Get paid to take offers to create college cash

Get paid to complete offers to generate college cash

I recently read an article about a college student who had generated a few hundred dollars worth of cash by doing what are known as incentivizedor "paid" offers.

The way these work is that advertisers will typically allow a 3rd-party to incentivize customers to try the advertisers product by means of cash rebates or free gifts. In a perfect world it can be a win-win situation...the advertiser gets a customer trying their product...the customer gets paid to complete offers or gets a gift for trying products their interested in...and the third party company is typically paid a "finders fee" or affiliate commission for locating and incentivizing the customers.

Some people have complained that too many people nowadays are gaming the systems that allow them to get paid to complete offers...that they're taking advantage of the advertisers by trading things they need to get paid to complete offers or get their gift (also known as a premium) from the advertiser

But the truth is, if this was really a problem, the advertisers would stop using the incentivized offer model...instead it continues to go strong.

The flip side is that if you are going to participate in these offers you need to have your head on straight. We talk about a couple places that can help you do that next.

Paid offer help hubs

If you're going to try to save or make extra money completing offers then you may want help from sites that keep tabs on the incentivized offers industry on a daily basis. offers a free "Smart Consumer's Guide" to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls with paid offers and to help you identify the legitimate offers from ones that are scams posing as legitimate offers. has a section in their forum devoted to "get paid" programs in general that is very active. You'll find many additional ideas and precautions at their forum, including people reporting back which companies are paying, which ones aren't paying, and which ones are taking a long time to pay.

Underground world of paid offers

Where things get controversial is what i like to call the "underground world" of paid offers. It's not so much a hidden world and as I discussed before if it was really a big problem, the advertisers would stop using incentivized offers. But basically there are forums where users will tradeor buy transactions needed in order for them to get their cash or prize.

In fact there is an entire vocabulary that is indigenous to the freebie/incentivized offer experts that include such things as "going green", "going red", "approval". There are also feedback systems in place to weed out the bad eggs.

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Jason 8 years ago

Cashcrate is a GPT site that is completely free to take surveys unless if you want to try pay for trial offers but it is easy to use and a

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