Saving Money For Your Family

Great ideas to save money

I have found som many ways to save money while shopping for all kinds of things and it is all so easy.

Groceries Make a list for the following week of what you want for dinner and then make a shopping list off that list. This saves time and money because you know what you are having for dinner every evening and there is no guess work and you know that you have all the stuff to make that meal. You then add breackfast and lunch items and of course any othe items you need. This system cuts down on impulse buying and you will only be at the store once a week.

Gifts Buy all year, pick up things that you know that your loved ones are going to want at Christmas or their Birthdays and put them away. I have a gift box in my closet and when ever I find something really great or inexpensive I put it in there and that way when the occasion comes around I am ready, just wrap or bag and go.

Clothes Buy at the clearance sales, most of these items are from the previous season so you might have to put them away but they will be usable next year when you pull them out. Thrift stores are huge for me and my family, we wear name brand stuff in excellent condition and I get it all for a fraction of the cost of retail plus I go to the as is dept of my Goodwill and get even better deals there. A little secret here, I buy stuff and resell on Ebay and make money :o) Anybody can do that with a little experience, just check for stains, rips and especially the zippers, buttons and snaps to make sure that they all work. Don't forget Ebay for some great deals too. I buy and sell there.  

I hope this helps you on your next shopping trip! Now go find some great deals!

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MyMastiffPuppies profile image

MyMastiffPuppies 6 years ago

These area all some really great ideas, especially in these very sloooow economic times. I love the thrift stores too, love the high quality clothes for cheap! Great job!

mepperly profile image

mepperly 6 years ago from Vancouver,WA Author

Thank you so much I jsut love sharing what I know or learn about.

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