized programs and institutions. But the funny part is this statement will be the first thing you see when you encounter their website.

Watch your bank account for fraudulent charges

By Bill Brayer, President
MS Helping Hands

This article is to warn you about what can happen to your bank account. Our organization, Edmonds-based MS Helping Hands-MSHH, received a phone call last week from a man in Spokane, asking me why and how we withdrew $29.95 from his bank account. I identified who I was and said that I had no idea what he was talking about. I had never heard of him nor do we have access to his bank account. His bank statement showed the transaction with an 800 telephone number. MSHH does not now — nor did it ever have — an 800 telephones number.

The Outcome

So, basically all that you will end up doing is making a full circle back to this page, and realize that you will never get a full direct refund through My Money Leaf. Your only real options are to go through your bank or financial instituion, and to make a full filed report to a authorized website that handles fraudulent companies and re-imbursement. Below this hub I will provide several links to useful sites that helped me learn this knowledge of My Money Leaf rather quickly. Again I want to make sure you are well aware that none of this is meant to frighten you, but its meant to be a helpful place to turn when answers are hard to find.

I would ask that everyone who visits this hub to use it as a guideline to a forum, that may produce valuable input from people all over the world whom may get affected by this scam.

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kataztik 4 years ago

I too just got debited by My Money Leaf $29.95, and also Palm Loan Advance $30.00. Add to that, 2 $32.00 NSF charges on an account I rarely use. I went to the bank yesterday and complained and was told that I would not get a refund because these were loan companies who are stating I pre-approved these transactions. NOT!! Needless to say, I am out $122.00 and some change from these 2 companies.

XactScienZ profile image

XactScienZ 4 years ago from UTAH Author

You may be able to convince your bank of reversing the charges, if you provide them with print outs of the scam related activity through these companies. Hope you get your money back.

sunday2012 4 years ago

Thank-you for the valuable information. I just got hit today by them and in the process of filing a claim with my bank.

Gene P 4 years ago

Had noticed 29.95 taken from my account yesterday. Went to bank to inquire only to be told I have to contact the company myself. After complaining back and forth the bank representative agreed to put in an investigation. Bad part is I didn't have the funds to cover the charge so I got hit with 37.00 overdraft fee as well.

FUKMERUNNING 4 years ago

I would get my money back one way or the other :)



XactScienZ profile image

XactScienZ 4 years ago from UTAH Author

Congratulations on getting your money back. Its terrible that we are getting hit by this, but the more people that can get reimbursed, then the closer we will get to being rid of this company.

natersmd 4 years ago

The actuall website to unsubscribe is just initial type your name and click cancel membership takes 1-5 days for charges to be reversed. and i was hit with the 29.95 out of no where and i bank with chase, who told me you have to go through the company first to cancel. i recently applied for a credit card to reestablish my credit that information was shared with other third party companies which is how they got my banking information. after reading this page it made me feel i had no options yet calling the company directly i got this taken care of. their actual number is 888-485-5817. hope this helps..

XactScienZ profile image

XactScienZ 4 years ago from UTAH Author

Thank you for the update "natersmd", I surely hope that after reading this hub others are not feeling out of options. I too have chase, and the information from this hub is enough to convince them to reverse the charges. So, I am sorry you had to go to so much trouble, but I do appreciate you posting new valuable information for others.

Sharon 4 years ago

So I noticed that MyMoneyleaf yesterday, did not notice it until this morning. My fiancé had gotten paid and I went to see how much I had to work with the bills and that is when I noticed the insufficient fund had been charged to the account and looked down to see why that had happened. I got charged 29.95 from I went up to my bank and talked to them about the charges that I did not authorize and the clerk looked up my account and then called over to the department that clears things like that. The clerk handed me the phone to talk to them. She got on the phone and first thing she said to me was that they could not refund the charge of 29.95 because it was proccessed as if I had authorized the charge. But my bank did reverse the over draft charges so I was a little bit happier. Then the messed up thing that happened is the lady on the phone with the security department asked me to talk to the bank teller and then hung up the phone. I had to ask if they were going to cancel my current bank visa debit card so that they couldn't charge anything else to our account. Once I asked the teller went and closed that card and issued me a temporary atm card.

So just a week before this unauthorized charge happen I had gotten hit with a charge out of florida on my bank account that of course I did not authorize. Had to go to the bank and tell them that there is a charge that I did not do. The teller called that department and that lady had asked if I had authorized that charge, I told her no I did not. Then she asked me if I had used my card online, I told her yes I did. I signed up for netflix and that online game program. Thinking about it now that charged hit my account the very next day after I had used the card online on the internet.

Okay so I am going to give everyone some advise that has prevented unauthorized charges on our account. No matter how bad that you want that item you have found online, IT IS NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE THAT COMES WITH IT. Stay safe all and have a very wonderful and fulfilled life. Blessed Be.

XactScienZ profile image

XactScienZ 4 years ago from UTAH Author

That's troubling, I am sorry so much has happened to you. To be honest I am not quite sure why banks are so stubborn about these types of situations. However, if it helps, I would try to call the banks 1800 number and speak with the department over fraudulent activity directly.

Lil D. 4 years ago

I too just got debited by My Money Leaf $29.95 I called my bank right away and they will handle the case and give me my money back

This is crazy tho .. i never saw mymoneyleaf before can they get in my account??

Lil d 4 years ago

me again lol

By the way i didn't purchase anything online .. :( this is scary

Lil D13 profile image

Lil D13 4 years ago

i just sign in this is a cool site ,thank you for the info about money leaf scam ..scary

Lil D

XactScienZ profile image

XactScienZ 4 years ago from UTAH Author

Lil D13, I am sorry to hear that they got to you. This is a scary scam, and I hope your able to get this money back. If I can be any assistance let me know. I believe the info on here should help you situation if you take it to your bank.

TheWoj 4 years ago

Just like everyone else that's posted about this dumb company/website, I never knowingly signed and/or accepted the agreement to be charged $29.95 by for their "financial services" (*cough* BS *cough*).

I check my bank account online every day so I saw this charge immediately after it was posted. I called the (800) # listed in the description of the charge and reached quite possibly the dumbest person I've ever talked least that's what I thought the FIRST time I called them. After asking the following questions REPEATEDLY, "What is Why was I charged $29.95? When/Where/How did I agree to sign up and pay for your "financial services"?".

The girl I talked to sounded like she was in a home (not an office) and every time I asked one of the questions above, the phone went silent for 10 seconds, to which I would respond, "HELLO?!?! ARE YOU THERE? ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, PLEASE!"

I am usually calm and polite when speaking to any Customer Service Agent but after not responding to any of my questions I immediately realized it was a scam company.

BTW, when you call the phone number for, in the beginning prompts it specifically says, "If you are calling about a refund, please visit as this is where all Customer Service Agents will direct you."

Even after hearing this I chose to stay on the phone because I wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on and why I was charged. I hung up on the first agent and called back 10 minutes later and wouldn't ya know...I GOT THE SAME DAMN GIRL! After going through the same song and dance mentioned above, she finally got around to "confirming my information" so that she could refund the money. She told me that I "signed up and agreed" to the terms and conditions through one of their lending partners (I had a couple PayDay Advance Loans). So, obviously, this print is somewhere in invisible, 2-point font where no one will ever find it and succeed in stopping these charges before they occur. I called them on November 7th and I haven't seen the refund yet.

However, I did just go to the refund website ( and submitted a refund request. Luckily I went to this website and looked up MyMoneyLeaf's Terms & Conditions Policy today because they only offer a 30-Day no questions asked refund policy. So if you've passed the 30-day mark, I regret to inform you that you won't be receiving your $29.95 least not through MoneyLeaf. Your bank may refund the money if shown enough proof of the scam (done simply by printing out the above article and following comments).

After submitting this request, the following information is provided regarding when I should receive my money BACK from these THEIVES:

"Charge will be refunded you should see the money on your account as early as 30-Nov-2012 and as late as 07-Dec-2012 depending on your bank, weekends and holidays."

Good luck to everyone that has been hit by this phantom charge. I can't stand companies like this and I enjoy going on a "witch-hunt" to try and expose them so that no one else has to become a victim of the scam like I did.

*If you want a refund, and it's been 30 days or less since you signed up for/were charged, go here:

*If you want to read the Terms & Conditions, go here:

Lil D13 profile image

Lil D13 4 years ago

Thank you , i will let you know what my bank conclude . you are a big help :)

KSamor 4 years ago

Wow! I had to google this website. I usually log on my bank account everyday. But saw this My Money Leaf charged on my account. I don't remember applying for any loans. Anyway, Thank you so much this really helps I will call the bank tomorrow.

XactScienZ profile image

XactScienZ 4 years ago from UTAH Author

Your welcome everyone. I hope you all have a good Christmas, and no more troubles.

unknown 4 years ago

This place is absolutely crazy! This is 100% a SCAM!!! I checked my bank account today when I noticed I had a charge from this company, I called my bank but they were unable to locate a telephone number for this company, they were completely useless. So I Googled the company found a number that had me on hold for 15 minutes. Then some really abnoxious lady picked up told me since I didn't reply to their email they went ahead and charged my account. I told her that didn't make any sense, asked her if this was a joke, she laughed, I asked to speak to her superviser and she told me she couldn't put the superviser on the phone until I told her what I needed, I was like Are you serious? If this lady was in front of me I would've punched her in the face! She asked what do you need? I said your superviser or i'll call the cops and then all of a sudden she offered me my money back! Complete SCAM. I wish I knew who else to call about this, I will definitely be investigating!!!

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