Sell Your Thrift Store Items

What is a Flea Market

A flea market is a several thrift stores under the same roof. When most of us thInk of a thrift store we think about one building in which the own sells primarily used goods. In order to own a thrift store, an individual must purchase or rent a building, pay for insurance and other costs to operate a store front. A flea market, on the other hand, allows anyone to become a thrift store owner. This is because the owner of the building which houses the flea market rents out space on a monthly or weekly basis to allow others to set up their store.

Items to Sell

If you need items to sell at a flea market, just look around your house for items that you have not used or worn in more than 12 months. We all have plenty of these items. You should make sure that items are in good repair. Pay special attention to children's items to make sure that they meet safety standards. If you run out of items already in your possession, you should shop at yard sales for items to sell. Some of the more popular items to sell at flea markets are books, CDs and DVDs. Jewelry and clothing are also great sellers.

The other item that does well at flea markets rather than thrift stores is home-made baked goods.

How to Price Your Items

You need to make sure you price your items so they will sell quickly. Flea markets have a lot of repeat visitors. If your inventory does not stay fresh, these visitors will stop coming by your booth. To get an idea of how to price your items, visit online shopping sites such as Ebay to get an idea of the price. You should also visit thrift stores in the area where the flea market is located to make sure your items are not priced too high. If you are selling the same type of item, be sure you price each item the sames. For example, if you are selling DVD's don't try to price according to the specific movie. Instead charge the same price regardless of the title of the movie. This will save you in the long run and time is money.

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Dee aka Nonna profile image

Dee aka Nonna 4 years ago

If you don't go to flea market often you will forget they are out there. What a good idea and I do have some items and now that you mentioned it...there is a flea market in my area where you don't have to man the booth/area the whole time because there is a central "check-out". Voted up and useful

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