Seven points in trading marketing

Seven point guide to success in selling business


Most businesses have guidelines but there is a standard pattern that ever succeeds at all times. Businesses are different in nature. They are also followed and executed differently but they all end up with same ethical nature where success is achieved. In order to sell successfully there are seven points one must remember at all times. These seven point rules are:                    Appointment setting, Needs exposure, education, product presentation, application, referrals and services. Let us analyze each and every one of these factor.                                    

 Setting Appointment: In order to do any business you must set up an appointment with your client. The appointment setting is the beginning of the business. This is very important. One must be very careful at this initial stage which I call the "delicate" moment of the business. It is at this baby stage that most decision by audiences is taken. The seller must conduct him/herself with full confidence and shows professionalism in what to say.

Uncover Needs: Seller of business must ensure that his product will be needed by his client who in turn would like to commit his money or rather invest his money in the product. Therefore you must uncover the needs of your daring client.

Educate on Issues: let us for example assume we are selling disability insurance. It is worthwhile to state the ideas behind this product. You can tell your client that one of the things he has to do in addition to other important facts is that he must prepare a will that would enable his entitlements to be transferred to his wife or next of kin should he pass away. Alternatively the investment could be resold to anyone and dividend passed on to the person’s spouse or next of kin.

Present the product:  after having uncovered the needs of your client, educate him on the product it is time now to present the product. One of the true aspects of presentation is the ability to convince him that the product is worth buying for the amount that is being sold. The presentation would automatically be followed by the client application to purchase it. But if the person is not convinced or if the product does not worth the amount it is being sold the person would definitely put it on hold.

Referrals: there is a normal adage or slogan that “one good turn deserves another”. When a good product or services is rendered to someone he will surely refer his friends and acquaintances to the source of his product. This is how a good business grows so rapidly.

Service Client: Selling the product is a good success but servicing the product is even more. Servicing client entails renewal of contract where it exists. If not then new products have to be presented to active clients. Continuous up to date information and new product knowledge is required to keep the old clients while new customers are hunted for. I hope some of these ideas help those of you who are going into private business especially businesses that requires selling out products of any type.                                         


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