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Do you ever find yourself putting off filling in your tax returns forms until the last minute or trying to squeeze a visit to the tax office into your already busy business schedule? In this article I wanted to inform tax payers about e-filing because it is the easiest and safest way to pay your taxes on time but less than 2 out of 3 people have bothered to research this.

Sars e-filing software was introduced online in 2003 to pay tax online free by handling all manual return submissions. It allows individual people, businesses and people who hire tax practitioners to register and transfer payments, submit their tax returns and perform a variety of transactions in a secure environment.

Sars efiling was originally launched in South Africa but at present 2.7 million returns are made by individuals and 7.5 million businesses or practioners are handled annually by them around the globe.

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Tax Return Online

As we can see in the above photograph, using the comparable services in your own country for tax filing can often yield unsatisfactory results with records being unavailable. Sars Efily software has been proven to equal the online tax calculator in the US, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Chile and France.

Since they have independent tax practitioners dedicated to handling your tax preparation in sink with international regulations, you can take advantage of the full suite of free downloadable applications to complete your returns offline on your own desktop!

Once you have your information ready you simply upload to them via efile and they will notify you whether you have been approved for an IRS refund. They alsohave the latest information and updates on Tax Season 2011 on the Sars Website.

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To busy to contact the Tax Office?
To busy to contact the Tax Office?

Efile Sars

Efile means that you can get quicker response or notifaction because you do not have to wait for snail mail, there is less chance of you misplacing the forms within your filing cabinet and you can easily correct an error and resend if the IRS has a problem with a section you filled out.

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