San Antonio Condos For Investment

San Antonio is a great place to invest in or to stay in. San Antonio Condos include Condos for sale and apartments for rent or lease. San Antonio, Texas comprises of some of the sought after properties in Texas and these Condos come in different prices and sizes. San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and it is the fourth fastest growing city in the whole of United States. San Antonio is made up of several famous institutions and industries and the demand for San Antonio Condos for rent is getting higher. Common Condos in San AntonioTX include large estates, town homes, condo apartments and condo lofts.

Searching for San Antonio, Texas Condo is not difficult especially if you have to do it online; some of the most popular ones include; Town Creek Condos, and The Villas of Silverado Hills. Town Creek Condos for sale in San Antonio or those for rent comprises of 2 to 3 baths and 3 to 5 beds and prices range from $128,000 to $ 178,000. The Villas of Silverado vary in prices. They are often town homes which has around 2 -3 baths and around 3 beds. Their prices are quite cheaper than what obtains in Town Creek Condos.

Silverado hills contain some of the most sought after San Antonio Texas Condos.  They come with varying sizes especially those designed for single units and family size Condos. A San Antonio Texas Condo can be gated or non-gated and offer amenities including swimming pool, hot tub, tennis court and parking garages. Many also feature security 24 hours per day 7 days a week, some even have paid utilities features.


Alteza condos San Antonio are situated above the Grand Hyatt Hotel and they start at the 25th floor and culminate with the custom penthouses on floors 33 and 34.  These Condos have a total 19 standard floor plans and 6 penthouse plans. Alteza condos occupy a total 5,600 square feet and Condo room plans are 1,2, and 3 bedrooms. The wood are exotically designed with mahogany hardwood, car parking could be either Valet or self-parking, with Controlled access reserved parking for each home. Metered utilities are made for each Condo homes and separate lobby with separate floor control access are available among several other features.

Alteza Condos  San Antonio also make use of separate floor balconies and each home can access fitness centers, room and catering services and all other services operated by the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Alteza Condos are quite expensive and they are strategically located at 15 minutes drive from  San AntonioInternationalAirport.

Andalusia condos San Antonio homes are 20-unit Condomium projects which were completed in 2002 in San Antonio. Andalusia Condos are believed to be the first Condos constructed in the downtown area of San Antonio in 20 years and they were completely sold out the same year they were built.

San Antonio Condos are exclusively built for those who understand what it takes to live with peace of mind; These Condos are fully protected while privacies of individual owners are also guaranteed.

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