Software for sending e-mails (Bulk email)

Software for sending e-mails

In the last Hub on email marketing i explained how to create lists of emails. Now we have to choose the software to make the sending.

The most difficult is to build a large list of e-mails in compliance with all rules of the E-Mail Marketing. But sending emails in bulk and keep this list updated, it is not a simple task.

If you were thinking of copying the address list and send a message to all, using your client e-mail... you can get that idea out of your head! When the lists grow to hundreds and thousands of users, it is necessary to use specific software for sending bulk email.

Local Software

The first option to send e-mails is to install a program locally on your computer. The options are immense and the difficulty is finding one that works perfectly.

There is a wide variety of software of this kind, especially for Windows. Search on Google, test and find your favorite, you can check my Hub about sending bulk email with Gmail. For sending sporadic emails to databases relatively small, these programs are fine.

Remote Software

Another solution is to install the software for sending in a web server. In this way we release our local computer and control the software through the browser. The mailer is associated with a domain and use their mail server.
A free and very popular is PHP List. If you have skills capable of running this software, you can install and manage remotely a newsletter.
Thus the entire process of registration with the newsletter, send e-mails, management members and cancellation is done through the web.

Rent the Service

The last option is to rent the service for sending e-mails to a specialized company. The most popular by far is the AWeber. Paying a monthly fee, the AWeber does everything we need, in a simple and effective.

With AWeber no need to worry about the enforcement of laws relating to E-Mail Marketing. They worry about you and ensure that the process is within the law, from the collection of e-mails to send the newsletters. Create lists of email becomes much easier with the tools that AWeber provides. We can create various forms, including popups impossible to block, and do tests to find the most effective.

The most potent weapon AWeber is the auto-responder. We can create a series of messages in advance and decide when they should be sent to new members. Another interesting option is to send to our RSS feed, every x days or every x posts. Also we can send a message to all subscribers whenever you want.

But the biggest advantage of AWeber is the effectiveness in the delivery of mail. There is no point in all this effort to work on E-Mail Marketing if the mail messages went to SPAM Folder! This is where the AWeber distinguishes their service far superior to other options.

It is true that you pay a monthly fee, which varies depending on the size of the list. But it is also true that whatever the number of emails, it is almost impossible to make no profit at the end of the month. Especially now that you can create an account for just $1 during the first month!

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