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Fun Fact

Did you know that a gallon of tap water only costs 1 cent, compared to a gallon of bottled water which costs 10 dollars.

Save Money, Reduce Plastic Bottles

The average human body needs 8 cups of water a day to fully function. With many of us on the go throughout the day, we need to go out of our way to find sources of drinking water. Normally if we are in a hurry and thirsty, we'd go out to a local coffee shop or food stand and buy a bottle of water for a dollar, chug it as fast as possible then dispose of the bottle. But did you know that only 10% of plastic bottles get recycled? The rest end up in landfills and in our oceans. Because the plastic we use is so cheap, it breaks down into small bits and pieces will harm animals in the ocean and birds looking for food. Millions of ocean inhabitants and birds die a year because of plastic bottles.

Not only are we harming our environment, but also we're wasting valuable resources creating and filling up these bottles. In New York alone, we used so much oil to create and bottle the plastic that we could have had 66 million gallons of gasoline, which is enough to power over 120,000 automobiles a year.

A Typical Landfill


Cities Are The Worst

In New York City, over 2.8 billion water bottles are purchased and disposed irresponsibly. If we stacked these bottles up, we'd be able to reach the moon. This is in one city alone. With the average price of a bottle of water being at one dollar, that means over $2,800,000,000 was spent on just bottled water in New York. As a country, the United States of America spends over 11 Billion dollars a year on water.

Chances are if you live in a city, you spend more money then you need to on water. Buying a reusable water bottle and refilling it doesn't just help the environment, it saves you thousands of dollars a year.Many people find carrying around a bottle is inconvenient and tacky, however now of days places like CVS, Target, Sports Authority and Nike sell stylish bottles that'll be more of a fashion statement then a tool for drinking water.

Saving MONEY!

If you aren't sold on buying and using a reusable bottle, then consider switching over to the tap system. Recently it seems like many households are forgetting the fact that the water we use to wash our hands and clean our dishes in contain drinkable water. Getting a filter installed (if your local water is sketchy) doesn't cost much and will save tons of money in the long run.

In the long run, buying a reusable bottle and filling up from the tap will save you thousands of dollars a year. The initial investment isn't the actual money you put towards the bottle, but the amount of effort you put towards staying away from the evil of plastic. Of course, no one is perfect and there will be times you need to buy or want to buy a bottle of water. This is normal, no one expects you to cut yourself off completely at first, ease into it as its better for our environment and more importantly your wallet.

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DIY Backlinks 5 years ago

Great advise, more people should try to recycle!

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