Stop Making Payments on Unfair Credit Agreements - Consumer Credit Act

Are Your Past Credit Agreements Fair?

FINANCIAL ADVICE: More and more cases are coming to light of Unfair Credit Agreements. Using legislation under The Credit Consumer Act (1974) Solicitors are acting to have all payments, due under unfair agreements, written off. In many cases Solicitors offer a No Win No Fee service. AndAnotherThing advises readers to have their Credit Agreements audited to clarify their fairness and to discover if they have a case for their debts to be written off…READ THIS!

Any Future Payments Written Off as more Unfair Credit Agreements come to light. Are Your Past Credit Agreements Unfair?

The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) estimated that over half of the annual circa 50 million Credit Agreements might be unenforceable. Given this statistic it is highly likely that you have entered into an unfair Credit Agreement. These could be Secured, Unsecured, Car, Consolidation Loans, Hire Purchase and Store and Credit Cards.

Are Your Past Credit Agreements Enforceable? TAKE ACTION!

To assist you and members of your family with audits of any Credit Agreements, there are many well established companies with extensive experience in this field. Most offer a No Win No Fee service for action to invalidate future payments under Credit Agreements found to be unfair – for loan amounts of between £5,000 and £25,000

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