SSS Benefits Philippines: Social Security System Benefits

If you are under 60 and an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), a household worker, or an employee for any private organization, you are making monthly contributions to your Social Security System benefits account.

Find out here how to compute and access your SSS retirement benefits and the other types of benefits you may qualify for.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with the SSS. This article shares publicly available information about SSS member's benefits. For answers to specific, individual questions visit your SSS branch or contact SSS hotlines.

The SSS: Some Basics

The SSS Retirement Benefit is an old-age pension or retirement pension. It is a lifetime cash benefit paid every month to a person 60 or older who has has retired or stopped working. Any senior Filipino can receive their monthly SSS pension, provided they have made at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of their retirement. Recipients are also entitled to a "13th month pay" every December.

Filipino seniors who have not completed 120 months of contributions when they retire are entitled to receive a lump sum amount of 10% of their monthly pension benefits or P250, whichever is higher.

Below is a sample formula for how to compute your monthly pension.

Monthly Pension Computation

Monthly Pension = MP

Average Monthly Salary Credit = AMSC

Creditable Years of Service = CYS

  • MP = P300 + (20% of AMSC) + 2% of AMSC for each CYS in excess of 10 years
  • MP = 40% of the AMSC
  • MP = P1200 (if your CYS is at least 10 or more but less than 20)
  • MP = P2000 (if your CYS is 20 or more)

To calculate your MP, compute each of the above formulas. Your MP is the highest amount.


  • The AMSCand CYS are different for every employee as salaries vary over time.
  • Retirees have the option to receive the first 18 months' pension in one lump sum, minus a rate of interest calculated by the SSS.
  • The higher your SSS contribution and CYS, the higher your MP.

Can I Contribute to SSS Benefits?

If you do not work for a company or are self-employed, you can still become a member of the SSS and contribute to a benefits account. This is called a "voluntary contribution." All you have to do is:

  • Apply to become an SSS member.
  • Make monthly or quarterly contributions to your account.
  • See the SSS Contribution Table below to figure out how much to contribute based upon your income.

2015 Schedule of SSS Contributions

Other SSS Benefits: Disability, Sickness, Maternity, Death, Employee Compensation, and Loan

In addition to retirement benefits, members of the Social Security System are entitled to a range of other benefits.

  • The SSS Disability Benefit covers employees who cannot work due to partial or total disability and have paid at least one monthly contribution to the SSS before the disability took place. Disability benefits can be paid in two different ways: monthly pension or lump sum. Only members who have paid at least 36 monthly contributions to their account qualify for monthly payments. The lump sum payment is available to those tho have not paid the required 36 monthly contributions. Just like any other type of pension, the monthly cash benefit is computed based on the disabled member’s number of paid contributions and years of membership. According to SSS, the lowest monthly pension is P1000 for members with less than 10 credit years of service, P1200 for those with at least 10 CYS, and P2400 for those with at least 20 CYS.

  • The SSS Sickness Benefit is a daily cash allowance paid for the number of days a member is unable to work for a minimum of four days. Qualifying members must have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period prior to illness. In addition, all company sick leave pay for the year must have been used. SSS members are entitled to receive 90 percent of their average daily salary per day.
  • The SSS Maternity Benefit is for female members who cannot work due to recent childbirth or miscarriage. Female members who have contributed to her their accounts for three months during the past 12 months qualify for a daily cash allowance. Benefits are as follows: The member's average daily salary multiplied by 60 for a normal delivery or miscarriage or 78 for caesarean section delivery.

  • SSS Death and Funeral Benefits are available when an SSS member dies. Qualified beneficiaries and dependents (including parents) can receive death and funeral benefits. Anyone listed as a beneficiary in the member's SSS records can receive benefits, so it is important to be sure that beneficiary lists are kept current. There are two types of benefits for death and funeral: monthly pension and lump sum amount. According to the Social Security System, monthly pensions are granted only to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid 36 monthly contributions before the semester of their death. The lump sum, on the other hand, is available to primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid less than 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death. Secondary beneficiaries are entitled to a lump sum benefit. If the member was entitled to receive monthly pension benefits, their beneficiaries will receive 13th month payments in December.

  • All SSS members (employees and employers) are automatically entitled to Employee Compensation, or EC. These benefits cover temporary or permanent work-related sickness, disability, or injury.
  • SSS members may qualify for loans for home or business.

Do you know your SSS benefits?

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Araceli Caampued 7 weeks ago


Kailangan ko po ang kopya ng sss pension ko mula 12/01/16 hanggang kasalukuyan.Ito po ay isang requirement na kailangan ko pong ibigay bago mag 20 ng January sa SSS ng Estados Unidos.Paano ko po ito makukuha na nasa ibang bansa po ako .

Ito po ang ilang inpormasyon tungkol sa akin:

Araceli P. Caampued

Pebrero 15 ,1947

Maraming salamat po sa mabilisang pagtugon ninyo sa mga suliraning kinahaharap ng kasapi ng SSS lalot kaming nasa ibang bansa.

Frank 2 months ago

I think my contributions were for about 8 years only. I will be 75 years old in January 2017. Can I add voluntary contributions to qualify for a pension?

Thank you

augustine junio 4 months ago

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senin faturaları? Eğer düşük kredi puanı var ve var mı

zorluk yerel bankalar ve diğer bir kredi almak

finansal Kurumlar? Sana bu teklif kredileri bilgilendirmek istiyoruz

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Romuldo Zalsos 4 months ago

Ako po ay hindi na ng contribute ng aking monthly contribution at sa palagay ko ay hangang 5-years lang ako nakapagbayad. Ako ngayon 70 year old na sa darating Nov.8, 2016. May loan balance din po ako. Ano kaya ang makukuha kung benifits?

varna 5 months ago

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tere morales 5 months ago

what are the needed requirements for receiving pension after death?

Armie 11 months ago

Ask ko Lang po Kung may lump sum pa bang makukuha and tatay ko oh burial Lang decease na both and parents ko entitle pa ba mega anak Nina Kung may lump sum pang makukuha?

Lovely 12 months ago

May question po ako about Sickness Benefit. I’m currently employed at nagfile po ako ng sickness benefit para sa two months na nakaleave ako due to an operation for Ovarian cyst.

Nadenied po yung claim ko at ang Remarks: FILING BEYOND THE ONE YEAR PERIOD - LATE FILING * INVALID RECORDS.

Ang confinement period ko po ay 08-09-2014 to 10-07-2014 (signed by my doctor) at nagfile ako ng claim nung 06-03-2015 (eto ung nsa claim form ko sa SSS site). I think June 3 is pasok pa rin po sa 1 year period so di ko po maintindihan kung bakit naging late .

Then ano po ang ibig sabihin ng INVALID RECORDS. Records ko po ba to sa hospital or sa SSS.

Then naiadvance na po ng company ko yung claim. Since na denied po sya kailangan ko po ba to bayaran pabalik sa company. Kasi I’m not sure na kaya kong bayaran ung 2 months claim ko.

May chance pa po ba na ma- approved tong SSS benefit claim ko?

Thank you.


Lovely 13 months ago

maam/sir i have a problem with my previous employer. wala po yung posting ng date of balik na ako for 3 years na sa sss.Ano po dapat gawin..wala po responce.pwedi po ba huwag nang isali yung previous kac nadamay na di ako makakuha ng id or loan..

Evelyn Q .Basilan 14 months ago

Hello po,Ako po ay benificiary ng aking asawa ,na cut po ang aking monthly pension at kailangan daw pong mag renew ng application to prove that the benificiary is still alive.Ask ko lang po kung anong require na dalahin sa SSS para ma activate uli akong makatanggap ng aking monthly pensions from my husband...thank you po..

profile image

Nenita Allmaras 15 months ago

Nakatira na ako dito sa USA, at may 6 years contribution ako sa SSS. May makukuha pa rin ba akong benefits kung na reach ko yong edad na 65.

Ivy cunanan 18 months ago

Hello ask ko lang po kung pede pumirma ung first ob ko sa ob history for mat 1? Kasi maselan po yung pagbubuntis and sa nueva ecija kasi ako last nanganak. And andito ako sa pampanga ung first ob ko andito di sa pampanga para sana di na akomagbyahe. Pwede ba yun? Thanks really appreciate if makatanggap po ako nang reply. Thanks and godbless

reena lauta 22 months ago

i give birt jan 8 i already past my mat1and2 but until now ders no confrmtion from sss i reg to 2600 but my status no maternity file!!!HELP

ednah marie 22 months ago

i just want to ask about my deceased mother's sss status..she died on Oct.11,1999..she was a former ofw for along time,My sister gave every reciepts and important sss papers of my mother to my uncle and when i asked him just recently if did he claim it,he said he didn't...can i know my mother's sss status?and can we still claim it even it's a long time ago?please i need your help

marianeth 22 months ago

My mother inlaw 81yrs old and incapacitated and member o SSS with in 6yrs.what are the requirements of the SSS disability?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 23 months ago Author

I suggest po you apply personally at SSS to know if your records will make you eligible for it. God bless!

yols 23 months ago

tanong ko lang po kasi po naoperahan po ako ng taong 2012 sa mayoma nag apllyt po ako ng disability sa sss ang inaprobahan po ay sickness,pde pa ba akong mag aplly ulit ng disability ngayun na operahan po ako sa edad na 44 ngayun po ay mag 48 taon na sa darating na september pde pa po ba ako maraming salamat po.

robin bonito 23 months ago

ask kulang if pede ko pang makuhanan ng SSS ang mother ko if 59 na sya..???

shalimar 23 months ago

Can i removed my husband as a benefiary in my sss we are 3. years separated now and he is living now with another woman with 2 kids

olivia 23 months ago

Tanong ko lang po, ang member ng SSS na namatay ay may asawang foreigner at may anak sila at presently living abroad, anu po ba ang proseso sa pag file and death claim na dapat gawin para ma claim sa anak ang benefits since nasa abroad po sila? Hope anyone can answer , thanks and God Bless!

mia 2 years ago

ask ko lng po, how do i know na tama po ang binibigay nang company pinapasukan ko kpag nag maternity leave ako pag normal..? panu ko po ma sure na tama ang benefits na binibigay base sa SSS.. may i ask some example kung magkanu ang makukuha ko s SSS? i need further explaination po,,, ayoko ko lng po maisahan..thnk you 2 years ago

Ask ko lang po kc po nagfile po ung asawa ko mg paternity leave nung october 2014 tpos po nanganak po ako ng nov30 2014 kelan nia po makukuha ung paternity leave nia at cheque po ba ito?thank you

mary010915 2 years ago

Please sent me a copy of E-1 form of sss no. 08-0796374-8 and how many no. of beneficiary he is... Thanks... May God bless you...

shynmie 2 years ago

hello,i am advised by my OB to rest coz of subchorionic hemorrhage in my abdomen. i just wanna ask if i can apply for sick leave? thank you and God bless 2 years ago

Where can I get a record of my father who's already dead now for 11 years? I need a copy of list of beneficiaries to use in my birth certificate , which I have a problem with it..

CCameron 2 years ago

Good day. I am scheduled for an operation next month. my doctor said i will be only confine in the hospital for 24 hours and i can go home already. i am a self-employed member and have contributing for a year. Will i be entitle of the sickness benefit? thank you.

ester 2 years ago

what to do when a pension is stopped for several months.

Rey 2 years ago

I have two (2) SSS Cards having worked for two companies. In 2006 (or 2007) I found this out in Boac, Marinduque SSS office and was told that SSS will consolidate these two accounts into one and will be issued one (1) card. The records in my first job in a Spinning Mills in Marikina (for 5 years) showed different Company Name and was told by the provincial office said that they look into it by referring back to the original "Microfilm". I came back in the said office on May 2014 and still the said problem is still not verified and/or rectified. This is seven years ago and still the "problem is still a problem". I am 74 years old now and I want to have my pension that I am entitled to. If I lack some year/s of contribution - I am will to pay it as the law requires.

kcorpuzk1 2 years ago

Good morning po... sana po matulongan ninyo ako

vhannie andrade 2 years ago

Hi gud day :) my father died last nov. 4, 2011 and until now my mother is not yet receiving her pension, she always go to SSS lucena city only concern is that they are not doing their job very well...imagine its almost 3 years and yet my mother is not receiving the benefit...will u please alarm your personnel in that branch...thank u

Flore 2 years ago

Sino po ba ang mka claim ng Lump sum ng kapatid ko hindi po sila kasal ng leave inn partner niya din namatay din ung anak niya...ang mama ko ba ang mkakakuha non o ang leave inn niya?

pia petalio 2 years ago

What document do I need to prepare so that my sss death and funeral benefit would be claimed by my siblings and not my legal husband, who is the primary beneficiary bec. he got the marriage contract.

what if i dont want him to claim it in case of my death? Pls help me on what to do before my death..

adlinmac.. 2 years ago

i stopped working na and I not paying my monthly contributions I just want to know if i am entitled pa po to have a pension when I reached 60 years old

i worked for 26 years in a private company

pau 2 years ago

hi po… i just file for the death benefit claims of my father and ive been disappointed on their kind of processing. i just give them all the requirments legal identification as a primary beneficary even an authorization letter with sign of my brothers to sign any documents to sss to claim the death benefits of our father. and this are the requirments that they want me to submit to them death certificate of my father parents, marriage contract of his parents and affidavit of legal heirs(withnes nearest relatives). i dont know what is the connection of this requirments of claiming the benefits of my father kahit na kami na ung primary legal beneficiary nya and ito pa even that i have my NSO original birth certificate kylangan pa nila tingnan sa E1 ng father ko kung kami ang nakalagay na beneficiary nya and for everybody information pinbabalik nila ako ng 1 to 2months just to check the E1 at E4 of my father(what a jurrasic era). my question is ganito po ba tlaga ang pagprocess ng death benefits claim lalo ng kung legal primary dependent naman ang nagfile at my mga proof of legal documents nman e kaylangan pa po ba ng documents ng secondary benefeciary? panu po kung sa E1 0 E4 nya wla syang beneficiary kanino mapupunta ung pinaghirapan ng father ko? minsan po talaga iniisip ko kung my logic pa sila sa paghingi nila ng mga requirments... thank u and more power po

elaine 2 years ago

hi for the sss mat 1&2 benefits, can you still file if you gave birth the same year? for example my friend gave birth jan of 2010 and got a job 9 months after giving birth same year, can she file a mat 2 benefit? but before giving birth she doesn't have any job experience.. please reply its a big help for my friend tnx :)

luansingb 2 years ago

kelan po kaya dadating ang ang maternity reimbursement ko? may 1monnth n po ako nakakapagpasa 2 years ago

sir bkt po kya hanggang ngayon wla pdin ang pension ng tatay q sa sss 4 bwan na po

cresencio p go jr 2 years ago

ask q lng po yung monthly pension ng father ko mula po kc month of may this year wla pa po syang nakukuha

annabelle rosales 2 years ago

how to refund the sickness benefits of my husband?what are those rrquirements needed?

michelle 2 years ago

i gave birth last july 23 2014, my monthly salary from jan to june 2014 amounted to 119,000.00. how much will be my maternity benefit?

limmaritess 2 years ago

Hopefully po sss will increase the amsc amnt to 20 t so we have the option to contribute more.This will benefit us in the future anyway.Specially the ofw . Thanks po

profile image

Rossgene Solis 2 years ago

how long can i receive my sickness,i filed it to our company last 4 months ago..if you rea this message please email me to my email

glaiza 2 years ago

how many weeks or months my maternity benefit will send to me? i filed it last may 6 2014.. thanks

king-Archer profile image

king-Archer 2 years ago from Cebu City

hi, i had an operation last November 22 because I had an ectopic pregnany, and my right fallopian tube was removed because It was ruptured. I completed submitting all my Docs that includes MAT1 and 2 with my EMPLOYER, my supervisor and HR had given me 60 days for ML, I reported at work January 22, 2014. and i checked on my advancement maternity benefit. HR sais that the papers are still in SSS MAKATI. (WHAT) YES its been two months and not able to receive the sss mat advancement. Now last week of January I claimed my SSS MAT1 and 2 with 78 days ML approved by medico legal and signed DEcEMBEr 10, 2013. My employer did not give me the 78 days ML. what action shall I do, i want it to be credited with my leave, so i made an absences during the days covered with my 78 days and the company terminated me for this reason. ABSENCES, what about my 78 days? of the REMAINING 18 days? no justice and answers for this.... and now I had submitted this with NLRC. national labor relations commission. I need your opinion with this case. thanks!!!

king_archEr 2 years ago

hi, i had an operation last November 22 because I had an ectopic pregnany, and my right fallopian tube was removed because It was ruptured. I completed submitting all my Docs that includes MAT1 and 2 with my EMPLOYER, my supervisor and HR had given me 60 days for ML, I reported at work January 22, 2014. and i checked on my advancement maternity benefit. HR sais that the papers are still in SSS MAKATI. (WHAT) YES its been two months and not able to receive the sss mat advancement. Now last week of January I claimed my SSS MAT1 and 2 with 78 days ML approved by medico legal and signed DEcEMBEr 10, 2013. My employer did not give me the 78 days ML. what action shall I do, i want it to be credited with my leave, so i made an absences during the days covered with my 78 days and the company terminated me for this reason. ABSENCES, what about my 78 days? of the REMAINING 18 days? no justice and answers for this.... and now I had submitted this with NLRC. national labor relations commission. I need your opinion with this case. thanks!!!

chello 2 years ago

ask ko lng po.ndi po b nmin make claim ang funeral ng tatay nmin kung wlang employer na nkalagay.pero may contribution nmn po xa.1 buwan na po kse mahigit.

neslie 2 years ago

Gud eve hub.gusto q lng mlaman qng maavail pa ba ng byenan q ang burial ng asawa nya na nine years ng patay.hndi nya raw po kc alam ang gagawin nya..snay mbigyan mo ng pancn at kasagutan ng tanong ko.mraming salamat..

Gemini 2 years ago

a husband is receiving his monthly pension from the decease wife's sss, will he still he able to continue receiving his pension even if he remarry again at the age of 7o?

tina_leo1128 2 years ago

Hi,,how many times can i avail the maternity benefits if the delivery is caesarian??

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 2 years ago Author

Go to the SSS office that handles your membership and update your account. If you are legally separated, submit the supporting docs

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 2 years ago Author

I suggest you continue your SSS membership because your benefits like pension in the future are important and helpful. For Philhealth, if you're unemployed, you can be a dependent too or voluntary member.

Kate 2 years ago

Hi! I am separated for 15 years and he abandoned me and my 2 kids and has his own family . I would like to remove him as my beneficiary from my SSS. What actions will I do so he cannot claim anything from SSS? Thanks.

Millie 2 years ago

I have an existing SSS & Philhealth membership from my job. But when I got married and relocated, I wasn't sure how to proceed. Do I continue with my own membership or do I qualify as my husband's dependent? If I update as a dependent, what will happen to my old membership? T.Y.? Please advise on the better option, thank you!

mandy 2 years ago

On Sept 6,1985 the company I'm working closed up.Since then, I continue paying my contribution as voluntary member even though

that I worked with family corporation.I'll will be 60 years this April. I'm planning to claim my SSS retirement. What are the documents needed to present to SSS in order to get my monthly pension. Also

I like to know if the company I'm presently working will give me a retirement pay since I worked for 13 years. What will be the basis for

Thank you

Loreta Masiglat Albufera 2 years ago

Good Day... inquiring my son's dead claim benefit TERENCE

LAWRENCE MASIGLAT ALBUFERA, SS#0433506126, filed at SSS Lucena Grand Term. Lucena City, Submitted all personal documents & other required papers with stamping by ss personnel & received acknowleged dated December 20, 2013, given 45 days to process, upon requiry to SS Lucena Office told it was send to SSS San Pablo City to process. Until now i haven't received any. Can't contact SS San Pablo Office #562 9289 & call center 9177 7777 . Hope you can send me on what status is my death claim now? Thanks.

catherineaquino 2 years ago

Hi Good day !

Na curious lang po ako about sa benefits sa sss nakwentohan po kase ako ng manager ko sa jollibee about maternity benefits sa sss ! concern lang po ako may makukuha pa po ba akong benefits nag give birth po ako last july 24 2014 ??

Thanks a lot :)

profile image

cathrineaquino 2 years ago from makati city

Hi Good day po !

Actually po ngayon lang po ako nag sign up here na concern po kase ako about sa benefits sa sss kase yung manager ko date sa jollibee na kwento saken about sa maternity benefits nag give birth po ako last july 24 2014 actually 7 months na po baby ko may benefits pa po ba akong makukuha? until now wala pa po akong work ! thanks a lot .

wena 2 years ago

ask ko lang po patay na ang member ng sss pero di nila declared s sss kasi yung anak niya ang kumukuha pa rin ng pension. pwede ba ang ganon o ilegal ito. maraming salamat po

jaja 3 years ago



Death Certificate of Member duly registered with Local Civil Registry Office

Official Receipt/Contract (if not yet buried) issued by the Funeral parlor or certificate of Ownership for prepaid memorial plan

Filer's Affidavit (Sinumpaang Salaysay) to be accomplished by the person actually filing the claim (sa sss to kinukuha)

Waiver - if the claimant is not the one named in the official receipt(kung ung nakalagay sa resibo ng funeral parlor ay hindi ung magfile ng funerla claim, kailangan ng waiver)the authentic identification (w/ signature) of the one waiving the benefit

New Residence Certificate of the filer(cedula)

Any valid I.D. of the filer (e.g. Voter's/Company ID, TIN, NBI, Police Clearance)

SSS Digitized ID of deceased Member

wheng tenoso 3 years ago

Can I still get a maternity benefit if i don't pay my sss contribution for almost 5 years.

profile image

Alphaland 3 years ago

hi good day! I just want to ask this to you: I already claimed 3 maternity leave to my three living kids, I also file one micarriage without MAT-1, now I had another miscarriage. Can I still file for another Miscarriage without MAT-1? Thank You. I will highly appreciate your response on my comment.

Zya 3 years ago

hi and good day.. ask ko lng po kung pwede ko po ba ereklmo ang pingtatrahuan kong recruitment firm kasi piakuha ako ng sss number at philhealt peru hanggang ngyun dipa rn cla ngbbyad

la-arni 3 years ago

i'm newly hired employee, pregnant and will be due on april 2014 my sss contributions are updated until dec 2013 from my previous employer how will I claim my maternity benefit?? To whom will I submit my notification since my previous employer didn't submit maternity notification for me??? pls. need your help asap, Thanks.

myla d.vidallo 3 years ago

how long can i receive my mat 2 benefits for example if i olready passed it last january 17,2014

lani 3 years ago

hi., i just want to ask if i can still avail my maternity leave on my 5th baby bcoz the 2 of my kids i wasn't able to avail the maternity benefits due to i have no work that time when i first gave birth and for the 2nd baby lack of contribution thats why i avail only for my 3rd and 4th baby... hoping for ur accurate answer... thank u so much and more power.

harry 3 years ago

maam gud afternoon! Maitanong ko lang kasi iam planning to file an early retirement with my company. My age is 51 yrs old. At my current salary receive is 20,000php. At the age of 60 if God will permit me to reach that age how much would be my pension then?

ishmael lopez 3 years ago

my sister became widowed at age 60 and after 5 years, at age 65 she got married. But then she still continue receiving pension until the present time in behalf of her deceased husband. Pls comment.

mille 3 years ago

tanong ko lang po kung ano ang mga dokumentong kailangan kung paano makukuha ng nanay ko ang death claim ng tatay ko kung masa canada sya.canadian citizen po kasi ang nanay ko.att ang mga kapatid ko kasama na nh nanayy ko sa canada.ano po ang kakailanganing dokumentong kailangan kong ayusin para sa pagbakasyon nya dito sa phillippines ay maayos na agad ang mga dokumento.2 weeks lang sya dito babalik na ng canada

mayumi ramacola 3 years ago

Hi,hope some one from the SSS can help me ,I.m a widow of Ramon Ramacola looking some help to claim the benefits of my children,but I can go back home right now because I'm under contract.I want to claim their SSS benefits co'z this a big help for salary as an O F W was not enough .so this was a big chance for them to help me for every day they need.How I can claim this while I'm here ? what I need to do me?

Confused 3 years ago

Good morning! May i ask if can i still claim my maternity benefit if my current sss status is married then i am planning to use my maiden name for my soon to be child on the birth certificate since my husband and i have been separated but not yet annulled and he is not the father of my child.

I badly needed your advise.

Thank you so much.


question 3 years ago

dear twenty-five,

last october 10, 2013, i was involved in a traffic hit-and-run incident. i suffered from hematoma, contusion, and concussion---all head injury. i was confined and released 2 days aftes as my CT scan was negative if any blod clot. I returned to my doctor for check up on oct 18 and he declared me fit to work on oct 19 even though i was still dizzy (i suffer from vertigo until now)... i did not question his authority and went to work. My work entails that i sit down and read 7 hours a day. the difficult part was coming to work and walking to my station as i was still a bit dizzy then. Well, my bf sacrificed a lot by driving me to and from work.

when the hospital finally released my documents for sss on oct 31, 2013, the form went directly to the person in charge in my company.. it went to sss and i was told on nov 20 that sss approved the 30-day sick benefit that my doc (unbeknown to me) approved. I couldn't believe what i heard as i had the return to work slip for oct 19..

it was too late.i came to talk to my doctor and found out that he made a mistake in writing the month.. instead of 11-19-2013, he wrote 10-19-2013 on my return to work slip.

now, i would like to ask, will. still be entitled to get my 39 day credit even if i returned to work? i felt a liitle injustice as i really needed that rest but was deptrived of it.

i spoke to our HR officer here and i was told that double compensation cannot be done... but it was not my error. i feel that i cannot accept that they took away what is legally mine. Please email me at


tony 3 years ago

Dear Twenty-Five:

In 1972, I left my job and lived abroad, leaving 66 months of continuous contributions which have already been documented with my previous employer and per record at SSS Office. I continued making voluntary contributions (all receipts intact) up to the present since few years ago. I will be able to complete the minimum of 120 months of voluntary contribution at the age of 79 on May, 2016. How many more months I will have to wait (from May, 2016) before I could file an application for pension? Your explanations in this regard is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

Jesseryl 3 years ago

Hi, i became a member of SSS last 2009 since i started working in a hotel as a minimum wage earner. On May 2011 i resigned and my contributions was cut from there. So i had a 2 year remittance. My question is, am i entitled or can i apply for a maternity benefit? Your advice will highly be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Maria Crispina m. Hernando 3 years ago

Hi!i just started my SSS this October 2013.and I just found out that I'm pregnant,due on July or August a physician, with monthly contribution of I already entitled to have maternity benefits?if yes,how much would it be?what are the requirements and when am I going to file it?thanks a lot!

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ecjoy nonescan 3 years ago

Hello there!I'm a self employed and I had my miscarriage last OCT.5,2013.My husband filed my Maternity Benefit.All requirements were given.But then when I checked it online,it was **DENIED*** As of Nov.4,2013.


What shoud I do now regarding this matter? me. Thanks

Joelle 3 years ago

I guess twenty-five is busy nowadays since most of the questions have no replies!

ina 3 years ago

Could you please tell me what are the requirements to refund my sss sickness benefits thanks

nelson q.sia 3 years ago

at age 60 w/ complete 120 months can received pension at age 60, self-employed w/ income from propertyu like boarding house, apartments and store under his name

violeta violy v.castro 3 years ago

can you give the registry number of california post office?

sharina 3 years ago

Hi! I personally filed my mat1 for maternity benefit is sss since im already resigned. one of the requirement is L501 specimen signature card that i should get from my previous employer. The situation is I resigned cause i dont want to make any scandal in our office and i dont want them to know that im pregnant. Should i ask for L501 will they know that its already for maternity or there are still other reasons why should i get one? Is L501 only required for maternity benefit?

can you email me the answer? that will really help. thanks!

Yamet 3 years ago

Hi Twentyfive, is there such thing as early withdrawal of my contributions/funds and then start all over again,as in back to zero.I've already contributed 161 months already and im 42 yrs old now.I think im still qualified to complete another 120 required minimum months of contribution even if i start now.Please enlighten me coz i just want to use my fund for now.

MYRNA RICKEY 3 years ago

I'm in the US. Is there any way I can receive my SSS retirement benefits (pension) without going back to the Philippines?

Brenda 3 years ago

Hi! I just wanna ask if what i need to do i misplaced the copy of my maternity 1 form copy with the stamp of the sss personnel, now that i already gave birth and i need to process my maternity 2 but it is one of the requirements. Can you advise me if what to do please.


tracy 3 years ago

hi im pregnant and im giving brth this feb2014 and im going 1 year to my compny how much do i get on my maternity tnx..

luz 3 years ago

Am I qualified to avail of partial disability benefit even if I no longer remit monthly premiums for 4 years now? I have been a contributing member for 20 years before I stopped paying my monthly contribution.

Bebeth 3 years ago

Hi I was operated last September 2013- total abdominal hysterectomy, i apply for disability benefit at SSS office but i was denied due to my age (49) the Doctor from SSS said i can only avail the sickness benefits. Is there really an age limit to avail the disability? I'm still working and the reason of the organ removal is due to adenomyosis.

priscilla sanjuan 3 years ago

ood evning....yes, i read some of sss member they have problem about the members benefit,like me,yes i say that.first my husband die last 2003 i processed all papers dr,cert funeral bill, all,,they say wait okay i wait till now, waitng,,,second, my bro,die last june 30 2013,,,he is single at the age of 44,,,and ...his papers are complete and we file it in sss,then,their asking about the parents marriage it sure needed?,,,iam also sss menber....i want to know,the possible important sure ..not, to have the same thing problem,,,,,please,,i am 54 years old now,,,,,and i dont want my kids to have u said we die just one time....please reply

gee 3 years ago

hi im an employee working for 5 months to present and i got pregnant much will i get benefits when i gave birth on february?

Shine 3 years ago

Hi, I just want to ask if you have any idea if SSS will honor the Special Power of Attorney executed by my sister in law who is working as a domestic worker in Qatar to allow my dad to process their death claim ( pension ) for my deceased brother on her behalf since she's unable to do so because of her job. As of now she has no day off yet. We were able to claim the funeral benefit ( Php20,000) since we have coordinated with the funeral company. Now, all necessary requirements are ready for submission to SSS. I was even assigned as legal guardian of my neice and nephew ( 13 and 7 years old respectively ), an affidavit and confirmation of legal guardianship was also executed naming me as legal guardian. They are under my care now. My sister in law wasn't able to attend my brother's internment due to her current employment and limitations. Now, I just want to check with you maybe you have an idea if this is possible since I know for a fact that my sister in law is still alive and not sure if the collection office of SSS in Qatar will be able to assist my sister in law just in case SSS will reject the SPA executed by her to authorize my dad to process the death claim on their behalf. Your answer is highly appreciated!

Roy Escala 3 years ago

Good Day. I have a brother (borned 1963)who is a polio victim since childhood. He can not walk and uses only wheelchair for his mobility. He was an SSS beneficiary(as disabled) of my late father. Until my father died, the benefit was stopped due to the doctor in Bacolod that disqualify and discontinue him to be a beneficary due to the reason that he (my brother) still can eat by his own. Is there any way to reinstate him as beneficiary if ever the SSS policy allows it? He is a permanent disabled person? thanks for any reply from here.

Pj 3 years ago

hi Sir,

ask ko lang po . matagal ng patay yung lolo ko and hndi namin alam yung sss no. nya wala din kmeng makitang documents na pwdeng magpakita sami ng sss no. nya.

question: Possible po ba na malaman namin ang sss no. nya ? kung possible pano po ang process? many thanks in advance sir. sana po matulungan nyo ako.

asutton 3 years ago

saan ko makikita yung sbr? naghulog ako ng contribution sa bayad center .. pero hndi ko naipasa sa sss yung rs-5 na resibo.. nagtry ako mag fill up ng online pero diko alam ano yung sbr number kung saan ko makikita..may nilagay ako number na may sss T# ... but invalid number daw kaialangan kopa ba dapat ibigay ang resibo at any branch ng sss to verify yung hulog ko?

elaine 3 years ago

I dialed your contact numbers 2213536; 2217751 Loc 107 but no one could assist my concern about contributions because Ms. Agnes is not on duty today. Anyway, my concern is my previous employer was an agency named AMB Staffing Services, Inc. located its main office in Mandaue City and branch office in Davao City. AMB Staffing Services, Inc. hired me last February 8, 2013 and ended March 31, 2013 because of the benefits not properly contributed. Then we transferred another agency named Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. last April 1, 2013 until present.

When I checked via online my SSS Contributions, I’ve found out that there were no contributions on February 2013 and March 2013 but it should be indicated there because I have completely passed the requirements upon my employment.

Can you please help me to solve this? Because the AMB agency keep on reasoning that I was belong to my co employees who still have invalid numbers in their SSS.

Do I have to wait for my co-employees to correct their invalid numbers?

May I know what you can do to them or May you help me to suggest what to do so that the AMB agency will accomplish my needs as soon as possible?

The manager of Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. told me personally that our previous agency/ employer did not turn over the benefits of the employees to them.

My SSS ID # is 09-3341565-2.

please reply asap or call me at 0942-5910-364.

mvic 3 years ago

just want to ask if there's expiration in applying for maternity?tnx

gina @ 53 3 years ago

hi just want to ask if i can be a sss member even i'am already in my mid 50's? thank you.

ysai 3 years ago


i had remitted SSS contribution for almost 8 years from 1999-2007 then i stop paying, can i withdraw all my payments?

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Karen924 3 years ago

Hi Sir/Madam,

Good day!

I would like to inquire on how I can claim my Maternity Benefit. Currently I am working here in Abu Dhabi, UAE as an Engineer. I almost 9months pregnant and due this coming October 2013. Also, I am a member of SSS under OFW category.

I would like to ask favor if you can please send me the following requirements needed to claim my Maternity Benefit. And to where we can go to process it. Also, we would like to know if how many days approximately we can get the said Payment and how much is my Maternity Payment.

Hope you can help me about this matter and hope to hear from your end.

Your quick response would be highly appreciated. Thanks alot and more power!

sheena 3 years ago

hello, i just need some help or advice in my mom situation,

my father and my mom married so as my dad first wife also,, they are separated long time ago coz my father caught her first wife having an affair to other man, but the first wife and my father is not legally separated in papers, my mom and dad are also legally married too.. but my father left us when i was young,, we dont know what happen to him, he just say his going to mindanao to fix some of the land he own there but after he left us we never heard anything from him,,,my mom thought my father is dead that time,, im 28 now he left us when i was 2 years old,i already talk to my father once before i leave the country but we talk trough phone only,,,,

till facebook came up and i found my half bro. and sis. and telling me the pension is supposed to receive my mom not their mom,,coz their mom is having unaffair to other man,,, is it possible my mom can get the pension of my dad?? my mom never married again or have any affair to other man,,im only one daughter,,, pls, help,,,,, thanks

miss vergo 3 years ago

me a member of sss 6yrs i have employer dn i stop my work dn i dnt pay my sss maybe 1yr dn i cont.into a voluntary i remember i pay 2 months dn tell now no do i member sa sss?

kris 3 years ago

good day, i really hope you could point me in the right direction with my sss problem :( my sisters and i filed my father's death claim last year with 2 minors, 1 10 yr old and 1 20 yr old. the last time we went there they told us that unless we could provide an OB history since my mom was 51 when she had our youngest sibling, the claim will be in pending status. Since both my parents are dead, we have no idea where we can find the OB history and I informed the branch head who talked to us of this. She then said that we can refile the claim, leaving the 10 yr old out since SHE thinks she's my daughter (I'm 31), once the 20 yr old turns 21, which she did already. Is this possible? Can we refile the death claim as we are the primary beneficiaries? My dad passed away a year ago and he was 59. Hope you could help me. Thank you very much!

alaissa 3 years ago

hi ask q lang kung pede ako makaclaim ng disability kahit voluntary member ako. meron pa lang akong 115 contributions

Marilyn Oriondo 3 years ago

Ask ko lang po kung ano exact date pwede makaclaim partial disability (Subtotal Hysterectomy ? kasi sinabi sakin hanggang 45 years old ...

Adelle 3 years ago

Can the SSS display my monthly contribution on the Year 1978- 1978? On line pls, on my Email add. Thank You po!

Adela 3 years ago

I'm single, already retired and receiving monthly pension. No beneficiary. Who can then claim my death and funeral benefits?

Ms.Aguilar 3 years ago

Good morning sir or ma'm,...i'm Just here to ask something my ex-husband died last october 9 2009,i just found it last week when my former brother in law contacted me on facebook..He ask me if my Daughter who happens to be a minor received her benefits since her father died, i said no...he told me that it is already claimed by their sister i just wanted to know how did they claimed it without my permission as a mother of the kid,..were separated 4 years but still it needs my signature to claimed it right,...i just been disappointed since its my daughter money which can be used for her schooling kindly send me an e-mail to this address regarding with this

april 3 years ago

I just wanted to know how did somebody able took the benefits that is for my daughter why did the SSS allowed this to happen,..does this mean benefits of SSS members is no longer safe?.how could somebody will be encourage to invest in this kind of stablishment if things like this is happening?

Thala 3 years ago

Hi twenty five, I'm a member of sss for 8 yrs, and I'm continuing my contribution even I'm here in other country. Can I avail my maternity benefit even though I will not give birth in the Philippines. Thank you so much

lady gege 3 years ago

Ma'am twentyfive pwede ba bayaran ng sis ko na ofw yng 120 months nya one time payment po? Shes turning 40 palang next year. Hope u answer ty. :)

Lanie 3 years ago

Ask ko lang po if may makukuha bang sss sickness benefits ang seaman if bumaba siya ng barko para magpaopera na bukol na tumubo sa bandang buttocks niya?if meron how much po?Thanks

grace 3 years ago

hi1 tnong lng po kc ang kptid ko po ay naistroke and disabled po n po cia, nkpagfile n po kmi ng knyang dsability tnong ko lng po mgknu po b ung mkukuha po nya?please answer po.thank u

Shyla Hez 3 years ago

My mom is receiving pension/payment monthly from SSS. She is currently living with us here in California. Her monthly SS payments are being direct depsoited to her bank in the Philippines. She left her sister an SPA (Special Power of Attorney) and a deposit slip signed by my mom so my aunt can withdraw the funds every 3 months or so. The problem now is UCPB (my mom's bank) is refusing to honor the SPA, their saying that SSS has a new ruling not to give the money even with the SPA unless its the pensioner herself doing the withdrawal. I think this is a bunch of bs. My question is, is there such a ruling by SSS? Thank you and would appreciate all the help/info. Ive been trolling the SSS pages but their site is always down. You can also email reach me at

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hyacinthrey 3 years ago

what if the member die earlier? is she / he entitled to the sss lump sum benefits? which he / she only has less than 12 monthly contribution? u can sent me the answer to

evame 3 years ago

My father is 61 years old now. And he just applied for retirement in the SSS .. So far he was given 18monthly paid off.. Would he be able to claim his 2012-2013 claims? 60-61?Thats 1year Pension claim, Thanks

william 3 years ago

how about extensions of sickness benefits my because my doctor extended my rest day period from 2 weeks to 1 month, but i already file for the 2 weeks rest day.

Cure 3 years ago

Ask ko lang po, My sister died single and her only beneficiary was my mother. According to sss, hindi raw qualified ang mother ko to become a pensioner. Ganun ba yun talaga? And If hindi nga qualified pwede mo ba ipost ang computation sa pagkuha ng lump sum. Thanks...

Moreen 3 years ago

Hi. I'm an employee of a private company and I'm pregnant for 5 months. Tanong ko lang poh kung same pa din ba ang makukuha kong maternity benefit sa sss pag magreresign ako 3 months bago ako manganak but I will still continue contributing to SSS.

huck 3 years ago

how bout ectopic pregnancy?its cn consider maternal also?or do we get some benefits bout this mater?

jeff 3 years ago

Is there other option to pay SSS without going to their office?

self employed.

isang 3 years ago

sir /ma'am is there a sss educational loan? how can avail that benefit? i am a member of sss.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

hi, Bevs. I suggest you go to the SSS branch near you and bring your valid ID and birth certificate and your mom's ID and birth certificate to verify her account. You'll know then if you are eligible to receive anything. God bless!

bevs 3 years ago

hello po.

pano ko po malalaman kung mayroon sss. ung nanay ko . kasi po nag.trabaho sya sa real estate agent. 18 na po ako. ngayon ku lang nalaman pag.kuha ku ng NSO ko . wala po kasi akong kong pwedi ku malaman kung member sya ng SSS. kung sakali maku2ha ko po ba? apilyido nya nman yung gamit ko. death certificate at ska anu pa pung requirments?

Lon 3 years ago

Hi Miss TwentyFive,

Hope you are well!

My mother, an SSS member but not completed the 120 months requirement, just turned 60 years old this year. She's also a beneficiary of my father's pension.

I s she allowed to get the lump sum from her membership and continue to be beneficiary of my father's monthly pensions?

I'm unable to find this case in SSS rules. Could you help me?

Thanks and regards,


me 3 years ago

can i avail the sss benefits if i already availed it from other state insurance like GSIS, Pag-IBIG and Philhealth?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

Thank you very much for sharing this info :) Bless ya!

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Artemio 3 years ago

Good day Twentyfive... I would like to share to your followers some of the terms definition I've read under Republic Act 8282 of 1997. AN ACT FURTHER STRENGTHENING THE SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM THEREBY AMENDING FOR THIS PURPOSE, REPUBLIC ACT NO. 1161, AS AMENDED, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE SOCIAL SECURITY LAW

Under section #8 of this act, paragraph:

g) Monthly salary credit - The compensation base for contributions and benefits in the SSS contribution table of 2013.

l) Contingency - Retirement,death,disability,sickness/injury and maternity.

m) Average monthly salary credit (AMSC) - The result obtained by deviding the sum of the last 60 monthly salary credits immediately preceding the semester of contingency by 60, or the result obtained by dividing the sum of all the monthly salary credits paid prior to the semester of contingency by the number of monthly contributions paid in the same period, whichever is greater: Provided, That the injury or sickness which caused the disability shall be deemed as the permanent disability for the purpose of computing the average monthly salary credit.

o) Semester - A period of two consecutive quarters ending in the quarter of contingency.

p) Quarter - A period of three consecutive calendar months ending on the last day of March, June, September and December.

q) Credited years of sevice (CYS) - For a member covered prior to January 1985 minus the calendar year of coverage plus the number of calendar years in which six or more contributions have been paid from January 1985 up to the calendar year containing the semester prior to the contingency. For a member covered in or after January 1985, the number of calendar years in which six or more contributions have been paid from the year of coverage up th the calendar year containing the semester prior to the contingency: Provided, That the commission may provide for a different number of contributions in a calendar year for it to be considered as a credited year of service.

There you have it guys.....

Artemio 3 years ago

If I am going to retire now, I am going to have a total number of contribution of 274 months with a total amount of 380,000 pesos. Due to work stoppage at some point, there are lapses on my contribution. I have amassed 274 months of contribution in 35 years or 420 months. The longest continuous contribution I have made is 18 years or 216 months. Could you please calculate my MP as I do not understand where my AMSC and CYS applies. Thanks in advance.

kween klaire 3 years ago

im currently on my 5 months of pregnancy now. can you pls explain to me further what is the 100 % of members average daily salary credit? and pls email me the explanation.. thanks

tope 3 years ago

im working in a private company. My company remits my SSS contribution for the previous month every 10th of the current month.

before, update on my contributions are on time and fast.. but recently, it's taking a lot of time (almost a month). For example, it's already th 4th of July and yet my May 2013 contribution is not posted yet.

I went to the nearest SSS branch and they cannot provide me the exact reason of the delay. They just told me to keep checking my online account until it is already updated.

With you experience, how long does it really take for contributions to post on your account. With the technology we have nowadays, it's a bit odd that instead of faster service - it's actually taking a lot of time. This is frustrating especially if you would like to apply for a loan.

any ideas about this matter?

leah 3 years ago

good day po,ask q lng po kung pwede pa q mag file ng disability sa sss?nag work n po aq dati d2 bago aq nag abroad naaksidinte po aq sa abroad ng 2007 nkauwi po aq ng 2010 ngaun q lng po nlaman n pwede dw efile ng disability un pwde pa po ba?tnx po


hi good day ma'am,i just want to ask if how much money will a person receive from her late husband which is CYS in only 6 years?and how much possibly monthly they will get?thank you..

malou 3 years ago

hi mhae, this is malou, you must go to your employer and asked a photocopy of the L501 form because L501 is just a specimen signature of any of the authorized representative of the company where you work before., but if they refused to give you the said form you can still claim your benefit.

mhae 3 years ago

Hi i just have some queries about my SSS maternity benefit. I alreadyty notified SSS when i got pregnant, i already gave birth. I passed my MAT2 the birthcertificate of my son. They we're looking for my COE and L501. So iwent back to my last employer to get the COE but they refused to give the L501 since i was tagged as AWOL. Is it still possible for me to claim my benefit even though I am unable to submit the L501. Thanks!

erniecor 3 years ago

I was told that when retire with the Philippine SSS, you receive a lump sum before your monthly pension kicks in. How much is this lump sum?

Jun Tajara 3 years ago

Hi, want to ask.

Can a pensioner still claim sickness benefit from SSS?

If so, what are the process and documents needed?

Please enlighten me on this.

Thank you very much!!! :)))

winston 3 years ago

ma'am twentyfive wala nang reply sa mga tanong.... 3 months na.. im reading and had same questions... hope you will help us...

GSD 3 years ago

Anybody here affected by the new loan rates implemented

retroactively in August 2010? 10 years ago I went abroad to work. I overlooked that my loan was not fully paid yet. SO when I came back after 10 years to update my SSS status/records, I was surprised to find out that I still owe them and of course it more than doubled with the interest and penalty. Because in fact the loan was not paid in full, I paid the whole amount in August of 2010. But two years after paying , I went to SSS to get my new ID picture but was surprised to find out that I still owe them! They said that what I paid was only penalty & interest, it did not include the principal! How did that happen! The only explanation they could give me was that they implemented a new ruling (rates&penalty) effective 'retroactively' sometime in August 2010, and maybe I got caught in the middle of it; and maybe some technical problems with their systems. I wrote a complaint to the office of the President in July 2012 and until now I have not heard from them. I really feel upset about this because apparently the people affected by this unjust ruling simply paid, because they don't want to be bothered raising the issue. My issues:(1) I was not properly informed that there was a new ruling/ratesvto be implemented(2) the rates was applied retroactively to old loans (3) and I paid what I was told the whole amount; if the their staff or system made a mistake, why should I be penalized for it?

Because of this unresolved issue with them and lack of feedback,I have stopped contributing. Now I cannot avail of loan nor a maternity benefit.

Why do people put up with this inefficiencies and lack of concern on the part of SSS on their members. (And I know a relative whose husband died last July 2012, and until now has not received the benefits, almost a year now).

Lorenza Domingo 3 years ago

Hello. Ask ko lang po. Sa SSS Notice ko dated Dec 10, 2010 total pension ko ay 7,324.80. I noticed na less than 7,324.80 ang na cre credit lagi sa BPI account ko , usually 7,000. lang. Paano ho ba ma che check yung monthly SSS na na credit sa bank ko. may record po ba sa SSS yun or sa BPI ako mag ask.

Dapat po ba laging 7,324.80 ang laging na cre credit or may deduction talaga sa exact pension amt.

Motherof5 3 years ago


I will be giving birth to my 5th child, but during my first 4 deliveries I was not an sss member since i did not have a job then. Will I still be able to claim my maternity benefit? I have now been working for 4 years but has not claimed any maternity benefits. Thank You

elmor f. solano 3 years ago

gud day po ask q lang po ito ang case q for last 20 yrs ang contribution q 1000 at nang matigil ako sa trabaho nag self employed bumaba sa 300 ang contribution q magakano po magiging pension q pina compute q kasi 5k lang daw kc mali yata tanx po

Angel Annie 3 years ago

My mother was notable to complete the 120 monthly contributions in order to avail of the monthly pension. However, I understand she is entitled to lump sum of her total contributions. Ang question ko po, pag nag avail ba siya ng lump sum entitled pa rin ba siya sa funeral/burial benefit when she died?

malou p. cuerda 3 years ago

Good afternoon mam, meron lang po akong tanong regarding sa sss contribution nang mama ko, bali ang ngayon po she's 52 years old, ang last po na contribuition na is yong year 1998 pa, pwede pa po bang mag voluntary contribution cya. thanks, hoping for your response.

joy jimenez 3 years ago

hello,how much will i receive for my maternity benefit if i only have 20 contributions in the past before i got pregnant?i will start my contributions this second quarter,my last employer last dec2012,. my due date was july3?

alona 3 years ago

hello ,

i would like to ask about maternity benefits. i resigned last january 31, 2013 due to pregnancy, i expect to gave birth by this july 2013. am i still credited for maternity benefits. i just want some clarification about this one.

nica 3 years ago

pwede ko po ba ipaencash sa asawa ko ung cheke ng maternity ko? anu ung mga kylangan?

nina 3 years ago

Hi ask ko lang po i work po sa isang company bale 2years po ako dun then that was 2010 pa po of july

Then nagwork po ako uli nitong dec 2011 so may lapse po ako ng contribution sa sss

Ung boss ko.po never give us benefit po for sss then ngayon pa lang po sya mag huhulog

So mejo mahaba po ang contribution ko

.... im giving birth on nov

Makakaavail po ba ko ng sss maternity?

eve 3 years ago

hi! i just want to ask, i gave birth to CS and its my 4th, also undergo total hysterectomy doctors diagnosis placenta previa accreta, i filed already disability to sss, and i open single savings account, my question is... based on sss i will receive lump sum, i want to know how much will i receive, i have an employer which is convergys at makati, i have 35 months contirbution to sss...

remy 3 years ago

nag apply po ako ng educational loan, okay naman daw, binigay yong aknowledgement receipts, approved napo ba yun? kelan po ipapadala ang cheque?

arlene macaraig 3 years ago

Good day! I;m arlene I'm a teacher and was diagnose with tuberculosis I can't work since I am a teacher.Am i entitled to SSS benefits

mariceljimenez 3 years ago

..good eve. Mam/ Sir, I just want to Ask about transferring account to primary benificiary from the deceased member. Is it automatically transfer to the accnt. Of the beneficiary if she is also a pensioner? Or do we need to open a new accnt for it.? .

Catherine LS 3 years ago

My father worked in PI and contributed to SSS for 5 yrs. Does he need to complete 10 yrs to receive benefit? His already 74 yrs old. If so how much is the monthly minimum payment? I need to convince him that it's not worth it going to PI to process his papers.

Jasmin 3 years ago

good day! I am 16wks pregnant and my expecting due date of delivery will be on oct 2013. My last contribution was june 2012-sept 2012. Am i entitled to file a maternity benefits? Hoping for your reply. Tnx and more power

Rose 3 years ago

How about if Im residing abroad, and gave birth abroad. However, I gave birth 6 years ago, is the any certain benefit that I could get?

diane 3 years ago

i would like to ask bakit kapag may existing loan ka sa SSS then once you avail for the maternity benefits yung mkukuha sa maternity binabawas dun yung outstanding balance sa SSS loan? alam ko kasi separate po yun diba?kasi benefits ng mga babae yung amternity at hindi po dapat ibawas dun yung previous SSS loan..kindly update me regarding this matter.thanks po

adel 3 years ago

gusto ko pong maging voluntary member sa sss,wala pa po akong sss number,,gusto ko lang po malaman if ok lang po ba mag.voluntary member kasi i am still studying,.single pa po ako and 22 years old..ano po ba qualification for a voluntary membership? salamat

cristine 3 years ago

Hi i want to ask if there's still additional benefit for being operated of ectopic pregnancy, except for accomplishing the sickness notification of sss?

leizl 3 years ago

hi! would like to inquire this: If I am a Pensioner (age 65), receiving a monthly pension, can I still apply for a Partial Disability benefit? thank you and God bless!

--- great hub, very informative!

cavitenaH 3 years ago

Hi! Thank you for such an informative post. This has undeniably helped a lot of our fellowmen in getting answers on facts and figures of the benefits of SSS. I admit that like most of the commenters above, I was not fully aware of these things til I stumbled on your great hub.

Since no one had the same concern as my father's, could you please advise me what we should do.

My father is turning 66 this year and he was not able to process his retirement benefit applications upon reaching 60. Recently he went to check his total contributions and was shocked to know that his previous employer abroad paid his monthly contributions to a wrong SSS number! This is for a total of 5 years (60 contributions), which sadly made his total contributions less than 120. He had kept his payslips from those years, showing the deductions, but unfortunately his then company is not existing anymore. How should we go about this? And what are the possible benefits my father could get in this case? Thank you, more power and God bless.

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jovenakathlyn 3 years ago

I was a domestic helper in HK, i was paying 1560 each month for my SSS contribution. I only made those contribution for 2 yrs while working as domestic helper.I stopped working 1 yr ago, and at the present time i am still unemployed, however i am continuing 1560 contribution on a voluntary basis, i am only 36 yrs old now and if i continue for the next 7 yr paying 1560 a month i will have 120 months of contribution. Therefore at age 46 i already have 120 months of contribution,is there any advantage for me to continue paying 1560 until i retire age 60 if so what is the advantage?

jspidyl 3 years ago

Hi Good day.

If my employer was my auntie and she was not able to facilitate my sss contribution. Can she still apply for a late application for me and pay for my contribution for 1 year that I was employed In their small company.Thanks inadvance

Emily 3 years ago

Regards sa disability ng husband ko. matagal na namin inaantay yun. December 2012 pa un, pero hanggang ngayon wala pa din. kailangan na magpagamot ng asawa ko ifofollow up check up namin sya.. At yun na lang ang inaasahan namin. pero wala pa din. Sana naman magka aksyon ang SSS. dati one month lang nakukuha na. Ngayon ilang months na. Wala pa din. Thanks!

melanie 3 years ago

Good pm! Tatanong ko sana until when kame maghihintay sa disability ng father ko. WE expect so much, pero no response pa din.

Em 3 years ago

bakit po kaya hindi considered ang time value of money sa computation ng pension?

BeverlyD 3 years ago

Hello I already have 7 contributions so far and I'm employed from a BPO company. Do you have an idea like how much will I receive from my Maternity Benefits. Thank you.

Melanie 3 years ago

Hi makaka avail ba ng maternity benefit kung after delivery ang application? Hindi na nila ako pinagbabayad ng premium ngayon hanggat hindi pa tapos ang adjustments ng sss ko. self employed ako at nagbabayad ng 300+ monthly then suddenly i change the amount to 1560 and paying for 2 years, they cannot find the application to upgrade my premiums, almost 1 year na ako hindi nagbabayad dahil wala pa sila notice na pwede na ako maghulog.

nice 3 years ago

pwedi bang i claim ang sakit na tuberculosis n dissability?

Honeybunch 3 years ago

I want to correct my contributions from july 2008-dec 2008 and posted my company's contributions instead of my voluntary payments. I have paid my voluntary contributions for the said months and was posted however my company has also paid for these months. I already submitted the needed docs five times as to speak since 2008 coz they always misplaced it, in SSS Binondo branch and until now it hasn't been corrected. Please advise me on what to do? If I have to submit these documents in their main branch for immediate actions.

megan 3 years ago

how about the EC column, how it was included in the computation of sss pension?

erlina pitac 3 years ago

i've been out of job for almost a year now and my sss monthly remittance has not been updated since May of last year. I will be giving birth this year's September and I want to ask if I can still get advantage of the maternity benefit. I am unmarried by the way. thanks

Roger Obana 3 years ago

I am a member of SSS for 21 years now or a contribution of 252 month

I now 52 years if I reach 60 years what will be the maximum monthly pension.

katren fe 3 years ago

hi im currently employed, private sector, my son is my dependent, can he get medical assistance since he is hospitalized

Leiz 3 years ago

Do i need to present an SSS Digital ID upon claiming my SSS benefit at the branch? I only have Philhealth and TIN ID's

Leizel 3 years ago

Hi, I had filed a maternity claim through my company but i have resigned.

DO i need to present an SSS Digitalized ID when i claim the benefit at the SSS branch? I only have Philhealth and TIN ID.

kris 3 years ago

when i check online my status in maternity benefit it was denied, the remark says wrong key encoding.what does it mean? do i have a problem in claiming my benefit?

princess 3 years ago

ask ko lng po kng how long will it takes before i receive my maternity benefit ..i gave birth dec.31,2012..i passed my requirements jan.31,2013 ??

Gladys 3 years ago

Itanong ko lang po paano ang iba pa naming dapat gawin sa pagkuha ng burial claim ng namatay kong kuya na si Andrew Gaudia Tandoc, SSS number 0369747790. Namatay siya last July 23, 2012 sa bahay namin sa Pasig dahil sa kidney disease. Nailibing po siya sa Heavens Gate Memorial Gardens-Antipolo.

Nag-submit ang mother ko ng lahat ng requirements para sa claim ng SSS burial benefits noong August 5 sa Shaw Blvd., Pasig branch. Tiningnan lang ang form pero hindi nila tinanggap. Naka-attached pa rin sa form ang “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT STUB”. Pero naka-record daw sa computer ang lahat ng information nito. Ang advise sa mother ko ay mag-follow up personally ng every 2 weeks sa SSS Shaw Blvd.

Ang lagging sagot sa mother ko ay di pa daw natatapos ang imbestigasyon dahil hanggang ngayon ay naghihintay sila ng resulta ng imbestigasyon na magmumula sa Antipolo. Nagpunta po ang mother ko sa Heaven’s Gate Office at tinanong kung nakakatanggap ba sila na investigation request mula sa SSS para sa namatay kong kapatid. Sinabi po ng staff mula sa Heaven’s Gate Office na wala silang natatanggap mula sa SSS at walang pumupuntang imbestigador doon sa kanila.

Sumulat na rin ako sa SSS online inquiry pero wala daw record sa database nila.

Sana po ay matulungan niyo kami.

Buddy 3 years ago

I"m pensioner for almost two years,my wife is my primary beneficiary and my daughter is my secondary beneficiary,now my wife died last year 2012,I would like to get married again to another woman for the reason I want her with me in my life until I question is this does my second wife can avail a pension when I"m die? Thank you

Flor 4 years ago

Ilang weeks po before makuha ang sss sick leave claim..nung Feb. 14 lng po ako nag apply..

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Thank you Ron for the great comments here :) God bless!

ronmords 4 years ago

im glad to read this hub of yours, very informative to all people without knowledge of any benefit of right to claim of what is ours.

barongph 4 years ago

Hi, I would like to know if I will be entitled for maternity benefits as dependent of my husband. I'm not employed as of this time but I already have sss number because of my previous employment. I'm unemployed for 2 years now. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Sally I think she can authorize her relative here in the Philippines to process her papers. I don’t know if the embassy or consulate in the US could do service for the SSS but try the authorization method. I hope it works :) God bless!

@Von Go to the bank and renew the atm card. An expired one will not work anymore. Also go to the SSS to request resumption of pension

von 4 years ago

Hi! We have been receiving monthly death pension since my dad died in 2009 but for the past 2 months there have been no money entering the account. When I checked again today, the atm machine prompted that the card has expired. Why is this so? What should I do to resume the pension? Thanks!

sally 4 years ago

My mom is currently living here in the US, and she is now 62 yrs old and eligble to receive pension. My question is, does she need to go back in the Philippines to start the process or is there a place here in the US, like consulate office to process her pension. Or can it be done online?

aimjay 4 years ago

Hi !! Can i remove my first wife as beneficiary of SSS? becoz we dont have any communication for almost 14 years, and also im happy living with my second wife..can you please help me what to do? your reply is highly appreciated.. thank you very much and God Bless

cristina 4 years ago

how long will it take to claim your maternity benefit if you are self employed.

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I'm sorry for what happened to you. I pray you will get well soon. I'm not sure if it's covered but you may apply for sick benefits to know if you are qualified. Your employer can assist your application. God bless you po :)

koffie 4 years ago


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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Some companies have different hiring rules like they make someone 'regular' or 'permanent' employee after 6 months, others after a year or longer. Regarding SSS contributions, it starts when you pay for it. If you saw on your payslip that you have been deducted for SSS, then that means you have contributed. You know how many months you have contributed, if not, check your payslips in the past.

lemuel 4 years ago

hi... 2yrs na po ako ngwowork s company nmin... pumirma po ako ng kontrata jan 2011.. nung mg.inquire po ako ng contributions ko halos 3 buwan palang nahulugan nila at year 2012 na.. bale lumalabas mhigit isang taon ala hulog sss ko.. nung mgtnung ako s company nmin sbi kelngan yr dw muna aq s company nla bgu nla hulugan sss ko.. tama po ba iyon sir.. pls help me kc higanteng kumpanya mkkabangga ko... ano po mga steps n gagawin ko slamat...

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I think it refers to two consecutive quarters ending in the date of retirement. Quarter is 3 consecutive months (March, June, Sept, Dec)

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johannesablon 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive,

Thank you for this great post. This is very helpful to us.

My question is what does "prior to the semester of retirement" means from the statement below. Expound please. Thanks a lot.

1.A member who is 60 years old, separated form employment or ceased to be self-employed, and has paid at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of retirement. 4 years ago

can i still avail my sss maternity benefits, since im already unemployed for 1 year already?

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jo In my opinion yes it affects because it may affect in the computation of monthly pension and creditable year of service. There is no specific requirement to retirement benefit excluding disability beneficiary prior to retirement age, I suggest your mom must apply still. Help her and assist her because she needs you. Happy New Year :)

@Bebot I can only share what I think and you must still ask SSS about your inquiries here. I think the computation must only be discussed by them and you. You need to view your records and reconcile your documents with them. You can resume your contributions if you are unemployed now by being a voluntary member and you won’t pay penalties unless you have loans or unless you are paying the month or quarter before the deadline. I know voluntary members can pay thru banks, Western Union, SM, Robinsons, and other SSS accredited payment centers nationwide. But before that, you must go to the SSS personally to update your membership as voluntary member and know how much you will pay (you can choose how much you can afford for your monthly contributions). Keep your receipts always. Happy New Year! :)

@Adriano please verify your account at the SSS office to know why you get that error message. There must be a reasonable explanation why you get that. Good luck and Happy New Year :)

4 years ago


Adriano B. Garcia, Jr. 4 years ago

I've tried a lot of times to register on your SSS Online Inquiry but I'm unsuccessful because your system keep on saying my surname is incorrect. I'm a disability pensioner and I'm using my real name as per my record in SSS since 1973 so it's either your records is in a mess, not updated or your Online System is technically defective. Please make the necessary actions to rectify this problem. I respecfully request that you do something with my problem immediately. I'm a disabled person.

bebot 4 years ago

ooohh, I forgot to greet.

Years come and go...moments pass and gone forever.

Thanks be to God...........people like you never fades.


bebot 4 years ago

I learned from an SSS office here, that my projected pension is about PHP 7,500... just quite enough for my medications. As it was getting late, I was not able to ask them this questions:

1) I've been an SSS member and contributing since 1974. My last contribution was in 2005 when the company I worked with closed shop. That was 31 years of contribution, but my total contribution was only 336 months or 28 years. Why?

2) If my 336 months contri is equivalent to 28 years, why is it my CYS is only 25 months?

3) How many months does it consist a CYS?

4) My monthly contri stopped when I lost my job in 2005. Now that I'm free of debts, I want to resume my SSS contri as voluntary. Can I? If so, what will happen to my 7 years vacant? Do I have to pay some penalties?

5) The nearest SSS and banks is 67km away. I'm 58 and not as robust as before, can I pay my whole 2013 contri in one go, this January... so I can save on fare, bother and time?

Jo g. 4 years ago

Hi! I'd like to ask if receiving disability benefits from SSS would affect one's eligibility for retirement benefits?

My mom got cancer from her workplace and was compensated by SSS through their disability package. She's just 56 years old when she got ill. October next year, her disability pension will stop. At the age of 60, will she start receiving her retirement pension, or will this be affected by her previous receipt of SSS' disability package?

Thank you and more power!

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I only know members can apply for loans provided they meet the requirements, also those who are separated from employment could also apply for emergency loans as long as they meet the requirements of SSS. For pensioners and retirees, please ask SSS for the possible loans available

Epifanio R. Gaya 4 years ago

Can a retiree can apply for loan

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

either you ask your employer or you go to the SSS personally and request for it. Bring valid IDs

Miriam 4 years ago

I forgot my SS number. Do you know how I can find out what it is?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I will be only accepting comments in English from now on.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Bernado you can call them and ask for a follow up. They will tell you if the claim was released or what ever its status

@Kate Yeah. Just go to the SSS and bring your SSS ID and your wife's SSS records. If her death certificate is already available, bring it too. SSS will assess you if you are entitled for another pension. You will be given funeral benefits too

kate 4 years ago

Tanong ko lang kung if both husband and wife are SSS pensioner at kung mamatay yung wife malilipat ba sa husband yung pension nya kahit na may pension na rin yung husband. Pwede band maging 2 ang pension nya.

bernardo madrid 4 years ago

bakit po ba ang btagal ng pagtransfer kay tatay yong pension nya kay nanay,kc nitong june6 2012 namatay si tatay hanggang ngayon wala pa rin .mabagal po ba talaga ang proseso nyan sa north novaliches branch

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Tony yes, he can apply for pension benefits under the Portability Law (combine SSS and GSIS). Apply asap to the GSIS office near you so you know if you are qualified and entitled for pension under that retirement program. You can ask SSS about this too by going there personally.

@Janzki You must go to the SSS and ask about the stopped pension. There must be a reason for that. The bank just issue funds after SSS entered them at the system, meaning, they cannot entertain you about the reason of stoppage.

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janszki 4 years ago

question po..

the bank sent us a notice that we can claim the pension everymonth. they sent us this letter with an attached DDR VOUCHER. in the letter they said that we bring the voucher to the bank but we didn't. instead i withdraw the money from the atm. btw i have withdrawn the pension that was delayed for 5 months. and i waited again for a month to withdraw the monthly pension but this month no money came to my account why did that happen?? is it ok? or do i need to go to the bank and gave them the voucher? pls reply thank you so much..

Tony 4 years ago

Hello! Can a retired employee at age 60 receive both SSS and GSIS pensions provided he contributed for 120 months to each security system by working in the private and the gov't. sector one after the other? Thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You can contact that SSS Branch for the follow up of your claim. If they told you it has been mailed, then it may be at the postal or courier's hand already. Just wait for few more days if that's the case

jenalyn 4 years ago

hi, good day I would like to ask if when I'll receive my maternity benefit, I passed my mat-2 last sept.21,2012 and the SSS generalist personnel said after a month. My cheque will send in our house . But it's almost 1 month and 1 week . I did not receive yet . here's my SSS num. 06-2859913-9. Hoping for your reply ,thank you and godspeed

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Mae I think the best way is to go to the SSS and bring the letter. Ask about the action the SSS Singapore told your aunt if it’s really the best to do in your case. I think it would only take 2 weeks after the requirements are settled

@Joy we cannot pay the months that we missed in insurance or SSS. What we can do is to pay the present and the future months. Yeah you can continue until he reached the required months or until retirement

@Ernesto SSS requires 120 months for the retirement benefits. You may inquire about the benefits you would receive according to your completed contributions if any. Check your records at the SSS branch near you. God bless!

ErnestoArzadon 4 years ago

I am an SSS member when I was employed as Security Officer of Security Agency, before i resigned from the agency I have accumulated 48 contributions. I am now 68 years old. Am I entitled for an

y benefit claims.

joy 4 years ago

hi! twentyfive. My father-in-law just turned 57 this month he start monthly contributions 2005 as a voluntary member at the age of 49, at the very sad moment he contributes 15 mos. only he stopped to contribute at the following mos. until july 2012, on aug 2012 we decided to continued her monthy contributions puede po b nming habulin ung past previous years he didn't pay? If he will be a pensioner at the age of 60 or we need to continue her monthy contribution until he riched 120 mos. requirements? pls. advise us what we should do to this matter. tnx

mae 4 years ago

good day, i am the beneficiary of my late father but the pension was under the name of my aunt because my mother has passed away when i was child and so, my aunt has been my guradian since then. i am now 19y/o college student i received the ACOP letter from sss but the letter was addressed to my aunt. my aunt is currently living and working abroad with her family i informed her about the ACOP letter and she did visit an sss branch in singapore however she was advised to change the guardianship to whoever lives with me today (my grandfather) because she cant be my guardian since she's now currently in abroad. i would like to know what should i do? can we really transfer the guardianship to my grandfather, btw my grandfather is also pensioner? what would be the requirments needed ? and how long it would take to process ?thank u very much

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

The loan balance will surely be deducted from the retirement benefits if any. The member must go to the SSS personally to discuss about the reconciling account

jenny 4 years ago

hi! Would you know if a member can still get his/her pension or retirement benefits without paying the outstanding balance loan balance from SSS? Sort of, just deduct the loan balance from the would retirement benefits? Thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I don't think it's possible to adjust the pension amount by adding amount to her contributions. If she's not yet in the retiring age, she could contribute in a higher amount to increase her pension result somehow but she's 60 now. You can inquire completely at SSS office about this to know more. Thank you for dropping by and God bless you and your Mom :)

Arlyn 4 years ago

My mother just turned 60 last month. She inquired at SSS today and was told that her monthly pension will only be 1k+ because her last contributions were in the lower bracket. She used to work but stopped in 1990 and her last payments were made as a voluntary member. Is it possible for her to continue contributing or even pay a lump sum so that her pension will be higher?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Emjhay and MM one of the requirements for maternity benefits is at least 3 months of contributions within the year immediately before the semester of childbirth. If you meet that upon your child delivery, I think you may be qualified. Just make sure you will pay your premiums continuously and notify SSS in advance with your application

MM 4 years ago

Hi, I think I'm pregnant (1 or 2 months), housewife. I'm an SSS member, but probably already inactive since my last work was 5 years ago. Can I contribute to SSS now so I can enjoy the maternity benefits when I give birth (probably 7 to 8 months from now)?

emjhay 4 years ago

i have 22 mothns contributtion in sss when i was working and after a year i stop working. and this year of 2012 i started to become a member but it is now a voluntary member i have 2 months contribution now as a member of voluntary member. and now i am 6 monhts pregnant to i have a chance to file a maternity benefits. please answer my question asap.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I dont know if they allow late applications for maternity but you can try. Go to your SSS branch and ask about it. Thank you and God bless.

Dana 4 years ago

Hi, can i still claim for a maternity benefits tho' its already 1 year ago that my supposedly 2nd baby was miscarriage and i never filed for a maternity benefits at sss?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Maternity benefits must be applied in advance prior to your childbirth. Your employer can notify SSS with your application. Apply as early as 6 months prior to your due date so your application will be approved successfully and fast

TO EVERYONE: I can only accept comments in English from now on. It is a requirement here. I hope you understand. Thank you. :)

Maric hu 4 years ago

Hai there, i just want to ask if how many days is the processing of Maternity Benefits. Thank you.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Emer I think you can still continue your active status and receive retirement benefits when you're 60. If you're 47 that means you will be completing the required 120 months at 57 right? :)

@Analyn Yeah I heard from others to SLERP it's taking too long

analynguntang 4 years ago

gud day! ask q lng po kung talagang matagal magprocess ng Salary Loan Early Renewal Program(SLERP). Almost 1month and 1 wk n po ang application namin sa company pero until now wala prin po. Nagveverify po kami sa SSS Alabang pero lagi lng cnsv wala p daw at qualified naman daw kami. 15 years n po aq nagwowork sa isang electronics company. Ala din naman po kami sa reject. Gusto lng namin malaman kung anu n po b ang status ni2. tnx po.

emer 4 years ago

thanks po sa informations your giving it will help a lot for the members. i am a member po pero ilang buwan lang contributions ko ung pinasukan ko noong mga work wla pong sss.i'm 47 now can i still begin again and contribute?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sorry for late replies.. I was on holidays..

@Jacob and Rachel you must have at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period preceding the semester of your childbirth or due date.

-A semester refers to two consecutive quarters ending in the quarter of contingency.

-A quarter refers to three consecutive months ending March, June, September or December.

For maternity benefits, it is advisable to apply as early as before your due date. Your company can advise SSS about your application in advance.

@Marvie I know SSS requires at least 6 monthly contributions before a member can apply for a loan and they will assess you pa

@Jen the legal wife will receive benefits if she has not remarried and she is listed as the legal wife under the late member’s beneficiary list

@Wen yeah as long as she meets the requirements for maternity benefits. Notify SSS right away before her claim.

@Ila I honestly don’t know how SSS compute their retirement benefits when you reach the age 60. All I know is that, a member must have continuous contributions so that her CYS will be counted properly. The effect of lapses and missed payments will be very big to the result and amount of our pension.

@Nicalucero yeah as long as he meets the conditions and requirements for the educational loan

@Sweetcorn any female employed, separated or voluntary can avail maternity benefits provided she meets the requirements. Regarding reimbursement after 8 years, I don’t know if they will give it back. Inquire at SSS personally

@Bermudez You must have continued your payments even if you’re unemployed by being voluntary member instead. The requirements for maternity claims are posted at my comment to Jacob and Rachel above. I know SSS doesn’t allow retroactive payment of contributions. Once you missed a month, you cannot pay for it anymore. Thank you and God bless.

@Vicky yes I know disable and incapacitated children are given pension benefits and SSS is monitoring their status periodically. I just don’t know up to what extent and how long. I think it depends on SSS medical team and authorized staff’s assessment if the dependent is still entitled (ie: if the disability is total, partial or permanent) God bless you po.

@May hi there! yes she can avail as long as her premiums are continuous and meet the requirement for maternity benefits. Notify SSS in advance for your claim and don’t wait for November

maye5104 4 years ago

hello.... my sister worked abroad but she is still paying her monthly contribution. makaka avail ba cya ng maternity benefit kasi shes pregnant and due this coming november.

vicky ontejo 4 years ago

Gud day. Just a referral regarding the pension benefits of my mother in law from her husband. Until now, she has a dependent child who's disable since childhood and now, 35 yearas of age. I think disable can still avail a pension from their parents membership regardless of age? Shes now receiving pension out of this dependent. Pls. advice us w/ this matter. thanks...

bermudez 4 years ago

hi! i just want to make sure..i'm currently pregnant and unable to work..i was unemployed from 10-2011 to 05-2012..i started working last june..when i found out i was pregnant, my ob suggested it would be best for me to take some time off from work..i've been in and out of the office since august, but formally filed for leave sept.10-25..i got the documents and forms needed for sickness concern is that when i checked my account online, the only contribution from my current employer that reflects there is that of JUNE total contribution is 25months at would this affect my application? thanks! Also, is there anyway that i could pay for the months that i've been unemployed?

sweetcorn7 4 years ago

pede pa po ba mag a vail ng maternity reim after 8 years giving birth kc nung time po kc nung nanganak ako wla po ko employer pede p po kya yun?

nicalucero 4 years ago

naka avail na po ako sa educational loan.. if the student want to transfer to other school,, can he still avail? thank you so much

profile image

ila lomio 4 years ago

hello po.di po ako nagwo work pero nagvoluntary contribution ako since 2010.ang contribution ko po ay 312pesos monthly.pano po kung malaktawan ng hulog ng 1 o 3 hulog?ano po epekto nun? paano naman po kung magstop ako ng hulog at ituloy ko na lang pag malapit na ko mag 60 y/o lalakihan ko ang contribution pwede ba yun?

wen 4 years ago

Hi, how about OFW ang asawa ko tapos dito na sya nabuntis at nanganak sa ibang bansa. Pwede pa bang kumuha ng claim sa maternity benefit. for example sa canada. thanks.

Rachel Pregunta 4 years ago

Hi. I have read your post about maternity benefits and your answer to one of the questions about this from the comments. I want to clear this. I have 15 months paid sss when I was still employed from 2009-2010. No payment for last half of 2011 and all of 2012. I started to get pregnant this February 2012, Is there any chance I can pay at least three months or more for 2011 so I can qualify for the maternity benefits? Thank you.

jen 4 years ago

hi when my sis husband died 2 yrs ago nalaman nya di pla sya nakalagay as beneficiaries at yung dati pa din live in partner nung 80's ng hubby nya nakalista, indi na naayos o nakalimutan n ayusin hangang sa makamatayan ng hubby nya na mag update ng dependent.ano kaya pwde nya gawin para makakuha ng pension monthly kc legal wife naman sya although yung son nila ay nakakakuha ng monthly from SSS kaya lang pag nag 21 n anak nila stop na pension unlike pag asawa lifetime .kaya baka may alam kayo way para maayos nya yung sa SSS benefits nya as legal wife. tnx God bless.

marvie 4 years ago

hi! maka- avail ba ako ng sickness benefit kung 5 monthly contibutions ang naihulog ko prior to my operation? tnx

jacobangela 4 years ago

hi gusto ko lang po malaman kung qualified po ako for maternity claim. un first active contribution ko po kasi this year is nun april 2012. tapos umalis po ako sa work nun july so hangang july po meron pa po akong contribution. magpapapalit po sana ako to voluntary para ma icontinue un contribution ko. due date ko po is january 2013. qualified po ba ako for the maternity claim kung icontinue ko un contribution? matatapos na po kasi ung 3rd quarter so hinahabol ko po itong sept para po makapag contribute ako for this quarter. also, kelan po ba dapat mag post ng claim for maternity? before or after po ba manganak? kapag po ba husband ko contributor meron po ba syang pwedeng iclaim para po sa panganganak ko? thank you po in advance. pasensya na po at maraming tanong. npka bait po kasi ng mga tao sa sss kapag tinatawagan pinagpapasapasahan lang po ako. salamat po.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Gwen You must report to SSS the death of the pensioner. Submit his death certificate and atm. SSS will tell you about the claimed pension after the date of death and they will tell you too if you are qualified for other benefits like funeral

@Nica it is better if you make a follow up by calling the SSS branch where you have applied the loan. Have a sweet day :)

@Harold that is a one million dollar question, let SSS give your tentative computation heheh

@Leizel update your status by being a voluntary member and paying your current contributions. Go to SSS and ask them to adjust your status, that way they will compute your current premiums which you will pay. From then, make sure you will not stop or miss any payments in the future coz sayang naman

leizel domuran agaton 4 years ago

gud day po ask ko lang po paano po pwde ko gawin kc matagal n po akong hnd nkkpag contribute..4 to5 yrs n po.. tpos nsunugan pa po kmi ng dec 16 2008.tpos hnd q n dn po maalala ung sss no. q.. gusto q po sna mag hulog ulit khit selp employed po..anu po ang una kung gagawin? sana m2longan nyu aq thams po and god bless..

Harold 4 years ago

Hello po.. Paano po ba macompute ung AMSC? Total contribution po divided by CYS or total contribution divided by total number of contributions? Let us say po na PHP 116,000 ang total contribution po tapos 312 total number of contributions pero mga 20 years lng ang CYS kasi may taon na hindi kompleto ung pagbayad ng contri.. Supposedly 26 years kac ung equivalent ng 312 total number of contributions.. So to get the AMSC po ay i.divide ko ung PHP116,000 by 312? or by 240 lang (20 yrs CYS)? Tapos tingnan ko nlng ang quotient sa in line monthly salary credit nya sa table na nasa taas.. In this case, pag i.divide ko ng 312 lalabas na quotient is 371 (3500 lng ung AMSC nito) pero pag i.divide ko ng 240 ang quotient ay 483 (4500 naman yung AMSC nito). Please clarify po maam. Thanks

nica 4 years ago

Gaano po katagal processing ng salary loan sir? kc nung Aug 23 pa po ako nagrenew thru SLERP kaso up to this very moment eh wala pa po status loan ko, emergency pa nman po paggagamitan...i always check my acct online kaso wala pa rin po. Ano po kaya magandang gawin kong pagfollow up? Thanks much po ;-)

Gwenn Morales 4 years ago

I mean the pension sickness, 'cause meron pa din pong natatanggap, nung last check ko sa atm niya,

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Mhean I honestly don't know if they are giving maternity claims for the un-applied ones (ie: first baby). What I'm sure of is that they allow benefits up to the fourth child. You better visit SSS personally and ask regarding this if they didn't tell your liaison officer clearly the details. God bless!

@rea You are welcome. I'm glad you find this page about SSS benefits so useful and helpful. Please like our facebook page (see it on my profile here) thank you.

rea 4 years ago

@twentyfive (hub author) thanks po for ur reply..very helpful and accommodating ung page mo. :) god bless u!

Mhean 4 years ago

Hi twenty five.

Good eve. Ask ko lang regarding maternity benefit. I am 5 mos. pregnant now with my 2nd child. Hindi ko po na-avail yung maternity benefit ko sa 1st baby ko last 2010. Yung ngaun bale na-notify na ng company nmin sa SSS. Ask ko lang if pwede ko pa rin ma-file /ma-avail yung maternity benefit ko sa 1st baby ko. Nainform ksi s akin nf ofizmate ko na pwede daw. What's the best thing to do. Please advise.


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rea it is better if you assist your father in the SSS branch office where is membership is based. Check and look over his records and let SSS assess his eligibility of potential benefits today or in the future. Bring valid ID and his SSS number or SSS ID.

@Tess he must be an active member or an active pensioner to avail burial benefits. If he just contributed 1000 on year 2002, I don’t think he will be granted a benefit. You may check at SSS to verify. God bless you.

@Janeth you must have continued your active status until the date of your impairment. 5 years wow sayang naman if you didn’t continue it. You can ask the SSS branch handling your membership and try availing. They know it best what to do with your case. Thanks and more power. :)

@Gwen read about Death benefits in the article to see if the beneficiaries are qualified. Thank you.

@Gleion let SSS assess your case although I think you can still avail as long as you meet the requirements for maternity benefits.

Gleion 4 years ago

Hi ask ko lng po kung makakakuha ko na maternity benefits kung my loan ako d nababayarAn? Thanks!!!

profile image

gwenn1103 4 years ago

Hello, I just wanna ask. What happens to the sickness pension of in the insured and she died and the family is entitled to a death pension? Your answer will be of big help. Thank you so much! :)

janeth go sevilla 4 years ago

member ako ng sss within 5yrs lng, ang last na bayad ko 2006 din ngayon tinangal ang aking ovary gawa sa aking multipple mayoma, makakuha kaya ako ng disability pag nag file ako ngayon,

tess 4 years ago

hi po!ung asawa ko po nkapagcontribute lng ng 1,000 yr 2002 month of october, hindi na po un nasundan hanggang sa namatay na po sya. tanung ko lang po kung may makukuha pa rin na burial un? thanks po.

rea 4 years ago

hello po! ung father ko just turned 60 last march 2012. putol2 po ung contribution namin (10 contributions lng). wala po ba syang makukuhang benefits? or pwede pa ba kaming mag contribute until he gets 65 years old para medyo tataas pa ung contribution nya?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Shangrila if he became 22 I think he will not receive pension anymore. He can apply for benefits by submitting the required application form and 2 valid IDs in his case, student ID and his NSO authenticated birth certificate.

@Lezel I admit this is a special case since you’re an OFW. I don’t know the exact process with this situation however, as an active SSS member, you deserve this benefit and SSS allow maternity benefits up to the 4th child delivery. Once you knew you’re pregnant, you can file in advance your maternity claim so SSS will be notified immediately. You may authorize someone from your family to submit the required documents to SSS on your behalf. Then SSS will have the final say how will you receive the check for your maternity claim. God bless you and your new baby :)

lezel 4 years ago

i have a question regarding the maternity benefit.

im 5 months pregnant for my 3rd child pero hindi ako nag avail ng maternity benefit para sa 2nd child ko. i am an OFW working in Kuwait with regular monthly contribution of P1560, wala akong palya sa hulog i even have advance payment until december 2012.

i will be having my delivery here in kuwait by december, pwede ba akong mag apply ng maternity benefit kahit im abroad? where can i apply, what is the procedure and the documents needed? HOPING YOU CAN ASSIST ME IN THIS QUERY, looking forward for your helpful reply. thank you so much god bless

shangrila1650 4 years ago

My brother is the beneficiary for my dad who passed away. He is entitled to a pension. He is 21 and is currently not in school. He doesn't have an SSS no. and TIN. Are both mandatory to receive the pension?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi Jay. You might not receive funeral grant of 20,000 if you never spent for the burial expenses however you may receive death benefits either by cash or pension if the beneficiaries of the deceased SSS member are qualified. Please read the part about Death benefits in the article above so you know. God bless :)

Jay 4 years ago

mam, ask ko lng po if may mkukuha po bang death and funeral benefit, muslim po kse religion ko and usually pag nmatay ang isang muslim kailangan mailibing cya before 24 hrs. may sarili kming libingan which is free sa lhat ng muslim, so wla kming burial expenses. thanx

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

It's faster nowadays. Once you go to the SSS bringing your NSO authenticated marriage certificate, it takes about a day or two depending on the pile of applicants and papers. Approximately that fast.

Marichu 4 years ago

Helo po, ask ku lang, how many days ang processing ng change of status from single to married. Thank you..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sorry for late reply..busy days..

@Des, you can apply at SSS I think they will grant you benefits as long as you are an active member until your due date

@Cresencio, if you have made an update about change of address and bank account, you may follow up the status of your application by contacting your former SSS branch.

@Karen pension is a reward for the many years of service working and contributing to the SSS and once it is issued to retirees, it will be there until they are alive wherever they may be. Right now, I think there is no law disallowing pensioners with their benefits with regards to citizenship. You will still receive pension if you’re abroad. However, if the pensioner is a spouse of the original SSS pensioner and she is just receiving pension by being a surviving spouse of the deceased pensioner, she will receive pension as long as she’s not marrying another man. That’s what I know. You can ask SSS directly to know more about this. Thank you and God bless.

karen 4 years ago

Ask ko lang po kung ok lang na tumanggap ng pension ang isang taong matagal ng wala sa pilipinas at iba na ang ciizenship nya? Legal ba ito or Hindi? Important lang po, salamat

cresencio n. go 4 years ago

sir tanung ko lang po kung pano ko ma aavail ulit monthly pension ko na cut po last may d na ako nakakuha.old address ko po sa zamboangga ngayon po lumipat na ako dito sa batangas sa anak ko nag applyna din po ako ng change address pati po bank noon pa pong may 25 hanggang ngayon wala pa din po sana po matugunan nio ang virification ko god bless.

Dess 4 years ago

Hi po! Ask ko lang po kung pwede ba akong mag-avail ng maternity benefit kasi I just gave birth Aug.1, 2012 for my 2nd child pero pang 7th pregnancy naman sya..bale yong sa 1st child ko di pa ako SSS member then yong succeeding miscarriages ko, hindi ko pa alam ang tungkol sa benefit na to.. TY!

Dess 4 years ago

Hi po!

Ask lang kung may ma-avail po ba akong maternity benefit, nanganak ako ngaun Aug.2012 pang second child pa lang pero pang 7th pregnancy na...pero ni minsan di pa ako nakagamit ng benefit na to dahil di pa ako ssmember nong first child, then yong following miscarriages simply nakaligtaan lang mag-apply..thanks po and God bless!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You're welcome anytime :) I'm happy for your new baby :)

profile image

ayenna 4 years ago

Salamat po :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yes as long as you have paid least 3 months of contributions within the 12-month period immediately following the semester of your childbirth.

profile image

ayenna 4 years ago

Gud pm! ask ko lang po kung ma avail ko maternity benefits nag start ako mg hulog ng sss nung Aug 2010 .at hindi po ako nakapaghulog ng Nov 2010, Oct and Dec 2011, jan- March 2012..But April up 2 now nakakapaghulog na ulit all in all 16months contribution ko.Nakapag file narin po ako ng maternity by december due date delivery ko po. maaprobahan po kaya ito? salamat po

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Anol in order to compute your pension, the CYS is needed and your salary each month from the whole period of your CYS. You can always ask a tentative computation if your retirement is near at the SSS office handling your membership.

@Bernadette yes as long as he filed it and he got approved and entitled. Help your dad because he needs you in filing for it while he’s still alive.

bernadette de guzman 4 years ago

ask ko lang po kung makukuha pa ng father ko yung 12 years na hindi nya nakuha dahil dapat 60 nagpepension na sya pero ngayon lang po naasikaso he's 72 now.tnx po.

anol of kuwait 4 years ago

gud am madam twentyfive,can you give a sample of computation for the pension.for example the monthly contribution is P1,560,paid for 120 months.pls show me the computation not the formula,thank you very much.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi, you can go to the SSS branch handling your membership and let them assess your qualifications. Only them can tell coz they are going to look at your contributions, employer's shares, past records, member's history, loans and others in their database for you to know if you are entitled for lump sum.

Have a good day and take care. Watch the floods..

eduardo rosal 4 years ago

mam ask ko lang po if meron akon makuhang lump sum , 60 na po ako nakapag hulog din ako ng90 monthly cont nung me trabaho pa ako subalit nahinto ang pay ko nung nalayoff ako 15 years ago

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Maryann yes you can file a loan if as long you are active and has been paying continuous contributions at least 6 months.

Yes qualified sya basta he completed at least120 months (or 10 years of payment) upon reaching 60

@Jeana yes you can stop your voluntary status and just switch to being employed. Once your employer reported your SSS contributions under them, your status will be changed as ‘employed’. You can check your contributions if they are being entered in the SSS by registering at SSS online inquiry. I have page about that in my profile here you can check it out.

You can have SSS ID as long as you’re active. It takes minutes to apply and have picture taken pero I heard it takes years when they release them. I hope mabilis na now.

@Mac you must have continuous contributions to remain active. SSS requires at least 6 months of contributions for anyone who want to avail of benefits.. Pay your benefits and continue your coverage by being a voluntary member if you are not employed anymore

@Loida you must have active status before you can claim any benefit

loida 4 years ago

tumigil po ako sa trabaho january this year becoz i have delicate pregnancy,pangalawang anak ko na po ito,yung una 5 years ago and may na claim naman ako,what about this time can i still claim maternity even if hindi ko nahulugan yung simula nung feb hanggang ngayon....hope for a quick response thank you very much...

mac 4 years ago

Ask ko lng po pwede na ba me mag avail ng maternity even 5 months pa lng me nakakhulog then stop po yong payment ko ksi wla po me trabaho even di pa kmi kasal ng asawa ko! thnks in advance ! More Power !!!!

jenna 4 years ago


maryann05 profile image

maryann05 4 years ago

hello.. tanong ko lang kung pwede na ba ako mag file ng loan more than 1yr naman po apdated ang payment ko.. employed po ako?

tanong ko na din po kung qualified po ba yung father ko maka claim ng pension khit 48 na cya ngstart maghulog ng sss. ynx

maryann05 4 years ago

hello.. tanong ko lang pede na ba ako mag file ng loan 1yr and 2months active ang payment ko.. emloyed po ako ngain at updated nman ang bayad ko..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes, Monica we call them OFW too :)

monicamelendez profile image

monicamelendez 4 years ago from Salt Lake City

Are overseas workers ones that work in the U.S. and other places?

jhelaigarcia11 profile image

jhelaigarcia11 4 years ago

tnx much..^_^

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Rico You can try to avail of benefits by going to the SSS branch handling your membership and bring your SSS number, valid IDs and list of contributions (example receipts, or SSS employer’s collection list, or any copy indicating your SSS payments) They will then assess you if you are entitled to benefits

@MJ22 if you have continuous SSS payments of contributions even if you stopped working, you can avail of benefits. SSS requires a member to have at least 6 months of contributions prior to the period of application. If your delivery is on Nov. 2012, your payments must be continued from January 2012 to your due date or application date

@Teody I’m sorry I couldn’t give info regarding amounts here.

@Kim If he is paying SSS or his payroll shows SSS payments, then he must be an active SSS member. You can ask your employer about this. Nagbabayad ba siya ng SSS?

@Jen only them could really assist you about this. It is their responsibility to make your membership working smoothly. You and your SSS branch could fix this.

@Jhelai yes you can apply for a loan online if you registered in the MY SSS. The member must be an active member before she will get approved. You can also apply personally for loan provided you are an active member too – meaning your contributions must be continuous. If you stopped working, you can update your status as voluntary member to keep your membership active and pay your premiums monthly or quarterly. You can then apply for a loan. SSS requires at least 6 months of contribution in the current period prior to your loan application

jhelaigarcia11 profile image

jhelaigarcia11 4 years ago

hi gudam po..nagtatry ako magsignup sa sss online to check all my concerns..kaso d ako makapagsingup at my hinahanap n receipt number n wala ako.sana po its okei to ask here question po is kung pwd po ba ako magloan sa sss?anu ang requirements pra makapagloan po contribution n po kc ako..peru putol putol po kc.. nung ngwowork pa po kc ako nun..kaya lng po kc ngaun wala n akong work.requirements po pra makapagloan ako..salamat po..u can send an email po if its okei with po..wait for ur reply

jen 4 years ago

god day, ask ko lang po dati may company ako at covered ako dun may mga contributions ako under my own comp. hindi ko alam na hindi ala pwede macovered ang may ari ng comp. sa saril nyang comapany ( singe prop ) ngayon hindi ko mchange status ko, ang hira makipag usap sa SSS branch namin. salamt po.

kim 4 years ago

paano ko malaalaman kung me benefits na makukuha wala cya id o number sa sss? nagtrabaho cya sa concepcion industries 1974_1976 at sa ngayon cya ay patay na. ano ang aking gagawin?

teody 4 years ago

magkano po ba ang makuha ng isang ofw na nanganak na nagbabayad ng 1,560 monthly..cs po..thanks a lot.

mj22 4 years ago

hi! just want to inquire if it's still possible for me to get my maternity benefit even if i'm already separated from my previous employer. i've been contributing since april2011 and just resigned jul2012. my expected date of delivery is on november2012. what are the procedures that i need to do? is it necessary for me to be a contribute voluntarily until my date of delivery to get reimbursed?

rico 4 years ago

magtatanung lang po ako kasi iyong mrs ko naoperahan ng ectopic pregnancy paano po iyon matutulongan ng ss updated nmn po kami s contribution kaming mag asawa.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Caloy only the legal spouse or listed beneficiary can claim for benefits of the late SSS member. File for his pension in the SSS, once you are approved and entitled for the pension, you can claim it. If not, then you are really not.

@Jenny please make a follow up at the SSS San Pablo branch

@Jaja report the death of the SSS member/pensioner to avail of the funeral benefits and also ask if anyone is entitled for pension like her husband.. Submit her NSO death certificate and ATM/passbook and your valid IDs. If you are still gonna get her pension even if she’s dead, SSS will ask you to pay it back no matter what – you’re lucky if without interests. Remember, following the law and what is right always rules or else you want to have major problem in the future.

@Princess I think about a week or two. They will contact you once the claim is ready for releasing either by phone or mail. If you are naininp na, you can always make a follow up by calling the SSS branch where you file the lumpsum

@Ced you can report directly to SSS main office about your situation. This is just a page sharing the details about the benefits of SSS members. This is not the official SSS website. I think your Special Power of Attorney could be used by your representative here in the country to act on your behalf. I hope too SSS will do their job well. We all deserve good service.

Ced 4 years ago

I'm here now in CA since I left ABBOTT LAB. in the Phils 1985. Now that I'm turning 68 I have been following my retirement pesion with your office but the employees handling my claim gave me a hard time since I first applied for my monthly pension. They asked for so many documents w/c I have filed. That SSS employee must know her job. Here I have retired and receives my montly pension already but back there in the Phils., they're giving me a hard time. Any anomaly? Any kickback coz I'm here abroad and just executed an SPA to follow-up my pension? Can you justify that your employees are performing their duties for the taxpayers are the onces paying for their salaries and one day they too will retire. Please let them examine their conscience, if they have any. Hope to hear from you office or I'll publish this situation.

princessdonna 4 years ago

hi twentyfive:) ask ko lang po gaano ba ka tagal ma process yung lumpsum(18months) sa retirement benefit? and paano po ba ang computation nun? magkano po ang total amount ng lumpsum n makukuha ng mother ko? thank u

BTW, nakakareceived n po b4 yung mother ko ng monthly pension "disability" (4,000 monthly) yun nga lang po dis june 2012 nag stop yung pension dahil matgal n sya ndi nagrereport sa sss. Kaya po nung june 6 nagreport kami sa sss den nag update n rin kami ng status ng mother ko since n k recover namn n sya from disability to retirement benefit w/c is nilumpsum nga po namin yung 18months? gaano po ba ka tgal yung process nun? at kung magkano yung marereceive nya amount? thank you god bless

jaja 4 years ago

ask ko lng po kc ung friend ko,namatay yung lola nya ng dec.2010 pero hndi po nla sinurinder ung atm cards sa sss so hanggang ngayun nakakakuha pa sila ng pension ng lola nya,,ano po b dapat gawin? thank you...plzz help me



profile image

caloysc 4 years ago

Hello. I would just like to inquire. Can you use your maiden name to claim your dead husband's SSS pension? According to my sister in law, there is law that states a woman can use her maiden name to claim the dead spouse SSS pension. Is this true? Thanks.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Avana yes of course :)

@Jhongandai you can pay the month of June until July and the last quarter in the previous quarter and so on..

@April because we cannot pay our missed period retroactively since SSS is an insurance but we can still be qualified for benefits as long as we remain active and continuously paying. Just pay continuously and you won’t have any problem. If you paid like 2 years, I suggest you continue paying til you can to receive pension in the future. Your father will receive pension when he’s 60 and have completed the required months.

If your daddy is a voluntary member, always submit his receipt and the form applicable so SSS will post the payment and so that you will be sure his premiums are correctly posted in their database. You can register him for SSS Online Inquiry and check his records anytime. Check out the page I’ve published about SSS Online Inquiry if you want to register

April 4 years ago

Hello! My father asked me to continue to pay his SSS contribution since i am now employed and capable of continuing his contribution. He have contributed for 2 years (2008-2009) but have not contributed for more than a year already since 2010. Now, in his behalf, i went to SSS and paid 624Php for the month of May and June 2012. I actually don't have any idea about the benefits (insurance,loan,etc.) of SSS not until i read your article (thank you BTW!:)). I don't even know that the minimum contribution for voluntary members is 312Php (i just asked those people paying there). My concern is, is it possible for me to make up and pay for those months where my father was not able to contribute?I am really blank, so dumb about this, just did my thing without any idea about it. Please help me. Thank you and may God bless u!

jhongandai 4 years ago

hi... gusto ko lang po itanong kung pwd parin po bang bayaran ang monthly or quarterly payment na di ko po nabayaran??

avanna 4 years ago

hi. ask ko lang if nakakuha ka na for your maternity will you still get your salary aside from that?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I think I've answered your query on the other page about SSS online inquiry :)

elena31461 4 years ago

Hi..i can't seem to be able to complete my registration online cuz i don't know which is the validation #..i paid thru SM bayad center..please help..thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@julianaa I suggest you go to SSS and bring your mom with her valid IDs, and the receipt of the payment from the contributions and amortization. Request SSS to post the entries. It’s much better if you always pay thru SSS personally next time so everything will be posted accordingly. I hope the SSS will fix your problem soon. Say hi to your mom and God bless..

@Laine much better if you ask SSS personally regarding your computations. Values are seen on the database and from your past history records. You’ll need that even for temporary computation

@Greencharm you must update to ‘voluntary member’ since premiums are all paid by yourself without the employer’s share..Also you need to submit a copy of your receipt together with RS-5 form every time you pay so SSS will post the payment and contributions regularly. It is a major responsibility of a voluntary member to keep your SSS records up to date.

greencharm 4 years ago

hi twenty five,

what if dati akong employed, then at present contractor ako. Walang employer-employee relationship na nage-exist samin ng company. pwede bang hindi ko na i-update sa SSS ung employment status ko? Automatic na ba un ma-update kpag ngbayad ako sa BPI voluntarily?

nylcaj 4 years ago

before my friend notify the employer/sss regarding her conception she had a miscarriage. please help. thanks.

laine 4 years ago

good morning po question ko po, i'm a voluntary now bago ako mag start mag hulog napag isip isip ko i'm 35 now what if i'll pay the 10yrs. premium, how much will i receive monthly when i got 60? another is what if i'll pay the 24 yrs. remaining before my retiree let say, i'm 35 yrs. old now to 59 yrs. old how much will i receive monthly when i got 60? is it possible po ba to pay it already? thank you

profile image

julianas 4 years ago

Sir, gaano po katagal mag posting para doon sa condonation ask ko lang po kasi ung mother ko age 60 na ang problema may loan balance sya pero nag avail po sya ng condonation binayaran po namin ng cash noong May 11,2012 last June 28,2012 mag pa file na po sya ng retirement benefit ang kaso nerereject po kasi di pa daw po pumapasok ung binayaran namin sa condonation nag bayad po kami ng 3 months amortization at 3 months contri. un lang po ang na posting nila pero ung binayad namin sa condonation di pa raw po pumapasok ano po dapat naming gawin....

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Pals anyone listed as his beneficiary can claim as long as they are entitled. You are qualified if you are married to him and not with another man, your children are qualified too. Just submit his NSO death certificate and your son’s birth certificate and valid IDs plus your late husband’s SSS number.

@Euricka I know it’s faster nowadays. Just contact SSS Claims department and ask bout your check

@Pogi it depends if you have loans and such, just let SSS compute and assess your pension.

pogingbagsik 4 years ago

Sir, tanong ko lang po if ... nakahulog na ako ng contribution for 120months at ang contribution ko monthly PhP1,500. magkano po ba ang aking matatanggap kapag nagpension na ako

eurickha 4 years ago

Hi ask ko lang po gaano ba katagal ma release salary loan kc upon checking sa online sss website nakalagay is check generated nung june4 filed yng loan db dapat narelease na yun kc 2yrs ago mag loan husband ko 16days nakuha na niya check bakit ngayun wala pa?..thanks po

pals 4 years ago

gud pm id like to ask regarding death claim of my husband that i am not qualified to claim as primary beneficiary n our children are all over 21 yrs old. who is entitled for the death claim.Is my children on age n working or my son who is still a student n need for my support. please help me.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Leign yes I know it’s legal. Check your ITR and the back info in the form, I think they are discussed there

@Kitz You must update your SSS membership by changing your status from employed into voluntary member. Bring birth certificate and valid ID and then SSS will let you fill up forms so you can continue paying your contributions. Don not pay unless you update your status

@Che to avail of benefits, you must be an active member and have continuous contribution payments of at least 6 months in the current year

che 4 years ago

i stopped paying sss contribution for 1.8 yrs, can i still avail the maternity benefit?

kitz 4 years ago

hello po..Gusto ko po ipagpatuloy sss ko, kc dati employed ako 2009 pa ang last work ko and got married kya sa bhay n lng po ako.. 2012 i decide to pay again my sss.. kelangan ko p b mag file for separation of employment or diretso n ako pay 312 monthly using rs-5 form? pls help.. Bka kc masayang lng ung payment ko kung hindi ako nag declare for Separation of employment..I think i do not belong to non-working spouse since Ive been employed several times and had been a member since 2000.. pls help..

leign 4 years ago

ask ko lang po kung legal bang bawasan ng Tax, Philhealth, SSS, at Pag-ibig contribution, ang SSS maternity benefit? Binabayaran nga ako ng company pero my deductions naman.. Help naman po.

Please reply.


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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Isabella The form is called RS-5. If you want to become SSS voluntary member, you need to register first at the SSS branch near you and then submit that form in triplicate copies to pay your contributions. SSS will discuss the matters with you upon registration. You will also choose the amount of premiums that you can easily afford and pay in your situation and needs. Thank you. God bless.

@Noodle You can avail of benefits if you have paid 6 months in the current year of your active membership. So, it’s late in your case.

noodle24 4 years ago

tanong ko lang po kung makakakuha pa ba ko ng maternity pay kahit na ngayon palang po ako magpapamember ? sa sept. 19 po kasi ang kabwanan ko. wala po ko trabaho, student po ko nung nabuntis. pero this sem hindi na po ako pumasok. sana po masagot nyo kagad. thank you! 4 years ago

Good day, what form is called when you want to be a Voluntary Member but doesn't have any work, yet you can pay monthly contribution? I am in badly need of SSS :)

How am I going to say it to the SSS employee.. ^^;

Thank you,


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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You are late in paying, you can only pay the months of May and the following months. To avoid late payments and penalties, pay your premiums quarterly. Jan-March on Feb., April-June on May, July-Sept on Aug. and Oct-Dec on November.

joselyn 4 years ago

hi,voluntary member po ako ask ko lang po kung pwede pang hulugan ung month of march to june ko,last ko po nahulugan at feb.2012...... 4 years ago

Good day, what form is called when you want to be a Voluntary Member but doesn't have any work, yet you can pay monthly contribution? I am in badly need of SSS :)

Hope to hear from you soon, you may e-mail me the details.

Thank you,


rose 4 years ago

entiteled na ba ako sa maternity benefits even 4 mos. pa lang ako nagko-contribute sa SSS? thx=)

faith 4 years ago

Hi! I am a voluntary member and paying the maximum contribution of P1,560.00/mo for over 5 years now until present. Likewise, I already paid more than 300+ monthly contributions to SSS and hopefully by year 2018 I'll be retiring, and will cease from paying my monthly premium.

Now, I am just wondering, how much I will be receiving when I'll retire and is it possible for me to receive a lump sum good for 5 years or just 18 months only?

bernard a. galliguez 4 years ago

I just want to know about educational program

jocelyn 4 years ago

I'm a member of SSS,my last contribution was last June 2006 then i continued to pay my contribution this January 2012 as a voluntary member.Now I'll be giving birth this coming July. can I avail of maternity benefit and how?

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janno123 4 years ago

Sir, tanong kolang po kung kanu contribution ko ito ss# ko


Mitch 4 years ago

Hi im mitch im five months pregnant po, due date ko po ng oct. 9, 2012,.dati po ako nagtatrabaho, last hulog po nila sakin nung sep. 2011 sa sss. Nag start po ako mg self employed ng jan. 2012 pasok po ba ako sa maternity benefits? Saan po ba sila nagbabase ng computation sa due date or sa delivery date? And kung ang pinili ko po na monthly contribution ko is 312 magkano po ung average daily salary credit? Hoping for your reply. Thanks po.

meriam_pisces 4 years ago

Ang tanong ko po. In March 2004 i came to know that I am pregrant but nagmaiscarriage ako the next month. ang tanong ko po pwede pa ba akong makaavail ng maternity benefit?

Thank for the reply. more power to you and God Bless.

susan 4 years ago

im a member of SSS and i already have almost 100 contributions the max is 120 contributions...right? my questions im still entitled to have the SSS benefits even if i get married to an american citizen?

sabby 4 years ago

hello, is there anyway to withdraw my contribution since im migrating to another country?

one more thing, it possible to pay 120 months contribution at once so i could avail the retirement pension even if im not yet retired or too young to retire. im just 27 nway.

gilian 4 years ago

gud eve po....ask ko lang po sana kung ano ang kailangan kung ipasa pra s matirnity benefits,,,6months na aqng employd pa....

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benpaviana 4 years ago

hi,ask ko lang po...63 na ako sa Nov.,paano ko ba makukuha ang contribution ko sa SSS? 70 months lang ako nakapahulog,maari ko bang ma-claim yun? paano ba ang gagawin ko? salamat po...

mrbor'z 4 years ago

ask ko lang po, pag na injury (LINE OF DUTY) ang isang sss member. what is the minimum number of days ang kelangan ma ubos na sick leave para maka avail ng EC benefits?

madel sand 4 years ago

ask ko lng po my website po ba kau na kung saan pwede malaman kung isang sss member ang isang tao? kung wla po anong pong pwedeng gwin.

rdf 4 years ago

In addition to the formula for computing retirement and other benefits, can you also create an app that will allow members to determine the amount of benefits?

madelyn 4 years ago

pwede paba ma claim ng mother ko un sss burial at benefits ng father ko. He died 20 years ago.sana ma explain u sa amin what to do and what we need to prepare para ma claim ng mother ko ang sss ng father ko. Thanks

alde 4 years ago

Filing a sick leave with (sore eyes) do we have a benefits

claim? thank for advise?

mkmvreyes 4 years ago

it's my 6th childbirth...what are my sss benefits if i decide to have bilateral tubal ligation? thanks!

felix pagaduan jr. 4 years ago

Can a SSS member who already filed his retirement still avail of the sickness benefits since he has not yet receive his monthly pension? Anybody who knows the answer.

Maricel Mojares 4 years ago

i was retrenched last aPRIL 30,2012,can i still file a personal loan?

sye16 4 years ago

what if my employer won't give me cash advance in my maternity benefits? what are the possible penalties for this? what should i do to claim this? need your reply....

mommyjovi 4 years ago

sabi sa maternity benefit "Any female qualified for this is granted daily cash allowance provided she has contributed at least 3 months at the SSS within the 12-month period immediately before the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage".. baket sabi po mismo sa SSS at least naka6months contribution makakaclaim kami.. pano po un ibig sabihin dahil sa january2012 lang kami nagbayad at manganganak ako sa august wala kaming makeclaim? tnx po..

georgin pamittan soriano 4 years ago

hi sir/madam,ask ko lang po kung paanu ko icontinue yung SSS ko po?paanu po ang gagawin ko,last na nakita ko ang sss ko ay noon ng loan ako,diko lang alam kc kung anong taon basta natandaan ko 90's pa,i hope to hear from you soon thank you po,GODBLESS

Marlin Samoranos 4 years ago

my grandfather died last april 13,2012. Since his a sss pensioner. We file and submit all the requirements needs for his burial payment in butuan branch. But until now we don't receive any call or payment from their. Its take for long ba talaga?

lheig 4 years ago

d2 po aq sa manila nag file ng mat 1,taz sa pr0vnce po aq manganak,ok lang po b na don q i pr0ces ung mat2?

edwin 4 years ago

hi good day! ask ko lang po about sa SSS educational loan? applicable po ba sa mga may balance na salary loan? tnx po.

Jan 4 years ago

Hi, ask ko lang po what if namiscarriage ka, then naavail mu yung maternity reinbursement mo. After 2 mos nabuntis ka ulit, cover pa rin ba yun ng sss?


Mariano Glenjoy Munoz Jacob 4 years ago

I just want to know if a member reached the 120 required monthly contributions,don't have to make any further monthly payments... I already made 140 monthly contributions.

Thank you very much

Bakotoy 4 years ago

I'm past 60 but still working. I've been paying for my SS before but have been out of work for several years. Now that I resumed working, is it possible to resume my SS membership at this time?

mother-to- be 4 years ago

good pm po....i am pregnant now...but worry aq kc nagchange ng company name ung employer nmin and until now hindi p nareregister ung company, they keep on deducting from us our SSS, philhealth, BIR, and pag ibig contribution...last dec 2011 until now hindi p nahuhulugan yang mga yan...ask q lang qng makaka avail aq ng maternity benefit ng sss and ano pwede qng gawin para ma avail q ung maternity benefit q...salamat po and i am looking forward for your reply...

rosemary c. so 4 years ago

what will happen to my pension for the month of may 2012 now thatexport & industry bank closes.kindly advice to My sss no. is 03-1867507-5. Thank you

marilou 4 years ago

ask ko lang po gusto ko kasing magself employee sa sss nasa abroad po ako my no. na po ako nang sss kaso iniisip ko lang kung may kaylangan pa ba akong requirments kung magself employee ako...or automatic bang pwede na akong mghulog sa sss kasi my sss no. na poh pwede ko bang ipautos sa kapatid ko na sya nalang maghuhulog sa pinas kasi nasa abroad ako..tnx.....

ana grace 4 years ago

hi po ask k lng kng bkit ganun po ba tlga ktgal ang pagclaim ng maternity almost 4 months na po wla pa po ako natatanggap voluntary member po ako,please reply me..........lgi po sagot sa akin wla pa

elaine 4 years ago

panu gmwa ng letter para bgyan aq ng employer q ng advance payment q sa SSS?

Mercy Grace 4 years ago

I just want to know what's the deal is.The SSS automatically stop the monthly pension of a survivor mom and my brother they are both paralize.They been receiving since 2007.The SSS was stopped since Dec.2011 the pensioner now are hungry no body wants to lend money anymore because they awe from different people so they can eat please help. My sister went to the nearest office but still no reply they told us to follow-up to the main office Manila.We dont what to do.We are very far. Its been 5 months. Please help thank you and May God bless the Social Security System.

danilo bitago 4 years ago

ask ko po kung magkano yung monthly ko sa laon ? thanks po

judz 4 years ago

ask ko lang po kung my makukuha papo akong maternity benefits kaht po ngresign npo ako s work pero nahulugan naman po un ng march2011-jan2012. nkapgfile din po ako ng maternity notification n tnx po...

janz 4 years ago

gUddAy twentyfive..

hi, i woUld juSt likE to aSk f tiL wEn shOuld i haVe to wait for mY nEw digitiZed ID to be relEased?i fiLed laSt aUgusT and i alSo paid P300. untiL nOw there's nO confrMation eVen f i asKed the SSS info in oUr plAce..i reAlly nid 8 baDly..

thNks a lOt for d heLP..

enah dee 4 years ago

hi just wanna ask dedlyn po ng payment q for january-april contribution yesterday, april 15..e sunday po khpon..pwede q pa po b mhabol payment?til wen po?

analyn 4 years ago

maylump sum pa ba kaming makukuhapatayn kasiyung byananko noong march 11 2012 pensioner na siya pagdating ng march 29 2012namatay yung byanan kung babae may lump sum pa ba si byanan kong lalaki pakitulungan naman kami pls... salamat

sweetbabe 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive! Let's say I already have 132 total number of contributions. Should I still continue paying the voluntary contributions? If I will stop, would I be able to get my pension when I reach 60 or 65? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Rapiyogi 4 years ago

author bigay ka ng sample computations ng monthly pension para mas maintindihan ng iba at ako, kulang kasi yung sa formula hindi included ang total sss contribution tulad ng sinabi mo higher mas mataas ang mp,pero average lang ang nakalagay sa formula, pakilinaw author 4 years ago

Good day,

matagal na po akong sss member nung nakapagwork ako dito sa pinas natigil lang po ang contribution ko nung nagwork abroad po ako now i want to continue by voluntarily contribution.Paano po ba?At kung makakapagstart na po ba ko uli maghulog how long po para makagloan po ako since di pa po ako nakakapagloan since then?Thanks for your answer responce in advance..Have a nice day po..

guest101 4 years ago

hi, pwede pa advise?

ano ba dapat gawin ko, kasi na misplace ko ang claim stab para sa burial benefits ng mom ko. Supposedly kasi, itanong ko pa sa office kung pwede ko na ba ma claim ang cheke form the burial of my mom, ano na dapat ko para ma claim ko pa yun, eh na misplace ko yung claim stab... tnx in advance

charissa 4 years ago

paano po ang computation ng maternity benefit for self emlployed? cesarean section po. thanx

charissa 4 years ago

paano po ang computation ng maternity benefit for self emlployed? cesarean section po. thanx

neymlez 4 years ago

for retirement/pension, if ever hindi na-complete ung 120 months na contribution automatic na lumpsum ba yun? or pwede hulugan pa para maka-receive ng monthly pension??

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janthony 4 years ago

ahh pwede pa pala ako maghulog para sa january - march 2012 ko..Thank You Tanong ko lang po pano po ba mag inquire ng contribution online para di na ako pipila sa pagkahaba haba ng pili at para mag inquire lang ng contribution ko.. Time is Gold... hehehe

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twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes you can I think the deadline is on April 15 for the first quarter premiums

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janthony 4 years ago

ask ko lang po kung pwede paba ako maghulog para sa january - march 2012 ko..kasi po nakalimutan ko maghulog at pwede paba ako maghulog kahit di ako nakapaghulog noong january - march 2012 as self employed thank you

Nicey 4 years ago

How about for a someone like me po na voluntary lang ung contribution? How can I calculate the benefit that I can possibly get po if I can state a monthly salary naman in the first place? Lets say I was able to contribute lang for at least 3 months po dun sa 12 months na covered. san po iba base un? Thanks!

marco 4 years ago

how do you compute for the amsc? is it the same as your msc?

almay 4 years ago

how many week/weeks will I receive the payment from my employer if I already filled the forms of My Mat 1 and Mat 2to them....its almost three weeks when I had my miscarriage filed already the said forms.

kea 4 years ago

hello sir hub author much a miscarriage maternity benefits must be claim under voluntary contributions lets say my total contributions is 50 (under 300 pesos monthly bracket) and how do we know if its approved and when sss can release the benefits ?? pls reply. thnx

cloud9 4 years ago

Good day po,

Ask lang po ako ng clarification, Im 5 months pregnant po kasi and unfortunately medyo complicated yung pregnancy. I had history of threatened abortion nung first trimester so I had to file sick leave sa SSS. My OB decided na hindi muna ako pagtrabahuin until pagkatapos ko manganak and I know for a fact na mga three months lang ata ang covered pag nag file ng sickness benefit sa SSS para may matanggap na fiancial support. My question is, kahit ba na consumed ko na at nakatanggap na ako ng financal assistance sa SSS thru sickness benefit, can I still apply for maternity benefit para may makuha pa din ako? Ang mahal kasi ng gastusin manganak and I dont think na normal delivery talaga.. pasensya na talaga ha, nalilito lang talaga :P

gwen 4 years ago

can i still get my maternity benefit even i gave birth 4 months ago

Ronna 4 years ago

Andami ko pong natutuhan sa post niyo. Asked ko lang po hindi na kasi nag tra-tabaho ang Papa ko at meron na siyang 127 total contributions. Gusto ko po sanang ipagpatuloy para malaki ang kanyang pension pag nag 65 na siya o mag file na ng pension. Ano po ang magiging status niya -voluntary o self- employed na? hindi po ba mawawala ang na contribute niya in case ipagpatuloy ko pong bayaran? Thanks po!

ofelia baylon 4 years ago

good day mam !!!

ask lang po mam marami kasi nagsasabi na kahit hindi ka daw umaabot ng 120 months pwede ka daw makakuha lumpsum? 3 years po ang kanyang kontribusyon. thx and GOD BLESS

Lindon Albert S. Bautista 4 years ago

Pwede ko po bang malaman Kung ako member pa din ng SSS? 1994 pa po yata akong Hindi na nakapag email nyo na Lang po ako sa

al 4 years ago


maria magdalena 4 years ago

I" m here in is uae abu dhabi, my father died last october 24,2011... as a benifeciary ... what should i do , how can i claim my benefit

eunice cuaresma 4 years ago

gaano po ba katagal ang pagkuha ng burial???kasi po isang buwan na po kaming nag file peo wla pa din po.........

honey 4 years ago

good pm ask lang po kung paano po ma veverify ng para sa claim if ever totoo ung sinasabi ng uncle ko, sa sss po un sa father ko kung ako ang beneficiary,

Moks 4 years ago

Can i avail a maternity benefit? kahit 2003 pa po ako nag stop maghulog sa kadahilanan na ako'y nangibang bansa ng early mid 2003 to 2008 til no po wala po akong work. Makakaavail po b ako ng maternity? Tnx po and God Bless! ! !

mary ann 4 years ago

hello po..nagtatarabaho po sa barko ang tatay ko mag aapat na taon na po syang missing kasi lumubog po yung barko na sinasakyan nya.matagal na po syang member ng sss.kumpleto po kami ng mga dukomento nagpapatunay na lumubog po talaga ang sinasakyan nya at isa sya sa mga idiniklara na missing.may mkukuha po ba kami na benifits sa sss?ilang taon po ba ang hihintayin namin para mka claim ng mga benifits kung meron man..pwd po ba kaming mka claim ng burial?pls reply po

azira 4 years ago

ask ko lang po kung anong pwedeng gawin dun sa mga member ng sss na binawasan ng contribution at nai-remit na din sa sss kaya lang di pa naipopost kac po wala silang mga sss number na naisubmit sa employer at wala na din mahanap na files.

Charlene Marie G. Torrefiel 4 years ago

my husband is an SSS member.. is there any way I can also get benefits as the wife for my future hospital bills since i'm giving birth in a couple of months?

judhea 4 years ago

Gandang araw po. May aunty po kac ako na member ng SSS. Nakapagremit po sya about 18months. Last remittance po nya noong 2005 pa. Nag abroad po kasi employer nya. Ngayon po may sakit sya, cancer. Makakaavail po ba sya ng benepisyo? Ano pong benepisyo ang pwedi nyang makuha? At ano dapat gawin para makaavail sya? Thanks po.

larson 4 years ago

ok so i live in north america but my tito died and left me as one of his pension beneficiaries and he died and now his family is asking for my documents so they can claim it? will it br alot of money i want to find out my rights because i think they want it for themselves.

Crystal 4 years ago

bat po kau ganyan bat wala lumalabas pension mama ko wala sya pambili ng gamot kulang sweldo ko...maawa naman kau wala kayo pasabi...sabi 10 years partial dissability pension...d nga namin ma adjust kc gusto nyo kung san na file doon lalakarin eh panu un sa cdo pa un dito na kami nakatira...tawgan nyo mama ko...09204482337...pls.naman po maawa naman kau sss kagagaling lang sa stroke ang mama ko...hinaharang nyo pa wala kau pasabi...!!!!

Eufracia cruz 4 years ago

What are the requirements for updating my sss pension,do i relly have to submit my US id cards

noriel relcopan 4 years ago

mam /sir panu b magloan pag self employed anu po ba ang mga kelangan...

charm 4 years ago

hi po! ask ko lng po regarding sa maternity benefit..kapag po ba sa bhay nkunan saka hindi nagundergo ng d&c pwede po b mkaclaim ng maternity benefit? kc wala po akong naipasang histopath report dhil sa bhay lng po ako nkunan and sbi ng ob ko no need for d&c n daw po kc complete miscarriage nmn po ung nangyri ng sss need ko daw po mgpasa ng histopath report and sbi nmn po ng ob ko walng histopath report kc a bhay po ako nkunan bnigyan nya lng po ako ng med.cert..

geneveive 4 years ago

ilan po ba ang monthly pension ng retired member sa SSS?

avelino B. Buizon 4 years ago

Ako po yong beneficiary ng tatay ko hanggang ngayon ay hindi ko pa nakukuha yong death benefit ng tatay ko kc hiningi pa po sa akin yong death certificate ng nanay ko matagal nang patay, wala po akong maipakitang death certificate dahil halos lahat po ng pinuntahan ko ahensya ng gobyerno ay walang record lalo na ho sa Bagbag Cemetery at sa puneraria, ano ho ba magiging opsyon kung talagang hindi maiprodyus death certificate nang nanay ko na matagal nang patay. Hindi rin kc matanggap yong aking mga papeles dahil kulang. 4 years ago

hi!poh,.gud afternun!,ask qo lng poh anu poh b mga kailangan pra makuha ang sss benefits?.ung frnd qo poh kc 72yrs old n ung ta2y d p rn poh mkuha sss benefits,.anu poh b mga kailangan pra ma claim n poh un?..tnx!poh,.

aprilrose 4 years ago

Good day... i am 55 years old and wants to pay some voluntary contribution till i am 60. I think about paying 1560 monthly. Is this a good idea? How much will be my monthly pension when i retire? Thanks...

Jane 4 years ago

Hi maam! I would like to know if I can avail the maternity leave? I will give birth probably this coming october or november. but my first contribution was just this january. maybe when I give birth, I can contribute 10 months already. Thank you and more power!

shella 4 years ago

i filed my 1st maternity claim last year of january and received it after 2months and i filed it lately and my baby was already 3 and 2 months old my problem is should i qualify to file my 2nd maternity claim because my 2nd baby was already 3months old and 4 years separated from my job?

ANNA 4 years ago


Mark Paul Santos 4 years ago

Thanks for this information

it helps a lot ^_^ 5 years ago

my sister is about to retire this april 2012 and she was able to pay her MC( as voluntary) equivalent to his MC while she was still working (Php 1500 monthly)that was 2007-2009 and early month of 2010 she stop paying because constraints of income. Now she want to ask how much her monthly pension. byway she start working since 1977 up to april 2007 when she avail early retirement at the age of 55. Her last MC is Php 1,500.00

Thanks ....

april ann marie s gayon 5 years ago

gud day!

maam ask ko lng po , kng pwede ko po ma avail ang personal loan ko. nka 34 contributions na po ako so bale mi remaining balance po ako na 2months, so kng pwede po na paid up ko lng po ung balance para ma avail ko po ung benefits ko. paki send lng po ng respond through my acount salamat po

jobear 5 years ago

ask lang po, my father was pass away last month, makakakuha ba ng lump sum and burial ang second wife neya gayong hindi naman sila kasal? answer please po.

mhey 5 years ago

I stopped paying monthly contribution last January 2011.

But I already have a total of 124 contributions.

Can I claim sickness benefit?

I will undergo operation this March2012.

Thanks in advance for the reply

Leah 5 years ago

Hello I wanted to ask about the Maternity Benefit. I was pregnant and working but had resigned before I gave birth. It has been months since I gave birth 4 months to be exact, can I still claim for the Maternity Benefit now?

Juliet Caitor Gecana Dianzon 5 years ago

Ask po ako ung materbity benefits ko po kelan marerelease kase po nung December 27,2011 ko p po pinasa sa brunei embassy ngayon po ay nndito n ako sa Pilipinas. kelan po kaya? Thanks

Chiok 5 years ago

Tanong ko lang po yung wifey ko kasi resign na sa dati nya work ngaun kami na ang nag ayos ng maternity claim nya last january 2012 pa po yun until now wala pa! ilang buwan po ba bago marelease yung cheke nya...thank you sana po masagot nyo agad.

Wilma D. Berbon 5 years ago

how can I avail my sickness benefits f I am self employed?

jurina 5 years ago

good day po..tatanong ko lang po sana kung papaano ko ulit mahuhulugan ung sss ko po?nagwork po ako sa pilipinas tapos po na stop na kasi knuha na po ako ng mama ko dito sa texas..pano ko ulit mahuhulugan ang sss ko galing po dito sa texas? thank you po,

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nellou-0328 5 years ago

hello po plss help pano po ma cancel yung application ko na maternity sa sorry i was trying to inquire pero diko po nakita nasa transaction po pala ako..huhuhu na submit ko po..i am single and not having a baby yet..plss help.

profile image

nellou-0328 5 years ago

hello po..ask ko lang po pano i-withdraw yung application sa SSS ng maternity claim...kasi po try try ako diko napansin nsa transaction na pala ako nasubmit ko..hayyy buhayy...plsss help me.. thanks a lot

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rowen25 5 years ago

Gud day po! Tanong ko po sana kung paano ko efile yung maternity benefits ko kung yung apelyido ko gamit sa SSS ay yung apelyido ng dati ko pa asawa na mag-10 yrs na kami hiwalay, at wala kami separated papers na pirmado namin kahit sa barangay lang wala kami pirmahan, ang nangyari po abandoned marriage sa amin. Nag-asawa na po ako ulit ngayon at magkaka-anak na kami pero hindi kami kasal. Paano ko po efile maternity benefits ko nito? ang magiging anak namin ay susunod ang apelyido nya sa tatay nya sa birth certificate, na maging conflict sa apelyido ko gamit sa SSS. Please help nyo po ako kase kailangan ko na efile ang sss notification ko. Thanks po.

alfredo cartago 5 years ago

good day gusto ko pong mla man ung monthlycontribution ko

khay madrigal 5 years ago

good evening po..gsto ko lang po sanang malaman kung posible po ba na hindi ma-approve ung finile kong maternity claim?kumpleto na po ako ng pinasang requirements and duly notified na po lahat ng MAT 1 and 2 forms ko..sabe nung staff sa SSS,papadala n lng daw po ung cheke sa kumpanya daw po ay kung maaapprove daw application nagulat ako kc akala ko once ma-file lahat ng kylangan,ok na.dapat po ba kong mag alala kung maaapprove un o hindi?by the way, i am still employed,at wala namang problem sa contributions ko.gano kaya katagal ang paghihintay sa result nito?

JM 5 years ago

Hello! Just want to ask if what if you've become a Citizen of another country. Can you still continue to voluntarily pay your SSS contribution? Will you still be able to get anything from it afterwards even if you have changed your Nationality already? Thanks!

Jenylyn Castillo Tulay 5 years ago

Hi.. tanong ko lang po,kung may expiration ang maternity benefits ng sss? i gave birth last dec. 11, 2009, pero ng inaayos ko po yung papers ko,, binalik ng sss skin at abrupt change ang nkalagay,binabaan ko po kasi ung last contribution ko kasi wla nko sa work ko that time,my nag ssabi sakin n pede ko na daw ayusin yun ulet dahil my work nko,at nhuhulugan n ito ulit ng employer ko, possible po ba n my makuha pako khit 2years old n baby ko, thanks..

revelyn flores 5 years ago

mam kailangan po ba active kng nghu2log sa sss pra mka avail ng maternity loan what if 8months na q0ng hndi nka2hulog sa sss ko bgo ako nabuntis

julius 5 years ago

hello po maam. ask ko lang po kasi yung dalawang friend ng father-in-law ko are claiming na they will receive 12,000 monthly pension upon retirement compared to my father-in-law's pension which is only 4,000. and my father-in-law thinks that his contribution is much higher than theirs. is that possible?

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adjing 5 years ago

Hi!!someone ask here already on how to withdraw voluntary contributions or whatever contributions made in SSS since she moved to other country for good but i think there's no answer.Well,we have same question,is there a possible way that we can still claim the money we contributed whether made by employer or voluntarily paid,and we didn't reach the age 60-65 or the minimum years/months required..please help me,so i know what to do..because i move to other country and wanted to stop contributions but i felt bad if i can't have the money i contributed already..thanks

cecilia tutaan 5 years ago

asking lang po, yung first baby ko 6 yrs ago at that time kakatapos lang po ng contrack ko sa work before ako nabuntis and nanganak ako wala na ako work pero before ako nabuntis meron ako sss. puede pa po ba file yun panu po and wala na yung employer,

charlie24 5 years ago

just wanna know if there is an increase on the monthly pension this month?

melody 5 years ago

hi po,,, i just wanna ask if i can still file for maternity benefit even i give birth 4 years ago,,,thanks

Emma 5 years ago

Hi, gusto ko lang pong malaman kung pwede ko mawithdraw ung sss contribution ko kasi im permanently residing in different country now. So far I have a total of 8 years sss contribution. Kung hindi po ako ngkakamali, before early withdrawal of contribution is allowed if it is due to migration. If i cannot withdraw it under any other circumstances and im retired, would i be able to enjoy the pension benefits even if im living in different country and have different citizenship already? thanks po.

Helen Orita 5 years ago

Sir/Madam magtatanong lang po how can I apply for maternity benefit I had miscarriage (2 months) last month I did not apply it because I do not know even in our office maybe they also do not know. What are the requirements and where can I apply. Thank you very much. Please reply me on my email address -

nemi Olga 5 years ago

hello good day madam /sir....gusto ko po malaman kung ang survivor benificiary ng SSS for 10 years ay mag-asawa na at kasal sa iba ,ay still continue my SSS benifits as a widow last time for 10 years since my husband died last 2010.I am now living here with my second husband in USA..gusto ko po malaman kung I am still an SSS benificiary since the SSS Office now ay having a check up to the members and wants to submit papers that I am still alive but am alive and married ,gusto ko lang malaman kung meron pa ba akong benifits now nag aasawa ako muli.Thanks Pls send ur answer to my email Thanka

Gladys 5 years ago

hi good evening. im here to inquire on how to check my uncle's company that is listed on SSS because the family of my uncle need to know it for the compensation / benefit maybe..

CASPIAN 5 years ago

hi! ngayon ko lang po naalala na nagschang po ako ng status from self employed member to voluntary member. once lang po ako nabayad ng quarterly sa VM, nung time na nagpachange ako ng status which was jan-mar 2009. after nun, til now sa records ko po sa SE na pala uli ako nagbabayad. ok lang po ba yun?

bhernz 5 years ago

hi mr hub!dti poh akong factory worker s isang comp.dto s phils for 5 months so contructual after nun finish contruct n then nanganak poh ako after dat,after a year nkalipat ako s ibang company n sakop ng isang agency so renewal bt since i gt pregnant again, the first baby was filed in sss for maternity bt it was nt completed he was 4 years old now. my question is can still both filed for maternity the two children at the same khit ilng years n rn akong naka'stop s work,,plz answer my question thanks a lot and more still here waiting tnx

jean.. 5 years ago

sir panu po pag ala pong id pero mag apply ako for maternity ko

REmingio 5 years ago

sir, paki forward naman ung monthly contri ko.;; including yung balanse ng loan ko matagal na.

Wena 5 years ago

hi, i read your explanation about the creditable years of service.."the periods where a member continuously contributed his premiums without lapses". I stopped paying my premiums for 15 months but I paid for 82 months when I was employed and now I am paying again as self-employed. My question is, how it will affect my benefits? I can't use my previous payments? Hope you can answer. Thank you! =)

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letlet15 5 years ago

gud mrning!paki clarify nman all about ofw contribution,tnx!

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mhimay 5 years ago

good day!

I have a question lang po if maka-avail po ba ako ng maternity claim? employed po ako right now sa isang company kaso po may-aug lang po remittance ko,inform nila late posting lng po daw..maka-avail po ba ako??thank you

joana 5 years ago

gaano poh b ktagal bgo mkuha ang maternity loan after maipasa ang mga requirements?

primarosa03 5 years ago

how can i compute my maternity reimbursement i am no longer working but i continued my contribution voluntarily? thank you.

MARITES BA 5 years ago

Hello good morning just wanted to ask a question i am a member since 1994 and my question is how can i change my last name while im here living in new jersey usa my last name before was Ba i was annulled since 2008 i remarry with an american man i need to change my last name but how?hope to hear from u soon

thank you so much

your member

Marites BA



Mrs.Sylvia Barons 5 years ago

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Good luck

Janz 5 years ago


thNx a lot twentyfive for the info..


aimee bartolome 5 years ago

I would like to ask if an employer wasn't able to pay SSS contribution for 8 mos, even the salary loan but still was taking it off your monthly salary, can I sue them and make them pay?

princess 5 years ago

gaano naman katagal makuha un maternity ben.? 4 example nag file ako ngayon ng form. thanks

Ann 5 years ago

hello mr hub! yung father in law ko ay 60 years old na ngayon, nakacontribute lang siya na apat na beses sa sss.okey lang ba na ipagpapatuloy nya ang pagcontribute until he is 65? makakaenjoy po ba siya sa benefits kahit hindi na nya ipagpapatuloy sa pagbayad?wait for your reply.salamat

salley 5 years ago

tanong q lng po kc ung father q po ang sss pensioner tpos namatay n po sya at ung nanay q nlng po ang kumukuha ng pension pero namatay nrn po ngaun po d p nmin nre2port since 2009 p nmatay d nman po kc nmin alm ano po kayang gagawin?

Melody de Jesus Garcia 5 years ago

may i know po if a single mom can take advantage of sss' Maternity benefit?

Cass 5 years ago

Hi, my mom wanted to apply for SSS but she had never work since she had me. I'm already 20 yrs of age and i think she stop working when i was 2/3 yrs old.

She's capable of paying monthly/quartely, whatever suits her. My question is, can u give me just an overview of how much will she be paying each month/quarterly and how much will she receive when she retires? thanks!

aries p. reyes 5 years ago

gud pm po pwede ko po malaman ang membership number ko sa sss at kung active pa po

lloriegh 5 years ago

good day! tanong ko lang sa maternity benefit kc nakalagay amount to receive should be 100% of the basic salary kaso ung nareceive ko na first half ng maternity benefit ko eh 15K lang eh ang basic ko pumapatak na 26k. i found out that 15K is the maximum amount that can be given to employee. Is the employer compelled to give the employee the difference of the maximum SSS benefit & the basic salary?

salvador a. damot 5 years ago

How much monthly pension will a retiree receives if he has completed a 240 monthly contribution before he retires and that his monthly basic salary is Php25,000.00 when retires at the age of 60?

genevieve 5 years ago

kapag poh ba twins ang baby,,may dagdag yung benefit or smae amount din poH?thanks poh sa magrereply...

Marie 5 years ago

I already have 36months contribution last june 2011 and I resigned with my private employer.And I just found a new job and started working last november 22, 2011 can i avail for the sss salary loan? when can i possibly apply for the sss salary loan...?Thank you

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bangsjoy aj 5 years ago

low po i am more than 1year sss member....kapanganak ko lang po last december 6,2011...ask lang po ako if mkapag avail pa po ba ako ng maternity benefit?...ano po ba ang requirements?....i am a private employee....i am waiting for your response tnx po....

Jeffranz 5 years ago

Good day!

I have relatives and friends abroad at gusto nilang magbayad ng kanilang SSS contribution pero wala silang sapat na panahon at di rin nila alam kung papano nila ito babayaran doon. Kaya tinatanong nila ako kung pwede ba daw ako nalang maghulog ng contribution nila sa SSS since nandito na ako sa pinas. Maraming salamat po sa mag rereply.

Ma. Lovely Diane L. Nacion 5 years ago

sss member poh ako ask ko ang if pwede po ako mag avail ng maternity benefits nkapag work na poh ko sa dalawang companies last year and now im 6 months pregnant...qualify po ba ko sa maternity benefits...un employed na po kasi ko ngayon........

josephine 5 years ago

ask q lang po . i am 5 mo pregnant. pwede pa rin ba aqng magcontribute as self elmployed. pwede po ba yun. my makukuha po ba aq for maternity benefit. due po aq sa may 2012

arham 5 years ago

bakit ang tagal po ng pag bigay ng sss.disability. october 2011 pa me nag submit,hang gang ngayon wala pa po.

Jose Ngo 5 years ago

Requesting to direct this comment to: Administrator, SSS Philippines.

I am a retired Filipino SSS Employee, who received pension benefit since the time I turned 62 (retro active)from 2007.

Sincerely yours

My wife and I are now resident of New Zealand and since turning 65, (2010) qualified age to receive NZ Pension (Superannuation). One of the conditions, if you received overseas pension, (presumably one provided for by a government pension benefit from that country) this effectively be deducted from the NZ pension benefit you received.

We have raised this issue with the NZ Work and Income, Ministry of Social Development, PO Box 27-178, Wellington NZ. The understanding of NZ Work and Income, the pension benefit, we received from SSS Philippines are GOVERNMENT funded. We claimed on the other hand that this was NOT the case, as we contributed to SSS as well as our Employer contributing the same to the employees fund.

Our request and for the many other retired SSS employees in overseas, a letter send explaining and justifying that SSS Pension Benefits paid to overseas Retired Filipino are NOT subsidise government funded (GSIS) but a PRIVATE PENSION FUND.

Jose NGO

SSS No. 06-0173386-0

single mom 5 years ago

good day! tanong ko lang sa maternity benefit kc nakalagay amount to receive should be 100% of the basic salary kaso ung nareceive ko na first half ng maternity benefit ko eh 15K lang eh ang basic ko pumapatak na 21k. 6yrs na akong employed at tloy tloy naman ung payment sa sss benefit ko. Ano po ba ang tamang computation sa sss maternity benefit.tnx

el 5 years ago

ask ko po kasi married status ako sa SSS at philhealth... kaso hiwalay npo kami and hnd pa un baby ko po is with different father na...pwede ko po ba gawing dependent si baby ko kht naka sunod un surname nya sa surname ng live in partner ko? thanks in advance

dante 5 years ago

kanino kami pwede magsumbong sa employer na di nagpa sss samin?

TheOne 5 years ago


Gusto ko lang pong ma-clarify pasenxa na po. I am 36yo, only child of my mom who died recently. My dad abandoned us 30 year ago. Hindi na po ba ako entitled sa death benefit ng mom ko?

amber19 5 years ago

hi po! ask ko lng po regarding sa maternity benefit..kapag po ba sa bhay nkunan saka hindi nagundergo ng d&c pwede po b mkaclaim ng maternity benefit? kc wala po akong naipasang histopath report dhil sa bhay lng po ako nkunan and sbi ng ob ko no need for d&c n daw po kc complete miscarriage nmn po ung nangyri ng sss need ko daw po mgpasa ng histopath report and sbi nmn po ng ob ko walng histopath report kc a bhay po ako nkunan bnigyan nya lng po ako ng med.cert..

gina tabora 5 years ago

good afternoon ask ko lang po if i can still apply for maternity loan.. 3 yrs na ko walang work because studied.. now im about to give birth this january can i still apply for maternity loan as self employed? para mahabol ko before ng due ko.. thank you..

Retiree 5 years ago


I'm 52 years old and I availed the early retirement plan of my employer. what is your advise regarding my SSS monthly i have to continue my monthly contribution and how much..... please advise....

Mel 5 years ago

Hi, I'm SSS member living now in France.What's the procedure to avail of the maternity benefits for the OFW because I'm now 2 months pregnant.When I was in Davao, I was told to present myself to the nearest SSS office here in Europe(in Milan???) to prove that I'm pregnant. I'll be delivering my baby here in France.What steps should I take???Thanks a lot!

sean 5 years ago

how to find OTC on my receipt on RS5 got on the bayad center at Sta. Lucia? i got T#123Z5678 there is Z and tried also remove all zero to make it 6 and sometimes there is no zero don't know what to remove always said ER not found on the data base :S

ian paul 5 years ago

tanong ko lang po.. seaman ako at nagkasakit sa barko, so umuwi ako at pinagamot ng aking companya ng 4 months (120 days). ngayon fit to work na ako, at gusto ko mag aplly ng sick leave. mga ilang days yong makuha ko 120 days rin ba? at 90% sa arawang sahod ko?.....tank u po.

Tessa 5 years ago

I worked in PH for 14 yrs before I moved away. Can I still claim my contributions as a lump sum, or at least get a pension, when I turn 60 yrs old?

Jenny 5 years ago

Tama po bang taxable ang whole portion ng maternity pay ko kahit combination ito ng SSS maternity benefits and company maternity benefits?Ito daw po kasi ang company policy?

Lino Anciano 5 years ago

May I ask if there is another benefit aside from the usual Sickness Leave benefit if a member has undergone organ removal (gall bladder) operation? Thank you.

Marife Legaspi 5 years ago

Does it really take months for SSS to process a death claim benefit? I am very disappointed that it's taking a long time to receive my claim. Please improve your system.

ben 5 years ago

helo gudmorning, nagretire ako last october po sa company namin. how long does it take to get my retirement fee since my company filed it in sss manila. hanggang ngayon kasi two months na wala pang feedback. thanks.

dimple 5 years ago

Gusto ko po magloan, i had 37 contributions, unemployed since year 2000. I worked @ Jag apparrel,SM Inc(Cubao),&Shrangila Ortigas before. After that I continued my studies 'til I graduated last 2008,then passed the NLE in 2009,until now hindi pa po ako nagwork. Ano po ang ilalagay ko sa form pagnagloan ako?And how much po ang pwede ko maloan, gagamitin ko po kasi pang-apply abroad.Tapos po, yung sa Jag Apparrel Co., hinde po pala hinulugan kahit isang kusing yung SSS ko,pera nagdededuct sila noon sa sweldo,nalaman ko lang po after 5 years na,pano po pwede kong gawin,matutulungan nyo rin po ba'ko tungkol dun?Tsaka kung makapag-loan po ako,huhulugan ko nalang po voluntary.

Thanks po.

evelyn dizon 5 years ago

hello ask ko lang po paano ang gagawin if nanganak sa abroad ano po ang mga requirements na kailangan pwede po bang magfile ng maternity benefits dito sa ating embahada sa saudi, jeddah? May grace period po ba ang pagpafile? thanks in advance. evelyndizon-jeddah,KSA

zeny Castillo 5 years ago

Paano po ang pag compute ng retirement benefit and pension.

jesly b. mortilla 5 years ago

maam gudevening po,ask ko lng po regarding sa pag apply ng self employed sa sss,my stepfather ko po pd pb za mag apply ng sss,,64years old na za...till now wl prin za sss...thank you and GOD BLESS

mave jorolan 5 years ago

mam, me makukuha po ba ako if putol2 ung hulog ko sa sss. tnx a lot

analyn 5 years ago

mam, ask ko lng kc po my due date is july-aug... ngaun last qtr lng po ulit ako mag start ng contribution ko as voluntary since march 2009 as empployed... may makukuha pa din po ba akong benefits as sss member?

megajulz 5 years ago

hi!maam..question lang po,pag magcumpute po ba ng SSS maternity benefits ay 6mts or 3mts???kc po i am expecting to get my benefits in a higher amount.ito po cumputation ng accountant namin,before that monthly salary ko po ay 9,100 from 0ct to march my sss contribution is 266.70,den tinaasan ako ng april nanging 10,833.42 so my new contribution to sss is 333.33 naka 8mts contibution plang ako,then ng file ako ng leave tulad ng requirements ng sss. my accountant give me the formula as she computed 6mts(8,000x3=24,000 nd 10,000x2=20,000 total of 52,000/180=288.89x60days=17,333.40 daw yong makukuha ko,pero ng matangap na po namin ang cheke galing SSS 8,000.00 lang po cumptuation nila??i wonder how,why??bakit po ganun??may mali po ba sa cumputation namin???pls..answer my question..

Thank you and God bless!!!!

REMY 5 years ago


ruben vergara 5 years ago

hello po.. ung kuya ko po ay member din ng SSS, meron xa unang naging asawa which is kasal sila in CIvil... pero habang nasa abroad xa ay palihim na nagloko ang misis at nabunti xa, nalamn ng kuya konoong bigla xa umwui,,ngyaon may bago na asawa, na kung saan ung pinapakita na marriage contact ay diko alm kung totoo o hindi kasi di pa annul ung unang kasal ng kuya ko at diko ko nalam na nagpakasal kuno sila ng kuya ko..(second asawa daw) may passport xa na gamit ang apilyedo ng kuya ko...ang tanong ko po ngayon,,pinapalitan ng pangalawang asawa ng kuya ko ang mga beneficiaries from his original children sa mga ank nya ngayon,,, para sila na lang daw ang magbenefits,,, pwede po ba un,,

Russell Edrozo profile image

Russell Edrozo 5 years ago

gud morning po ask ko lng pno ko malalaman kng hinulugan ng agency ko ung sss ko at pano ko masusubaybayan...

Evelyn Solano 5 years ago

good day! ask ko lang po kung pde mag house finance ang SSS, voluntary member ako as of now tuloy tuloy ang voluntary contribution ko which is Php 520.00/montly. My planning is to pay cash my 5 yrs and 3 months balance for exact 10 yrs contribution. Meroon po ako bahay sa Greenwoods Subdivison Dasmarinas Cavite worth 3M nais ko po iapply as housing finance. puede po ba kaya iyon? Narito po ako ngayon sa ibang bansa naninirahan dahil ang common husband ko ay foreigner parehong member kami ng SSS kaya lang siya ay Company contribution noong nagtrabaho siya sa Pilipinas sa loob ng 1 yr. Parehong nasa pangalan namin ang bahay at nais din po ng mister ko ituloy niya ang kanyang hulog kahit mag Voluntary Contribution na lang siya dahil meroon kaming anak na beneficiary niya sa SSS. Sana po mapaliwanagan ninyo ako.

thanks and God Bless!

Vick 5 years ago

Hi po, ngaun ko lang po nalaman na kailangan pla inform ang sss about my pregnancy. 32 weeks pregnant na po ako now, pwede po ba na pumunta ako sa nearest sss branch dito sa amin and submit the maternity notification form? Pls advise. Salamat

mayah 5 years ago

gud am pno ko b malalaman kung na naibigay n s agency ko ang cheche ng half payment ng maternity leave ko...?thanks

anne 5 years ago

how many months of contribution is require to avail the maternity benefits?

mayeth 5 years ago

good day,,i want to know if your husband died and youre already separated for long time,,but you have children in your costody,,,,how can i clame their rights to get benefits,,,while the policy number and all documents was in hand of relatives of the death?thank you

basti 5 years ago

ask ko lang po kung gaano katagal processing sss sickness benefit? after ilang weeks ko makuha, if ever approve yung sickness claim ko?

Mayryl 5 years ago

panu po mgclaim ng maternity ? ngbayad po ako for 3mos. sept-nov 2011 po. db sabe atleast 3mos. panu po ba mgclaim nun ? tama na po ba ung nabayaran ang magkanu po kea ung mata2nggap ? salamat po ..

gojuliette 5 years ago

Will a company be any way liable if one of its employees claimed his retirement benefits from SSS but would like to still continue working? Since 60 is not a compulsory retirement age, the company cannot ask the employee to retire. What should the employer do?

Robby 5 years ago

Hi just wanna ask what could be the possible reason why my maternity pay was denied? I checked it online and it was stated that it is denied with this remark "SUBMIT CASH VOUCHER DULY SIGNED BY THE MEMBER EVIDENCING PAYMENT OF BENEFIT * wrong key-encoding" TIA

jose gomez 5 years ago

good noon po.panu po ba malalaman ang sss numbers noong 1975 pa.salamat 5 years ago

pd ko po bang malaman kong ano ano po ung mga sakit na pd ifile sa sss?

Winie P. Lonjawon 5 years ago

Sir, all my document are already completed.and I am waiting the processing and asking when I started to recieve my monthly salary.

Lorievy M Ladiero profile image

Lorievy M Ladiero 5 years ago

Hello ask ko lang po sana if pwede pa ba ko magclaim ng maternity benefits, kapapanganak ko lang last September 25, pero work at home po ako under a private company... Nagkapagfile lang ako ng leave nung time na malapit na ko manganak siguro mga 3 days lang yun then after 1 week nagwork na ko ulit. Counted pa din po ba ko sa benefits? Ngayon ko lang kasi nalaman yun first time ko kasi magwork sa private company.

maria digna 5 years ago

i stopped contribution in 2002,but i have no existing loan,i pay contributions for 12 i entitled for a pension even if i don't continue paying contributions..thanks

norvie 5 years ago

hello twenty five, may i ask. wat could i claim from sss if my mother had just contributed for 2 yrs? and my sister had just given also 11 yrs?

romski 5 years ago

hi ask ko lng kung pano mag-update ng monthly contrbution,voluntary ako and im cotributing 520/month pero gusto ko 260 na lng icontribute kc medyo kapos na,ano ba dapat kong gwin? thanks.

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