Save Money Fast

Save money Right away
Save money Right away

What works for you?

Where Do you Save Money Most?

  • Cutting Grocery Bill
  • Cutting Electric bill
  • Using Coupons
  • Not Eating Out
  • Recycling
  • Not Splurging
  • Car Pooling
  • Always Use Frugal Tips
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How to Save Money Fast

1. Cut your grocery budget by buying less meat more grain, fruit and vegetables. Meat is the most expensive item on your grocery list so the more you shop sale papers the more you will save. Ask friends if they know of anyone who works directly for a meat packing plant. If so talk to the person to see if they will give you a deal on buying meat from them. I personally have bought 10lb packs of very lean ground beef for $5.00 a package.

2. Turn down the heating and air. One or two less degree today can mean big savings on your utility bill. Keep a small fan in sleeping area to keep cool at night. Keep a small heater in sleep areas in winter if extra heat is needed. Heat or cool the main living area you spend most of your time in. By cutting down on heating and cooling you could save hundreds of dollars per year. Turn down your heating and cooling when you leave your house in the morning if you are gone all day, you might be shocked at the amount of money it is costing you to use heat and air while you are not even at home. Most electric bills trace your usage take a look at your bill next month and see how much you can save. 

3. Make your own favorite morning coffee drink. The night before you can brew your favorite coffee and the next morning add your favorite ingredients. Cool whip, flavored syrup and spices. Here are a few recipes for some great coffee drinks Coffee Latte.

4. Use Free food promotions to eat out. When you eat out it can cost a lot of money so with a plan ahead strategy you can beat the budget buster of dinning out by taking advantage of the many promotions out there. Many times eateries will offer coupons and discounts for simply joining an email newsletter list. Don't forget that the kids or even the spouse can join the email list as well to receive coupons at a later time to receive more coupons. Often I decide where we should eat out at based on my coupons and promotions I have received each week. The weekly mailer often includes coupons as well. Here is a free Sample site that has a lot of free food promotions. Just search any food item you can think of or fast food chain.

5. Shop around for cheaper home owners insurance. You might be shocked to know some insurance companies many be 50% lower then your current insurance policy. Can you imagine saving half off your insurance, well in today's market insurance carriers are realizing with customer satisfaction comes increased customers. Check out some of the area insurance companies to see how much they can offer to save you.

6. Shop around your credit card rates. You might be pleasantly surprised when you find out that the credit card companies are out there trying to entice you into transferring your credit card debit to their credit card company. I have cut my payment in half because I used this great money saving tip.

7. Stretch that old mighty dollar with great tips. There are many ways to save on your house hold grocery budget but among the best ideas are the fugal tips to stretch the old mighty dollar. I always find myself throwing away so many left overs. Well this is a great place for some budget friendly tips.

8. Have the family save the cans you use every month. You might be surprised to know that recycling aluminum cans is big business. Not only is collecting can a great way to help recycle it helps our environment by cutting down on landfill items.

9. Save money get rid of Vampire Suckers. Have the whole family turn off power strips to computers and lamp and other small appliances at night. You might be surprised to know how much power is leached or drained during those supposed off times for your personal computer as well as other house hold items. Vampire power sucker's garlic is the good old power strip simply turn the switch off at night and no more vampire feedings while you sleep. This will save you money all year long cha-ching! Dream of the sweet dollars you save while you sleep.

10. Car pooling is so under rated! Consider this if it costs you $50.00 in fuel to drive to work every week but you could ride with a friend for $20.00 a week that would save you a lot of money. In a moth you save $120.00 and in a year that means you save $1440.00. That big screen television you have your eyes on is in your fuel tank so to speak.

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