How To Sell Vintage Prints on eBay Tips

What Should You Sell on eBay?

There are plenty of things that you can sell on eBay. Start by having a look around your own home to see if there are things that you no longer use or need.

Once you have sold your own things, you can ask friends and family if they have anything they'd like to sell.

Thankfully, eBay is one of the easiest ways to get up to sell items that you own and make a profit because you have access to millions of customers all searching eBay looking to buy something.

If you now have the eBay bug and want to keep making money you need to consider other things that you might be able to sell.

How To Successfully Sell on eBay Tips

 Do You Have an eBay Account?

Obviously you need an eBay account if you don’t have one already.  Once you have that, making a listing is relatively easy.

Writing a Good Title

Your title is your key to getting a good price or a bad one, because that is what you use to draw people into your eBay auction listing so make sure your title contains good keywords that people are searching for.  Use all the characters you are allowed and avoid adding unnecessary characters to draw attention such as @@>> LOOK <<@@.  It will only shout that you are a newbie and not to be taken seriously.

Selling Vintage Prints on eBay

Sounds easy right? You cut out a vintage print from an old book or magazine, frame them and sell them on eBay for huge profits.

Is it really that easy?

Well first you need to know which prints sell better than others. Old advertisements, maps and paper collectibles do the best on eBay. Photographs also do well, especially if they are from an era with some historial significance.

Where do you find these prints?

Old books and magazines, second hand stores and even eBay itself can be a gold mine for finding these vintage gems. Garage and estate sales can also prove to be a goldmine.

What do you do once you've found them?

Obviously you need to remove the prints from the book, but is it worth dismantling the book before you know if there is any demand? In can be a good idea to scan a picture of the print and display that in your auction listing before ripping out any pages to see if that image is going to be a hot seller or not. This works especially well if there are images on both sides of the page and you can determine which is the best one to display.

Selling Pages from Vintage Magazines on eBay

Which pages sell best?

Vintage Advertisements, maps and photographs of landmarks/historical buildings will make you the most money if you decide to you want to sell vintage products on eBay.

If you've found a book that contains beautiful vintage photographs and prints, how do you know which one's are best (especially if there are pictures on both sides of the page).

One option is to scan the pictures onto the computer and make listings of both items. You'll need to make it look like you have already matted and framed the print and then you can create both listings.

Before the auctions end, see which one is doing the best and end the other one.

You can get a good vintage book or magazine at second hand stores, garage sales, even online at Amazon or eBay.

Should You Have an eBay Store?

If you are considering selling a lot of products on eBay then it makes sense for you to open an eBay store.  It will allow you to list items for much less and they can run for up to 30 days or more.

Of course it costs money to get an eBay store, so it is only worthwhile if you want to mass sell items and make a real business out of it, because then you can cross-promote your items and send your customers newsletters and more, all through eBay’s services.

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02SmithA profile image

02SmithA 7 years ago from Ohio

Nice basic tips for a profitable area to sell... ebay can be a nice money maker if used correctly

Bart 4 years ago

I think you need to sell vintage prints at a place like that is specialized in offering an auction service for items like these.

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