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Everybody likes to receive something free and it's no different when it comes to finding a free search engine marketing solution. You can also purchase many helpful ebooks online which will also help you gain a search engine marketing solution providing great information and tools for promoting your website. Why not utilize all the free help you can get first. Who knows but you may catch on quickly using some of these promotion techniques and end up writing a few how-to ebooks yourself and earn a little extra cash along the way. I believe in free so sites such as www.bloggerdaddy.ca are the ones I frequent most to obtain the best information au gratis.

A great place to start understanding how to get free promotion is using the online website software tool of Adwords keywords. This is one of the best free search engine optimization tools available. To find and begin using this great promotional tool simply search google for the phrase “Adwords keyword tool”. With this tool you can find out what words, series of words or key phrases are highly being searched for. Once you know this information then you can write your article with those key words and receive a higher placement in search engines allowing people to find your website information much easier. There is a bit of a formula to use that in most cases works out quite well. This makes free search engine optimization tools such as the adwords keyword tool so valuable.

Here is one formula of sorts that works out quite well. Firstly type in a key phrase of interest to you and start from there. You will notice a list populating below displaying how many people searched for your key words or phrase. In our example I will type in and use the phrase “auto insurance”. Under the keyword column you will see your exact phrase and as well variations of your phrase and then next to that column under global monthly search volume you will see how many are searching globally for that phrase.

Free search engine optimization tools such as this Adwords keyword tool is one free search engine marketing solution that allows you to do far greater exploration of your phrase to help you get your site information on the first page of the search engine listings. There is a pull down tab labeled Choose Columns to Display. Select Show Estimated Average CPC. Now go back to the pull down tab and choose Advertiser competition. Selecting both of these added two more columns to your populating list providing even more very important information directly related to your keyword phrase.

The adwords keyword tool could very well be the only if not one of the only free search engine optimization tools you will ever need to get your site information on Google's front page listing in a person's search. A perfect free search engine marketing solution You may like to experiment with all this information to find out what works best for you but here is some inside information that has helped me greatly. It's a formula of sorts that has worked well. You now see using our keyword phrase example Auto Insurance that one keyword phrase that came up was Auto Insurance Quote. It has a CPC value of $33.27. This means people clicking on ads around your article can earn you possibly that much per click and if the column showing under Advertiser Competition shows a full bar or close to it that means there are a lot of advertisers paying for that exact term. The more competition the better for you. To find a good related keyword phrase that will give you good search engine optimization and make you good money ( using my formula in this example) you need to pick a Global Monthly Search Volume of about 2400 to 5000. Within that amount choose the highest dollar pay out as displayed under the cost per click (CPC) and make sure the advertiser competition is high. Preferably I would recommend choosing the best phrase right at the 2400 number search volume.

For our example we will see that there are quite a number of key phrases within these guidelines to pick from and use. One final piece of information to use with free search engine optimization tools such as this one is to take your final chosen keyword phrase and copy it into a Google search engine using quotation marks around the phrase. I chose the phrase "auto insurance quotations" and typed in the Google search engine. Just below the search box at right you will see the line that says Results 1 - 10 of about 18,600 for "auto insurance quotations" . Your example if a different key word will show slightly different. The key thing to remember here to get you some of the best results is to choose a keyword phrase that will display 1-10 results showing 50,000 or less. Our example works perfect since it is well below 50,000.

More information related to free search engine optimization tools and using the best free search engine marketing solution will include using the page rank and Alex tools which help you determine further if you should use that exact key word phrase you just chose or pick another. You download these tools and they incorporate themselves directly into your browser. These tools allow you to see how every page you view on the net ranks according to top page status optimization and also their respective Alexa rank of popularity. If for example the page you view using your keyword phrase has a page rank of 4 or higher it would probably be a good indicator to choose a different keyword phrase in order to be given a better chance of reaching the top of the search page results. The lower the Alexa rating the better. If your website page has a low Alexa rating then your page is certainly one of the more popular searched for pages on the Internet. There are many free site optimizing tools and information available if you take the time to search it out. The information above is a top choice for a Free search engine marketing solution.


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