Pure Delish Is A Pure Delight

It's Always Fun For Adults at Pure Delish

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Pure Delish A Fun Retail Experience for Adults

One of my favorite ways to shop is to go into stores I usually don't shop in and look around. I might buy something right then or just browse, talk to the sales staff and enjoy the experience. These trips are like little adventures to me that keep shopping exciting and my imagination busy. New ideas and concepts fill my head and I usually recall them later when I get in a rut. Since I don't shop as often as I used to I've discovered this method is far more satisfying than automatically hitting the mall when I need a merch fix.

Shopping In The Past As Compared To Today:

Compared to how people shopped during the Victorian era, when the advent of "consumer culture" and shopping as a leisure activity first originated, my way probably seems radical. To be fair to shoppers then, I have to remember that they were excited about being able to purchase a whole outfit in one place and seeing goods displayed in large display windows for the first time, while I take that for granted now. They were interested in buying more while we're being encouraged, by ecologists and green supporters, to buy less and recycle. The shaky economy has also changed how much of our disposable income can be spent on retail. That doesn't mean shopping should become "just another chore" again, it just means we'll have to work harder to make it fun despite the limitations.

In 2009 I thought that was impossible and I'd just about giving up on finding a store that would stimulate my imagination, whether I bought something or not, until I stumbled upon "Pure Delish" on 10746 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, California. Part Hello Kitty, part 1950s boudoir the way owners Kat and Byron created their confectionary shop of pink, blue. lavendar and white walls and tulle covered tables and displays has stayed with me and remains one of my most memorable shopping experiences.

The Sweet Interior of Pure Delish:

Further evoking the "sweets" store feel, were their uniforms-pink and white candy striper dresses with matching sneakers-candy themed music piping over the sound system and the smell of cupcake candles wafting in the air. Cleverly arranged to entertain and seduce the shop's selection of lingerie, costumes, accessories, stockings and shoes are displayed to wow you.

"People smile as soon as they walk in because the store's so cute, funny and sexy," said co-owner Kat. "I wanted it to look like a candy store for adults and a grown-up candy shop for girls."

With this simple philosophy she sums up how a shopping adventure should make you feel-like a kid again.

Pure Delish is located at 10746 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California 90292. You can also log onto their website at www.puredelish.com.

Pure Delish Is A Great Addition to Culver City, CA.

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